Capital Punishment by “Cocktail”

Such is the state of modern society that the U.S. Supreme Court gets the job of deciding how much pain the victim of capital punishment feels — never mind what kind of pain the victim’s victims may have felt.

A court decision adverse to the state of Kentucky’s procedure for executing convicted murderers – a drug “cocktail” that knocks out the victim before killing him — wouldn’t exactly end capital punishment, or even capital punishment via drugs. What it would do is send state lawmakers re-legislating to identify and approve a pain-free knockout punch.

The Kentucky cocktail is standard 21st century operating procedure — a replacement for the electric chair, which in turn replaced the noose.

Pain, Suffering, and Capital Punishment

It would have made sense to spare the lives of Goering and Himmler rather than visit on them personally and publicly the consequences of their war crimes?

What of Hitler himself, had he survived the war? What of Stalin, could he have been caught by the representatives of a decent Russian regime? What of Saddam Hussein, who was indeed caught and hanged?

Extreme examples? I raise them for purposes of affirming the underlying purpose of capital punishment, which really isn’t that of deterring bad behavior; it’s that of making a declaration about a particular human act, one so wicked that not to inflict proportionate punishment would be the same as saying, there, there, you’ve been a bad boy, but that won’t stop us from caring for you and feeding and housing you and making sure your plasma TV works right.


Ah yes. My faves: the anti-capital punishment ahem..”activists“.

You know, the ones who advocate rehabilitating these poor misguided souls creeps.

Sure. Just have the inhuman, sadistic killer over for Sunday brunch, maybe even catch the Super-Bowl, toss back a few brewskeys and “bond.” drunk1.gif
We’ll try not to check the obits the next day k.

All serial killers really need is a teeny bit of love and compassion,right?

Now the cold facts:
The odds of the state “executing” the wrong guy creep are almost nil.

How bout ensuring the public maximum safety. A dead criminal can’t exactly commit a crime, now can he.killani-uddy.gif

And what bout the economy the Libs are always whinin about?
Why should money money11.gif be spent on vile, atrocious, cold blooded slayers when it could be spent on education, the sick, or the truly needy?

We lose literally millions of dollars, because of never-ending numerous appeals processes.

And what of the the family and loved ones of the victims?
Endless trauma, stress and anxiety plague the family of the victims as long as they are alive.
Execution puts all those stresses to rest once and for all.

Listen. There are actually some who believe that those slated to be executed for cold blooded murder should have an execution with the same method of death as their victims. And despite intellectually disagreeing, I can actually see why.

Who could beat another human being in the head with a hammer until their skull is totally shattered.

Who is capable of shooting someone in the back of the head.

Who can ra-pe a child? cryani.gif

Who can bludgeon someone to death with an ax?

What exactly do the bleedin heart Liberals think that 99% of the murderers on Death Row have done.

Yet they won’t even assent to administering a “cocktail” to painlessly end their lives. drinka27.gif

When a teenager heartlessly teases a tiger and the tiger attacks, the tiger is executed for defending itself.

But callous, pitiless, unfeeling, murderers who oftentimes display no remorse, who should be put to sleep like the rabid dogs that they are, are pitied and defended by the Leftards.

Tell ya what…all those who think these vicious killers, rapists and torturers and slaughterers will “find God” with enough understanding from us……….well, they can just meet up with God in the afterlife……… if Heaven will even allow them entry.

How’s that?

Libs are so busy screamin…Oh, but what if an innocent person is mistakenly executed?
How’s this “What if”: What if the stinkin killers are given a life sentence, then paroled by the bleedin heart Lefties, and commit another murder.

Can we then then execute the opponents of the death penalty?

In case the lefties have forgotten, the whole basis of our Constitution is securing our individual rights and protecting the innocent. A legal system that fails to protect the innocent has dismally failed and guess what.. is unconstitutional.

I think we should ask all the softies who are so dang concerned about the poor, ruthless murderers being executed how they feel about abortion on demand. Hmmmmmmm.

And forget about those who have killed someone simply for the fun of making another human being suffer.

What about those found guilty of treason? Are we allowed to offer them the “cocktail” that knocks out the victim before killing him?
Because guess what.
A country which will even not kill its own traitors is not worth fighting and certainly not dying for.

It’s not as if wer’e talking about an executioners blade flying for mercys sake.
Wer’e talkin about a “cocktail.”

You torture, torment, persecute and cause endless suffering and death to another person………..Then: Drink up.

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31 Responses to “Capital Punishment by “Cocktail””

  1. MK says:

    I’m all for the quickest, most efficient way to execute evil criminals. I don’t want an innocent person to be executed, but that doesn’t mean we should stop them all, make it the legal process more rigorous, put mandatory time periods before execution, punish prosecutors who lie and cheat to screw over some poor fellow. Demand more evidence from the prosecution, i have no problem with that, but don’t spare the mass-murdering evil sack of filth.

    If we want to argue against the death penalty because of the one innocent person, how about we allow the same argument to over-turn gun bans. Innocent people are attacked, raped, stabbed and murdered all the time, we don’t know exactly who they will be or when they’ll get attacked, so why not allow them the right to bear arms if they choose to bear them, in case they get attacked one day? Why do we have to wait until they’re on death row before we yearn for their innocence and their life.

    In reality Angel, the lefties oppose the death penalty because they are fascinated by violent, murdering vermin.

  2. Aurora says:

    Wow, what a dynamic post! You are absolutely spot on, Angel. While we’re getting all caught up in the fate of the poor, bloodthirsty killers, we forget that there is a heinous crime that we must try to curb and discourage. Justice is justice whether the person at the receiving end (and his/her advocates) see that or not.

  3. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    So, you’re too good to go to Church?…

    Many people fall into the trap of, “I cannot go to that Church. There are too many hypocrites in there!” Yes, even I have been there and done that. Ya know what found out? There was just one less hypocrite in the Church! ……

  4. Rosemary says:

    Whatever happened to punishment simply because you committed the crime? It doesn’t matter about your childhood. Everyone had one. It doesn’t matter about your parents or lack of them. There are many who had the same situation who did not go out and murder.

    If your execution deters someone else, fine, but let us not forget what the Law is: Thou shalt NOT commit MURDER. What is the penalty? Death. Period. You have spilled the blood of another.

    Except in cases of war and self-defense, of course.

  5. Rosemary says:

    PS. The animal in me would like to see every murderer die exactly the same way in which he snuffed out the life of another. This is what keeps us civilized. We don’t do that. Maybe if we did, there would be less murder? Just a thought to ponder… ;)

  6. Lady-Light says:

    Discovered your blog through a comment you left on someone else’s. Powerful post.
    I myself, sway between wanting to torture the murderers (as you said) in the same manner they used on their victim, and the more highly civilized and humane way, thus not sinking to their level.
    Maybe we just need to dispatch them from this world, and leave the rest to G-d.

  7. Daniel says:

    I don’t want to see any innocents executed. But I really don’t care if these murderers experience some pain from the cocktail before they die. Our death penatly system is ridiculous-it takes years to actually carry out an execution.

  8. kkARlMm says:

    When in doubt, turn to GODs words….

    Exodus 21:23-25
    23 And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life,

    24 Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,

    25 Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.

    I know all the liberal agruments about what the text REALLY means, but the intent is obvious for those who CAN read.

    I have NEVER EVER heard about an executed criminal who has killed or raped again!!!!!

  9. Layla says:

    Wow! How stupid the left liberals are. They are ruining this nation and our moral capacity to fight this crap is wanning. Thank you for posting this on time article to keep the flames burning under this one.

    I say do the crime, pay the price be it time or death. I have no problem with capital punishment and or the death penalty.

    I do have a problem with those, however, that call for compassion on those that brutally murder, rape, pillage any human be they young or old – there is no crime of murder that should go – either life in prison without parole or death. Period.

  10. Gayle says:

    Actually, Angel, I’m for executing a cold blooded killer the same way they have killed their victim. I heard on the news yesterday about a father who threw all four of his children over a bridge in order to get even with their mother. This monster should be thrown off of the same bridge, so that just before he dies he’ll understand what he put his kids through!

    Yes, we have a system that seems to care more for the feelings of the perpetrator than that of the victim or the victim’s survivors. In the name of being compassionate we have turned into fools!

  11. The Hermit says:

    Some Sheeple just can’t deal with the concept that the world is a harsh place. Not everything that happens, or needs to happen, is pleasant.

  12. Brooke says:

    A drug cocktail is a helluva lot less painful than what the victim had to endure.

    A bullet would be quicker, IMO.

    So how long until the needle stick is “cruel and painful?” Sheesh. >:(

  13. nanc says:

    next round of cocktails is on me!

  14. Yehudi says:

    Capital punishment rocks! Angel, I love your animations! They really bring your blog to life! (I guess that would be the purpose, now wouldn’t it!?!)

  15. Joe Gringo says:

    as long as capital punishment is not taken away! We don’t really know what happens when the ‘lights go off’ for good…….I’m guessing for these murderers it is terrifying……….hopefully!

  16. middleclassguy says:

    The Liberals are everywhere. Some years back there was a great hue and cry over Saudi Arabia’s practice of cutting of the hands of thieves. Human rights activists blathered about it, the UN got involved, and all that good happy equine excrement.

    The Saudis worrying about their image caved in to the bleeding hearts. They started to give the criminals an anesthetic before cutting their hands off.

  17. Jenn says:

    Get a gun. Load with bullets. Shoot prisoner in head. Done. What’s that cost a few bucks?

    And yet……never gonna happen.

  18. Angel says:


  19. John says:

    “You know, the ones who advocate rehabilitating these poor misguided souls creeps.”

    Also known as those who can’t be trusted when they insincerely promise to support life in prison with no chance of parole. Don’t ever fall for that canard as a replacement for the death penalty.

  20. Don L says:

    Let’s discuss humane actions for a moment. How about we legalize the same legal methods for these folks that we’re using on innocent pre-borns, almost borns and being borns? Get out those vaccumns and scissors and solt injections or whatever it is that causes such an evil silent scream that the media refuses to allow it to be shown on TV.

  21. Neil says:

    Hi Angel – good points! Don raises a good point as well. A great starting point for arguing with the libs on this is that the capital punishment could be done by any legal abortion method or the same way the killer murdered his victim. Anything short of that should be an improvement, right?

  22. OMMAG says:

    I’m willing to back capitol punishment only if the the prosecutors and investigators face the same jeopardy should the conviction turn out to be false.
    In fact I encourage it!

    As for the method? Who cares? The bleeding hearts are never satisfied anyway so why not just use the most cost effective solution?

    I always thought that defenestration was a practical method of dealing out justice to scumbags although these days the short walk and long drop from a helicopter hovering about 1000 ft over the ocean would add more drama.
    To assuage the delicate sensibilities of the perpetually heart bleeders …. it is perfectly painless! The falling perps would feel nothing but terror for about half a minute and then ….. lights out / that’s all folks / end of story.
    Additional bonus = you can leave the body to rot and feed the fishes!

    Very sanitary and inexpensive.

  23. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Did God part the Red Sea?…

    While God performed many miracles during the time Moses was trying to free the Hebrew people, was there any evidence left behind to prove that the parting of the sea actually did happen? I’ll give you some sites, and you make your own conclusions …….

  24. Terry_Jim says:

    The quote in Exodus 21, was intended as mercy-
    limiting punishment to an eye for an eye,
    rather than executing someone who put
    another’s eye out or knocked out their teeth in a brawl.

    I support capital punishment for murder,
    pedophile rapists (as Stu Burguere once said)
    should be put in a large fiery incinerator,
    “so we always know where they are.”

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  26. Jason says:

    7 gunmen, 4 blanks, 3 bullets. Easy and honest and a vivid example to others.

  27. Defiant_Infidel says:

    In my world, the criminal scum leave the same way they dispatched their victim(s)… and I would make it mandatory that it was televised live every, single day. That way it becomes an instructive reminder for good civil behavior.

    Funny thing is, in a year’s time or so, I’ll bet that the number of televised “sentences” would dwindle dramatically. What low life wants to play games like that anymore after you start to realize that there are sure consequences imposed for abominable acts? Is any of this really that hard to grasp?

  28. Seth says:

    Awesome post, Angel!

    Personally, I don’t believe in “the cocktail”, or any other comfort provided in the course of an execution. The more painful the death of a convicted murderer, the more second thoughts it will inspire about the penalties for doing the deed. I’m sure that back in the day, some desperado flopping around at the end of a rope in the town square did more to discourage capital crimes than a clinical, painless, “humanitarian” procedure does today.

    As for the anti-death penalty folks, well, if I had any say in the matter, they would be required to open their own checkbooks and completely finance the storage of those they save to serve life sentences — the 3 hots, the cots, the cost of corrections officers, etc — why should the taxpayer have to support people who, for the sake of society as a whole, should have been waxed for the common good?

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  30. Yankee Doodle says:

    I’ve had a few cocktails that I thought were pretty punishing.

    I suppose the folks against these cocktails advocate the legalization of drugs?

  31. Next Stop Lauderdale says:

    Hi Angel……..Again, I fully agree with you here. I find ironic that the complaint is about the cruelty of the injection approach to capital punishment. As one that has undergone major surgery I realize that they can knock you out and you would feel nothing whether open heart surgery or execution. It is bit of a sophmoric argument against Capital Punishment……….steve