A-rabs GoT a BaD Rap..or is it Rep?

Anti-Ar-ab sentiments revealed in recent poll are not racist, but rather, reaction to Ar-ab conduct.


In order to understand why we, the Jews, are no friends of the Ar-abs, we can look into several examples of A-rab conduct: For example, Israeli Arab annually mark Na-kba Day – for them, Israel’s Independence Day is a catastrophe, which leads us to understand that in their view we are unwanted here, and if we go away they’ll be satisfied. gnasher4.gif

Ar-abs are to blame
…. that they do not accept the Jewish character of the country and do not recognize it. Meanwhile, the A-rab decision to refrain from performing national service instead of military service stems from a desire for separatism, rather than a wish to constitute a part of Israeli society.
Had Israeli Arabs accepted their minority status and refrained from cooperating with the Pal-estinians and with enemy countries, the situation would be completely different.

The solution to the problem also has to do with the conduct of the Arabs. They must clearly declare that they are truly interested in cooperating with us and openly accept Israel as a Jewish state.

Let’d do some Math class.
Ar-abs constitute roughly 20% of Israel.
Jews constitute 0% of Jordan, or ahem. what some like to call: “Pale-stine”.

When “Pal-estine” was partitioned, the Jews were ceremoniously kicked out of A-rab countries and laws were enacted denying Jews citizenship.

But but but………..Look at the evil Zionist policy:
A-rabs have equal rights in Israel.
They are represented in the bloody Knesset for mercys sake.

Israel, as all other civilized nations hunt down and gun for terrorists.
Ham-ASS, Rad muzlims and their Pali buddies gun after innocent civilians, women and children.

Sept. 11th ring a bell?

The A-rabs have waged multiple wars and int-ifadas…against Israel and world Jewry.
Prejudice?..Hardly. It’s called “just the facts M’am.”.
Murderers aren’t particularly popular eh.


Truth be told, there is no country on earth that would put up with what Israel does from Arab Knesset members, who shouldn’t even be allowed in and individual Arab citizens who spit in the face of their host country.

Meanwhile, while flinging charges of racism, Ham-ASS and their siamese evil twin, the P-L-O terror gangs routinely refer to Jews and Christians as “pigs”, “apes”, and “monkeys”; they deny and mock the Holocaust,while referring to Hitler and A-rafat as their heroes.

O.K. Reality check.
A dude shows up at yer door, pulls a gun on you, and then, heck……… you pull a gun.
You guys are now the same eh? After all You both pointed a gun at the other!

That, my friends, is “moral equivalency” in all its glory insanity.

Israel, much like America and Europe have a new mantra it seems.

We know you aim to destroy and annihilate us and everything we stand for but please, come live next amongst us, by all means, take advantage of all the benefits our FREE countries offer.

London bombings.
War of ’48, ’56, ’67, ”73,….Scud missles flying overhead..Kass-am rockets killing us daily……..
Aw shux, Let bygones be bygones.

All ya need is love.” hippie00.gif

Simply imagine a convicted felon moving next door to you or into your neighborhood.
Would you wig out?

Now, envision hundreds of thousands of people who are trying to kill you and your family daily, moving in and becoming your next door neighbors.
Cushy huh?

But, Angel, it’s only the “radical” A-rabs who hate Jews.

Uh huh.
Since when was there was a time before “radicalization”?

The very Kas-sam rockets aimed at Israeli schoolchildren daily, were named after a man who murdered Jews wayyyyyyyy before 1948 and the mythical “Pale-stinian State”.

Ar-abs didn’t just start hating Jews

Qas-sam rockets are named after the Iz-z ad-D-in al-Qa-ssam Br-igades, the armed branch of Ha-mas, itself named after an Isl-amic Moj-ahed and fighter Iz-z ad-D-in al-Qa-ssam who led a Pal-estinian fighters group during the 1930s.

Arabs murdered Jews simply “for being Jewish” eons before the term “Zionism” was even invented.

Anti-Jewish riots in the early 1920s in Israel. Before the Holocaust.
The 1929 massacre in Hebron.
The horiffic Arab revolts in the late 1930s.

And let us not forget: The “Fed-ayeen”
Old fashioned Arab -Jew hatred

Having lost in battle what they could have had in the peace envisioned by the 1947 Partition Plan, Pale-stinian A-rab terrorist groups, called “Fe-day-een”, began systematic raids against the Israeli civilian population. 1,300 Israelis were killed and wounded by A-rab terrorists between 1949 and 1956. The “Fed-ayeen” operated from bases located in and controlled by Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.

Oh, and one quick question.
Forget about anti semitism.
Among Ar-abs, that’s a given.

If the A-rabs are as “peace loving” and tolerant as they and the media claim, why hasn’t CA-IR and the A-rab League condemned the genocide of the Sudan, Sept.11th, the bombings in Bali, London, Spain, Madrid or the gassing of the Kurds?
Jus askin.

Sorry to say………….
A-rabs, Radical Muzlims and the oh so quiet “moderate” Muzlims (who refuse to take a stand against their terrorist brethren) have gotten their reputation the old fashioned way my friends.
They earned it.

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20 Responses to “A-rabs GoT a BaD Rap..or is it Rep?”

  1. OMMAG says:

    If you ask a lefty liberal of course you will get the answer that the followers of Islam are just good people getting smeared by evil racist conservatives.

    If you ask the Arabs and such it is an evil conspiracy to defame their religion.

    If you ask me …….. they are all full of sh*t!

  2. Kevin says:

    That’s disappointing. I was under the impression that the muslims in Israel, by far the most free people in all of islam, were at peace with Israel. It seems inconceivable that they might prefer to live under the other the rule of neighboring countries.

  3. LomaAlta says:

    Good post Angel – a dose of truth and reality.


  4. Debbie says:

    I’m so tired of hearing how the Muslims are offended at this, offended at that. Grow up and live in the real world with the rest of us, act like adults. Every time we hear about another attack, Guess Who???

  5. Ann says:

    Angel, I love your blog! (Looks like everyone else in the blog-o-sphere does too!) I found you through Jewish Pride’s blog. You’re so witty and have great insight…I really look forward to making you a regular blog I read!
    Have a great week!

  6. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Naughty, Naughty Flintstones!…

    I love this little video, and hope you will too. It is an evil, gross, global warming enemy, and children attacking video. If you do NOT want your children to see this, ask them to leave the room, please. While this may be a funny video for those ……..

  7. Aurora says:

    Excellent points, Angel. I like the one you made about ‘moral equivalency’. What an insane point of view the Left would have us advocate! By the way, Eurabia has just upped its aid to the Palis. More rockets and guns!

  8. Yankee Doodle says:

    The “moral equivalency” argument is hilarious.

    There is nothing that a law-abiding gun-owner could ever do to gain the acceptance of the liberal hate-the-west-first crowd, short of surrendering any pretense he had to freedom of thought and becoming a mind-numbed intellectual slave of liberalism.

    The only thing you can do with the gun-control crowd regarding that point is make sure they don’t take away your guns so you can defend yourself. When they have been victimized by criminals enough, they will hypocritically think of a gun for self-defense. Then they’ll understand.

    “Truth be told, there is no country on earth that would put up with what Israel does from Arab Knesset members, who shouldn’t even be allowed in and individual Arab citizens who spit in the face of their host country.”

    Yes there is — the US.

  9. Daniel Ruwe says:

    Great post Angel. The Arabs are incredibly brutal- but the only people we see critizied are the Israeli’s.

  10. heidianne jackson says:

    we are either with israel or against her. i am flabbergasted that america is giving more aid to palestine – but of course it’s to help the peace process, don’t ya know?!?! the only help the muslims want with the peace process is help in decimating israel and all the jews – then on to the rest of the west. un-fricken-believable.

  11. Flanders Fields says:

    Angel, Doesn’t Israel hold all of the land in the middle east and only allow Muslims a tiny little piece?

    Seriously, why don’t the Islamics move among their fellow Arab and Persian countries, and why won’t those countries let them move there? I want to see Islamics stay in the Middle East instead of coming to the US, UK and Europe.

    Also, why do so many Jews in the US (and elsewhere) support policies encouraging immigration, particularly into the US, of all third world people and support policies which are Marxist? I know you do not, but so many of the Jews do and many of them are in powerful positions to make such policies enforceable. Many Jews don’t seem to care about Israel nor the USA and support and encourage immigration even of Islamics. Those Jews who are anti-American in their views are not welcome either.

  12. Flanders Fields says:

    I thought I should clarify that my last remark was not directed to you and no answer is expected from you. I think you know that, but I thought I would make it clear.

    The actions of those Jews, whether in politics, business or education, who are so shrilly anti-American makes it difficult for many Americans to justify actions where Israel is involved. They seem to be against both America and Israel, but the fact that they are so numerous and vocal doesn’t make it unusual that questions and resentments do arise.

  13. The Hermit says:

    It’s a crazy world, no doubt of that.

  14. middleclassguy says:

    The problem is the West. When the Moslems discovered and imported terrorism, instead of killing them, the West has negociated with them. I will bet that Yasi Arafat was only kpet alive because western countries, including the UN and US told the Jews to lay off of him. Jimmy Carter embraced him. All in an effort to mistakenly stop the violence. How wrong they were and are.

    I have said this for years- the Jews should have told the whole world to eff off, claim Jerusalem as their capital, and deal with the Arabs who dissented. It would have been fast, swift, and over with. The Jews have to stop talking and get tough again. If not, they will not have a country left after the Moslems keep nibbling away.

  15. Brooke says:

    Another excellent rant, Angel! :)

  16. MariesTwoCents says:

    Has there ever been anytime when someone didnt hate the Jews?

    This is just disgusting.

  17. MK says:

    And the whole world has just given these Jew-haters around 2 billion dollars, even when the PA wasn’t even expecting that much. We really are so stupid to reward terrorism and hatred in such a way. We can all look forward to another 50 years of intifada, rockets and Jew-hatred, unless off course everyone manages to screw over Israel first.

  18. Blog @ MoreWhat.com » Blog Archive » MoreWhat Matters: Today’s Blog List says:

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  19. Incognito says:

    So very true! The Jews have always been vilified, and not just by the Muslims.

  20. KkarLlmM says:

    It has passed the point of logic and it now firmly planted in the
    “Twilight Zone”..
    The Arab-Israeli conflict has continued to exist simply for the entertainment of the world’s circus fetish.
    To believe that any person, let alone a country, would stand “almost ” still for this continued and unending abuse, pays tribute to the unique and special attributes that the citizens of Israel continue to show…