The Embracing Sh-ariah Bldg…”E.S.B.”

No doubt y’all have heard the latest.

No no no ..not the latest foot baths, or added “prayer rooms”, or the newest employment contracts which now include “prayer breaks”, or the mandatory ha-lal school lunches, or or or even the Flight 93 memorial, shaped in a crescent to honor the hijackers and of course Me-cca.

Naw. It just keeps gettin better.

New York’s iconic Empire State Building is to be lit up green from Friday in honor of the Mus-lim holiday of E-id, the biggest festival in the Muslim calendar marking the end of Ram-adan, officials said.

Empire State Building to go green for Mus-lim holiday

They can make it neon green for all I care..There is only one color New Yorkers and Americans who don’t want Sha-riah will see: …Red.

The “holiday” the known as the “Embracing Sha-riah Bldg.”, honors is one which celebrates how Izlamic thugocracy conquered the Arabian peninsula, slaughtered whatever Jews they got their hands on and dhimmified the rest of the non Muzlims.


Ra-ma-dan commemorates the Battle of Ba-dr, the first significant military victory by the forces of Muuha-MAD, the warrior.

The Battle of Ba-dr of March 17, 624, is a turning point for Izlam, and proved to Muuuham-MAD that Izlam should take on a militant aspect because, of course, such is the will of All-ah, who told him that personally.
(Hat tip : AlwaysOnWatch)

If it were up to the Leftards they would have allowed the Nazis in the 1940′s to light up the building with swastikas in honor of The Bund on Hitler’s birthday.


Oh oh oh.. who remembers THIS?

NEW YORK — The Pale-stinian teacher who went on a fatal shooting rampage atop the Empire State Building carried a note blaming the United States for using Israel as “an instrument” against his people.

Hey, I got an ideer..why don’t they light up the World Trade Centers’ Twin Towers in Ham-ass green?..Oh wait.
Where would they string the lights?

People had better closely study exactly what they are “welcoming” with open arms and bowed heads and what they choose to “honor” and making falsely equivalent.

Makin believe that Izlam is “just like all other faiths” is nothing short of suicidal stupidity.

Know your history.
We encouraged A-rabs in the Middle East to “vote” for their own leaders..and they vote in terrorists: Ham-ASS.
We encouraged Muzlims in Iraq and Afghanistan to form their own “Izlamic” states through the democratic process…and what do they decide?..That Izlam should be dominant in their Constitutions…well there goes democracy.


Please call the E.B.S.and let them them know how ya feel.
Empire State Building: 212-736-3100
Or send an email.
Contact the EmpireState Building

Here is my take on it:









Izlam is not “just another religion”. For mercys sake read the dang playbook wouldya.
Honoring it for the sake of diversity as if it were a pluralistic and tolerant nation and ideology ignores every one of its central ideological aims.

Is there no end to this madness?
As soon as we manage to stomp out one fire , some Leftard self-hating idiot comes along and is already lighting a new one. fiery4.gif

May I respectfully remind you……..
This is a fellow human being.

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35 Responses to “The Embracing Sh-ariah Bldg…”E.S.B.””

  1. Yankee Doodle says:

    Don’t worry, Angel. Once these guys realize what it is they are celebrating, they will repudiate it, and they will be the most vocal against it to make up for having been fooled.

    Nice illustrations.

  2. michael says:

    why don’t they light up the World Trade Centers’ Twin Towers in Ham-ass green?..Oh wait.
    Where would they string the lights?

    As usual, you’ve bit the nail on the head.

  3. Mustang says:

    Now let’s see if I understand this: Democrats can pass a bill in recognition of the Armenian holocaust at the hands of an Ottoman Turk sultan, but then we want to celebrate a terrorist act perpetrated by Muslims nearly 1400 years ago . . . Yeah, that’s consistent.

  4. Pela68 says:

    There are no two ways about it.
    Excellent post!

    Either we face the the threat or we WILL be enslaved.

    Either we face the threat or we will be killed.

    But here’s the catch. You (in the US) has … 2 miljon muslims to deal with?
    We have 20 miljon, with another 45 m knockining at our door and another 0,5 biljon muslims in the close vincinity!

    We are litterally fighting for our lifes here!

    If Europe falls- then the rest of the world will follow…

  5. dapoppins says:

    I’m hopin the stupids will see the light…and it won’t me GREEN. Your kidding right? I really want you to be kidding.

  6. University Update - Iraq - The Embracing Sh-ariah Bldg…”E.S.B.” says:

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  7. Always On Watch says:

    Mustang cuts to the heart of the matter, doesn’t he?

    Now let’s see if I understand this: Democrats can pass a bill in recognition of the Armenian holocaust at the hands of an Ottoman Turk sultan, but then we want to celebrate a terrorist act perpetrated by Muslims nearly 1400 years ago . . . Yeah, that’s consistent.

    I’m seething at the dhimmitude which this light-up-the-Empire-State-Building-for-Islam atrocity/desecration expresses. I repudiate that dhimmitude. I WILL NOT SUBMIT!

  8. KkarlMmm says:

    Hi there Angelmanicas…
    i consider you all brilliant..perhaps you can help me.

    Two weeks back the Bozo president of Iran came to Columbia University to vomit up hatred and stupidity…but, the leftard liberal spineless students fought the battle of Free Speech and the right and need to hear this mental migdet’s words of folly.
    Yesterday, this great bastion of education found a noose on the door of one of its non-white professors and all holy hell broke out….
    am i missing something,
    or is that piece of rope shaped into the same knot used to hang Irgun fighters during the 1948 War of Independence and until recently was the knot of choice when hanging murderers and rapists etc…unique.
    ?????? How exactly is it that the “rope” drove people over the edge, but
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was welcomed like the third coming of Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks???????????????

  9. Debbie says:

    What great images, Angel. I told another blogger that I’m not for civil disobedience, however …

    It would thrill my soul if someone unpluged the lights, pulled the fuse, flipped the breaker, crossed the wires or messed up this in some way so it does not happen.

    Great imaged Angel.

  10. heidianne jackson says:

    the imagery is superb, angel. the read was well worth the time, even following all the links.

    i am disgusted that we are allowing this to happen on our shores. i have added it to my task list for tomorrow to call the e.s.b. and hope others will do the same.

    our first amendment is being used against us. i hope that the courts will continue to recognize what they have begun to do in that the muslims are exploiting our laws.

  11. victoriann says:

    I enjoyed your site. Thanks for all the infuriating info. Contacted Empire State Bldg. for what it’s worth. I wonder what is going on too. Political correctness will be the end of us I believe. Sometimes we all need to be offended. It is what keeps us on our toes and reinforces our deepest held convictions. Now that I know you’re here…I’ll be back.

  12. Daniel says:

    I don’t see why we are pandering to Muslims now, of all times. PC will be the death of us.

  13. Angel says:

    THANKS ALLS FOR THE support and amazing inputs! :)

  14. Gayle says:

    I don’t see why we pander to anyone, including Muslims. Oh… that’s right. Muslims are the only ones we do pander to! excuse me.

    Angel, you are going to have to take a breather, girlfriend, before you explode, as you said over at my place. I really feel for you, sitting there in NYC and having to watch all of this!

  15. cube says:

    I was shocked when I heard this on the news. While Christianity & Judaism receive insults every day from every direction, here is NYC pandering to islam. I just don’t get it.

  16. Paul Champagne says:

    It continues to amaze me that in the middle of a war that may determine the future for our children and grandchildren … there are idiots out there that want to appease the enemy.

    During WWII, the French had some of these idiots too … it never went well for them when the resistance caught up to them.

  17. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Well, Hon, you know I sit here par-boiled with you and the remainder of your loyal readers/scribes. I would like to know who, specifically by name(s), made this decision. They deserve to be publicly identified and chain dragged down our streets. Fricken’ blatant traitors! Where in hell is our bursting point?

    If you think this latest act of surrender chaps your cheeks, how do you think it makes military personel and their families react? Liberals, knowingly or otherwise (what difference will that make?), and their unholy PC infiltration of everything on our shores IS KILLING and WILL KILL this nation!

    Dignification and honoring publicly the very enemy who simultaneously hunts and kills our soldiers and plans the genocide of everything non-Muslim is nothing short of directly siding with our future demise. It is appalling and should stir an actual revolt by the people.

    The fact that it doesn’t and probably won’t is more evidence of our already rendered capitulation. Damn their rotten souls!

  18. Defiant_Infidel says:

    As a follow up comment… I just phoned the ESB and my inquiry was re-directed to Melanie Marsh, who is Director of Public Relations. I of course got a voice mail inviting me to outline my inquiry and promising a return phone call (I won’t hold my breath…).

    I left a voice mail explaining that I am respectfully requesting contact information for the individual or individuals responsible for this decision and that I would like to contact and ask directly the rationale for the decision. It was quick, simple and took all of perhaps 2 minutes.

    While I expect no call back, I will submit to each of you that it is a simple thing we all can do if we truly care, and, even without any calls returned, a large number of polite but insistent message accumulations on her voice mail would surely be communicated to those responsible for this decision.

    If you don’t have guts and conviction enough to speak out, then you should stop speaking period and join the ranks of dhimmification. This is something you can do from anywhere in our nation… is the expense of a phone call more valuable to you than your country???

  19. OMMAG says:

    You should be outraged!
    Take it out on the buffoons who OK’s this….. don’t let them off the hook!

  20. Right Truth says:

    Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize, … President Gore Next?…

    Halloween is just 20 days away but you can be afraid now. The Nobel Peace Prize, which is no longer a peace prize, has been awarded to none other than Al Gore. He plans “to donate his half of the…

  21. heidianne jackson says:

    just left my message for ms. marsh. i agree with defiant. i also asked for a fax number or email to send my complaint so that it was in writing, but the switchboard operator declined to give me one.

    sheesh. if we can’t put it in writing, they can deny the immensity – unless we can get enough people to call and jam the phone lines like at the capitol when we had the immigration amnesty to stop.

  22. anticant says:

    An impressive post! This type of PC fatuousness is just the dying throes of ‘multiculturalism’ – a busted flush.

    As Pela 68 says, 2 million Muslims in the USA [population 350 million] is still containable, but 20 million already in Europe, with many more to come, and 3 million in the UK [population 60 million] is already way too many. Alas, none of our mainstream political parties dares to face up to the reality of our situation. The simple fact is, Islam and open pluralist Western democracy are incompatible and won’t mix The only new immigrants who should be let in to Europe are political refugees whose lives would be at risk if they were returned to their own countries.

    Thanks for your kind birthday wishes in Anticant’s Arena, Angel – much appreciated.

  23. Maddy says:

    Very thought provoking. I shall watch with care.
    Best wishes

  24. Pela68 says:

    “Lighting the Empire State building up green?” Is’nt that a bit like painting a big target on it with a bulls eye?

    Well Angel; the dhimmithudism has come as far over at your side of the Atlantic as it has here it seems

  25. brooke says:

    Angel: You could not have made the point any more succinctly by suggesting that the WTC remains be lit in green.

    I am enraged, horrified, and saddened!

  26. Joe Gringo says:

    Wow…..Brooke says it all……..btw another excellent post

  27. EDGE says:

    I’d like to light up some buildings in Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia…

  28. kevin says:

    Another great post Angel, keep up the good fight.

  29. DD2 says:

    What a SUPER post Angel, you have REALLY hit the nail on the head with this one.
    Please read this story:
    From the beginning, the spectacle of doomed people jumping from the upper floors of the World Trade Center resisted redemption. They were called “jumpers” or “the jumpers,” as though they represented a new lemminglike class. The trial that hundreds endured in the building and then in the air became its own kind of trial for the thousands watching them from the ground. No one ever got used to it; no one who saw it wished to see it again, although, of course, many saw it again. Each jumper, no matter how many there were, brought fresh horror, elicited shock, tested the spirit, struck a lasting blow. Those tumbling through the air remained, by all accounts, eerily silent; those on the ground screamed. It was the sight of the jumpers that prompted Rudy Giuliani to say to his police commissioner, “We’re in uncharted waters now.” It was the sight of the jumpers that prompted a woman to wail, “God! Save their souls! They’re jumping! Oh, please God! Save their souls!” And it was, at last, the sight of the jumpers that provided the corrective to those who insisted on saying that what they were witnessing was “like a movie,” for this was an ending as unimaginable as it was unbearable: Americans responding to the worst terrorist attack in the history of the world with acts of heroism, with acts of sacrifice, with acts of generosity, with acts of martyrdom, and, by terrible necessity, with one prolonged act of — if these words can be applied to mass murder — mass suicide.

    If you remember I have spoken about a friend of mine who died that day.
    Well here is a shot story about him:
    Neil Levin, executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, had breakfast at Windows on the World, on the 106th floor of the World Trade Center’s North Tower, on the morning of September 11. He never came home. His wife, Christy Ferer, won’t talk about any of the particulars of his death. She works for New York mayor Mike Bloomberg as the liaison between the mayor’s office and the 9/11 families and has poured the energy aroused by her grief into her work, which, before the first anniversary of the attack, called for her to visit television executives and ask them not to use the most disturbing footage — including the footage of the jumpers — in their memorial broadcasts. She is a close friend of Eric Fischl’s, as was her husband, so when the artist asked, she agreed to take a look at Tumbling Woman. It, in her words, “hit me in the gut,” but she felt that Fischl had the right to create and exhibit it. Now she’s come to the conclusion that the controversy may have been largely a matter of timing. Maybe it was just too soon to show something like that. After all, not long before her husband died, she traveled with him to Auschwitz, where piles of confiscated eyeglasses and extracted tooth fillings are on exhibit. “They can show that now”

    I know Neils Mother, she is from Long Island in the same town where I live, his Father who is gone now was a very dear friend of mine.

  30. DD2 says:

  31. Angel says:


  32. Blue Star Chronicles says:

    The Empire State Building Goes Green in Honor of Ramadan…

    We are continuing to appease ourselves into sharia law. Jane, at Armies of Liberation, tells me its called a ‘Civil Jihad’. Its a quiet, almost imperceptible surrender to an enemy most in our country believes doesn’t exist…

  33. MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy says:

    The Empire State Building Goes Green in Honor of Ramadan…

    We are continuing to appease ourselves into sharia law. Jane, at Armies of Liberation, tells me its called a ‘Civil Jihad’. Its a quiet, almost imperceptible surrender to an enemy most in our country believes doesn’t exist. The Jihadi…

  34. Bar Kochba says:

    I’m outraged! Why put up another monument to Islam? New York already has the largest monument to Islam in the US in the form of Ground Zero!

  35. Incognito says:

    Good grief…. that and the EID stamp… sigh.