You say “HatE SpeecH”, I say “TrutH”

When, in class one day, a student said that “hate speech” was not free speech, I asked him the following: “Can you even define hate speech?” After a long silence, I assured him that I, too, was unable to define hate speech.

But, since then, I think I have come up with a suitable definition that helps me understand both the failure of speech codes and the success of Is-lamic terrorism.
Why Is-lamic Fascists Get Away With Hate Speech
.. I formed this new definition of hate speech:

Hate speech is verbal communication that induces anger due to the listener’s inability to offer an intelligent response.

Because this inability to offer an intelligent response is due to one of two reasons, there are really two different types of hate speech: 1) Speech that is too dumb to merit an intelligent response, and 2) Speech for which the listener is too dumb to offer an intelligent response.

The similarity between the two principal forms of hate speech is obvious:

They both induce anger in the listener, regardless of whether the speaker expressed his view with any feeling of hatred or animosity.

Isl-amic advocacy of violence is not classified as “hate speech” because it induces fear, not anger.

And, of course, it explains the success of Is–lamic terrorism. It is indeed a strategy that induces fear in an effort to destroy the proper function of the First Amendment through threats and intimidation too serious to simply ignore.


Hate Speech.
Anything a kool aid guzzling Lefty says is Hate Speech.

WARNING: The Surgeon General has determined that any words a Lefty utters may be biased and false. Consumption of moonbat propaganda has been linked to stunted intellectual growth, and may cause anti-Americanism and anti-semitism.”

No matter how mean, vicious,demeaning,insulting, or otherwise malicious the words of a Lib Lefty are, they can never be accused of hate speech.

But no matter how even toned,measured, kind,or well thought out, a conservative’s words are…anything they say is branded hate speech, Why?..oh..because some Lefty disagrees with it.

Then along come the Libs buddies. IzlamoNazis, who are a breed unto themselves.

Rad Muzlims are by and large stateless organizations, lacking governmental or economic power.
So how do they “terrorize” so well you ask?

They follow the footsteps of good ole Lenin, who understood that the use of terrorism is a sword that cuts with both edges.

On one hand, Muz terrorists frighten people and slowly chip away at their sense of security by committing terrorist acts.

But Lenin also knew that governments do not generally know how combat terrorists, thus alienating more people and sometimes, in the case of kool aid guzzlin lefties……..driving them right into the terrorists’ arms.

Which brings us to hate speech.
Isl-amic advocacy of violence is not classified as “hate speech” because it induces fear, not anger.

Imus’s remark bout “nappy-headed ho’s” was “hate speech”, and he needed to fired…….……fired……. but Eichmandinjeehad’s propaganda and (There was no Holocaust..Let’s Kill all the Jews) chatter at Columbia U. were a legitimate “differing point of view” right?

The Libs world:

Degrading and insulting women= Funny.
Degrading and insulting blacks= Racism.

Religious paintings= Guilty of No separation of Church and State.

Humiliating Christians and Jews= Free Speech.
Humiliating Muzlims= Izzlamophobia.

Lefty’s thinkin:
right =wrong
black =white
Jew = Zionist terrorist
Pali = victimized freedom fighter

Whatta load of horse dooky.

Howzabout the truth bout Izlamic countries for starters?
Lookin for a place to teach tolerance and justice. Try Sau-di Ar-abia, where it is illegal to carry a Bible or Torah.

Try Iraq, where the Holy cities of Sh-ia Izzlam are no more. Howbout the Arab Gulf states. Oh wait… Iran, where the government has called for all infidels to die beginning with …….drumroll…The Jews!

OK..Here’s a lil game children.
It’s called:
Fill in the blank:

1-The hostage-takers of the children in Beslan, North Ossetia, were _______.

2- The other hostage-takers and subsequent murderers of the Nepalese chefs and workers in Iraq were ________.

3- The ones involved in rape, torture and murder in Darfur, Sudan, are _______.

4-The ones responsible for the attacks on residential towers in Riy-adh and Kho-bar were ______.

5-Osa-ma Yo Mama bin Lad-en is a _______.

6-The overwhelming majority of those who manned the suicide bombings against buses, vehicles, schools, houses and buildings, in Israel, America, England, Spain and all over the world, were _________.

How’d ya do?
oh wait…The fingerprints of the Mossad are all over this.ha.

Were it not for strategically placed oil, most of the Izlamic world wouldn’t have a chamber pot to pe*e in, and they would be purchasing their genit-ally mutilated wives with flea bitten camels or slightly used goats.

Scratch one Muzlim country…they’re one and the same.
Same Circus, Different Clowns.

Can you believe their heads don’t simply explode from all of the cognitive dissonance.

Publishing and dispensing Po-r-nography which systematically degrades women and teaches the objectification of them is kewl.
Publishing the Mooohamad cartoons? …Um…er….Not kewl.

One man’s “hate speech” is another man’s Truth.

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27 Responses to “You say “HatE SpeecH”, I say “TrutH””

  1. Perri Nelson says:

    Good post Angel.

    I’m such a hateful man. :)

    I think I’ll engage in a little more hate speech myself soon and tell some employment challenged individuals that have been exercising squatters rights on a portion of my property to get a decent job and find their own apartment.

    Never mind. I have to “think of the children”, or rather my grandchild.

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  3. Incognito says:

    One can only shake one’s head….

  4. KKarLmM says:

    Angel…A “true” work of art!!!
    I personally come from the the school of Rickles & Mason…that is Don and Jackie..
    “Oh my God, look at you. Anyone else hurt in the accident?”
    - Don Rickles
    (on blacks, Jews, gentiles, Mexicans, Middle Easterners and gays. He has opinions on all of these groups. The comic says he doesn’t like ethnic jokes:) “That’s in poor taste. But I knew you were low enough to laugh,” he says after the audience laughs.
    -Jackie Mason
    So there, i said it!!!!!! Go blow yourself up you goat kisser….

  5. A Little Revolution says:

    Hi, I loved the post. It was a fun read. Thanks again for the visit. I’ll definitely be back.

  6. Seth says:

    Spot-on, Angel!

    “Were it not for strategically placed oil, most of the Izlamic world wouldn’t have a chamber pot to pe*e in, and they would be purchasing their genit-ally mutilated wives with flea bitten camels or slightly used goats.”

    Sand, by gum! They could always sell sand!

  7. Dwana says:

    “Same circus. Different clowns.” Brilliant line!!! And a brilliant post!

  8. Butch says:

    Again, displaying why you’re my favorite person from NYC…

  9. Chris says:

    Another BRILLIANT post. Going to have to steal it so I can spread the hate. ;-)

  10. OMMAG says:

    Yep ….. Well done!
    I’ll be linking to this…..

  11. Gayle says:

    As I have always maintained, you have such a way with words! I love it! :)

    I truly wish we had an alternative to oil, Angel. Then the Muslims would indeed have to sell sand, just as Seth said. But to whom could they sell it?

  12. Mustang says:

    Government may not regulate the content of speech, but it can address the effects of it by addressing defamation, libel, slander, or incitement to riot. In these cases, the law must consider victimization. Let us see if we can nail this down a little further. “Osama bin Laden is a murdering Muslim coward” would appear to be offensive because, even though it is truthful, Mr. bin Laden’s feelings might be hurt and anyone who lost a loved-one in the destruction of the World Trade Center might be incited to kill this worthless piece of crap once he emerges from his cave. On the other hand, “Be disassociated from the Christian and Jew, and hate them for their religion . . . and oppose them in every way” is not an example of hate speech because it merely communicates the intent of Islam as a religion of peace — and is therefore not an example of hate speech.

    I’m glad I could clear this up for everyone.

  13. patrickdaniel says:

    another witted post!
    Anyone and everyone..please pray for all San Diegans!

  14. cube says:

    Very good post. Depressing as hell, but unfortunately true. How in the world can this mess be turned around with the MSM being complicit with the enemies of America?

  15. the tapper says:

    Angel, YOur post was outstanding. Unfortuntely, the ones that can stop this loonesy do not see the forrest for the trees. The president holding hands with one of the worse offenders. OH! maybe i’m wrong. Just one of the worse. celebrating the end of Ramadan at the White House, My house. Give me a break. Refusing to speak out to stop this mess is just crazy. Remember Farikon,(sp) spelling is atrocious.) I do, many years ago spewing his retoric. At that time I said where is the government allowing tis type of speech. This has been going on for many years right in front of us. and today it is being shoved down our throats by WHO,,,,Big Brother,,,,,,,,Don’t choke…….I ramble…..stay well……

  16. The Hermit says:

    Well said. Sometimes I feel like we live in Alice’s Wonderland these days.

  17. DD2 says:

    Very well done Angel, very well thought out and put into words.

    3 cheers!

  18. frasypoo says:

    Great post Angel…….It makes me so mad.
    About the oil part that someone mentioned…its far worse in other countries.I think its double what we pay here in the US.In India its measured in litres and 1 litre costs almost 3 dollars.We were in the Cayman islands recently and it wa spretty bad there the Middle east controls us with the oil……..I’ d like to call it rape and pillage !!!Now how did I get off topic ?

  19. nanc says:


    i feel so much better…

    pointed post, woman – quite pointed.

  20. Always On Watch says:

    “Were it not for strategically placed oil, most of the Izlamic world wouldn’t have a chamber pot to pe*e in, and they would be purchasing their genit-ally mutilated wives with flea bitten camels or slightly used goats.”

    Muslims believe that the placement of those oil deposits is evidence of Allah’s will that Islam should rule the world–even more, that Wahhabism should rule the world.

    Petro-Islam is a blight upon humanity!

  21. benning says:

    Nearly every word out of the mouths of such as “Pete” Stark and Harry Reid is hate-filled and ugly. Yet neither is censured by their Senate Dem colleagues. Seems to me “Hate Speech” is a non-sequitor, having no real meaning, nor any place in the language.

    “Leftists Suck” is mean, but it ain’t hate.

  22. Dapoppins says:

    So hate speach is anything that I say that hurts anyones feelings…unless that person with the hurt feelings is , christian, jewish, republican, male, female, a senior citizen, wealthy, educated, a mother, father, self employed, or a bisiness owner….

    I think I’ve got it now.

    great post!

  23. Angel says:


  24. ZionistYoungster says:

    Thanks for the hard-hitting write-up, Angel! It ties in to my frustration with LGF lately.

    Charles has his reputation to mind, and I don’t hold it against him–I don’t have the high-profile blog he has, so I’ve never been in his shoes. But all this does mean restrictions on the type of comments you can post there.

    He called to avoid “hot-button hate-speech”. I blanched when I saw this. “Hate-speech” is a very subjective term, as you make so clear here. And because it’s tied in with the notion of “being offended”, it’s about feelings rather than facts. I’m a staunch advocate of keeping feelings out of this as much as possible. That’s why I treat anti-Zionism far more harshly than Holocaust Denial, although both are offensive to me: Holocaust Denial is merely offensive (even if extremely so), while anti-Zionism isn’t just offensive, it’s a threat to the Jews of Israel here and now.

    That’s the point: Why ban jihadist sites? Because they teach people how to murder and organize them for that. Facts, not feelings. “Hate-speech” is an illegitimate factor, in my opinion. Threat to life is the only good grounds for censorship.

    HaShem bless you.

  25. heidianne jackson says:

    what a great, rational, well planned and penned post, angel. thanks!

    remember this:

    just another example of “Speech for which the listener is too dumb to offer an intelligent response.”

    if this word had been used by a black liberal, or even if it had truly been the ‘n’ word, no one would have said a word. but a perfectly reasonable word used resulted in the expulsion of a good man.

    this is so often what happens. hate speech indeed.

  26. JMK says:

    “The Libs world:

    “Degrading and insulting women= Funny.
    “Degrading and insulting blacks= Racism.”

  27. michael says:

    I liked your little quiz. I got a 100%.
    The answer was always “Unitarian,” right?