Doozie of the DaY

Today’s Doozies:
Lines that ought to be jokes..but are dead serious.

Angel’s first prize goes to:
Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah


”This land cannot be exclusive for anyone,” he said, adding that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had unleashed “forces of evil” across the Middle East and that it was Israel’s obligation, as to end the warring.

“The one who will decide is Israel. If Israel decides for peace, there will be peace
… Until now, there has been no peace, simply because there has been no willingness to make it.”
Catholic leader rejects Israel’s Jewish identity

Top Roman Catholic clergyman in Jerusalem slams definition of Israel as Jewish nation, says land must be shared by all religions.
Latin Patriarch says Israeli-Palestinian conflict has unleashed ‘forces of evil’ across Middle East, conflict perpetuates because of Israel’s ‘unwillingness’ to make peace .

Another “Jew friendly” self proclaimed “patriarch” eh.

”This land cannot be exclusive for anyone…” Nice try dude.

You can KMJT.sue-me-sign.gif

Guess what hater? Rome is the reason why there is even a challenge to the Jewish ownership of the land today. The Romans deported the Jews from Israel to far reaches of the Empire, making way for others to move in and claim it as their own.

Why dontcha try tellin that to other countries too, like Saudi Arabia, the Magic KingDumb. Only Muzzlims are allowed to go to Mecca dude.
Care to whine bout that ?

Sabbah is nothing but a seedy thug who is an unabashed ally of the ole Pali terrorists.
All Roman Catholic clergyman should demand that the Vatican withdraw him pronto zoomo.
Or better yet…….ship his patriarchal “tuchus” to Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps it’s time to brush up on yer history dude.
Re-visit the thousands of years of Christian anti semitism which
forced Jews throughout Europe to be expelled, forcibly converted and murdered.

Or perhaps your selective amnesia made ya lose sight of the fact that between 1948 and 1967 Jews were not even allowed to pray in Jerusalem, but guess what?
MuZlims and Christians were.

Furthermore, Between 1948 and 1967 (when Jordan controled East Jerusalem), Jews were not even permitied to visit the Western Wall, their holiest site of the Temple, but A-rabs were free to urinate there.

And to this day Israel has muzlims sitting in its very Knesset. You explain it.confused7.gif

But while he’s busy defendin his pals, the Muzlims, one of ‘em killed a Christian in Gaza just a few months ago.
Wanna know why?
For the unspeakable crime of being a Christian.

Gaza’s Christian bookseller killed

The manager of Gaza’s only Christian bookshop, who was abducted on Saturday by suspected Mus-lim extremists, was found dead yesterday. Medical officials said Ra-mi Ay-yad, 31, had been shot and stabbed. He was the father of two small children and his wife is pregnant with their third


I suppose this means that the Vatican City has no right to be Catholic either huh Prelate?

By the way………
Your ties to the Uuu-mmah obviously exceed your ties to the Catholic church. You don’t represent decent Christians anywhere.osamaani.gif

Nobody asked you Padre.
So..howzabout a nice hot cup of “shut the *%# up” k?
John Paul II you aint.

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25 Responses to “Doozie of the DaY”

  1. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Good News Open Trackback Tuesday…

    When I first started taking on the large task of moving 8 blogs into 1, it was quite an overwhelming thought. I had all of my blogs moved from Blogger over to WordPress, because they can import them into one site. They are numbered in the order to …….

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    Wednesday’s Open Trackback…

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  3. kevin says:

    I wonder if Sabbah has ever even read the Koran? If only the press had the courage (or knowledge?) to corner these dhimmis logically.

  4. MK says:

    I don’t really blame people like him selling Israel out Angel, i’m kind of beyond anger now, the hole the western world has dug itself into is kind of sad and pathetic. “…land must be shared by all religions”, sounds great in theory or as a throw-away line, but go live in Bethlehem now, see how all religions are treated by Islam there.

    I remember recently, i think it was the king of Saudi Arabia, met the pope, they exchanged gifts, the Pope was presented with a jewel encrusted sword. They’ve read the writing on the wall Angel and they understand the true meaning of Islam now, SUBMISSION. Most in the western world do not even have the will to defend themselves, even fewer have the ability to. That first picture you have in the post says all that needs to be said about the sickness that clings to us. In the western world it’s alright (in the sense that few have the balls to take it off him) to wear that, but try wearing a “Kill Muslims” head band and you’ll be like you have Ebola.

  5. Terry_Jim says:

    I have a friend who owns a Christian bookstore in a nation in that region. Please join me in prayer for his safety. Thanks.

  6. Paul Champagne says:

    I am so glad that everyone thinks that they have a right to dictate what Israel should do …. NOT

  7. Mustang says:

    None of us can be proud of our humanity, and certainly not in the lack of it. I am increasingly convinced that NO ONE wants to solve the problems associated with the Middle East, or of terrorism, or of the causes of human suffering all around the world. No, what they prefer to do is MANAGE it for as long as they remain in office, and then pass it along to others to manage. I am disgusted with the lot of politicians, no matter what flag they serve. You know, if we really wanted to SOLVE the problem, we could. At least I could, even if I would be the most unpopular SOB in the world for a while. Such phrases as “Kill the (whatever)” is not freedom of expression, it is rather homicidal incitement. How should society punish someone who maliciously shouts “FIRE” in a crowded theater, resulting in the death of innocent people? Should someone who incites others to murder be guilty of murder himself? I say, YES. Hammurabi’s code was remarkably simple, and just. If the world is needs more of anything, it must be JUSTICE.

  8. frasypoo says:

    He was killed for being a Christian ?Thats crazy!Its hard to remember which era we live in.
    Angel,you need to do a post on the best and worst of 2007!

  9. Yehudi says:

    It is a sad state of affairs when people ar ekilled because of the good that is in them. I know lots of Christians and 99% of them are exceptionally nice people….and we know that Jews are the apple of G-d’s eye! I just hate when I turn on the news and I see that the oppressor has struck again…some innocent somebody that can’t defend themselves have become the latest statistic. Come quickly, Mashiach, come quickly!

  10. A Little Revolution! says:

    Don’t worry, eventually Israel will get all the land there they want! Hopefully it doesn’t take too long!

  11. tapline says:

    It seems appropriate to say, and I use part of a verse from the Bible….Forgive him for he knows not what he speaks. Is this hate speech? Does this man speak for the Vatican, he certainly represents the pope…..This is beyond reproach. How much more must Israel endure. If he thinks statements such as these help the situation he better think again. When a people, Palestinians, fail to acknowledge another people’s right to exist, Jews, don’t you think that is a good place to start with the reconcilation process. Just for a change, Lets speak to the real issue here and that is the right of Israel to exist as a nation. I thought that issue had already been decided

  12. Aurora says:

    Angel, I’m disgusted by so-called church leaders who talk such rubbish. Every Christian I know…I’m talking about the real ones who aren’t strutting around in the public eye making statements that contradict the Bible, love Israel, me included. Israel is perhaps the most dynamic nation on earth, plucky and humane. It’s Israel which has bent over backwards time and again. They are the ones who fight to gain their land and then give it away if only, if only they can have peace. How dare this man and any others like him say otherwise!

  13. Yankee Doodle says:

    I will accept what the Catholic clergy say about the Middle East a little more when I hear it from the Bishop of Saudi Arabia.

    (Do you suppose that will happen any time soon?)

  14. Elfin Che and Open Trackbacks a Week Before Merry Christmas « Wolf Pangloss says:

    [...] Honor Thyself // Wednesday, December 19, 2007 at 15:40 Doozie of the DaYBut while he’s busy defendin his pals, the Muzlims, one of ‘em killed aChristian in Gaza just a few months ago. Wanna know why? For the unspeakable crime of being a Christian. [...]

  15. Wolf Pangloss says:

    Archbishop Sabbah is a dhimmi, who was born in Nazareth, which used to be 95% christian and is now maybe 20% christian because of muslim persecution. His family have been dhimmis for as long as they have been in Nazareth, ever since the Muslim conquerers came there 1400 years ago (with the exception of the Crusader states period). He was ordained Archbishop before Benedict XVI was ordained and has the leftover communist and dhimmi sympathies that were popular under John Paul II, despite being suppressed in South and Central America when liberation theology was refuted. Note he has not been promoted to cardinal. I also see that according to siteJerusalem is in the country of “Occupied Palestine.”

    There was a cardinal on the Vatican staff who was saying that kind of stuff a couple of years back until he was retired by orders from Benedict. Submission and Dhimmitude will take a while to clean out of the church hierarchy in the Muslim lands.

    Read up on what Pope Benedict is saying and doing if you want to find out the True guidance for Catholics, not what some cowering dhimmi archbishop is saying in Jerusalem to keep his relatives and flock from being killed by Jihadists.

  16. The Hermit says:

    Well, one thing Israel isn’t short of is enemies. Fortunately, Israel is not short of courage, either. If the country lets down its guard, that will be all she wrote for Israel and the people living there. It must be mentally wearisome to be constantly bombarded with hate, and to know the people projecting that really mean it.

  17. middleclassguy says:

    People should study history on the elementary school level. First there were the Jews, who settled a land that was promised by God. Then came Jesus, who was Jewish, but was against the corrupt organized religion if the Jews. His follwers esteblsihed Christianity based upon Jewish tenants AND the words of Christ. Out if Judiaism came Christianity. Out of Christianity came Catholicism which morphed into the same large, corrupt orgainzed religion that Jesus railed against.

    If there were no Jews, there would be no Christians, and thus, no Catholics. Maybe this clergyman should be sent back to first grade. Israel is the land of the Jews. It is a secular government- Christians and Moslems are not bombed, arrested, or harassed for their religion. All religions are tolerated- unlike Moslem countries.

  18. Brooke says:

    I hope the German Shepherd gets this asshat on the phone and then on a plane.


  19. Darcee says:

    Archbishop Sabbah wasn’t made a Cardinal, but a Patriarch is the equivalent of a Cardinal so that is a reasonable mistake to make.

    But I am with Pangloss on this though I doubt I would have put it that way. I find “This land cannot be exclusive for anyone,’’ or that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had unleashed “forces of evil” very interesting statements .. the irony is that both statements are true. The Muslims can not have an exclusively Muslim Middle East and there have been many acts of evil around the world that can be laid at the feet of those using this conflict as their justification.

    I think that we should pull Sabbah out of Jerusalem and send Mahony in.

  20. Incognito says:

    How disgusting. The war would end if the PALESTINIANS etc. wanted it to. He probably says that because he wants to save his butt from Muslim terrorism.

  21. HannahJ says:

    What a doozie indeed. The last pic, “May Allah curse the Pope,” sparked a train of thought in me that is a wee smidgen hopeful. You know how they’re always saying about various prophets, “Peace be upon him”? Huh…I thought that prophets didn’t need OUR peace. So if the crazy dude in the photo isn’t proffering HIS OWN curses on the Pope–just Allah’s–maybe we have one guy with half a grain of sense in his head. Granted, the other million grains are nonsense, but it’s headway!

    Excellent post, to be redundant.

  22. DD2 says:

    Happy Friday…….
    4 days til Christmas
    do ya need a hint?

  23. Blog @ » Blog Archive » MoreWhat Matters: Today’s Blog List says:

    [...] Woman Honor Thyself Says: December 19th, 2007 at 9:40 pm eDoozie of the DaY…But while he’s busy defendin his pals, the Muzlims, one of ‘em killed a Christian in Gaza just a few months ago. Wanna know why? For the unspeakable crime of being a Christian. [...]

  24. Siren says:

    I believe your comment about former Pope John Paul II is a bit insulting, especially when he kneeled down on the temple’s wall and asked for all Jews to forgive him and all Christians. I was lucky to meet Pope John Paul II when I studied in Italy and believe me, you insulting him like that, only makes you sound as if you never listened or saw when he was there in Jerusalem. As far as current Pope Benedict XVI, Muslims hate him for various reasons. But that’s not the point. I don’t think you announcing that one clergy men attacked Israel is adequate. I saw the source and it appears to me as a little bias. I am very much for Israel defending itself against Palestine self-proclaimed “victims” of Israeli attacks or whaterver these idiot terrorists bombers Israel experiences. But, you are waging war against Christians with your statement. No Christian has attacked Israel lately. In fact, many are too the victims of these idiots (because terrorists are nothing but idiots). On your response to eDoozie you stated that a Muzlim killed a Christian in Gaza just a few months ago and becasue his crime was being a Christian. It is just our belief that Jesus was the Messiah. Now you want to unite or separate against this idiot Muzlims? I am a Christian and I too experienced their terror. Not to the extend Israelis do, but saw horror and how these idiots brains are empty with a machine dictating them what to do.

  25. Siren says:

    OK…My bad, I misunderstood the sarcasm behind the posting, but after a few drinks I just assumed without anaylizing. I will re-read it tomorrow….