Guess who’s issuing Death ThreatS Today?

THE Dutch were debating the limits of freedom of expression last week after an artist who photographed gay men wearing masks of the prophet Muh-am-mad was forced into hiding and her work removed from a museum exhibit.

Woman artist gets death threats over gay Mus-lim photos
She said that by photographing gay Iranian exiles in masks of Muh-ammad, the founder of Is-lam, and A-li, his son-in-law, she had wanted to expose a “hypocritical” attitude towards homosexuality in countries such as Iran, where men can be hanged for homosexual conduct.

“They condemn homosexuality but in countries like Iran or Saudi Arabia it is common for married men to maintain relations with other men,” said Hera. “Works of art can be provocative. It is not an artist’s job just to paint flowers. Art should shine a light on social issues.”

Ah yes. Guess who have their knickers in a twist again?blahani-uddy.gif

Yup my friends. Another installment from the world’s longest-running grievance theater. bloodiiiani.gif

The poor Muzlims with their being seen in such a “negative light” and all.
Funny how bloodbaths, issuing death threats, blowing up trains, bombing hotels, mutilating womens’ sex-ual organs, throwing people off of rooftops, beheading anyone who disagrees and waging jeeeeehad against the whole free world will do that.

I wonder what the Peace & Love people have to say bout this huh.hippie2.gif
Why can’t we just appease them, right?

After all my friends, appeasment, just like Socialism, has worked so swimmingly well everywhere else it has been tried. Not.

Where are the Libs and all the vacuous Hollyweird actors defending this “artist”?
We all know the answer to that.

Fascinating isn’t it how Leftards who regularly find the slightest fault in democratic Western societies compete with one another to provide glib and pat rationalizations for the cold blooded terrorist murderers of 9/11.

Shame on us Americans. We and our arrogant American global power deserved “payback”, and Muzlims who deliberately kill civilians are legitimate “combatants” with worthy and credible grievances.
Uh huh.

The diminished mental capacity of these libs is underwhelming to say the least. Nothing fails quite like failure eh.

Fighting tyranny and totalitarianism is a complex issue.
So let’s be honest. Libs are on the side of tyranny.
What passes for political courage in this country is revolting. Actors and other political idiots will bring thunder-and-lightning attention to their pathetic “cause” of the week, and the sheep all obligingly follow.

The Leftards view the First Amendment which privileges and values expression in and of itself, independently of any consequence the speech might have….but not when it comes to expression about Muzlims.

Then we find words like: “offensive”.
P-o-rnog-raphy, which systematically dehumanizes women, doesn’t “offend”.
Anti-semitism is not an affront.
Christian bashing doesn’t rub them the wrong way.

Quite the contrary.
Libs have their “special interest groups”; First Amendment heroes, who actually gain status by uttering the most despicable and vilest statements that can be imagined.

Thier “expressions” are designed to cause physical harm, embarrassment, and psychological damage to others, but no matter……….all of a sudden: That’s free speech.

Who will be championing the rights of this artist Soo-reh Hera?
Don’t hold your collective breaths my friends.

All the gutless wonders are hiding under the table, bent over with their tails between their legs, yet again……….cowering in the face of Izlam.

Hey Lefties, perhaps your should remember the words of Joan Rivers:
If God wanted us to bend over he’d put diamonds on the floor.


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29 Responses to “Guess who’s issuing Death ThreatS Today?”

  1. Dapoppins says:

    That last quote…. if God had wanted us to bend over he would have put dimonds on the floor..Perfect! And yet libs continue to play nice and instead of calling a bully a bully, they paste a smile on and call the Radical-Crazys a friend. Kinda of like: The enemy of my enemy is my freind. Well…Who are the libs enemies? Who are the Muzlim enemies?

    Hoping you and yours have a Happy New Year!

  2. middleclassguy says:

    Freedom of expression is only free to those expressing it. That is the Liberal view. If they are expressing it is free. If you are expressing it is… name your negative.

    If it was up to them, all expression would be a hate crime unless it was hatred against conservatives, Christians, and Jews.

  3. michael says:

    Has it ever occured to the Muslim establishment/spokesmen that being nice to people will make them like you?

    I guess not. It’s easier to beat and bully, decapitate and threaten. This is what happens when adults, with access to heavy weapons, behave like 2-yr olds.

    It’s pathetic. We should send them all to time out.

  4. MK says:

    The mistake that artist made was to use Islam to make the point, just do like all the rest, kick the Christians, they don’t react violently, but wait they’re the same, actually even worse than Islam, crow the lefties. Madness i tell you, but the west will have to wake up to all this and fight back, either that or go quietly into the night and hope the conqueror allows a few pages for us in the history books.

  5. No Apology says:

    Corrupting the Coruptible…

    Stephen Coughlin get the boot from the Department of Defense…not good news, because it’s symptomatic of the rot within the power structure posing as our government….

  6. Lady Jane says:

    Hello, Angel! I’m glad to see you’re still going strong! I haven’t been blogging much about politics lately.

    Excellent post! I just so sick of Liberals and Hollywood! Just go away already! :)

  7. KKarLmM says:

    Great work as always Angel….
    but i am to busy enjoying watching Hillary C. crash and burn.
    I will get back to the circus of Moozie and Islamidoits very shortly.
    Just tell me one thing…is it still the Israelis fault and what have the Jews done to make the camelhuggers so angry????

  8. Aurora says:

    Nice post again, Angel. Appeasement will never, never work. It’s the coward’s way out and cowards never prosper! They’ll always be walked all over by the stronger and more ruthless.

  9. obob says:

    you have echoed my views for sometimes, well done. There is no courage from the MSM to Hollywood in fighting the enemy. Sure, they stood up after 9/11, but they found their seats soon after.

  10. benning says:

    The modern Libs just want to be left alone, to live hedonistic life-styles as they see fit. The Left seeks to gain and maintain power at all cost. The two self-righteously med to seek the same goals and then point to those outside their narrow political confines as Fascists. Nothing happening in the world impinges on their goals, or is allowed to, unless it can be used to further aforementioned goals.

    Slaughter in the Sudan? Ignore it until it can be used as a bludgeon against the Republicans.
    Islamic murder of artists for “offending” Islam? There’s no handle to grasp so ignore it.
    Muzzie lawsuits against Free Speech? It’s almost exclusively used against conservatives so it’s not important or useful.
    “No Go” zones for non-Muzzies in major European Cities? Not happening here, so why worry?
    Muzzies raping almost at will in Australia and in European Nations? Blame it on cultural bias and ignore it.
    “Honor Killings” in the United States? Keep a low profile while we figure out how to use it against the “Right”.

    And so on. Not one of these ‘deep thinkers’ realizes that each one of them is a potential target should the Muzzies get enough political and legal protection. The case of Mark Steyn should show them that. Imagine all those half-naked Leftist women and their Gay friends cavorting down the San Francisco streets in a Gay Pride event in the near future. They will all be targets for murder. Muzzies will find them no less repugnant than most Americans already do. But once they reach a certain tipping point in political and legal protection … they will begin murdering. As they do around the world.

    The British are using new laws to harass anyone speaking out against the Islamic dangers. The Canadians are doing the same, though to a lesser degree. The Muzzies are trying to get the Leftists in this country to enact the same kinds of laws. Will the Libs and the Left see the danger before it’s too late? Or will they continue to fiddle while “Rome” burns around their feet?

    Sorry for this REALLY long comment, Angel.

  11. GM Roper says:

    Angel my dear, I don’t know what I enjoyed the most! Your art emphasizing your points or your points emphasized by your bits of art. At any rate, don’t expect the leftish in this world to upset the Muslims, the lefty’s are waiting for the Muslims to win and put them in power. They don’t realize that the “Caliphate” will put the left in chains.

    Great post young lady, great post!

  12. Gayle says:

    “If God wanted us to bend over he’d put diamonds on the floor”! BWAAHAAHAAHAAA! She’s a hoot!

    BTW… one of your comments on this post just made my “Awesome Award” for Fractured Friday. You are so cool! :)

  13. DD2 says:

    There is an Award awaiting you on my blogsite
    ( is there such a word)?
    Please stop by and pick it up.

  14. QuickRob says:

    Nice site! Really, the intermittent artwork is great on this post. I laughed a lot

  15. Debbie says:

    ” … it is common for married men to maintain relations with other men,” I thought Ahmadinejad said there were NO HOMOSEXUALS in Iran?

    Nice post as always Angel. I think this artist is great. Now she must hide in fear of her life.

  16. Brooke says:

    Muslims love making death threats, don’t they? Musn’t offend…

    What a load.

  17. kevin says:

    Thanks for posting this Angel I’m going to add it to the List.

  18. The Amboy Times says:

    Woman artist gets death threats over gay Muslim photos…

    Hat tip to Angel over at Woman Honor Thyself for the latest item to be added to the List. THE Dutch were debating the limits of freedom of expression last week after an artist who photographed gay men wearing masks…

  19. kevin says:

    Correction, the Artist in question is already on the List.

  20. Defiant_Infidel says:

    The only consistency here is on the side of the Islamicists… they remain blatant homophobes and attendant murderers in the truest sense, executing any and all who admit they are gay. Yet they are shielded from the whining of the progressives for their acts of atrocity.

    Kind of like “you can hate my gay lifestyle and kill my gay friends without criticism as long as you make it crystal clear you would kill me too if I objected. No problem, I am spineless and choose instead to criticize those who will not potentially harm me.”

    For folks who claim to abhor violence and abstain from it themselves, they sure do respect it, huh? I guess since the death cultists manage a ‘pass’ from the lefties, our only sure path as Conservatives (to avoid unctuous liberal debasing) is to convert to Muzlitude also…

    Yes, the lefty creed is so very deep and difficult to completely fathom… NOT! That is true only for the members themselves.

  21. Rastaman says:

    You sound upset about something. What’s wrong with burying women to their necks in sand and using their heads for rock-throwing practice? Hey, being seen in public without a male relative is a CRIME and so is complaining about it. Isn’t stoning people a form of artistic free expression? Any good muslim will tell you so.

    Angel, I’m not so sure that all liberals are on the side of tyranny, since liberalism, just like conservatism, varies in degree. When liberals defend the “right” to make death threats, that’s when they step over to the Left. Yet people have been frequently named as being liberals for defending free speech, maybe more often than they’ve been called Right Wingers for doing the same thing.

    It’s funny that defending artistic freedom in the Middle East makes a person a Right Winger in America but a Leftist if they do it in the Middle East. It depends on what you defend and where you defend it.

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” may be a heroic attitude but is not practiced in law. With Islam, that turns out to be a pretty good thing.

  22. Incognito says:

    What a hoot… her art, that is… and they are hypocrites.. considering, as you point out, pederasty is common in that region… hmm.

  23. John says:

    I just posted about Edwards and here you’ve posted about Islam. I can’t possibly link the two and therefore pimp my post. Woe is me.

  24. MariesTwoCents says:

    But..But..But.. I thought Akmenutjob said they didnt have gay people in Iran?

  25. WordBearer says:

    For the libs, free expresion is just a a one way street for treason. The Islamic animals who try to kill us will always find solace with the Left.

  26. Joe Gringo says:

    The world’s longest running grievance theater? 6 words that perfectly describe the muzzies plight

    It’s January 7, so far you have the quote of the year!

  27. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Feeling the loss; RIP Maj. Andrew Olmsted…

    MAJ Andrew Olmsted was killing in action January 3, 2008, and I just do not have any words to say how sorry I am to his family and friends. … He did leave us one last post which he gave to hilzoy to post in such a case as this. So at least he deafe…..

  28. cube says:

    More from the perpetually outraged. It gets tiresome.

  29. Dickey says:

    Great pst!