CensoR T.V…like the good ole dayS

Am I imagining it or is television becoming even more family unfriendly? For years now, primetime television fare has offered a steady diet of comedies that depend on se-xual innuendo and situations for laughs, crime dramas that make the world seem like it’s filled with sadistic predators and pe-rverts, often within our own homes, and cable “news” programs that spend as much time dissecting the bizarre antics of this week’s celebrity bad girl (or boy) as they do covering real news.

But avoiding objectionable material has become more difficult, despite V-chips, which allow parents to control access to certain programs. And one of the more toxic areas is now the ads.

Say Goodbye to Family Friendly TV

Not only do commercials try to use se-x to sell everything from automobiles to soap, it seems half the ads on TV now are marketing se-x itself in the form of se-x-enhancing drugs. And there’s no avoiding the ads, no matter how careful you are with selecting your programming.

“Just turn the TV off”, they shout.

Ah yes.
Turn off the…billboards, the entire internet, the magazines stands, the window dressing at the mall……….and on and on and on.

Blindfold yerselves forcryinoutloud.

We are now living in a country where 12-year-old kids punks walk by me droppin the ole f-bomb as if they were recitin poetry.

Our “culture” (though I’d hardly call it that) is one in which women are objectified and blatantly disrespected. Where our sensitivities are bombarded with ill mannered, boorish, crude and uncouth images. Where we are inundated with anti-religious (but never anti-Muzlim of course) plots in television and film.

And that’s just the entree.

We have no choice but to listen to kids talk to their parents rudely and sarcastically because that’s the way Bart Simpson and all the kids on television talk.

And no matter whether we use the two knobs to turn on or off our television set………..this has become our “world.”

One of the biggest hits being flaunted on prime-time TV is “Dancing with the Stars,” which most claim is a “family-friendly show”. Sure, if you believe female dancers should all dress like hoo-kers and allow your husbands and young sons to join in on the “who’s goin to be wearing less next week” leering contest”.

For those seeking a tad of decorum, female modesty and human civility……
Would you have us all not leave our homes at all then?

Yea, That’s the ticket.
Then we don’t have to hear the latest scoop bout the unbridled ped-o-philes on the loose, the extensive road rage, or the host of new teachers who are having se-x with their own students huh.

Once upon a time all the way back in the 1950s , the ahem.. “Golden Age of Television”… there were national standards of conduct for television as well as films.

What was shown in the public domain was not merely a matter of national discourse but of legislative concern.

But Heaven help anyone mentioning the “C” word nowadays. “Censor nothing” is the new mantra.

You say tomato , I say tomaato.
You say censorship. I would say parental and societal responsibility and civic virtue.

I have always maintained (since my very first post) that the free market must be filtered and sometimes even restricted based upon a sense of personal ethics responsibility.
Judeo-Christian morality has been the philosophical basis for past policies of censorship. Not everything is innocuous. And advertisers making money does not excuse all.
Simply because you can make hordes of money sellin cocaine or ecstasy or running a brothel, for that matter……is no reason for it to be legal, now is it?

The idea of substituting coarseness, licentiousnes and lewdness for liberty was already attempted friends, during the French Revolution.

And guess what………the liberty, fraternity and equality guarantied by the Jacobin atheists very quickly turned into The Terror.
The Reign of Terror
The Soviet Union, China and all other communist regimes followed suit.

The Socialism being touted by the Dhiimicrats and the hedonism as a replacement for the morality of religion will have the same end result.

The ACLU, Hollyweird, and all the lefty kool aid guzzlin Libs offer a chance to sin and embrace vileness with no social consequence.

They shamlessly sponsor and celebrate every form of decadence with the sole objective of destroying our religious faith and ultimately our very Republic.

It doesn’t take much for a free society and a free market to degenerate into anarchy. And guess what……TV or no TV…we all have a front porch view of that one………even as we watch.

I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on I go into another room and read a good book.
Groucho Marx

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18 Responses to “CensoR T.V…like the good ole dayS”

  1. Pela68 says:

    Ohh! Angel my friend. Sorry to say this, but that is a very slippery slope. Who exactly would be the judge of what can and what can’t be broadcasted?

    A better way would be for the cable and sattelite companies to let their costumers descide what channels they want (I don’t know how it works in USA but here in Sweden you can’t choose single channels- only “packages”).

    In sweden we are now digital only. That means that you allso have the option as a parent to barr usage of certain channels- in reasonably modern TV- sets you also have a PG setting.

    But when we start telling others what information or TV shows that they can or can not see…. Shudder! I’m thinking soviet union or iran or korea…

  2. Always On Watch says:

    I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on I go into another room and read a good book.
    Groucho Marx

    Works for me.

    These days, I spend more time watching TVLand than any other channel. ;)

  3. patrickdaniel says:

    Good points Angel!
    And all the drama shows that are out…what a bunch of crap!
    On the other hand, Thank God for football! :) GO SD!

  4. nanc says:

    i’m so proud that our children choose to watch shows from yesteryear – the waltons, i love lucy and they seek out more programs on youtube like the carol burnette show – they have a longing for something wholesome on the tube and i applaud their characters.

    we watch ABSOLUTELY NO network television and only keep the local programming on our satellite for weather alerts – we’re on the edge of tornado alley.

  5. cube says:

    My daughters have laughed so hard they cried watching some of the slapstick from old movies & TV shows. They are learning to pick out the quality stuff on their own. That’s the most a parent can hope for in this swamp we call pop culture.

  6. Frasypoo says:

    Hi Angel,
    The channel that most kids watch are MTV the shows they watch are becoming worse and worse.
    All I can say is raise your kids right and pray them on the rest of the way!

  7. The Hermit says:

    Hum. I don’t know, Angel. I kind of figure let people that want to watch racy stuff watch, and people who don’t, don’t have to. I guess the problem for me is that I live in a really “bible belt” county where the Baptist Church decides everything for everybody because they can vote any referendum down. Nobody can sell beer, wine or liquor in my county because the Baptists don’t like it and they always vote down any attempt to change the “blue laws”. I don’t drink, myself, but my brother likes a beer and when he comes to visit me he has to go to North Carolina to get a beer. I’m hinky about gun control laws, too and having somebody else make decisions for me on that issue.

    Besides, I like NEKKID WIMMIN! HUBBA HUBBA! (I’m just teasing you now, don’t get mad at me ;-)

  8. Chris says:

    That last pic of the chicken really does tell it like it is. I hate reality TV.

    I mainly watch sci-fi and fantasy, because there, they often still teach morality and show good fighting and winning against evil. They often still show that “outsmarting” a situation can help you overcome the odds. I was upset when they canned Stargate, but I’m glad there’s still Atlantis to watch…

    Other than that, I read.

  9. Mustang says:

    The problem isn’t television, its lack of parenting. I’ve heard the argument a million times that most “punks” behave the way they do simply because of peer pressure. But such an argument is only a half-truth. Because if parents teach and reinforce the proper values, and manage their children’s behavior, peer pressure would not be an issue. I realize that parents cannot be with their children 24 hours a day, but if young people are so easily influenced by some other person’s bad seed, then I think there has been an inadequate amount of parental since infancy.

    I think that when we demand that the entertainment industry regulate programs, or when we expect government to censor the airwaves, we are in effect saying, “Let someone else take responsibility for raising my kids.” I think government is already too involved in family affairs; we don’t need more of their incompetence.

    In time, all children rebel against parental authority as part of their rite of passage, but parents who exercise a “tough love” approach are the most effective parents during these years. At least, that’s my point of view.

  10. Dwana says:

    Hi Angel! Great post. I agree with you for the most part but I feel you overlooked the fact that a BIG part of this problem is that we conservatives abandoned Hollywood a generation ago. We walked out and now we’re complaining because the entertainment industry doesn’t reflect our values. The solution is for us to get back into the game. Christian author Chuck Colson once said that Christians should criticize by creating. That’s good advice for secular conservatives as well. We need to be making movies, tv shows, video games, cd’s, and books that reach a wide audience while cheering on our side. And it needs to be GOOD stuff, not the cheesy fluff that Christians too often produce. I don’t know what it’s going to take to light a creative fire under conservatives’ butts, but it’s got to happen soon or our culture IS doomed.

    “Dhimmicrats” Priceless!

  11. brooke says:

    Hey Angel: You aren’t imagining it! :)

  12. Gayle says:

    Angel does have a way with words, doesn’t she, Dwana? LOL! “Blindfold yerselves forcryinoutloud.” Agreed.

    I believe a couple of commenters here missed your point, especially the first one. We would have to turn the television set off completely in order to avoid the crap that’s on it, because it’s even on prime time commercials these days! Prime time used to be family time, but that has gone down the tube (no pun intended). It’s because Hollyweird doesn’t respect the family anymore… they have more respect for gay cowboys than they have for American family values. Dwana is also right… we do need more conservatives in show business. I would love to see some billionaire create a movie studio somewhere (anywhere but Hollyweird) and hire nothing but conservative writers, producers, directors and actors. It would be a fantastic success and make a really rich person even richer.

  13. Daniel Ruwe says:

    I can see what you mean. I don’t watch much TV (mostly sports), but the level of programming is pretty low. However, I don’t think censorship is the answer. I think the answer lies in us, not in government. Until america decides that what we have on TV is filth, then we will be stuck with shows like the ones you mentioned.

  14. Dapoppins says:

    I still censor it. But turning it off, turning the channel, or and knowing what my kids are watching, AND playing…but it bugs me that we aren’t changing it…however…in movies there have been more pro-family films out (Amazing Grace, Charlottes Web, Miss Potter) thrown in with all the slasher flicks that I have no desire to ever see.

  15. Ogre says:

    I saw part of “Dancing with the Stars” once and I honestly thought I was watching strippers pole-dancing. I haven’t seen it since.

    In addition, another area where TV is VERY different than before: fathers. Can you name any prime-time show that has an intact family where the father is actually a smart, intelligent person? How about a commercial? How is every father portrayed? As a bumbling idiot with the mother being completely and totally in charge. Welcome to Hollywood version of America.

  16. michael says:

    Well Angel, you’ve just described exactly why I watch very little TV, and why most of what I do watch is what my daughter watches, but first.

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  18. karLlmM says:

    Ease up there…the idea is not to take away your candy….
    But, in a way to warn the innocent, that their T.V. is about to become a toxic dump site….If i want to watch Sports then i have a right not to be assaulted with some of the sites and products the advertisers THINK i want/need. There needs to be a place that i can enjoy fun and humor, sadness and excitement and not have to worry, what lurks at the next $$$$commerical.