Muzlim Docs Choose whom to “heal”

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Mus-lim medical students are refusing to learn about alcohol-related illnesses and sexually-transmitted diseases because they say it goes against their religious beliefs.
Mus–lim medical students refuse to learn about alcohol or sexual diseases

And a small number are even refusing to examine patients of the opposite sex because they say it is forbidden by the Ko–ran.

Um. Where to start sweet friends?

A white doctor refuses to treat a Muzlim patient because he finds the veil and..err… suicide bombings “offensive.”
What happens to him?


An Anglo-Saxon white cashier refuses to sell Ha-lal meat because she finds the practice barbaric and odious.
What is her fate?


A white doctor refuses to treat women because he thinks they are simply not as good as men.
What do we think of him?

Muzlims now refuse to comply with medical requirements……
How does the world react?

Oh………He is merely expressing his deeply held religious convictions, which we must accept and respect at all costs eh.

Let’s wager on how the British medical assocations react to this latest demand and outright dangerous development.

Expelling the students?
Don’t bet the farm on it.

The ole British Medical Association (BMA) and General Medical Council (GMC) must be shakin a finger at them..naughty students that they are.
That’ll teach em.

Oh, I know.

They’re gonna suggest a boycott of Israel again no doubt.
When in doubt: Boycott Israel.

Wouldn’t it be curious to check out an emergency room, and see what the Muzlim doctor on call does when someone comes in not breathin cuz he choked on a pork chop.

I don’t know..sounds an awful lot like No Dogs, No Blacks, No Jews, No Irish need apply.

Muzlim doctors can hang a shingle sayin: No Women, No Alcoholics and No STD’s.

Perhaps it’s time for them to re-read the Hippocratic Oath.
Or does that not apply to them either?

Pssst. Doctor wanna be Muzlims: Heal Thyselves.

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24 Responses to “Muzlim Docs Choose whom to “heal””

  1. Debbie says:

    I head about this. If a Christian or Jewish doctor refused to treat someone because they were Musllim, all Hell would break out. Nothing is fair Anbel.

  2. Jennifer says:

    There is such a double standard with anything having to do with Muslims. If we say something we are racists. If we don’t than we let the country lose it’s heritage and traditions little by little. If they have such a problem, why doesnt they go back to wherever they came from and become a doctor there. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about learning about sexual diseases or alcohol. In fact, I doubt he would have to do much work at all back home because they don’t they murder and be-head people? Not too much to fix in those cases.

  3. Gayle says:

    I hadn’t heard about this, but I’ve been extremely busy with personal business as of late. This is outrageous! Your Dry Bones cartoon is so true and I’ve saved it for Fractured Friday. Thanks!

  4. cube says:

    Then they shouldn’t be allowed into medical school. This is ridiculous.

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  6. MariesTwoCents says:

    This cant be going on in America? Can it?

    Is this going on just in Muslim Countries?

    If not the entire Country needs to be aware of this.

    Great Post Angel :-)

  7. Truth-Pain says:

    wow…. wow……. Just when I think I have things covered and nothing can surprie me,… this. Interesting gathering of facts and events,… i have to wrap my fontal lobe on this before i say any more,… but thanks!! Very few things suprise me anymore and this one certainly did….

  8. Christi says:

    Great post, Angel. We don’t need to look any further than the reaction to Christian pharmacists who didn’t want to hand out the morning after pill . . .

  9. frasypoo says:

    What I dont get is how they are getting bolder and bolder in the name of religion.I know I’ d be in deep trouble if I said stuff like that

  10. The Hermit says:

    I don’t myself understand why when Westerners do the same things the Moslems do, they are bigots and racists. But anything done in the name of “Islam” is politically correct, apparently up to and including cutting peoples heads off.

  11. Daniel says:

    It is truly getting to be ridiculous. Muslims think that we will do whatever they tell us to- and we usually do.

  12. Joe Gringo says:

    If a Muslim Dr. refuses treatment to a patient because of the above, especially emergency room Dr’s.,their a$$es will be sued in a heartbeat… America, this won’t fly.

  13. kevin says:

    Under the Taliban , women couldn’t even seek treatment.

  14. Panhandle Poet says:

    I don’t think I would want to rely on a Muslim doctor — even one who claimed to treat all equally no matter the problem — working on me. If he disagreed with my religion, lifestyle, gender, etc. he might not treat me in order to cure, but to kill. So, should we ban Muslims from practicing medicine? We are facing such a radical difference in beliefs when we discuss Muslims, that all of our thought paradigms become invalid. Liberty, justice, freedom, love, right/wrong — all mean different things to the Muslim. We can’t even communicate. There is no trust on our part, and no compunction to tell the truth on their part. Truth is only applicable when dealing with another Muslim. So, is the answer a war of extermination? Do we revisit the Crusades? Help, Angel. What is the solution?

  15. InRussetShadows says:

    Do we revisit the Crusades? That is a worthy question. I think that in the end, we will have no choice. Continued fatwas and declaration of war coming from Muslim terrorist groups on our own soil; continued honor killings; continued micro-jihads; all of this will lead to a crusade that will spread from sea to shining sea. I think we will see the internment camps of World War II make a return, and I say this not out of desire, but out of dread. Because the politicians are not facing reality now, extreme measures will be used later. America was once a melting pot, but it is now a boiling pot.

    Also, could you cut down on the graphics?

  16. KKarLmMM says:

    That’s funny my AK-47 submachine gun has a unexplainable Muslamic firing pin…(just kidding).
    What a twist on the “twinkie” type defense… i just couldn’t help it…the Turban/Burka made me do it.
    My outrages me…is that we stand still for this behavior..
    what about if the A-rab does not report, we must deport!!!!

  17. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Awe, come on, Angel… aren’t you being a little sensitive here? I mean, it’s not as if they have beheaded anybody (yet) so they must be “moderate” Muslims then! And we MUST exhibit and fondle our PC “tolerance” at every opportunity they gift us with.

    Besides, Mohammad told them there are no alcoholism related illnesses or STD’s… therefore, it is true.

    You do not believe me??? I kill you.

  18. the tapper says:

    Angel, This was an excellent post……The comment section was also a good read…..I am at a loss at “‘what is the solution to this problem”. It is my understanding that this happened in England. They settled the problem by advising that if they didn’t accomplish what the requirement was they would not graduate…..Short and sweet…..I fear we have not begun to see the damage that has already begun in the states. In the name of Allah…..Where are the American Muslims???? and what do they think about this attack on our way of life??? Our president doesn’t seem to think there is a problem……but,,,think about it. are not the elite above this problem…..Or think they are????…Just a thought, but be very mindful of the changes being sought in this country. Australia is on the right track responding to the threat. We should be taking lessions from them..I ramble….stay well……

  19. Dwana says:

    I agree totally with InRussetShadows. The Crusaders were right–God bless ‘em!–and it will be the death of the West if we don’t regain the courage of those mailed Warriors of old!

  20. Yankee Doodle says:

    This would not be a problem for us infidels if these particular doctors only treated Muslim patients. If that’s the way they are practicing medicine in Islamic countries, the Islamic world is on a collision course with its own dysfunctionality.

    STD’s — consider Iran, where the guards in the prisons have the job of raping women prisoners. The reason they rape them is because they believe a virgin gets into heaven, so, to ensure they are punished eternally after being executed here on earth, they rape them. Now, how many STD’s is a guard going to get from raping virgins? The fact that he may transmit one TO a virgin is irrelevant, since she is about to be executed.

    Just more progressive attitudes of the women’s liberation movement known as Islam….

  21. Angel says:

    THANK U FRIENDS! I suppose part of the solution is awareness and fighting back to take our country and culture back!

  22. brooke says:

    And a small number are even refusing to examine patients of the opposite sex because they say it is forbidden by the Ko–ran.

    And women aren’t permitted to get a higher education… Sorry, ladies, looks like you’re screwed!

  23. michael says:

    Makes me glad to be covered by the Israeli kupot, and not the British medical system.

  24. Next Stop Lauderdale says:


    “And a small number are even refusing to examine patients of the opposite sex because they say it is forbidden by the Ko–ran. ”

    ……..and I suppose women aren’t allowed to go to medical school and we know what the end of the story would be is the world was left to Muslim values……….steve