Hmm..Do we need God?

The issue is whether the secular worldview can provide a basis for a good society. Can it motivate and inspire people to be virtuous and generous?

Atheist regimes like the Soviet Union, Red China, and Cambodia killed tens of millions of people in an effort to establish an atheistic alternative to the City of God.

For men like Stalin and Mao, people were expendable precisely because they were not created in the image of a personal God. Instead, they were objects being manipulated by impersonal historical forces.
Nietzsche Would Laugh

…author of Letter to a Christian Nation. In a recent debate with Rick Warren, he complained about Christians “contaminating” their altruistic deeds in places like Africa with “religious ideas” like “the divinity of Jesus.” Instead of rejoicing at the alleviation of suffering, he frets over someone hearing the Gospel.

In response, Warren pointed out the inconvenient (for Harris, that is) truth: You won’t find many atheists feeding the hungry and ministering to the sick in places like Africa or Mother Teresa’s Calcutta.

Can’t we all just “get along”? grouphug.gif

Allow me, sweet friends to “expound” (translation= ramble)tease.gif

Some things we have observed over the centuries.

It appears that most human beings prosper and live more fulfilling lives in community with other people, as opposed to alone and separate from each other.

Some of the advantages and benefits to living in community, are safety in numbers, and the knowledge that civilizations seem to rise and fall based, partly, upon how well their way of life encourages work and cooperation with their fellow man and woman.

But one thing we are fairly certain of:
Rules and regulations tend to carry alot more weight if they’re thought to originate from a powerful source that is above questioning.

I embrace diversity in that I have seen that it is entirely possible, even likely, for two well intentioned and well meaning people to come to drastically different understandings and interpretations about the meaning of the same scriptural text.

I have also seen, however that “freedom to act according to one’s own conscience” with no belief in a Higher Power, has had morally devastating consequences on societies. hippieaa.gif

While morality based upon Faith may be personal and subjective in that it depends upon who is evaluating the given behavior, rational, secular “ethics” demand that people be their own moral agent.

Ah, using the ole rubber yardstick doesn’t always add to up to decent behavoir.

Unless you wish to see a universe inhabited by decadents, degenerates and weak willed Epicureans. Oh, wait, that describes the Democrat’s dream doesn’t it?

Atheist group offers free po-rn in exchange for Bibles.


Atheist Agenda, an atheist group at U Texas San Antonio, staged a “Po-rno for Bibles” event, where they gave free po-rno-graphy to people who traded in religious scripture.

People are to apply their own reasoning and mental faculties to the complexities of a given situation, being open to consider all arguments for or against a behavior. Not too realistic is it?dunno.gif

I know one thing.
Human beings are not objective regarding their own limitations.

And…Pride sure does goeth before a fall.

I have seen it countless times in my life.
People tempted by money, power and lust. Poor choices made in moments of weakness……

Why?..People are haughty and at times have way too much misplaced “faith” in themselves and therefore do not apply enough safeguards.

While secularists have stolen the Biblical injuction and turned it into what is known as the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” …..the vagueness, they employ renders it useless.

For the Liberal do gooders, little or no distinction can be made between the democratic voting process or a “might makes right” wielding of physical power. Hence, wer’e just as “bad” as the IzlamoNazis hell bent on destroying us. (Irony alert)at-wits-end.gif

What is objectively “wrong” with the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition , the IzlamoNazi tortures and murders, Nazism or even the Salem witch trials?

Who’s to say that Might doesnt make Right?

Yes, there have been abominable episodes done in the name of religion and are repeatedly trotted out by secularists and Leftists to discredit religionists.
Do the weaknessess of those men render all Faith meaningless and “bad”?

Are we to be coerced into the belief that being against homo-sexual marriage and adoption are “racist, sexist, or any other “ist”?

You would have to endure some unsettling mental gymnastics to convince a moral society that men are identical to women..That fathers and mothers are therefore interchangeable…that children do not necessarily deserve a father and mother……….ergo…homo-sexual marriages and adoptions should be legal and considered “natural.”

Geniune believers and people of Faith do not mind being labelled sanctimonious for merely having the integrity to call things as they are.
Men are not Women.
Children do deserve a father and a mother.


We are all guilty of complaining at times about the morality of others, are we not.

However, the ones making the most righteous noises these days are the ones advocating for the smallest amount of decency and principles.

Getting caught with your hands in the till, or with your pants down, has become laughable. (particularly if your’e a man, or a Clinton, or both)yikes11.gif

Alas, whether we admit it or not, we are vulnerable. We are susceptible to temptations that sometimes eagerly present themselves in moments of weakness, stress, or faltering faith.

Atheism may not necessarily lead to violent destructive behavior. Then again, the Nihilistic lack of hope or vision for tomorrow seem to be the route that so many non believers take and, that, my friends, can cause the quiet slide into the night and the moral darkness which abounds.

People without something to believe in are teetering on the edge of the dustbin of history.

Will they allow someone (IzlmoNazis) to will them in….. or will they dhimmitudingly toss themselves in?

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
Albert Einstein

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21 Responses to “Hmm..Do we need God?”

  1. Debbie says:

    Epicurians = Democrats, great point Angel. You make the point nicely, the difference between nations/people that worship the one true God. The God who stands for morality, loving one’s neighbors, forgiveness, …

  2. Perri Nelson says:

    We definitely need God. Without a higher moral authority there is no point to existance and no reason to do good.

  3. Perri Nelson's Website says:


    If there’s no God, then there is no supreme moral authority. If there’s no supreme moral authority, then corruption in politics is just a point of view.

    On the other hand, if God really does exist then the things that we do in this world actually …

  4. DL says:

    If the ever inceasing public hatred of God in this country were to be put in the form of a chart – the line would be similar to the meteoric rise of Google’s stock! One has to wonder, what form will the next holocaust or coliseum take?

  5. KKaarLmM says:

    Pardon me….5768 years later and i still do not understand the fanatic resistance to the concept of a “designer” and an omnipresence.
    Perhaps, if one was to acknowledge a “higher power” then one’s behavior would become accountable….and who would want that!!!!

    The World according to KKaarlmM sees it like this….

    The Bible, as transcribed by Moses, is the word of GOD and it is the ultimate Users Manual for a world controlled by “dummies”. therefore…….
    Who in their right (not left) mind would throw out a Users Manual to anything until they got it down perfectly?????

  6. Panhandle Poet says:

    Outstanding, Angel. Moral relativism, nihilism, secular humanism — the isms of our downfall. You have raised the bar with this post. Thank you.

  7. Right Truth says:

    Did you hear this?…

    Each morning I open the laptop, check emails, news, blogs, and am shocked at what I see. So much news, so many things that interest me and so many things that I want to share with you readers. Many of…

  8. LomaAlta says:

    Nice post Angel. Recent events at the University of Arizona sho how lack of belief can lead to the same old prejudice.

  9. Maddy says:

    Great posting! Great perspective and super cartoons.

  10. Gayle says:

    Atheists claim they don’t believe in God, Angel, but the old saying “there are no atheists in a foxhole” is true. I agree with a comment I saw somewhere that just before a plane crashes, the last words out of an Atheist’s mouth is going to be “Oh God!” This is true and is the reason I don’t believe in Atheists! :)

  11. The Hermit says:

    I don’t know, Angel. I like living out in the sticks away from people. Most of the troubles I’ve had have been the direct result of interacting with people. But I would’t say offhand that I am “average” in that respect, I guess.

  12. cube says:

    You raise some very interesting points. I think it’s already pretty bad when a courthouse can’t even post the Ten Commandments without having someone call the lawyers because they’re offended.

  13. Daniel says:

    I like what you are saying in this post. Too many people think that secularism is basically just as acceptable as religion. They ignore what happens in a truly secular society.

  14. Frasypoo says:

    Hi Angel
    That picture and news about smut for smut was horrible.Made me scared for those people.God will take care of them.
    Staying faithful to God gets very difficult and very challenging.I have always said that being a Republican and a Christian are some of the hardest things to do

  15. Butch says:

    Added. Sorry….

  16. Defiant_Infidel says:

    The emptiness of a life without God, whether realized or not, is not to be glorified or desired. It is a license to live without responsibility to human kind.

  17. Angel says:

    thanks alls for the wonderful and enlightening inputs! :)

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  19. DragonLady says:

    Well, I can’t add anything to that. Great post, and great read. :-)

  20. Incognito says:

    Wonderfully put Angel!

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