No GPS for Muzlims eh

NEW YORK – A federal judge refused Friday to block a new city rule that requires taxi drivers to install global positioning systems and credit card machines in their cabs by Monday.

The drivers argue that the city overstepped its authority and acted unconstitutionally when it mandated the units. Their lawsuit also claims GPS will give away trade secrets by disclosing the cabbies’ driving patterns, which they say give them a competitive edge.

U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman refused to block the rule from taking effect, saying the use of the technology to improve taxi service appeared to outweigh drivers’ privacy rights. He urged the two sides to negotiate
NYC cabbies lose court battle over GPS

The global-positioning systems being installed in all 13,000 cabs will be used to target and spy on Mus–lims, according to pro-strike literature being distributed by members of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance,

Somalia,Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India are the top three countries of origin of NYC cab drivers….hmmmmm.
More Muzlim histrionics and paranoia. Yawn.

Don’t wanna comply with work regs in the US?..Accordin to the Lefties…we shouldn’t make ya huh..ya know the philosophy: Hey. Whatevah melts your butter right?

How bout this philosophy:
No GPS-eey?–, no cabbie
No likey?– Go back to Somali!

No need to track anyone right?
What can ya expect from the Do absolutely nuthin about anythin types?

Heck where are the geiger counters and nerve gas detectors?
Sorry, there are those of us concerned with combatting the advance of anti-democratic Sha-riah in our countries mmmkay?

Dontcha know everything invented since the 7th century is apparently anti-Muzlim. Oh…, except for the suicide bomb.

Wait. Hasn’t the UN convened an emergency meeting to meet with these Muzlims’ grievances yet?

Perhaps those Libs simply refuse to accept the reality that many Mus-lims pose as being interested in “diversity” and freedom while it is really an intended, deliberate deception (“war is deception” –Muuuhamad) designed to help them forward the cause of Sha-riah implementation in our countries. And guess what?..We aint bitin.

No alcohol in “their” cabs. THEIR cabs?
No seeing eye dogs.

No pig products.

What next?..No Christians or Joooooos?

Certainly no GPS!..Hmmmmmm..what do ya suppose they are they hidin?

Then of course theres that ole argument: Izlam is not a monolithic bloc.. Well. guess what.. neither was Communism. Doesn’t exactly mean either was desirable or should be pandered to,.. now does it.

Insincere Muzlims insist on pointing out the alleged historic traditions of Muzlims over the centuries who supposedly “meshed so well with local communities to create new and dynamic cultures.” They love pointing out the Alha-mbra in Spain as one of the world’s greatest testaments to the spirit of ..cough cough…”cultural development.”

Funny how they never mention exactly how Muzlims arrived on the Iberian peninsula…….. Um, they weren’t exactly “invited”.

They burst onto the scene with armies of conquest. They slaughtered, raped, and slaved their way across the entire land and many others as well. They proceeded to make Jews and Christians second class citizens.

And that my friends, is the Muzlim model of “cultural development” :bloody invasion followed by religious persecution and discrimination.

GPS?…Stick it up to wazoo.
Don’t like it?
In a word: Tough.

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24 Responses to “No GPS for Muzlims eh”

  1. - Gadgets on the web » No GPS for Muzlims eh says:

    [...] unknown wrote an interesting post today!.Here’s a quick excerptTheir lawsuit also claims GPS will give away trade secrets by disclosing the cabbies’ driving patterns, which they say give them a competitive edge. US District Judge Richard M. Berman refused to block the rule from taking effect, … [...]

  2. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Rules and common sense apply for everyone but Islamos. I was watching news clips of Lynn Stewart a couple of evening ago. Looking into her eyes as she spilled forth her verbal bilge all the while wearing that big, liberal ‘happy grin’, it is a helpful perspective to consider her motives. She weighs out her inability to fight for our sovereignty against her pandering eagerness to submit in a cowardly dance to be spared and simply endure totalitarianism… If that isn’t just spreading like a plague amongst us! This sure is sickening to watch, speak out against and resist. Who would have believed, just a few years back even, that so much of our population would wither into such a denomination of appeasing worms?

  3. Yankee Doodle says:

    “They proceeded to make Jews and Christians second class citizens.”

    Only those who paid their taxes; the rest were the slaves.

    And when the overlords got tired of the dhimmis, the dhimmis became slaves at the drop of a hat.

    Having said all that, I am suspicious of GPS in the cabs. Why does the city government need to be big brothering like that?

    If we knee-jerk against the point of view of the jihadis, we may find ourselves contributing to our own demise.

  4. Kevin says:

    Nice to see a reasonable judge once in a while. No more pandering/appeasing!

  5. the tapper says:

    Hi to you…..,
    I enjoyed reading your post and can only add. We are American’s first…Not muslins or christians or italians or greeks, We are Americans. This fact has been forgotten or watered down by our politican correctness, or diversification, and multicultural garbage. Americans!!!! We have lost our way..Socialism has crept into our lives crammed there by our government, fix all……Trying to be all things to all people. Can’t do it!!!!A prime example of the good New England Protestant work ethics being lost is to look at Katrina…They expect the federal Government to Pour Millions of more dollars into this disaster and pay for everything that was lost by everyone. As if it was my fault that the dams that they had been given money to fix prior to this time,,,broke or got overworked, whichever,,,,Sorry,,,,not my fault..Don’t hurt the feelings of these people who without my consent were brought into my country, by my government, allowed to get free food stamps, money and medical paid for my taxes is unbelievable…..I didn’t mind helping the Vietnamese, we caused that fiesco, and later blood bath, But we did not cause the Somalia mess nor any of the other ones. except for Iraq and that one we have to fix before we decide to bow out. As far as big brother watching That time is here and we best watch what government wants befor granting the power. That is on one hand,,,on the other is….If they don’t get what they need….It won’t matter, we will be gone and I think it would be kind of airy down my neck without my head…. Anyway,,,great post ….I ramble,,,,,stay well

  6. Gayle says:

    They don’t like it? To bad, so sad!

    As I told Ken, we need to start a movement, Angel: KCOOPC. “Kick the Crap Out of Political Correctness”! Maybe I should ask Roxie to make a logo. I’m truly sick of this insanity!

  7. Daniel says:

    Why do Muslims always get special rights? If Christians complained about the things Muslims complain about, the MSM would be all over them.

  8. InRussetShadows says:

    Good post, Angel. The thing about Islamization of any part of society — especially mission-critical ones like transportation! — is that it’s a one-way door. Once you’re a Muslim, you don’t leave the faith. And once something belongs to Islam, then mountains of paperwork, lawsuits, and pig-vomit fatahs spring up to declare that it was always Islamic. Kudos to the judge. We fight now or there won’t be enough left of us to fight.

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  10. Rosemary says:

    Who loves ya, baby? ;)

  11. Debbie says:

    They get special privileges again Angel.

  12. Right Truth says:

    Right Truth Book Club now reading The Opaque Murders…

    The Right Truth Book Club is now reading The Opaque Murders by R. J. Godlewski. This book is different for the Book Club as it has nothing to do with terrorism. However, readers of Right Truth will have some very…

  13. Martin says:

    I don’t know, I think you’re a little soft on em. ;) jk. Great post, Angel. Seriously, what right do they have to ban passengers from bringing necessary seeing eye dogs, a cabernet, or, heaven forbid, a bag of pork rinds. Yeah, because if I have any of those on me the guy can’t blow himself up without going straight to his imagined hell.

    Have pork rinds will (safely) travel. ;)

  14. Always On Watch says:

    What a bunch of paranoid freaks these cabbies are? They fear GPS but not shari’ah law.

  15. Angel says:

    Thanks alls for the insights and added twist!

    Gotta go hail a NY city cab..ha! ;)

  16. Ogre says:

    I think government went too far when they licensed cabs. Seriously. Why do they have to have the gold shield to be a cab driver? Why can’t *I* go drive people around NYC? Oh, right, because then there’d be COMPETITION, which the unions and government absolutely cannot stand.

    And you know, if government didn’t regulate these drivers, then anyone would be FREE (what a concept) to get in any cab they wanted to. Any driver could accept a GPS or not, depending on how they felt. I know, it’s concept quite foreign to most of NYC. It’s called FREEDOM.

  17. The Hermit says:

    Some cabs in Vancouver have GPS, and some don’t. After my kids got the old “drive around and run up the meter” treatment a couple of times, I told them not to get into a cab if it didn’t have GPS. Since then, if they’ve gotten cheated it hasn’t been by much.

  18. nanc says:

    what a bunch of whinebag, sissiepants asshats!

    although i do not live anywhere near an izzie enclave, by G-d, i would expect them to follow the same rules as EVERYBODY ELSE!

    anybody else as sick of these people as i?

    we should all start screaming for “special” rights so the dhimmis in power would see just how ridiculous all this is.

  19. Chris says:

    I refuse to get in a cab unless it has GPS and a credit card machine, unless I’m taking a pre-paid shuttle service. I’ve had to correct muslim cab drivers who wanted to take the long way and take advantage of me, when I was taking a trip to the airport in the city I lived in! They don’t want GPS so they can keep ripping off their customers!

    I love the islamist rant on Gates of Vienna today. They actually think we will “learn how to kneel down in humiliation” These idiots have no clue. If it came it it, I would never kneel to them, even if I ran out of ammo! I’d pick up a sword or a blunt object and start swinging!

    They want to throw a fit about cabs? Fine, boycott islamist cabs. That simple. They won’t let you on with something? Wait for another cab who will! I see a business opportunity here for some good honest American cabbies!

  20. heidianne jackson says:

    so true, angel, so true. they were the world’s first professional victims and they are still at it!

    daniel, in regards to your post, i saw the gal filling in for jerry rivers (geraldo at large) talking about the folsum street fair in san francisco. unfortunately i don’t know the exact words she used, but she indicated that while some might find it (the last supper spoof) offensive it couldn’t be considered truly derogatory because christianity is what the majority of people in our country ascribe to.

    WTF? so, it is just as we thought: if you are in the majority, you can not be on the receiving end of discrimination and inflammatory treatment. whatever.

  21. in2thefray says:

    I’ve had good and bad cabbies in Boston,NYC,San Antonio and Colorado Springs.There will always be someone willing to endure the “joys” of driving a cab. The drunks,the belligerents and fare evaders let alone the robbers. To the ones that want to go on strike I say SEE YA !
    And to those politicians that take a little graft on the hack licenses and all the tax $ I say enforce the laws of public conveyance.

  22. Jenn says:

    If I were to tell my boss that I was not going to adapt to new rules and regs, I would be fired. But of course I white and American.

    Like the Target stores up in Dearbornistan whose checkers refused to ring up pork products, they were shifted to another position in the store. It’s ridiculous. I mean you are hired to do a job, if you can’t do it, adios.

  23. Bar Kochba says:

    Islam appeared everywhere only by force- never by peaceful missionizing.
    PS Just wondering, where do you get all of your pics? They’re great!

  24. benning says:

    Perhaps a GPS attached to every follower of Wahabbism would be a good step?

    Good post, Toots!