Po–rn Victimless?..How ConvenienT


So much for the claim—often made by po-rn advocates—that po-rn-ography is a victimless crime. This week is White Ribbon against Po–rn-ography Week—a good time to remind ourselves of how destructive po-rn is.

The numbers are staggering. Po–rn is a 10-billion-dollar-a-year industry. One study revealed that more than 32 million individuals visited an Internet po–rn site in just one month. Some 800 million po–rn–ographic DVDs are rented each month. Other surveys reveal that one in five children on the Internet receives a se–xual solicitation.

There is no longer any doubt that po-rn-ography inspires crime. Most child molesters admit that they consume hard-core p-o-rn on a regular basis.

Just click yer mouse, glance up at yer local billboard , turn on yer T.V., check your spam filter.
You don’t have to find p-orno-graphy. In our society: It finds you.

Warning: Before you start shoutin “free speech”, po-rn is not even defined as “speech”.
Even free speech has constraints.

Everyone can agree that shouting “fire” in a crowded theatre is detrimental but peddling human flesh, especially womens’ is debatable? Provided the flesh isn’t your mother or daughter right?

It will never be proven scientifically that p-or-no-graphy causes se-x crimes.
Then again, it will never be proven scientifically that calling your child “bastard” and insulting him 32 times a day may affect his self esteem either.

There IS no causal relationship when dealing with human behavior.
But there is was common sense and decency once.

Ask yourself.
What is the benefit of po–rn?

Its sole intent is to entice the se-xual desire in men by objectifying women.
It normalizes and glorifies the degradation of women, and teaches men to feel se-xual without having to feel emotional or connected to a woman.

Our Constitution doesn’t guarantee anyone the right to showcase the se-xual abuse and torment of women simply because they began in the perverted imagination of some soul-less, money hungry per-vert.

It is not only addictive, but corrosive to normal, healthy se-xuality between two human beings who honor one another.

Not a single newspaper in our State published the Muuuuuuuhamad cartoons as they were deemed “offensive” to Muzlims but humiliating, objectifying and selling women in all forms of depravity “offends” no one eh.

Adult enter-tainment?
What praytell is “adult like” about encouraging the desensitization and objectification of women so that ultimately that which ought to be unspeakable becomes not only possible, but acceptable, and finally………even desirable.

You want to tell yourselves it is victimless to soothe your guilty conscience?
What shape must a girl or woman be in mentally and spiritually to make the decision to become a p-o-rn “star”..and how many are coerced?

The answer is Thousands.Trafficked. Bound. Beaten.
And coerced.

They are the downtrodden and internally fragmented girls and women, nearly all of whom have extensive and horrific backgrounds of se-xual abuse.

Po-r-no-graphy addiction claims marriages everyday..which is why women are the ones crying themselves to sleep………not men.

Simply because the shattered lives and families, the s-t-d’s, the suicides or homicides…. do not always make headlines doesn’t mean that po-rn is not the direct or most certainly the indirect cause.

It would take a gutload of self deception for someone to deny the obvious connection.

Is it a weakenss?
No doubt.
Does it take Herculean strength for moral or righteous men to abstain from p-orn..perhaps.

But men who actually defend po-r-nography as harmless “entertainment” simply have no regard for human life. (female human life, that is)

Wer’e gaggin on them…..and the stench of immorality has become insufferable my friends.

“I’ll watch po-rn whenever I want..who cares as long as it’s not “my little girl” in the filth.”
Well guess what bubba……..It’s someone elses “little girl.”

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21 Responses to “Po–rn Victimless?..How ConvenienT”

  1. Perri Nelson says:

    Excellent post Angel. Now if only we could do something about the “soft” pornography masquerading as prime time entertainment.

  2. patrickdaniel says:

    Good post Angel, Sex is everywhere, too much! Though it is sweet between two consenting adults who Love each other that they share and share alone.IMO
    I have seen many woman who like to flaunt it and use it to their advantage.
    The woman, do it to get money and they like it. Many of the women in porn are doing it of themselves, and at that they are degrading their own kind.

  3. Incognito says:

    Yes, great post Angel. Patrick is right, though.. many women get into porn because they enjoy being objectified, and enjoy the vast amounts of money they make. And indeed, they degrade all of womankind. Very sad.

  4. michael says:

    It is not only addictive, but corrosive to normal, healthy se-xuality between two human beings who honor one another.

    As anyone who’s ever examined the concept of tzniut can tell you.

    Excellent post.

  5. Middle America says:

    Although I agree on your post, I fear this massive hurricane will always be with us.

    Stop the traffic

  6. Gayle says:

    Angel, when I first got my computer I looked up the White House and got a porn site. I can’t begin to describe how shocked I was! It’s unbelievable!
    Their is a point where “Freedom of Speech” gets taken advantage of, and this country reached that point a long time ago!

  7. DD2 says:

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN ~ Everybody!

  8. Ogre says:

    Indeed, this is beyond disgusting. But check your Constitution, Angel, because the one the ACLU has says, “Everyone has the right to do anything they want, whenever they want, as long as it’s not Christian.”

    Po-rn is a MAJOR problem today. But people will not face it, and many will not admit it is a problem. Way too many people fall into the “gee, if someone else wants to do that with their money, what business is it of mine?”

  9. OMMAG says:

    Exactly! There is simply no possible way to justify pornography as victimless!

    Each person who submits to this debasement is a victim and each person who subjects themselves is a victim.

    For people who insist on participating in any way they should at least admit these truths.

    Pornography is ALL about exploitation.

    Just because someone is willing to be exploited doe not change that fact.

    The very worst aspect though is the Unwillingly exploited! The criminal and morally deranged abuse of humans that goes on needs to be addressed and anyone who denies or worse actively opposes efforts to do so is a true enemy of humanity.

  10. Debbie says:

    No way porn has ever been victimless. Wives, children, husbands all suffer.

  11. Right Truth says:

    Halloween Headline Horrors…

    Don’t Tell Anyone, But Rumor Has It That The LA Times Is Sitting On A Sex Scandal Involving A “Leading Candidate”, Right Voices (and Hot Air, and Ace of Spades, and Slate, and Memeorandum) The sex scandal must be a…

  12. Jason says:

    Why is this post only focused at men? What about women using porn? What about the millions of books sold to women? Is it less harmful to read and imagine sexual degrading themes than it is to view them?

  13. vegas art guy says:

    The problem with porn is that it takes something special and holy and makes it base and commonplace. It eliminates the intimacy and replaces it with something that is merely physical.

    And yes even righteous and holy men struggle with porn…

  14. heidianne jackson says:

    what passes for “entertainment” now-a-days was considered porn not too long ago. i also agree with jason, people somehow overlook the whole female self-pleasuring thing. women engaging in reading and fantasizing is no better than men watching it on dvd. either way there is no victim-free zone for porn.

  15. Aurora says:

    Thanks for having the guts to post this, Angel! I did a paper for my Linguistics class at university on the language used in porn magazines and its subtle (and not so subtle) undertones against women. It was quite revealing and I came across lots of studies on the connections between porn and violence. Porn is a really bad blot on our society and I don’t think we even begin to realize its full effects.

  16. brooke says:

    Thanks, Angel!

    Pornography is insidious, vile and horrific, and so few people have the stones to call it what it really is!

  17. Bar Kochba says:

    Porn is sickening and degrading.
    Great Jewish websites dedicated to fighting porn are:
    - http://www.tikkunhabrit.com
    - http://www.jewishsexuality.org

  18. Don L says:

    You are an angel for attacking this vile stuff. We have become a society of moral anarchy and are dying, but don’t know it -like the druggie getting his fix -if it feels good -do it….sad!

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  20. Cause and effect | truegrit says:

    [...] It will never be proven scientifically that p-or-no-graphy causes se-x crimes. Then again, it will never be proven scientifically that calling your child “bastard” and insulting him 32 times a day may affect his self esteem either. -Woman Honor Thyself controversy sex, women [...]

  21. Audrey says:

    Actually, there is research that supports the claim that pornography has an impact on sex crimes.

    Manning, J. C. (2006) The Impact of Internet Pornography on marriage and the Family: A Review of the Research. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, vol 13, 131-165.

    Schneider, J. P. (2000) Effects of Cybersex Addiction on the Family: Results of a Survey. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, vol 7, 31-58.

    Excellent blog, I’m writing a research paper about pornography and enjoyed your comments.