Captain AmericA ReturnS!

NEW YORK — You can’t keep a good American down.

Marvel Entertainment announced Thursday that its slain hero Captain America will rise again with a new outfit and a new secret identity, after the character was killed off in March by a sniper’s bullet in a storyline on the War on Terror.

Captain America Lives! Hero to Return in 2008
Captain America will return with his trademark shield, but he also will have some new firepower. The artists are bringing the hero back with a gun.

Woohoo..He’s back and he’s packin heat!..Booyeeah!

The quintessential American hero.
Who not only fought but triumphed over Hitler, Tojo, international Communism and a whole host of supervillains.

After nearly 60 years in print, Marvel Comics had killed off Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, amidst a highly controversial story line.

Our beloved Captain America appeared in 1941, just as the United States entered World War II.

He instantly became a symbol of American strength, power and resolve in fighting the Axis powers, and Communism.

It has been estimated that 210 million copies of “Captain America” comic books, (which are published by New York-based Marvel Entertainment Inc.), have been sold in a total of 75 countries around the world.
Not too shabby eh.

For all his Stats Go here

American Superheroes.
This is our enemies’ view of them:

The Flash.
Green Lantern.
Wonder Woman.

The Incredible Hulk.


We sure could use a Super hero right bout now……………so alls I gotta say is:

Welcome back “Cap”!
You got yer work cut out for ya. Heh.

Truth, Justice, and the American Way.superhero.gif

Y’all know who mine is.wink.gif

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24 Responses to “Captain AmericA ReturnS!”

  1. Perri Nelson says:

    Spider man was always my favorite, with Superman a close second. I really enjoyed it when DC Comics and Marvel Comics did a couple of series of Spiderman vs. Superman (or was it the other way around?).


    After seeing the cartoon with Fireman listed near the end I could be persuaded to change my mind.

  2. Carl says:

    I pick Wolverine. Also from a more obscure comic book, John Gaunt, also known as Grimjack. Not exactly a superhero. Not even really a hero. But more of an anti-hero who got the job done.

  3. Pela68 says:

    I would pick (allmost) any man or woman of service- especially over seas. They are true heroes/heroinnes!

    But for fiction figures- I really, really love some of the characteres in the TV show “Heroes”. Especially “Hiro Nakamura”!

  4. Gayle says:

    Superman used to be my favorite hero, until they took out “the American way”. They don’t let him say that anymore! GRRRR! Now I don’t have a favorite superhero. SOB!

  5. patrickdaneil says:

    Cute little animations you have!
    Capitan America to the rescue!

  6. KKarLmM says:

    Would it be to obvious if i said…WONDERWOMAN, but she can’t be included…i am married to her!!!
    From the league of Superheroes, i go with Superman..i was brought up with the George Reeves character on T.V. and he always seemed to get it right.
    From the comics ,i loved Flash, i was always envious how he got from “here to there” or “there to here” so quickly.
    In the here and now, i stand for the Armed Forces and the Firefighters, the idea of putting one’s life on the line for ME, blows my mind.

  7. Chris says:

    When we go down, we don’t stay down, and we certainly never give up!
    That’s the message we need to send! Not only to our enemies, but to the children of this nation, and the leftists trying to tarnish America!

  8. The Lowest Rated Blog says:

    My favorite is Batman and oh by the way I do have a nice collection of US Post Office’s Marvel Super Heroes 41-cents stamps [they came out a couple of months ago]. Have a productive day!


  9. cube says:

    I was mad when they killed off Captain America, even though I suspected they would bring him back. It’s all about money. The stunt will sell comics.

  10. Debbie says:

    I like Superman, but I have to pick hubby first, hee hee

  11. Right Truth says:

    Jews advised to leave Iran; the Iron Dome; Gabriel 5; Lizards; Typhoons; Saeqeh Thunderbolt;…

    Exclusive: Warning letters delivered to thousands of Jewish families in Iran advise them to leave the country without delay (hat tip Michael Travis via email) The letters, according to DEBKAfile’s Iranian sources, have been posted to Jewish families i…

  12. Daniel says:

    Good post. I like Superman, he’s probably my favorite superhero.

  13. michael says:

    I wrote about Captain America’s death; now I’ll have to link over here to mention his return.

    Thanks for posting this!

  14. Donald Douglas says:

    I like Spiderman, Superman, and the Flash!

  15. heidianne jackson says:

    captain america has always been my favorite! yea!!!

  16. Joe Gringo says:

    The greatest super-hero name goes to Captain America, the real life superheroes though go to the military men & women, FF’s and Policemen & women.

  17. John says:

    Let’s hope they don’t go all anti-GWB with it again.

  18. Angevin13 says:

    Spider Man was my favorite super-hero. Still is!

  19. EDGE says:

    I’m glad to see Captain America taking full advantage of his 2nd Amendment Rights!

  20. Aurora says:

    Mine’s the fireman by a country mile. No super human powers, just a human willing to jump in and risk death to save his fellow man.

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    [...] Woman Honor Thyself Says: October 18th, 2007 at 5:04 am Captain AmericA ReturnS!… [...]

  22. Freedom Now says:

    Political correctness killed Captain America. Capitalism brought him back.

    There is no way Marvel can permanently axe a profitable superhero character that millions of Americans grew up with. It will be interesting to see if they continue to compromise his character to appease the Left.

  23. collinevan says:

    Oh cap’n, we welcome you with open arms.

    I contend that the new cap’n is played by none other than Richard Simmons.

  24. benning says:

    I like the Batman!

    Have to wait and see how they tone down ol’ Captain America. They will, y’know.