Outta the Mouth of… HunkS?

“The Israeli people have been the sacrificial lamb of history,” Fabio declares.
Fabio Rides Again

It’s mid-August, and the bombs are dropping in Lebanon as we stand in the kitchen of his sprawling Spanish-style mansion in Los Angeles (his publicist asked that we keep the neighborhood a secret to deter stalkers).
The so-called Harlequin heartthrob, a diehard news junkie, has had a lot on his mind lately, particularly when it comes to Middle East policy and the Iraq war.

“It’s about f*cking time,” he says, as Fox News reports on Israel’s attempt to push Hez-bollah out of Southern Lebanon.

“[The Jews] have been getting killed for 5,000 years. Enough is enough.

The rest of the world does not give a sh*t, except America, because the Israelis have no oil.

Everyone sticks with those Arabs—because they have the oil.”

“We should f*cking get alternative energy and tell all the Arabs and the rest of the world to stick it up their a*ss,” he says. “F*ck them and the oil!”

Dang, that’s um..”colorful” speech!..heh cool2.gif

Spot on Fabio !

Meanwhile back at the ranch……..
Israel is being strong armed and headlocked into YET again making torturous compromises
, at the latest “peace conference” …er..gang rape in Annapolis……….of being coerced into hand shakes with anti semites and cold blooded killers who won’t even return the gesture, having to sit at huge conference tables, opposite those who would murder them in a hearbeat……………….and being subjected to never ending simpleminded, lying, fabricated, slanted media coverage as the maraschino cherry on top.

bombsani.gif UH. HUH.

Israel will of course, release thousands of more terrorists, (despite the fact that our abducted boys are no where in sight)….eventually even cede their very own sacred country’s capital and heartland, and, ultimately with the brand new spankin border lines being roughly nine miles wide, lose what is left of her already tenuous security.

Let’s break it down my friends, shall we.
Concessions by Israel.
Suicide bombers and the first Inti-fada by the “peace-obsessed” A-rabs.

Camp David.
Concessions by Israel.
The second Inti-fada, by the “peace-loving” A-rabs.

Lebanon and unforgivable Gaza concessions by Israel.
Unending kassam rocket attacks on innocent civilians by the “peaceful” A-rabs…and the kidnapping of 3 precious Israeli soldiers.
Concluding in the Second Lebanon War, courtesty our friends the Palis.

The A-rab idea of “peace”, indocrinated in every ugly crevice or the entire anti semitic, Jew hating Muzlim world and, incidentally clearly stated in the PL-O…ahem..”Charter”, is to conquer and settle all of what the British mapmakers named “Palestine.”

So howzabout the Israelis conquer and settle all of the Land of Israel, given to them by God for the Jews. How bout that.
One good turn “peace plan” deserves another eh. jewish.gif

Tit for Tat.
Kinna like this folks:

The attack on a Ham-as position in Kh-an Yu-nis Wednesday afternoon which killed two was the first sign of a new IDF policy regarding the Gaza terrorists.

Military sources told Maariv/NRG that from now on, the IAF will attack a random Ham-as target in Gaza every time a mortar shell or rocket hits an Israeli community, and will no longer limit itself to striking the terrorists who launched the rockets.

IAF Strike Signals New Tit-for-Tat Policy


Oh and…………Fabio rules. Heh.

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29 Responses to “Outta the Mouth of… HunkS?”

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  2. Sunflower Desert says:

    Out of the mouths of Hunks is right! :)

  3. frasypoo says:

    who knew!

  4. Dwana says:

    Go Fabio! At least there’s one celebrity who gets it and ain’t afraid to say it.

  5. LomaAlta says:

    Angel, nice post. Israel is, like the US and France, trying to keep the barbarians storming the gate outside. And, she is losing.

    Pssst! Big secret, so are we and the French. Any country dealing with modern barbarians (whether Muslim or Mexican) needs to fence and fortify its borders. And, it needs to strike back at the countries trying to invade it.

  6. A Little Revolution! says:

    I never realized Fabio was smart! Great post!

  7. Perri Nelson says:

    Every now and then someone known more for looks than brains can surprise us I guess.

    Who knew that Fabio could think too?

  8. Next Stop Lauderdale says:

    hi Angel…………….I wonder if this will hurt Fabio’s celeberity status (what ever that really is). But glad he’s not afraid to say it……………steve

  9. Layla says:

    Go Fabio! I never cared for him as a model or “I can’t believe it is not butter,” hunk — but as a pro-Israel supporter—gotta love him for that! :)

  10. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Even with asterisks in place, I’m trying to get beyond witnessing that “color” on your blog, Woman. Wow. (No, of course I’m not offended… pleeeeeze….)

    On to the important parts… What he sells has nothing to do with “acting” *cough* He’s simply… pretty. Try finding that degree of male beauty on just any Tinsel Town street corner, Hollyweird! HA!

    Thus blackballing him from the industry, the normal result of anyone in that liberal haven having nut enough to speak their mind, is likely not an option. Plus he is likely secure financially at this point. (ya’ think?) So the option to speak his mind without ending his career is his… an unusual position over there in Leftville.

    Beyond that reality, you simply have to credit him with the almost extinct neighborhood possession of having a brain… and a strong spine to back it up. I’m impressed. There simply aren’t many Pat Sajaks in that area.

    Truth… the only white meat.

  11. cube says:

    What’s going on with the Middle East is the same thing that’s happening with the Chi Comms. They do something outrageous and hang back to see what reaction it causes. If the bad behavior doesn’t raise a furor, then they do something more outrageous. The cycle repeats until they are pushed back. Of course, then they regroup & start up all over again.

    BTW I’m glad there is a brain in fabio’s head.

  12. The Hermit says:

    Old Fabio is quite articulate, ain’t he though? His hearts in the right place and that’s what counts. I didn’t know the guy was still alive.

  13. nanc says:


    he’s a conservative, to boot.

    who sayz you cannot be good looking AND smart? it works for me!


  14. Seth says:

    Excellent post!

    To tell the truth, I’d never even heard of Fabio until reading the above. Good for him, a right thinker in his neck of the woods!

    I love the “Hey, guys! They’re talking peace!” cartoon, it sums up Olmert’s gross stupidity quite well.

  15. Brooke says:

    You gotta hand it to Fabio: He’s dead right and at least he isn’t mincing words!

  16. Joe Gringo says:

    Now there’s a hell of a way to get back in the spotlight!

    I see him in a different light now…..uh…wait you know what I mean. ;-)

  17. Daniel Ruwe says:

    I always pretty much figured that Fabio was an idiot. I guess he’s not- he’s smarter than most of the other Hollywood folks.

  18. heidianne jackson says:

    great post angel. i will never understand why israel is constantly under assault even from the msm. there are a large number of jews in the media, how can they justify their skewed reporting. it’s all too much.

  19. MK says:

    He really said that, wow, who would’ve thought that. Good on him, a celebrity with a brain.

  20. Kevin says:

    Hey! Angel, why don’t you ever call ME a ‘hunk’? I’m even better looking than fabio, and I support the troops too! True, my hair is much shorter and less silky looking, and there’s some gray in it, and yes, my belly looks more like a plum than a 6-pack, and it’s true that my face is kind of weird looking…

    But my point remains!

  21. obob says:

    I must admit, the man made sense. I gotta respect his view on Israel being the sacrificial lamb. I have a speaker from the local JCC coming to my students on Friday, I don’t think I’ll mention the f bombs, but the other views may be something to touch on

  22. middleclassguy says:

    Many years ago, when I was young, I strongly believed that Israel made a very poor choice and tactical mistake. When they were the dominant military power in the Middle East, they should have moved the Capital to Jerusalem and claimed the city. Unfortunatel, they caved in to the UN too many times. Now, it is too late. The Palestinians have too much political support and they will get what they want, irregardless of their godlessness and pseudo-clamis.

    A point of history; the Palestinians left Israel and created their own problem in 1948. They voluntarily became refugees then had the temerity to complain.

  23. Incognito says:

    I agree with Layla.. he never really floated my boat, so to speak… but now… good on him!! To have the guts to say that.. as for the Annapolis Summit.. posted about it too… within a day of the handshake… Fatah’s P.A. TV station was airing pictures of Israel colored in the Palestinian flag.. no-one in that region wants Israel to exist.. some are just more vocal about it.

  24. wordsmith says:

    Geez….I had no idea Fabio actually had something going on upstairs; I just assumed he was another celebrity with the lights on, but no one home.

  25. tapline says:

    Excellent post Angel,,,,,,,Love the cartoons especially the one about we gave you land,,,,but we want that piece…..Great…..stay well…..

  26. Robert says:

    IF all of the Palestinians,Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah, and all the other groups that fight Israel over Palestine, dropped their weapons, peace would be instantly achieved.

    IF Israel dropped all of their weapons, EVERY Jew in Israel would be dead in 24 hours.

    That’s the difference…

  27. Aurora says:

    Whoah! The new pinup boy of the Conservosphere! Nice to see he’s not just a pretty face.
    Great post, Angel.
    Robert, well said! Israel can’t afford to drop their vigilance for a second.

  28. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Another would-be terrorist convicted…

    Back in the day when you stole a man’s horse, they hanged you. Today? You can give material aid to our enemies and what happens? Nuradin Abdi only has to wait 10 years before he can carry out his plan! What the hell? I am living in the Twillight Zone….

  29. Blog @ MoreWhat.com » Blog Archive » MoreWhat Matters: Today’s Blog List says:

    [...] Woman Honor Thyself Says: November 29th, 2007 at 1:27 am eOutta the Mouth of… HunkS?…Meanwhile back at the ranch…….. Israel is being strong armed and headlocked into YET again making torturous compromises, at the latest “peace conference” …er..gang rape in Annapolis [...]