A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Fat-ah is planning to mark its 43rd anniversary this year with a new poster that presents all of Israel as Palestine.

A Fatah 43rd anniversary poster depicts a map of Israel that is entirely draped with a Pale-stinian ke-ffiyeh next to a rifle signifying armed struggle.

Fat-ah map shows all of Israel as Palestine
It also carries a drawing of a rifle as a symbol of the “armed struggle” against Israel.

So let’s see now.

Does this mean that all the nations pushing Israel to make more and more concessions for PEACE will be violently objecting to FAT-ah’s map ?

Just imagine y’all if Israel drew a map based on the Biblical Promised Land, (or better yet ALL the Muzlim lands)……….and plastered a Blue Star of David over the whole dang thing, and then went ahead and published it on some official site.
(and don’t forget the nuke or ammo on top of it of course..)

The nations of the brainwashed anti-semitic world would be shrieking in protest and condemnation.

Ar-abs world wide would be marching in the streets chanting their one and only tune: “Death to Israel”. “Death to America”.boy-hell.gif

Don’t let the ole rifle put you off. See it really stands for peace. It’s just the dang Zionist Jews overreacting again.

And remember kids, FAT-ah are the good terrorists. It’s Ham-ASS that are the bad terrorists k?bombani.gif

Anyone check the NY Times yet to see if they posted this new um.. “flag” on page one?

Their map of the “Future U.S.A.”

Yup. These are the animals the world community just raised 5.6 BILLION dollars to keep from bankruptcy.

France?..Ya like yer new map too?

How bout England?..Oh wait. That’s already under Sha-riiiiiiiiah Law. My bad.duncecap.gif

I think Abb-ASS should put this “anniversary poster” on his stationery when he thanks all the Jew hating donors for their contributions. Don’t you?

Ah yes the keff-iah.
Seen all over the streets of N.Y.

The lovely lil keff-iah in ahem.. “honor” of this man:
Y-ASS-ir Ara-FAT, who with the money of Fa-tah official Mah-moud Ab-bas created the Black September organization in 1970. You do remember them dontcha?
Here’s a teeny recap:

One of the most heinous acts of terror ever undertaken was the seizure and murder of 11 Israeli athletes by Black September terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics.
Munich Massacre
The mastermind of Black September’s Munich attack

Incidentally, every single member of Black September who took the Israeli athletes in Munich prisoner and then killed them in cold blood, was hunted down and killed by the Mossad.
Think there’s a lesson in there somewhere?

The Khartoum diplomatic assassinations refers to the killing of three Western diplomats held hostage between 1 March 1973 and 3 March 1973 in the Saudi embassy in the capital city of Sudan, Khartoum. They were murdered by the Pale-stinian terrorist group Black September. muzzieface.gif

“..longtime Fa-tah official Mah-moud Ab-bas, a.k.a. Ab-u M-azen, was responsible for the financing of the Munich attack.”

The list goes on and on.
But you get the idea eh.

Ah yes, another Zio-Nazi conspiracy no doubt against Brother Ara-FAT.
Hey, Wer’e talkin about a nobel laureate here. thumbsdown.gifMemorialized right here in NYC’s Maddame Tussead’s Wax Museum.

Ara-FAT: Even stone cold dead, he remains the gift that keeps on giving.

Perhaps Olmert and Livni should wear it on a t-shirt next time they get on their hands and knees beggin the U.S. and E.U. to give a few more billions of dollars to FAT-ah eh.confused7.gif

If you fund terrorists, then you’re a terrorist.timebomb5.gif If the check says U.S. Or E.U. on it, guess what?..Your’e not exempt from the classification.
Shame on us.

We all have the blood of innocents on our hands. violent2ani.gif

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22 Responses to “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

  1. Jason says:

    Sometimes the ONLY path to peace is to remove the evil in the path. Pseudostine needs to be removed from the path if Israel is to ever know peace on this earth. Olmert must stop trading Israel’s birthright for a bowl of lentils and some bread. It was wrong when Esau did it and it’s wrong now that Olmert is repeating the error and not being a student of history. May God bring peace to Israel soon!

  2. Cao says:

    bwahhahaha! Good post, but I wish it wasn’t so depressing at the same time. :(

  3. Yankee Doodle says:

    43rd Anniversary — I’m there! Angel, how shall we dress for this one?

  4. Brooke says:

    43 Anniversaries too many, IMO.

    Love the line about Britain already being under Sharia. Heh.

  5. Debbie says:

    Wow Angel, you’ve outdone yourself here with the images. They speak volumes don’t they?

    I just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friend.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  6. Cao says:

    Merry Christmas, Angel, to you and yours. And before long, we’ll be into 2008!

    Happy New Year, too!

  7. bernie says:

    I keep a map of Palestine in my underwear. Meanwhile, Angel, I wish you a Merry Christmas.

  8. sayitlikeitis says:

    Happy New Year, and a month of TEvet of happiness.
    NO ONE CARES about ISRAEL & the JEWS, you are wasting your time trying to convert the non-convertible. Jews are a drop of salt water in the ocean and what happens to them is a non-issue, like a soiled tissue, smushed and ready for the garBAGE.
    Muslims are ready and willing to take over the world, and our grandkids will be servitude to the chador and Islamic rule. The world is in a deep slumber and counting the cash of the oily empires. $$$$ makes the world go round, and round it goes as the Saudai’s turn the wheel.

  9. Cao's Blog says:


    I saw this first at Woman Honor Thyself, and then at Boker tov, Boulder.
    It’s not bad enough that we’re holding hands with Abbas, or that Syria was invited to the Peace Talks; or that we’re giving money literally to the PLO.

    We have …

  10. KaRRlLmM says:

    Allow me to be the voice and face of optimism and reason..
    It is a bit like those fantasy moments, ME winning the World Series, Super Bowl,Academy Award or Nobel Peace prize…etc…it takes place somewhere in the deep recesses of ones vivid imagination..
    The Pa-last(hope)tians are playing the same game , but out on the world’s stage for all the Jew-haters to watch and cheer. It is their weak attempt, fueled by to many puffs on the hasish pipe, to play make believe with their anniversary toys.
    A deeply philosphical lesson comes to mind in regard to Fat-ah & Haamass.

    As per Mr. Clint Eastwood in “Sudden Impact” imparted his wisdom….

    Listen, punk… to me you ain’t nothing but dog !@#$, you understand? And a lot of things can happen to dog $%^&. It can be scraped up with a shovel off the ground, it can dry up and blow away in the wind, or it can be stepped on and squashed. So take my advice and be careful where the dog &*%$ ya.

  11. tapline says:

    Angel, Excellent post….Answer,,,,Nothing new here….You can’t make an agreement with someone who doesn’t acknowledge you exist. The Israelites should not be forced to give up land they fought for. Occupied lands,,,,crap….Its their land and if we think that giving it up will satisfy the Arabs…It will not!!!!!. Pat Robinson was right when he spoke about Israel, giving up land that was given to them by God…..They didn’t like his response, but I believe he was right…..I ramble…..stay well…..

  12. OMMAG says:

    It’s hard to swallow a load of crap like this …yet that’s all the paleo’s are good for.

    I chose to resist.

  13. American Interests says:

    Hey, who needs words?

  14. nanc says:

    this might be funny if it weren’t so true.


    this is what happens in diverse city!

  15. Daniel Ruwe says:

    Merry Christmas Angel, and great post. Israel has to fight back to stay in existance. It shouldn’t care what Jimmy Carter or Michael Moore think.

  16. heidianne jackson says:

    i’m standing proud with you and israel, angel. thanks for always giving us such provocative pictures and words.

    merry christmas to you and yours.

  17. Jason says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Angel, from our humble family. May God bring the gift of peace to Jerusalem in the coming year!

  18. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Sen. Smith (R-NH) endorses Rep. Hunter for President…

    This is good news for Rep. Duncan Hunter. To have one of the most Conservative senators (in New Hamphsire, no less!) endorse you is a big deal……

  19. Rosemary says:

    They don’t miss a trick, do they? I’m about fed up with them altogether. If we are going to end up in a world war (which I believe we already are), why not get it over with? At least then we would be able to see straight away what our mission is (for those who do not eyes to see…).

    Merry ChristMass to each of your loved ones and your family members. (Just in case you have an annoying little brother. lol) I pray for this Christmas to have the Peace that this world does not understand. Especially the State dept…

  20. Robert says:

    Merry CHRISTMAS to you Angel, I hope all is well in your AO.

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