Doozie of the Day: Tim the “Butcher”

Today’s Doozies:
Lines that ought to be jokes..but are dead serious.

Angel’s first prize goes to:
Tim Bu-tcher, ahem..a “journalist”?.ha gunlib.gif

Here’s his little “gem”:
Babies have been abandoned to die on rubbish tips or in the street because the Israeli security wall……

A Christian children’s home in Bethlehem, which has provided sanctuary for abandoned youngsters and orphans for more than a century, is being squeezed between Israel’s security clampdown and growing hostility from Pale-stinian Mu-slims.

Room, but few children at Bethlehem ‘inn’
Babies have been abandoned to die on rubbish tips or in the street because the Israeli security wall that now hems in the West Bank city makes it difficult for distressed mothers to reach the Holy Family Children’s Home.

Unmarried mothers or young Mu-slim women pregnant by non-Mu-slim men would flee in fear of their lives from so-called honour killings where members of their family would rather kill them than have their name tarnished. Under Pale-stinian law, adoption is illegal.

Oh my God.
This has got to be a spoof of sorts eh.

Yes yes. This alleged “journalist” a.k.a. Pali propagandist, whose name happens to be “Butcher”?..
Because all he does is “butcher truth”?..haha

It’s the Joooooooooos fault that Palis toss their babies in dumpsters now.

Because of the Wall..the Wall!
The wall that is trying to prevent this!: Ham-ASS suicide attacks

Oh wait.
I got it!
Israelis should start tossin their babies into dumpsters and garbage heaps, blowing themselves up in pizza shops, blatantly supporting terrorist cells who attack nations of free people and civilians.

They should inculcate venomous hatred of all people of other Religions to their children, remove freedom from their women, ..and then Tim, the “Butcher” and the rest of his entourage will finally love them.

Geez Timmy.
I’ll bet you’ve set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in
public huh.

Could anyone be that warped? monsterkeyfan.gif

Um..Lemme clue ya in Timmy the “Butcher.”
It just so happens to be the role of the government in which a person resides,……. protect the lives of its citizens. and civilized countries..(hint…NOT Muzlim countries)..that happens to include women and children. Got it?

And heck good ole Ham-ASS was “democratically elected”, the last time I checked.
And Timmy, in case ya didn’t know……..
All normal human beings possess a desire to protect their young. Even animals do. lion.gif

It goes against every single aspect of human nature to toss a child on a garbage heap or train him to be a “suicide bomber”.

The very existence of a Christian Children’s Home testifies to the fact that the good ole innocent Palis have been “discarding” their babies since 1895. Oh wait..we can’t pin that one on the Zionists?..dang.

Fact: Palis would rather their child die than have it be raised by a Christian. aka pig or ape.

Hurling Kassam rockets and killin Israeli babies aint enuf for them. The Palis got to kill their very own too.

Inna mean time, Abb-ASS has received millions and millions of dollars from the U.S. and the E.U. and he can’t even build a bloody orphanage.

But heck when it comes to’s all about the S-EX.

Adoption is illegal under Izzzlamic law because once upon a time Muu-ham-MAD got one of his “revelations” to accomodate his twisted desire to marry his adopted son Za-id’s wife Ze-inab, once he saw her in a “thin dress”. All-ah himself of course, revealed that Za-id was not really a son. Conveniently, Za-id divorces Ze-inab and guess who marries her?
Ta da!!

Sorry Tim the “Butcher”. nice-try.gif

You seem to need a bit of assistance with your cognitions pal.
Would you like me to chew your food for you while I’m at it?

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24 Responses to “Doozie of the Day: Tim the “Butcher””

  1. Debbie says:

    Don’t these people think before they speak/write?

  2. Right Truth says:

    Blogging for Fred Thompson, the ONLY true Conservative…

    A large group of bloggers are making a special effort to get the word out about Fred Thompson and to encourage readers to spread the word and VOTE FRED THOMPSON. I think Fred is the only true Conservative in the…

  3. KarLLmM says:

    It has become a “can you top this” daily circus out of the Strip of Gaza and the 3rd National “West Bank”…Next it will be that the Israelites are using a disproportional amount of oxygen when they inhale, therefore they will be force to only exhale…well, to ex-hell with you know who!!!
    Seriously it is only a matter of time till the A-rabatic parady themselves, till then Angel, this stuff is so bizzare that it comic book material.
    Thank you for my daily dose of laughter….i STILL pity the camel!!!

  4. Kevin says:

    My next door neighbor built a wall around his property. Needless to say, we had to throw our kids in a dumpster because of it.

  5. Layla says:

    Talk about no brains. Pathetic!

  6. Brooke says:

    I love that first cartoon, Angel! It is worth a thousand words.

  7. Joe Gringo says:

    Of course it the Joos fault, they control everything….even the pali’s mind ;-)

  8. middleclassguy says:

    Remember, the Moslems in Palestine sided with Germany in World War II. They were trained by the Nazis and the SS, especially in propaganda and terrorism. After 1948 these veterans trained the Palestinians in the camps in terrorism and propaganda. The Moslems are using the old Nazi play book- hey if it worked for Hitler, why not.

    As to the children, the only people responsible for them are their parents. If they will not take care of them and dump them in the trash, how is it Israel’s fault. I’ll tell ya, those tricky Moslems could teach our Liberals here a lesson about victimhood and victimology.

  9. frasypoo says:

    Somewhere,somehow religion has been twisted to suit peoples views !
    And after that take a look at our world today!
    I am ready to go to my eternal home !!

  10. JMK says:

    The problem IS Islam…at least strict Sharia-based Islam.

    Islam is at war with the non-believers/infidels around the world – in Kashmir it’s the Muslims against the Hindus, in the Sudan it’s the Muslims against the non-Muslim Africans, in the Balkans it’s the Muslim Albanians against the Christian Serbs and Croats, along the Arab-Israeli border, it’s Muslims against Jews.

    The reason for all this is very simple, strict Sharia-based Islam is a cult that worships death.

  11. heidianne jackson says:

    wow. way to tackle a tough subject angel!

    islam is not merely a religion – islam is a complete package:

    – a “god” to worship (even if allah was just a big statue of the caananites) and it seems that muhammed is placed above allah any how.
    – a political system
    – a government system
    – a socio-economic system
    – a world population system

    some of those may be redundant, but you get the drift… until we un-define islam as “a religion” we will never be able to combat it in the manner we should. and even if we do that, the left will never stop cozying up to the idiots of hamass and palestine and saudi arabia, etc..

    the dems in this country (and the world) have a long history of embracing those who denegrate the joos – remember joe kennedy and neville chamberlain? i will NEVER understand why the vast majority of jews see themselves as associates of the liberals. if it were up to the liberals worldwide there would be no jewish people left.

  12. tapline says:

    Angel, Excellent post…..And the answer is reeducation, unfortuntely, That takes a special leader and That is lacking in todays world. Kemel Ataturk, The father of modern Turkey was such a man. Although I have not studied this man,He had his own blend of Islam, He ruled Turkey with an Iron Hand. He changed everything in the country. He is the reason the Kurds have no country of their own. Much of the Kurdish population was in turkey and after the fall of the Ottoman Empire the powers that were…decided to make that a seperate country. After Ataturk took power they decided against it. He also changed the money, language, and most of all he outlawed the vail, multiple marriage,the fez and adopted many western ways. They still hold this man in very high esteem. Of late however, I notice the killing of Christians, but no followup , on what the Government is doing about radical Islam…..I ramble…..stay well……

  13. Yankee Doodle says:

    Tapline, there are those who would argue that the answer is not education, but de-Islamization.

    I don’t know Angel. I think I was more in the mood for one of your posts on chocolate brownies or something like that.

  14. KG says:

    Great post. The truly frightening thing is that some people are going to read what that moron wrote and they’ll believe it.
    I’ve “borrowed that cartoon at the top, btw–being a supporter of Israel made me do it! ;-)

  15. Angel says:

    HEY THANKS ALLS SO SO MUCH FOR THE INPUTS AND COMMENTS..whew!..great to see such support for Freedom!! :)

  16. MK says:

    Nothing like a bit of moral bankruptcy from the leftists and jihadists ey.

  17. Blue Star Chronicles says:

    Even Santa Wears Red on Friday…

    Even Santa wears red on Friday – who knew! Its that most magical of times – the week between Christmas and New Years. I just love this week every year. The regular troubles of the world don’t seem as troublesome. There’s a calmn…

  18. The Hermit says:

    Oh, no! Angel, I sometimes wear cargo pants, like that guy in your metro sexual cartoon. But I’m as straight as they come, I swear.

  19. Rastaman says:

    Good post, Angel. Muslims don’t show much concern for their children, considering that they send them out to explode themselves and kill them if they embarass their parents. Not a lot of love there from the Creed of Hate. I guess since Islam places such a low value on women, the women have a hard time valuing their children.


  20. A Little Revolution! says:

    Good post. Hamas and friends do like to blame everything on the Jews don’t they. Unfortunately too many people buy into that crap. Have a great weekend!

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  24. Crossen says:

    Great pst!