ThE WaR on ChristmaS Ho’s

When kids hear Santa Claus bellow, “Ho, ho, ho,” is their first thought prostitution?
Christmas insanity: ‘Ho, ho, ho’ becomes ‘Ha, ha, ha’

Controversy erupts over attempt to gag Santa’s greeting
That concern has prompted an attempt to gag the traditional greeting, and many Santas are now fighting back.

Right on time.xmas-santaani-uddy.gif
The annual boxing match. No no no my friends, Don’t even try to stop it. As sure as your trees get decorated, fruitcakes are thrown out, stockings are hung by the chimney and menorahs are kindled, we buttress ourselves for the annual “fight.”

Heck. It’s almost a tradition.
Holiday Season: the season of rancorous public confrontation.

Merry Christmas!…..No……Happy Holidays!………Happy Chanukah!… um um……..Merry Jeehad?

In this corner, we have some happy go lucky folk who cheerfully view public Christmas displays as a right in this Nation.

Over in this corner, we have the sour lemon drop brigade who view any Christmas displays as some kind of controlling, state imposed endorsement of religious worship.

What ensues?
Heated arguments over public funding for lights and nativity scenes.
Endless debates on the sheer use of the word “Christmas” in schools, stores or public events.
The same predictable Lefties whirrring about the “separation of church and state”..blah blah blah.


What was the message of the holiday season again. Someone please remind me.
Peace and good will toward men. Uh huh. xmaspple.gif

But but but…………..The real war on Christmas has nothing to do with , school classrooms, public city parks displays or even the Supreme Court my friends.

It has everything to do with the Creeping Shaariah disease that we have allowed to foment.

No one even whispered the word “offended” until Muzlims came on the scene..(post Sept 11), I might add.

Suddenly Jews are bein tossed into the mix, as if they ever expressed being “off put” by displays of Christmas.

Perhaps, they requested permission to display a menorah or two….(The Three Reindeer Rule)….but…”offended”?..Hardly.

-Jews never asked non kosher establishments to refrain from serving pork, or whined about having to “smell pork fumes” from a nearby butcher.

-Jews don’t demand that Target stores allow them not to work the cashier because the salami isn’t kosher or because someone aint singin “Hava-Nagila” while theyr’e checking out.

-Jews don’t accept jobs as cab drivers and then demand that they do not have to transport uncircumcized males.

-Jews don’t join health clubs and then demand separate facilities because they refuse to mingle or play nice with others.

Devout Jews have been quietly opting out of celebrations they didn’t feel approriate for them for decades. Quietly.…Very quietly.

It’s called discretion.

This year……Public schools in America have made children pretend to pray in the manner of Izzlam. Pray…as in “pray.”

Not once in the history of this country have public school curriculums included activities which would persuade children to pray in a Jewish manner. Jewish parents would be mortified if they did.

Who do the Libs think they are kidding?
They aren’t bein sensitive and inclusive. As long as they don’t forget Kwanzaa,………that fictitious holiday originated by a man who put hot irons on a woman…Come to think of it maybe he invented the term “ho” too……….but I digress.

No offense but if there were any holiday observances the lefties wouldn’t object to they would have to be:

Perhaps The Feast Days of the Baha’i, because it would sound so “multi culti” to them.goodvibes.gif

Zoroastrianism, because after all they celebrate it in Iran.

Perhaps a peace and meditation ritual from Daoism..well because it’s Asian…and you know how much Lefties “respect” the “East.” cheerlead.gif

Inna mean time enjoy decorating your “evergreen” or “caring” tree this year, provided Global warming hasn’t killed it yet.
Take pleasure in singing the “holiday” or “winter” carols.

Send out those “Seasonal greetings”!

And while your’e at it…..give my regards to the fat guy in the red suit.

He’ll be the one readin the Lefty cue cards of acceptable two letter onna monna pia sounds. boggled.gif

Whaaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaaa!


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31 Responses to “ThE WaR on ChristmaS Ho’s”

  1. A Little Revolution! says:

    Great post! I hadn’t heard about having kids pray Muslim style! Where did that happen? Is that school inviting Mitt Romney to come read selections of The Book of Mormon? LOL! Have a great CHRISTMAS!

    p.s. This summer I had a professor who named our groups in class after the principle of Kwanzaa. *Roll Eyes* Apparently we can celebrate Kwanzaa all year round since it is a fake commie holiday!

  2. MK says:

    Out here in Australia, some recruitment agency kicked off the annual anti-Christmas activities by advising their Santa Recruits to say ha ha ha instead of ho ho ho. Apparently it was offensive to women [didn't see any coming forward], and it was scary for little children [didn't see any children coming forward to tell us about their Santa nightmares either].

    Fortunately they were shouted down and aren’t showing their faces anymore, so i think it’s fair to say Christmas lovers 1, narcs 0.

  3. cube says:

    Good post. Every year the anti-Christmas movement gets worse. I’m waiting for the time when we stand up and refuse to take it anymore. I’m waiting…

  4. cube says:

    Good post. Every year the anti-Christmas movement gets worse. I’m waiting for the time when we stand up and refuse to take it anymore. I’m waiting…

  5. nanc says:

    i’m so glaaaaaaaaaaad you posted on this – i was going to, but i’m so busy getting ready for that other horrid holiday – THANKSGIVING – MY FAVORITE!


    i could see if they lead up to it with a hearty “KNAPPYHEADED”!

  6. Daniel Ruwe says:

    I do think that there is starting to be an change in the attitudes people have towards Christmas. A couple years ago, you never heard “Christmas” used in stores. Now, it seems that many stores are using “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays”, which at least includes the word “Christmas”. I think people are starting to come around on this issue.

  7. Jungle mom says:

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!!!!with the very best of wishes for you from a Christian friend. You made such a great comparison between the Jews response to Christian observances and the reaction of the demanding Muslims.

  8. Gayle says:

    It’s totally unreal, Angel. People in this country act like they just got released from a loony bin! Santa’s too fat, and he can’t say “Ho” ’cause that might offend some black woman! All of this is offending us! We need to keep squeaking, and you did a great job of it here!

  9. frasypoo says:

    Hi Angel,
    If only people spoke English like its supposed to be spoken.They would then use the word “Whore”instead of “Ho” and all this nonsense would not exist!

  10. Layla says:

    Great post hun! So true, so very true. It is ashame that we are even at this place…ugh!

  11. The Hermit says:

    You know Angel, when I was teaching, the worst hassle I ever got was from letting the kids make Christmas cards to take home one Friday afternoon. The first thing Monday morning, I had a Seventh Day Adventist mom in the front office raising hell about my “insensitivity to her religious mores.” After that, none of the teachers at the school could let the children have any Christmas activities, nor could we have a Christmas party. We had a “winter festival” party instead and I’m not making this up.

  12. Debbie says:

    I heard this morning about the NO, HO HO HO in Australia. This is crazy. Santa’s too fat, he’s a bad influence. His face is too red. We can’t say Christmas. What’s the world coming to? Let kids enjoy themselves for a few years. Please.

  13. Yehudi says:

    I will simply echo the others…it’s going way too far. This is a Christian nation, founded on Judeo-Christian principles. There wasn’t a single mooslim on the Nina, Pinta, or Santa Maria. There wasn’t a single mooslim at the First Continental Congress, so how is they get a chance to change our culture and curriculum in our public schools? When people truly understand the Mooslim agenda, they’ll quickly move to silence those who are trying to propagate and advance their evil.

  14. Right Truth says:

    Iraq, a turning point…

    Iraqi military commanders signaled Monday that they would soon remove some roadblocks and other restrictions that had been imposed over the past nine months as part of the effort to reduce violence here in the capital. The U.S. government has…

  15. The Random Yak says:

    Nice post. Liked this one a lot. You should link to Christmas Alliance homepage (via the Yak) so we have it on record with this year’s Christmas posts! (Shameless Alliance plug)

  16. the merry widow says:

    Hi Angel!
    You do know WHY Jews and Christians have no problem with each others holidays? It’s because our beliefs actually encourage us to GROW UP! mohammadins don’t have that!
    And if you invite me to Chanuka, I won’t bring a ham…promise!
    In the meantime, we have a Thanksgiving to get ready to celebrate!


  17. Flanders Fields says:

    Let’s enjoy our American holidays, including the religious one’s. Let the communists find another country in which to celebrate their holidays and we will all enjoy Thanksgiving.

  18. Always On Watch says:

    The left wants all religious celebrations EXCEPT FOR THE MUSLIM ONES to be shoved uder the carpet.

    Not so long ago, Muslims said that they’d never object to the celebration of Christmas here in America. Now, they tacitly support the ACLU’s war on Christmas. Of course, the ACLU is waging no such war against Ramadan.

  19. middleclassguy says:

    Aw, gee. You spoiled everything. You, Angel, have destroyed Christmas for me. I always beleived in Santa Claus. I had faith. I could not wait for Santa to leave gifts in my stocking and under the tree.

    Now, you grinch of a woman, you tell me that Santa is DON IMUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. middleclassguy says:

    Oh, and I guess now, we have to change the words to one of my favorite Carols:

    I saw mommy kissing pimp daddy…

  21. middleclassguy says:

    In all seriousness, this country, its culture, laws, and traditions, was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles; the principles of most Western Civilizations. Christianity evolved out of Judiaism- so there is a direct correlation.

    We were not founded upon Judeo-Christian-Moslem principles, or Taoist Hindu Shinto principles. Our culture is eroding due to the new America- the Secular Humanistic principles.

    If this persists, we soon will have no tradtions and no culture. That will be the end of our civilization as we know it. Those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it.

  22. No Apology says:

    Angel, I agree with Flanders Fields. I intend to fully enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, which means being grateful and giving thanks, and brightening our days by being un-selfish.

    Ho Ho Ho.

    Spirit can never be killed – only denied.

    Let the Leftists chew on their old dry bones, if they wish to continue to live in doubt and fear.

  23. tapline says:

    My address didn’t come up…don’t know why, but,,,,anyway…Again this year. Im thnking years ago we Christians were spouting that the businesses were taking Christ out of Christmas, Now Christ has been removed from Christamas by Atheist and antichristian groups. And we are saying what happened to Christmas. It doesn’t end here They are not only removing Christ from Christmas, but God from the public eye. It just gets worse….I ramble……stay well…..

  24. Brooke says:

    Ha, ha, ha! We’re all set to decorate our “family tree” for the winter celebration this year…


    Where does the PC insanity end?

  25. KKarLmM says:

    So, that means if i say….
    Ho HO HO Merry….
    [than (pause) to sneeze and then say]
    Christmas…i have just insulted the Christian”s lord’s mother!!!
    Got to love the PC police…this material can not be made up…the truth is the funniest thing out there…Keep it coming, Angel, i will never get off the floor!!!!!

  26. arclightzero says:

    What a great post, Angel! This is an epidemic that is getting way out of hand. Allowing political correctness to get in the way of culture is just plain wrong. You don’t have to force something on anybody to be able to celebrate it. This isn’t Islam. Saying “Merry Christmas” to somebody who isn’t a Christian is just politeness and a cultural thing. It will not result in violence if they don’t suddenly convert and celebrate Christmas alongside you.

    I think that is really the heart of the issue here. Muslims have a difficult time with accepting anything that isn’t their own and feel that any open display of another culture is a threat against them and their way of being. They can’t get it through their heads that others can celebrate their own way without trying to force it upon them, and somehow our PC crowd has gotten it in their heads that we have to bend our lives to accommodate that.

    Well, I for one will continue to tell everybody Merry Christmas and will be putting up my Christmas tree this year. None of this “Happy Holidays” or “family tree” crap here.

  27. Yankee Doodle says:

    Worse than Santa are people who insist on telling us that they are from a state west of Montana, but east of Washington and Oregon — I find the name of that state offensive. Even worse than that is when they are eating bacon when they tell us.

    That’s it — I’m converting to Islam. I have seen the light!

  28. Incognito says:

    I heard about the Ho Ho Ho, as well… totally outrageous. we’re going to have to walk around muzzled..

    By the way.. the Bahai’s are a pretty peaceful lot.. have dealt with persecution for eons.

  29. Howard Larson says:

    Thanks for the post. It would be good to recognize this anti Judeo-Christian thing for what it has become: tyranny of the minority.

  30. wordsmith says:

    Excellent cartoons to go with this.

    What utter PC bullcrap.

  31. Wesley Virock says:

    This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.