Relatives of the interred, their heads bowed, some wiping away tears, walked slowly though their family plots Wednesday at the venerable burial ground in Northeast Baltimore, grimly taking stock of the damage done by vandals to more than 150 tombstones: many knocked to the ground, some split in half.

“It’s the second time they’ve busted my father’s tombstone,” said Harold Postol, eyes brimming with sorrow, his cheeks glistening on the cold, sunny morning. “Why? What is the reason to bother the dead? They’re not bothering anyone.”

Disrespect for dead disturbs survivors
Dismayed families walk among markers damaged by vandals at Jewish cemetery…
A rabbi’s daughter, Tzipora Frager, born 11 years after the end of the Holocaust, had another theory. She considered that the attack on the Jewish cemetery that holds her mother — Esther Lafferman Shuvalski, dead two years – might have been pro voked by anti-Semitic feelings swirling around the Middle East peace conference in Annapolis and aided, perhaps, by Ar-ab propaganda.

ADL Survey: Anti-Semitism In America Remains Constant; 15 Percent Of Americans Hold ‘Strong’ Anti-Semitic Beliefs

New York, NY, November 1, 2007 … A nationwide survey released today by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) shows the number of Americans who hold anti-Semitic attitudes remains constant from its 2005 findings, demonstrating once again that “anti-Semitic beliefs endure in America.”

15 Percent Of Americans Hold ‘Strong’ Anti-Semitic Beliefs

15% doesn’t sound like a whole heck of alot to you?
Consider this:
15% of Americans = nearly 35 million adults

The survey found that 31% of Americans believe Jews are more loyal to Israel than America.
More than one quarter – 27% of the American people – believe Jews were responsible for the death of Christ.
Fifteen percent (15%) of the general population believes that Jews have “Too much power in the U.S.”

The 2007 survey found that 32% of African-Americans hold strong anti-Semitic beliefs, more than three times more than the 10% for whites.

Funny how it’s still the peaceful, quiet “Jew”, getting educated, earning a living, upholding morality and mindin his own business that earns the jealousy and hatred of so many.

Ahem……if anyone should be despised should it not be………
-The ones who viciously attacked Americans on 9/11, quoting us from their book…..the Ko–ran?

-The haters, who quoting their book, the Koo-ran who just so happen to currently have terrorist cells in 60 countries.

The thugs who proceeded to blow up a train in Spain and attacked buses and trains in London, set off massive bombs in Bangladesh, continue to daily behead and burn civilians in Thailand.

The fanaticswho bombed a night club in Bali which burned 202 people to death.

The Muzlim “activists”..cough cough…….. who routinely carry out suicide bombs and rocket attacks on innocent Israelis, who regularly bury IEDs while hiding behind their own women and children.

While Jews continue to remain dignified in light of the rampant anti semitism, (which barely gets reported)..we are subjected daily and nightly, NON stop to CA-IR’s and Muzlims’ endless whining that they are the ones not being treated “well enough.”

And while we coddle their every alleged grievance for not being treated as some sort of “superior” beings, above our law of course, Jews silently suffer.

Radical and imaginary “moderate” Muzlims, who have yet to gather and rally EN MASSE against terrorism, take advantage of Americans’ goodnesses and prey on our fears to try to carve out their “special privileges.”
Their foot baths.
Their prayer mats and rooms.
Their separate facilities for men and women.
Their demand that we do not “profile” on our airways.
And on and on ad nauseum. at-wits-end.gif

They pervert our laws, using U.S. civil codes to protect their propaganda, hate speech, anti semitism and incitement to war and violence that permeates every American mos-que.

No no no. The moderate, imaginary Muzlims never convened ..all 2 million of them to decry the Wah-habi monsters who routinely treat any inf-idel, with accusations of apostasy and blasphemy, which needless to say, make them fair game to be murdered by Muzlim radicals.

Throughout Muzlim lands, Muzlims are beheading, burning, raping women and children, torturing, incarcerating, stoning, and-amputating the limbs of all who refuse to accept their self stated, supremist authority.

Not only to be implemented in America but to be enforced eventually via Shaaa-riah Law, across the lines of sovereign nations throughout the free world.

But, it’s the JEWISH tombstone being destroyed and desecrated.
It’s the Jewish soul being accused of deicide.

It’s the Jew for whom they save their merciless prejudice.

All the while CA-IR and the evil doers crafting their little shoe bombs and suicide bomb-belts , which they place as toys around the waists of Muzlim toddlers in the Gaza Strip………demand more and more and more…………of our……………Respect.

Respect? Ha.

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21 Responses to “Anti-SemitisM..yes..Anti-Jeehadists?..NaW”

  1. benning says:

    Sad that so many Americans hold these idiotic beliefs, frightening that Muzzies and their ilk continue to operate with impunity in this country.

    Jews make convenient scapegoats for losers and irrational haters.

  2. cfs says:


    Thanks for your outstanding post. Sad to see this happening. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in a few days.


  3. Gayle says:

    Interesting isn’t it, Angel, that there are so many who are violent against peaceful people. Jews and Christians, both peaceful and respectful of other points of view and other religions are constantly under attack! Liberals force us to bend over backwards to appease Muslims but who bends over backwards to appease us? Well… we don’t have to be “appeased” do we? We Christians aren’t threatening anyone and neither are the Jews. But the radical Muslims, even those picked up off the battlefield killing our soldiers, must be treated with kid gloves and shown every respect of the Geneva Convention even though the Geneva Convention doesn’t apply to terrorists. It makes me furious!

  4. heidianne jackson says:

    unfortunately there are some from our community who do not behave in the manner of the scriptures, but seem to wear their “jewishness” as a badge. this “jewish badge” allows them to behave in any manner of bad ways in business and inter-personal dealings. these people are beneath contempt, but as with all irrational, bigoted people, these are the jews the idiots think of when forming their opinions. boy could i make a more convoluted sentence?!?

    what amazes me is that many, many on the left are “jewish” and they defend every sort of liberal idiocy that comes along – yes, including tolerence for the muslims. mayhaps these “jewish” people are really just the “jews” i mention above and they are trying for some atonement for how they treat others? no clue. great post, as always, angel. thanks for givng me more to think about on this yucky wednesday…

  5. middleclassguy says:

    People always look to blame somebody for their perceived problems. Throughout history, the Jewish people have been easy targets. Today, some of our problems are created by the moslems- not perceived but real. Yet, the Jews take the blame for their intrangience.

    People will not learn. Put the blame where it belongs. Even Jewish people blame Jews whenthey are wrong. Why can’t we lay the blame on problems where it belongs instead of the convenient scapegoat.

    It will take a concerted effort by Christians and Jews to fight the real enemy and lay the real blame where it belongs. Until that occurs, the Moslems will prevail in the area of public relations.

  6. Defiant_Infidel says:

    MCG said, “Why can’t we lay the blame on problems where it belongs instead of the convenient scapegoat?”

    The “we” he speaks of is those left entrenched apologists who would rather cower than confront the REAL enemy… the despicable Muzzie cult. Much the same as they point accusatory fingers of blame at the right in America, who sacrifice, speak out and join up to defend us ALL, it is easier for them (and requires no actual contribution of substance) than confronting reality. That act would require the same sense of unity and service to our country vs. their more comfortable position of blaming the right and the Jews… Afterall, do they have any reason to fear that “the right” OR the Jews would ever really attack them?? Of course not!

    Their approach to all enemies has always been the same… hug them until they ‘promise’ not to harm. Then turn around and appease the death squads by accosting their very own defenders (staunch America and the Jews). Later too, they can blame their own defenders for any perceived shortfall or holes in our battle plan designed to save us all. It is the ultimate, most highly refined form of self-serving hypocracy!

    A truly sickening bunch, these selfish, liberal hate mongers. And they are as see through as freshly vinegar bathed panes of glass…

  7. cube says:

    I just don’t get the anti-Semitism that is so rampant in the world. When will we learn?

  8. nanc says:

    woman – hatred will always kill the person who is performing it. there is no place for it in the world.

    the greatest commandment is to “LOVE” and if we all took it to heart, we’d see mountains being moved.

    G-d help u.s.

  9. Mustang says:

    There is no shortage of idiots in the world — and in fact, idiocy may very well be our one inexhaustible resource. I have seen elements of racism in my life — we all have, and if there is one constant, it is that no race or ethnic group can be excused from perpetuating it, even if only “slightly.” Some Christian groups are as racist as one can possibly be. If we wonder why so many black Americans have left Christianity for Islam, the answer is the amount of discrimination against blacks from so-called Christians. Additionally, while it is true that Jewish people are targets of hate by Islamacists, it is also correct to observe that Jews target Muslims to receive the same sentiments.

    I am forced to observe that among all of the world’s religions, there may only be one that is truly peaceful: I have never heard of a Buddhist who propagates hate or who targets non-Buddhists for murder. Unless or until each of us can admit that we harbor prejudices against others, for whatever reason, we have yet to take the first step of purging ourselves of the kind of hate that brings misery to the world — even to the innocents, who will inherit the biases of their parents. I honestly cannot imagine that God is very happy with us — any of us.

  10. Yehudi says:

    WHT…great post. Unfortunately, reading things like this always grieves my heart. Last night my wife and I went to downtown Portland for the menorah lighting that Chabad does every year, and as we rode the train down there I was aware of people staring and whispering, (I wear a kippah)…I remarked to my wife that I can’t wait until we live in Israel where we are not the minority…the ‘outsiders’…I just can’t wait to go home.

  11. Aurora says:

    Angel, great post and really saddening. Yehudi, I can’t imagine what makes that percentage of the population behave in that way. It’s certainly not true for the rest of us. Personally, I love the Jews. They are a vital, positive, achieving people, worthy of admiration and respect. They never cease to amaze me what they are able to achieve with so little. Look what they’ve done to that little sliver of desert over there! Truly blessed by God but hated by the irrational rabble.

  12. The Hermit says:

    Seems cowardly to me, vandalizing a grave yard. If they want to tear something up, they should try something that’s defended, like a persons house or business. Then they can test their metal against the people they don’t like.

  13. Sunflower Desert says:

    Makes no sense — which makes me believe it is a battle in the spiritual realm. Therefore, I’m confident of who the winners will be. :)

  14. Joe Gringo says:

    What cowards…….I really feel for those families who headstones were damaged.

    What an unfullfilling life it must be to live with all that hatred.

  15. Brooke says:

    I have no tolerance for this kind of disrespect, and would not be above BEATING it out of the offenders!

  16. Incognito says:

    It’s called resentment and jealousy. Successful people (who have arrived there through hard work) are always hated and villified. Just lazy people not wanting to work hard enough to be successful themselves.

  17. Angel says:


  18. MK says:

    Madness isn’t it, but that is the world we live in, close to being over-run with ignorance and hatred.

  19. KKarlMmM says:

    Are JEW talking to me!!!!!
    Well that fine with me, Cause i am a Member of the Tribe and am so proud of it…
    Happy Chanukah to all…
    And keep wondering…thru it all…and we are still here!!!!

  20. tapline says:

    Angel, Good Post…Just a word. We use to have a split religous service prior to Christmas. it consitsted of the seder meal, with the bitter herbs etc….with the meanings described as we partisipate in the meal. This was with Jews and Gentiles then we separated and had our seperate services then came back together and had a social gatherins with a dinner. As it relates to the desecration of cemetaries this is as old as the cemetaries themselves. We are constantly trying to fix grave stones that have been tipped over and broken by vandels. I don’t know in this case which it is. Your statistic on 27%of the people voiced their opinion Jews were responsible for the death of Christ. I say to those who say that. Without the death of Christ where is the Christian Religion……I readin “Archiology Today”…The Gospel of Judas, which was written in the 3rd Century was interpreted wrong by the National Geographical personnel who translated it. They made out that Judas was chosen by Jesus and was given the keys to the kingdom. because Jesus told him to turn him in to the authorities. According to the new interpretation. Judah was sent from the Devil and he is in Hell. not Heaven as reported in the first translation. It was from when I was a small child that I remember hearing…It was the Jews fault that Christ was crucified. As I got older, I started thinking for myself, my God given gift, The Jews didn’t kill Jesus, No one could unless he wanted it to happen, and without it happening we would have no Good News….. and the vail would not be rend. Where would christianity be without this betrayal??? Which, by the way ‘Jesus allowed……. Sorry… to rambling again……stay well…

  21. Yankee Doodle says:

    Here’s the difference, Angel:

    If you speak out publicly against the Judeo-Christian conservatives, your free speech will be tolerated, but if you speak out against jihadis, you run the real risk of getting killed in the street.

    It’s the same reason there was so little protest against the Nazis when they were consolidating their power.