Tech Lovers: LooK OuT

Bill Gates kicks off the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with a look at the latest innovations in sleek, beautiful “fashion computers.”

Fashionable PCs

Fashionable PCs?
O.K. This ones for me. Ha.

Oh. And this one too. Pink!

What’s your pleasure my friends?

From laptops to printers, to GPS devices and cell phones, who has the most “products” in your family?

Who’s the identified “go-to” person when you discover the deadly “virus”, or for programming DVRs, for recovering deleted files, for figuring out why the links in your sidebar make your posts go allllllllllllllll the way to the bottom of your blog? Heh. comp-support.gif

Are you the tech savvy guru of your house? comp-shut.gif

We have a lovable techie in our family.computerani-ddy.gif

Azza matter of fact, we have two. No make that one a half. Heh.hat.gif

We adore our “guru.”
That’s why we desperately try to understand his unique “relationship” with his computer. You could say he’s kinda defined by his computer.computeraniimbuddy.gif

Let’s be honest. Most of us have no earthly idea how a computer really works.
I sometimes think it’s magic, no , make that black magic. But ya see, the techie, he actually knows how a computer works: intimately.
His life is one long series of ones and zeros.

I learned its all about problem solving and discovery. His progress isn’t visible to the naked eye, in the way that a builder or electricians’ may be.
His is measured mentally.
It’s invisible in codes, algorithms, and the high of the mental victories when your’e the one who “figured it out.” Aha.

The only thing better for him than a computer is information ’bout a computer.

Hey, Remember…… his world, the “answer” is always just one keystroke away. And at anytime, he is but one epiphany away from complete knowledge.


Howbout some corny Pick Up Lines for Computer Geeks?

If you were an ISP, I’d dial you all day long!
I’d like to boot up your PC!
Your homepage or mine?

Or a profound quote perhaps?
“I would love to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code.” apple2.gif

Then again, for those like me, who still believe computers are really run by ‘magic’………. there’s always: “Alternative Uses for Laptops”. Heh.

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29 Responses to “Tech Lovers: LooK OuT”

  1. MK says:

    “Are you the tech savvy guru of your house?”

    Well, yes and no, i can fiddle around with the PC, but the the intricacies of the tv and dvd player are best left to the other half. :)

  2. VBGuru613 says:

    .Net its all about the trust.

  3. David says:

    “Most of us have no earthly idea how a computer really works.
    I sometimes think it’s magic, no , make that black magic. ”


    My clients really love it when I break out the dreadlock wig and chicken bone rattle for those really arcane problems…

  4. Debbie says:

    I’m technically challenged. Any gadgets for that, Angel? ha

  5. VBGuru613 says:

    maybe a calculator

  6. VBGuru613 says:

    There are 10 people who understand binary, those that do and those that dont.

  7. KKarLmM says:

    Jesus & Satan

    Jesus and Satan got into an argument over which of them was the better computer programmer. Finally God got tired of the bickering and told them that he would judge a contest between them. They each had four hours to write the best program they could, and then God would decide the winner.

    Well, they both got right down to business, and wrote lines and lines and lines of code. But just before the four hours were up there was a flash of lightning and a tremendous clap of thunder. The lights flickered, the power faltered, and both computer screens went dead.

    When power was restored, God declared that time was up and asked to see the results of their work. Jesus flipped on his computer and displayed the most elegant program you could imagine, with beautiful architecture and wonderful syllogisms, triumphs of multimedia sound and pictures — all kinds of bells and whistles.

    God asked Satan what he had created, but Satan said, “I’ve got nothing, absolutely nothing. My program was twice as good as that, but I lost it all when the power went out. Jesus must have cheated. How could he still have such a great program?”

    God replied, “Everybody knows — Jesus Saves.”

  8. KKarLmM says:

    The binding of Isaac….Genesis 22:1-19

    [A more modern version of the binding of Isaac]

    And it came to pass after these things that G-d did test Avraham. And He said to him “Avraham!”

    And Avraham replied “Hineni – here I am.”

    And He said, “Take your computer, your old computer, your 286, and install upon it an operating system, a new operating system, Windows 95, which I will show to you.”

    And Avraham rose up early in the morning, and saddled his ass. He loaded his computer, his old computer, his 286, on the ass. And he took two of his young men with him and Yitzchak his son. And he rose up and went to the place where G-d had told him, there to find Windows 95.

    Then, on the third day, Avraham lifted his eyes and saw Windows 95 from afar. And Avraham said to his young men, “Stay here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and load Windows 95 on our 286, and come again to you.”

    And Avraham took his computer his old computer, his 286, and laid it on Yitzchak his son. And they went both of them together.

    And Yitzchak spoke to Avraham his father and said, “My father.” And he replied, “Hineni – Here I am, my son.” And Yitzchak said, “Windows 95 requires far more memory than a 286 has. How will it possibly run on your machine?”

    And Avraham looked at his son, his only son, whom he loved; and he shook his head slowly, and in perfect faith and with unswerving trust and belief in the Almighty, he said:

    “Fear not, Yitzchak my son, . . . . . . . G-d will provide the RAM.”

  9. HNAV says:

    Whooooaaaaaaa !

    snowboarding with your laptop ???

    now, look at all those amazing items i cannot afford…


    all my money spent on sending Hillary Clinton some tissues today.

    those bitter tears can be painful.

  10. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Feeling the loss; RIP Maj. Andrew Olmsted…

    MAJ Andrew Olmsted was killing in action January 3, 2008, and I just do not have any words to say how sorry I am to his family and friends. … He did leave us one last post which he gave to hilzoy to post in such a case as this. So at least he deafe…..

  11. Aurora says:

    Savvy enough to do what I have to do…Call it pragmatism. But seriously those are some very nice little objects of desire. I think I’m going to save my pennies and go on a shopping spree! It’s time for an update.

  12. Strawberry says:

    Hey Angel! Great Post! I am not a guru but do have enough understanding to get things going and probably just enought to mess things up! I think a leather bound version of the laptop would work for me!

  13. Angel says:


  14. Shane (doc) says:

    I can’t wait to be decked out with the latest in computer fashion for the spring season!

  15. vbguru613 says:

    KarlM hahaha good ones!!!!

  16. Joe Gringo says:

    Here in Phoenix where there’s no snow, we take our laptops out to the lake and instead of skipping rocks, we skip laptops or we strap ‘em to our feet and water ski!

  17. Daniel says:

    I can usually make computers work, however, I have no idea how they work internally. I can’t imagine life without them though.

  18. cube says:

    I’m not a techie, but I can get by. I don’t get the whole idea of pretty computers. All I care about is their function, not so much what they look like.

    BTW karlm… very funny.

  19. nanc says:

    i lay claim to “techtard” title at our house!

  20. Gayle says:

    I’m more interested in function than in looks too. I’m the “techy” in my house, but hubby is the techy on the dvd and remotes. I very seldom watch television so I don’t mess with it much. If I get into a real bind with something that’s over my head, my techies are AFreedom and Skye. They know a lot more than I do. I have no problem with the inside of my computer (not a laptop) and can change out anything in it. I have a pretty good idea of how it works.

    But of the ones you have pictured here, I like the third one the best.

    Cute post!

  21. Gayle says:

    Oops! Meant to tell you I enjoyed the video. I’m sure they’re all playing with broken laptops. If they aren’t, they’re broken now! LOL!

  22. Defiant_Infidel says:

    The curling was the best part of the video… :)

    I have a good friend who is in charge of I-Net security for a large corporate entity that is nationwide… he also has a need for my particular area of involvement, so it is a good exchange. He is quite good at instruction, too, and I love to learn, so it is an excellent sharing of knowledge and abilities. He actually just dusted a really nasty worm out of my biz PC over the weekend… ‘JS: Feebs family’… (BELIEVE your virus software when it says to “close NOW”!)

  23. dapoppins says:

    I don’t know why this thing works. I just know it does. I like the first “purse” computer too. I got a new gadget for Christmas…it is an automatic touchless garbage can. Stainless steel sides, the thing swishes open when your hand passes the sensor. It is so cool!

  24. OMMAG says:

    Just a thought on William Gates….. He really has not done anything since getting the rights to develop the IBM PC OS = DOS.
    Except of course for collecting large amounts of money.
    The slavish acceptance that he embodies some great technical ability is really pathetic nearly thirty years after the fact. The reality is that Bill keeps getting credit for things that he has little if anything to do with. He’s simply a poster boy for every nerdish tech school dreamer who fantasizes about getting stinking rich by dint of some cleverish innovation.

    I was a true techie long before Billy boy and his pals got into college… and the only thing I want from any gadget is that it be simple to use. Something that many of Gates’s admirers should get a clue about!

    My wish list for tech gadgets? A cell phone that has No other functions than to be a phone ….. has keys that I can read without my reading glasses on and works on ANY network.

  25. Brooke says:

    Mac geek here! :)

  26. tapline says:

    The most I know is how to turn the computer on…That’s about it……stay well…..

  27. Sunflower Desert says:

    I am technologically challenged, but manage to know just enough to be dangerous. :)

    I too loved the video.

  28. Incognito says:

    Oh… that video was painful!! but funny…

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