Jena 6…Jus askin.

Jena 6: Black apologists and white-liberal cheerleading for misconduct.

This time the scene is in Jena, Louisiana. The issue is the prosecution of a black high school student accused of stomping on an unconscious white student — and the lack of criminal prosecution of white students who hung a noose on a tree, who were disciplined by the school.
Law Versus Mob Rule

Liberals’ skills at moral equivalence have been so finely honed during the long years of the Cold War that they have turned this into a case of “unequal treatment,” based on race — as if putting a noose on a tree is equivalent to stomping somebody who is unconscious.

Ah, and here I thought I was alone on not jumpin on the latest bandwagon for support of the “Jena 6″ who have been now singled out as “heroes defending against the racist, evil South.

If the distinguished Dr. Sowell agrees with me, I know I am in good company.

Of course, he had the advantage of being Black and thus his views won’t be able to be bashed by the Lefties as racist…… no doubt mine may. But fret not, he was already labelled an Uncle Tom.
If I were black, I know one thing for sure. I would be on the side of law and order.

Why is that if one is black it suddenly becomes understandable and “okay” to have a rap sheet and kick someone till they are unconscious?
Jus askin.

Do we know all the facts before we begin making celebrities out of young men with longggggg rap sheets who go around kickin and fist punchin when they disapprove of a policy?

How exactly is it irrelevant that the defendant whom the MSM portrays as a “good boy”, a sports hero and of course another “innocent victim of racial animus” actually had a rap sheet full of previous violent attacks?
Jus askin.

Snopes had full story and details

Could there be another reason why these “good boys” were initially charged with 2nd degree attempted murder besides racial animas?
Jus askin.

What part does our mainstream culture, that Lefties spend their days apologizing for, motivated these “good boys” to kick a helpless guy?
Right outta the latest “Let’s kill whitey” rap joint perhaps?
Yo…Jus askin.

Some actually believe that the three white racists who hung nooses from that tree ( who some claim was was meant for a rival football team),.. should be hung in the town square, while …..the six “good boys”who beat that white racist unconscious and then stomped him into the ground should have all their charges dropped immediately. That’s called um..”justice”?
Jus askin.

How much longer is violence, apart from self defense, going to be considered “okay” by Libs as long as it’s done by mobs of blacks or Muzlims? blackaniw33.gif

Using that ahem..”logic”, no one could ever be convicted of a crime: because some injustice somewhere can be argued to have occurred which justifies acquittal.
Pretty convenient huh.

The white racist boys as well as the new black media darlings are both worthy of scorn, but no matter how angry or “offended” one is about a noose being hung in a tree,… To a “civilized” person,…it does not rise to the level of hitting and pounding someone so hard that he drops unconscious on the first blow, while the perps continue to beat on him long after he is already down and out.

The first is inexusable and inciting.
The second is a crime.

Marines have to witness lefties burning American flags all the time. That’s not “inciting”?!

One already convicted is working on his 5th violent crime, – Fifth.
Do you not think it’s high time he was treated as an “adult”, and faced the Adult jail time that he so richly deserves. Or does he need to graduate to murder first?

Where Dr. Sowell consistently demonstrates intelligence and reason, professional poverty pimps Jesse and Al, self proclaimed “leaders”, predictably demonstrate volatile emotion and ignorance.

Dr. Sowell consistently argues for a color blind society where persons are judged for their actions and on their abilities.

While Dr. Sowell employs “facts” to practice his trade…..all The Sharptons and Jacksons need to practice their race baiting trade is hyperbole and a bunch of guilt ridden, self hating white people.
Wonder how many profits they glean from the victim industry.
Jus askin.

Howzabout Southern whites teachin their white children to stop taunting black kids with nooses, and southern Blacks, try teachin your children to “consider the source”..oh..and a heck of lot better way to deal with their apparently uncontrollable “anger” huh.

What an insult to blacks everywhere.
The message:
Aw shux, let the good ole boys off. After all..taint their fault..It’s the white folk who provoked ‘em into their violent rage..and bein the barbarians they are…they jus couldn’t help theyselves right? NOT.

Jena 6?
Way to go to promote universal racism.

For possible lefty commentors who would equate hanging a few noose from a tree to being beaten half to death by six “disenfranchised” thugs………….
Rhetoric and accusations do not qualify as debate. Thanks. Heh.


Sending prayers for true racial harmony to my friends at Outside the Beltway, Perri Nelson’s Website, Blog @, Inside the Northwest-Territory, Faultline USA, DeMediacratic Nation, Adam’s Blog, Right Truth, Blue Star Chronicles, Pirate’s Cove, Leaning Straight Up, , Conservative Cat, and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.


38 Responses to “Jena 6…Jus askin.”

  1. Jungle mom says:

    And you asked some good questions…wonder if anyone will try and answer!

  2. Always On Watch says:

    There’s no logic to it, really, as you pointed out Angel.

    Do we know all the facts before we begin making celebrities out of young men with longggggg rap sheets..?

    For some, those long rap sheets are a badge of honor. Others willfully choose to ignore the past criminal records.

    It seems to me that hanging a bunch of nooses is not as bad as stomping on someone while he’s sleeping. What am I missing here???

  3. PRACTiCAL CHiCK says:

    Love your blog…will have to visit more often.

    I haven’t offered an opinion because mine is the same as yours. Funny how last school year my nine year old was threatened to be shot by another student (they are both white). The school did nothing…the media wasn’t interested when the school wouldn’t do nothing. Yet, had my kid been black it would have been a hate crime of some kind.

  4. PRACTiCAL CHiCK says:

    And one more thing…I have a black kindergarten teacher to thank for pointing out the differences in race to my son when he was five… He came home crying saying his godfather (who is black) can’t love him because he’s white. Needless to say we started homeschooling – and continued until we got back home here to Oklahoma.

    What is he a reverend of anyway? You know, besides trying to be the center of attention.

  5. Debbie says:

    I came to this story very late. Blue Star Chronicles has apparently been on top of it from the beginning. It seems both sides have gone way overboard and this could have been nipped in the bud from the very beginning.

  6. Strawberry says:

    Hey Angel – Media has hyped this (along with Hollywood) to the point of no return! You have made a great point of racism but the lefties will never agree – they call it tolerance. A better term would be enabling. It’s not their fault – it’s a result of their environment, their lack of respect from the “white folks”, etc. Baloney!!!

  7. Robert says:

    Well Angel you dun did it now…. Watch out for the Racist Label…

    Anytime White folks dare to call BS on the reverend Al, it’s because he’s black, not because Al is the biggest racist on the planet… he should show up in a black hood and robe.

    We need our own version of Al, a white man that can lie, cheat, have affairs, get people killed, start riots, oh crap I just described Clinton.

  8. Yankee Doodle says:

    “Jessie James” Jackson is worse than a racist. A racist has some deeply-held beliefs, and acts upon those beliefs. Jackson just fans the flames of racial hatred for monetary gain.

    “professional poverty pimps Jesse” — He chases accusations of racism like some attorneys chase ambulances — and for the same reason.

    Some things should not be tolerated, and brutal assault and battery qualify. I appreciate your intolerance, Angel.

  9. DD2 says:

    There were five blacks attacking one white, but police say there is no evidence it was a race-based crime.
    Now where have I heard that before?

  10. The Hermit says:

    Being Southern, I have to be very circumspect in what I say about “racially charged” incidents. But you sure covered the bases. I noticed on the news today that up in Virginia, six black teenagers attacked and beat a white teenager they did not know, but the police say it was not “racially motivated” and have charged the assailants with “misdemeanor assault.” What, pray tell, is that?

  11. hnav says:

    so very sad…

    we see the strange excuse for ugly behavior only making matters worse in so many places.

    some still consider the Men of Duke guilty, all due to the racism they carry.

    hopefully someday we will grow beyond it and rise above.

  12. Gayle says:

    According to The Hermit, six more black teenagers beat up another white teenager! So that’s what’s going on now, hunh? Copycat beatings! *sigh*

    Angel, when people get in touch with God, then perhaps we’ll have a chance of learning how to get along. Until that happens, I guess we can forgedaboutit! :(

  13. Right Truth says:

    Backlash Against Bollinger, and some Saudi connections…

    “I’m filled with both approval and an unsettling sense of discomfort at how wonderfully backstabbing Lee Bollinger turned out to be.” says The Colossus of Rhodey. And now will Bollinger pay a price for that? The odds are yes. He…

  14. Chris says:

    I can beat hippies now for inciting me? SWEET! Historical precident established in a court of law that “incitement” is just cause for violence means we can take action! :-) YAAAAAY! Lets take our country back by force and say we were “incited!”

    Have you punched a liberal for inciting you today? It is your legal right and duty when they wave their communist flags, burn the Stars and Stripes, call troops baby-killers, and spread corruption and lies. Heck, I think wasting tax-dollars on pork and spending millions on “yoga institutes” is incitement enough!!!!!

  15. Defiant_Infidel says:

    It’s the same old story, nothing new, nothing different. These hypocrits see an opportunity to exacerbate racial tensions and they dive in shoulder deep. When these groups of racist bullies eventually make the mistake of tackling some innocent victim who chooses not to defend himself with balled up fists, it will be a chance to tangent off into harmonious chants by the same ilk for gun control. Nothing to see here, folks… just move along. This is as transparent as cellophane.

  16. OMMAG says:

    The liberals who make their living pimping victimhood have a formula that is tried and true. Now your average citizen may or may not be wise to the hokum but for those who are not …. ONE BIG reason is that the Media WHO KNOW DAMNED WELL that its all a SHOW keep promoting and publicizing the garbage of these career RACE BAITERs.

  17. Martin says:

    Great post and great questions. Though I find Chris Rock’s every-other-word use of foul language disgusting, I think he explained it so well, it’s even worth enduring the ubiquitous F-bombs, S-bombs, and N-bombs. Just as there are white people and a segment we call “trailer trash”, there is a similar segment in the black population (it’s part of the human condition).

    For the past few decades that trailer-trash equivalent segment (thanks partly to glorification by the media) has become the “ruling” segment, while the larger, decent, normal segment has had to take a back seat. This is changing though, and I think Rock, whether he knows it or not, is part of that positive change.

  18. American Crusader says:

    I guess hunting season on white students must have opened. I couldn’t help but notice the “Reverend” Al Sharpton also made an appearance. For a guy who claims to be fighting racism, maybe he should look at himself.
    Al Sharpton happens to be one of the most virulent antiwhite individuals on this planet.
    I’ve seen people who only look at things in black and white, but Sharpton sees things only in black.

  19. American Crusader says:

    On a final note, having a long rap sheet is often seen as a badge of merit in many black communities.
    Snoop Dogg pleaded no contest on April 11 to felony gun and marijuana charges and agreed to five years’ probation and 800 hours of community service.
    Community Service?
    And if he successfully completes his probation, the felony will be reduced to a misdemeanor.
    So much for justice being blind.

  20. cube says:

    I read Mr. Sowell’s work and I agree with him. He’s not a race baiter.

  21. Paul Champagne says:

    From what I understand, the white boy who was stomped had nothing to do with the nooses. And you are right, assault by intimidation (though it is still an assault), is no where near as bad as physically assaulting a victim. Thoma Sowell is not listened to by the black community. He has been branded an Uncle Tom by the Jessie Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the land and along with Roy Ines … have been rendered powerless.

    Too bad Colin Powell has not stepped up since his retirement … he would have made a fine man for others (of all races) to emulate.

  22. Freedom Now says:

    I thought liberals taught us that violence is not the answer.

    Why is that violence for Iraqi insurgents and racist American blacks is OK?

    …Its the politics of self-destruction and self-loathing…

  23. Dakota says:

    I came across your blog, and it was very interesting to read the questions that you posed. I suppose you could say that the questions are representative of those a majority of White America might ask. By the same token, the questions (and comments) are also evidence of the incredible amount of willful ignorance that still exists in this country.

    I won’t call you racist, because I don’t think you intend to be. However, your article suggests that you haven’t had much interaction with the Black community, so of course your perspective is going to be distorted by dint of your limited understanding.

    For instance, your use of the word “thugs” to describe the black students is very telling. Only one of the six had a juvenile record. As far as I can find out, the others had never been in trouble and had no prior record. There is also dispute as to who was actually involved in the beating. There are severe discrepancies in the testimony of the prosecution’s witnesses, all of whom were white, many of whom could only identify the assailants as “a bunch of black kids.”

    Witnesses for the defense, including the only adult to actually witness the fight, were never called. In fact the only witness to testify that Mychal Bell kicked the victim when he was unconscious was one of the very boys who had hung the nooses. Members of the jury were even related to the victim and the witnesses. And yet in your opinion, all the boys who are charged are immediately deserving of the term “thugs.” In fact, now these boys are receiving death threats. White supremacist groups have posted their names and addresses online, urging people to lynch them. Where is the outcry against such “thuggery” on the part of these groups?

    Furthermore, Justin Barker, the white boy who was beaten, was later arrested for bringing a loaded shot-gun to school. The morning of the attack, he had taunted the black kids at the school, making references to the recent beating of a black student and calling them “niggers.” Yet I wonder if you would use the same “thug” epithet for him.

    No one is defending the attack on Justin Barker or in any way condoning violence. What informed people are demanding is equal justice under the law. You erroneously stated that people are trying to equate a beating with hanging nooses. (First of all, let me just say that if you don’t understand the violent, threatening meaning behind the hanging of a noose, you really need to study your American history.) However, the issue goes much further than that.

    You conveniently forgot to mention –again, in fairness, maybe you didn’t know this either– that a group of white students attacked a black student with broken beer bottles days before the Barker incident. Only one student was charged, and that was with a misdemeanor, for which he was given probation. The next day, another group of black students were assaulted at gun point in a local convenience store by a white man. The white man was never charged, however the black students were charged with theft of a firearm and assault for taking the gun away from their attacker. Yet, you say nothing of this when expressing your disbelief at the black community’s outrage over the Jena 6 case. Maybe you didn’t know. You might find it helpful to do some research on this incident.

    Promoting racial harmony does not mean turning a blind eye to social injustices. In order for there to be true racial harmony, there must be equal justice under the law and mutual respect between all groups of people. You cannot contemptuously dismiss or deny the reality of an entire group of people simply because that is not the reality that you experience.

    Instead of simply asking rhetorical questions of other whites who share your viewpoint, if you do indeed have a sincere desire to get answers to your questions, I would recommend that you actively seek them from the people who can actually provide them. Books such as “Why Are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria” by Beverly Tatum Daniel, may be very helpful. Or listen to a Black talk radio program like the Michael Baisden show. Or simply ask a Black co-worker why they wore black on Sept 20th. Ask the questions with an open mind, and you may find you actually get an answer.

  24. brooke says:

    Hanging nooses is inexcusable, and although that probably deserves an ol’ fashioned whoopin’, it does not merit being stomped into unconciousness.

    Especially by established thugs.

  25. Blog @ » Blog Archive » MoreWhat Matters: Today’s Blog List says:

    [...] Pirate’s Cove » >>Americans Never Quit » WTW: Silky Now Ant-Frivolous Lawsuit Says: Woman Honor Thyself Jena 6: Black apologists and white-liberal cheerleading for misconduct. [...]

  26. heidianne jackson says:

    dakota, i have done a thorough search and been unable to find any credible references to the claim that the victim was related to members of the jury. i find many rumors, etc. but that doesn’t make it so. i did find an article ( that said: “-June 26, 2007- None of the 50 people who show up for jury duty are black. The 6 person jury selected is an all-white jury. There are allegations that all of the jury members knew a witness expected to be called during the trial. One jury member was a high school classmate of the District Attorney, another is friends with the mother of the victim, Justin Barker.”

    in doing further research, it is clear that black people were called for jury duty, but they did not appear. should the prosecutor have suspended/postponed the trial? what if mychael bell were white and no white people showed up for the jury duty? can you imagine the outrage if the prosecutor or judge were to postpone jury selection until some white people could be rounded up for the selection process? i can. i can see the reverends jackson and sharpton now and i bet if you try real hard, you can too.

    one more thing on your comments about the jury. it is a town of 3000 people. is it really inconceivable to you that someone on the jury would know or be affiliated with one or more players in the case?

    i am a white person who lives in the inner-city, by choice. my children attend public school where more than 80% of the school’s population is black, more than 10% is hispanic and the remaining 6% (which includes my children) is “other”. i hope you will agree that i am not lacking in “interaction with the black community.”

    there has been a great deal of sensationalized reporting on this matter. and the majority of reporting has been erroneous.

    your claim that “a group of white students attacked a black student with broken beer bottles days before the Barker incident. Only one student was charged, and that was with a misdemeanor, for which he was given probation.” is not quite true. the actual story is that a group of black students crashed a party – in otherwords they were uninvited. when they were asked to leave they refused and a fight ensued. robert baily was hit over the head with a bottle by a person attending the party. that person was not a student of the high school. additionally he was charged with battery and received probation which is the appropriate charge for this type of incident in la.

    my kids are routinely singled out by the black kids in school. they are taunted with racial remarks and one occasion my youngest daughter (when she was in 9th grade last year) was told “you is a ho. everyone knows that all white b*tches is hos.” tatiana went to the counselor (who is hispanic) and was told that she had “better learn to put on her titanium underwear before she comes to school.”

    she had clothes destroyed, notebooks and school books defaced/destroyed and was even pushed down the stairs (with 7 witnesses) and broke her arm. nothing was done to these three black boys who were harassing and antagonizing her. not even when her arm was broken. the school board told us that there was insufficient evidence to support that it had been done intentionally. it seems that she had no black witnesses and the white and hispanic witness were “automatically suspect because of the potential for their remarks to be racially motivated.”

    conversely, our exchange student (who is from the czech republic) made the statement last week that “prior to moving to america he had never seen a black person in life, but didn’t see why it was a big deal” received detention for making racial remarks. this is an absolutely true statement. i have spent over a month travelling throughout the czech republic and never saw a single black person. the kids at school are now calling him “whitey” and “master” with no fear of retribution from the faculty. he is thus far standing his ground, but it is wearing on him.

    some say “so why do you live there?” we choose to live here so our kids are not insulated. so they have empathy for those who are minorities. so they have an understanding of what it feels like to have the sentiment overwhelmingly against them.

    however, it doesn’t mean i agree that blacks are still being held down by “the man”. i wholeheartedly disagree.

    what i see in my neighborhood and in the schools that my children attend is that a very large segment of the black population does not think that any type of behavior is justified so long as they feel that they were discriminated against. the other thing that is see is that the majority of those who think is this manner will NOT stand up against the race baiters and professional victims. until blacks see equal injustice in how some blacks treat whites, there is no hope to end the racial strife.

  27. Stanford Matthews says:

    Another story I have left alone for my incomplete analysis and opinion had me moving in this same direction as your post, Angel.

    Racial enemas aside, all I really had to hear was several people beat the crap outta one person and continued after the one person was unconscious. Not that I’ve ever been in a fight :-) but it is not unusual for a group thump not to conclude when the target is immobilized.

    After hearing that much I declined to think about it anymore until now. The excerpt on your TB compelled me to chime in. I know, haven’t been around much lately. Life does that sometimes.

  28. Stanford Matthews says:

    Should have read the other comments first but being short on time…. but I scrolled quickly after posting my last comment. The two long posts, that is why I initially left this story alone. Nothing will be resolved to the satisfaction of anyone including those directly involved in the case.

  29. ZionistYoungster says:

    Grievance-mongering, also known in the Jewish sources as sin’at chinam, or gratuitous hatred. A sin equal in worth to a combination of idolatry, incest and bloodshed. Such a grievous sin that God destroyed the Second Temple for it.

    Now Judaism, unlike those leftreasonous pacifists, does not proscribe the notion of hatred. On the contrary, when someone is deserving of hatred, it would be a sin not to hate him. King David devoted quite a few of his psalms to expressing hatred, for example in 139: “Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate Thee? And do not I strive with those that rise up against Thee? I hate them with utmost hatred; I count them mine enemies.” But it needs to be established that they are deserving of hatred. If not, that is gratuitous hatred.

    The Left thrives on gratuitous hatred in order to gain power. They talk about the evils of racism, but in fact the worst disaster for them would be the true demise of racism, for then they would have no platform to speak on. They therefore create enmity where there should be none, and say of enmities that have long ceased that they are still current. God will destroy them all for their great sin, and may He do so soon, amen.

    Shabbat Shalom!

  30. Dakota says:

    Well, I certainly stand corrected. I had mistakenly attributed your questions to a desire for understanding in bringing about peace and justice. I now see very clearly that while you speak about racial harmony, your true intent is to vent a personal grudge against blacks.

    I can’t speak on the situation at your daughter’s school because I don’t know the details. I’m sure it is upsetting to you. However, your line of reasoning seems to be, “My daughter is picked on at school by black kids, ergo these blacks kids in Jena must be guilty and deserve life in prison because obviously all black kids are thugs.”

    It makes me question your motives in living where you do. You still don’t speak of having any meaningful interaction with black folk, merely that you live where they do.

    You speak of your desire to teach your children to have “empathy for those who are minorities.” (And let me caution you, that statement is alarmingly paternalistic. You speak of someone being a minority, i.e. being black, as though it is an infirmity that your children must learn to tolerate and pity. It’s all very noblesse oblige and betrays more a feeling of superiority than a feeling of respect for people who are your equals.) From everything you say and from your attitude itself, it seems rather that you choose to live there in order to instill fear and resentment of black people in your children.

    Sorry to be so blunt. I know how sensitive racists are to being called racist. You might want to just be upfront about how you feel. Masquerading under this pretense that you want “true racial harmony” just makes you sound as absurd as your ideas are revolting. I’ll leave you and your friends now to make up little names for me and anyone else you deem “deserving of hatred.” It seems to be what you do best.

  31. heidianne jackson says:


    first, i am not angel and i did not write the post, i wrote only a response based on my personal beliefs and opinions.

    second, i have no personal grudge against blacks nor any other race in general. my story was to example that even in the middle of the country there is a difference in the way treatment of whites by blacks is handled vs the opposite.

    third, there is nothing in my posted comment that passes judgement on whether or not the boys who make up the jena six are guilty or not. in fact, i only corrected errors in your original posting to make certain that the facts were corrected for others reading. i was not on the jury for mychael bell or anyone else and my opinion in regards to that doesn’t mean squat so i didn’t voice it.

    fourth, who are you to pass judgement on how meaningful my interraction with the black community is? i am not allowed to comment on the fact that my daughter and other non-black children in the schools, here, have received no satisfaction when they have been harassed and intimidated and, indeed, injured by black children at school while white children and other non-black children have been punished to the greatest extent allowed for saying something that is found offensive (real or peceived) by one (or some) of the black children? that is a true statement and it is the point i was attempting to make.

    there is no valid reason for saying that calling someone a nigger or hanging a noose in a tree 4 months earlier is justification for beating someone. there is also no reason for someone to call someone a nigger or to hang a noose in a tree. but i don’t view the two as equal offenses.

    it seems to me, that people are trying so hard to be politically correct that justice gets lost. if a boy or a group of boys pushes a child down the stairs they should be punished regardless of the color of their skin or their victim’s skin. the perpetrator’s skin color should not be a factor in determining the severity of the action. a white child is no more nor less hurt than a black child when beaten.

    to pretend that it’s worse when a white child (or adult) hurts a black child (or adult) simply perpetuates racial tensions. until people are willing to give up that double standard, there will continue to be an escalation of racial tensions and inequality.

    until people, such as you have done here, can read something and not look for a deeper meaning than what the written word puts forth, there will be no greater understanding then what we have now.

  32. EDGE says:

    Sowell has a great book on basic economics too. My father read it and he said it was very interesting.

  33. Incognito says:

    As you know, dear Angel, we disagree on this subject, and I do not consider myself a lefty, far from it, as you also know… things are not as black and white as you portray them, though. The whites were no angels either… and having lived in the south for many years, and having worked with many black actors I have been privvy to the racism they have been subjected to, still, in this day and age. And these are educated, artistic types.

    I don’t think anyone is suggesting they don’t deserve punishment, just not as severe. But I went into all of that in my post… all the details leading up to the beating.. and, though no-one deserves to beat up another human being, I can see where it might have been provked… and yes, it did initially start with those nooses. Prank? would people call it a prank if a swastika was painted on the door of a Jewish school. The noose to them is comparable..
    but just my 2 cents…:-)
    Love ya.

  34. KkarLLMm says:

    How completely foolish and naive of me…all along i thought the Race Card was a list of who was racing in the Indy 500 and now you try to tell me it is something else!!!
    As Baretta (Robert Blake…do not go there) told us all at the beginning of his cop t.v. show.. “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”..there was never any mention of bleached or not…white or otherwise.
    The time has come and past to let Lady Justice do her thing, remember her, the one with the blindfold and the scale in hand in front of the supreme court building in Wash. D.C.
    “reV” Al and “rEv” Jesse both need to find a job and we need to let the legal/justice system do its job!!!

  35. momlovesbeingathome says:

    I debated on whether or not I wanted to comment here – seeing as how I’ve never been here before and, after reading the other comments, I am definitely in the minority but I decided (obviously) to go ahead and comment. Many people have commented here about the left and racism but I’m about as far right as you can get on the political spectrum and I am appalled at what’s been happening with the Jena 6. I don’t think it has anything to do with left or right – it’s about understanding the need for fair and just punishments. Without repeating a lot of what’s already been said here, I will just say that I agree with what Dakota and Incognito wrote above. I won’t even pretend to know everything about this case but I do know that a 22 year prison term is just plain ridiculous for fighting at school. The kids who were fighting (all of them – no matter what color they are) definitely need to be punished but 22 years in prison isn’t the answer. All of you who are calling these boys thugs and saying the punishment is just should put yourselves in the position of those families. If your child had gotten into a fight with kids in a situation like this would you feel that 22 years was the punishment that fit the crime? Now, I do realize that it was more than just a regular schoolyard fist fight but it’s still not enough to lock a kid up for 22 years! Someone else said above that if you don’t understand the significance of a noose in the south that you need to study American history again – I couldn’t agree more. That’s sending a pretty serious message and I can understand the fear and frustration that those boys were probably feeling. On second thought, I probably can’t understand it because, being white, I’ve never, ever had to subjected to treatment of that kind. Anyway, there’s so much more that could be said but that’s probably enough. Thanks for letting me share my 2 cents.

  36. heidianne jackson says:

    mom, i agree that 22 years would be an out of line punishment if it were his first offense for this sort of behavior. it is not. mychael bell had been charged and convicted twice before and at the time of this third infraction he was on probation.

    it is also important to remember that the nooses were hung nearly 4 months earlier. it wasn’t until the reverends sharpton and jackson insinuated themselves into the case, no one had thought to link the hanging of the nooses in august to the beeting in december.

  37. Angel says:

    Thanks alls for the input and welcome to the newcomers! :)

  38. Dakota says:

    Ms. Jackson said: “it wasn’t until the reverends sharpton and jackson insinuated themselves into the case, no one had thought to link the hanging of the nooses in august to the beeting in december.”

    Once again, your information is egregiously incorrect. I would again encourage you to educate yourself about the black community before you attack it.

    If you had, you would know that the black community has been concerned about this issue for several months, and campaigns to help the boys in Jena were started long before Sharpton or Jackson ever said a word about it. In fact, it was radio personality Michael Baisden, not either of the Reverends, who really began the discussion about marching in Jena on the 20th.

    I also find it interesting that you and other commenters consistently choose to ignore other facts brought to your attention. For instance, you keep repeating that the noose incident had nothing to do with the beating, and that even if it did, hanging nooses is not nearly as bad. You ignore however my point that the issue is NOT in comparing the gravity of hanging nooses vs a physical assault. The issue is that there were several other physical attacks against blacks teens, NOT even by other white teens, but by white ADULTS, who either served no time or otherwise were not charged AT ALL. And yet six black teens were charged as adults with attempted murder and conspiracy without a second thought.

    THIS is the issue. This is what people have been saying all along if you would only open your mind and listen. I do not mean to attack you, but your blind refusal to even acknowledge the real issue here is infuriating. I don’t think that you’re a malicious person, but the fact that you can’t even try to appreciate the situation for what it is, to try to understand, to try to see things from a perspective other than your own speaks volumes.

    You see, during slavery, white slave owners used to profess how much they loved their “nigras,” how well they treated them, and how happy their “nigras” were to be enslaved. Then they would react with shock and horror when the blacks they enslaved would revolt or run away or complain. Those were the troublemakers, the “bad niggers,” the ones who weren’t satisfied with what their master gave them, the ones making up lies about how bad things were.

    Doesn’t it seem funny that we see the same situation today, even exemplified on this very website? The attitude is, Sure, black people are great as long as they’re smiling and grateful and assuring everyone that everything is fine. But as soon as someone tries to stand up to injustice or mistreatment, well, they MUST be just a “thug” or a “charlatan” trying to create trouble. Of course there could be no merit to the case because black people have no reason to complain. Why? Because “we love our nigras.”

    Until white people can recognize and correct this slave owner mentality that refuses to truly respect blacks as human beings and first class citizens (which means stepping outside your comfort zone, listening to other people and considering their issues from their perspective), the race problem in America will never be solved. And that is what this case in Jena makes clear.

    Be Peace