BIODIESEL: Feed a Farmer – Starve a Terrorist

PARIS (EJP)—A Jewish journalist was denied a Saudi visa to accompany French President Nicolas Sarkozy during his official trip to Saudi Arabia last Sunday.

Gideon Kouts, a Paris-based correspondent for Israeli radio and tv stations, presented his French passport but the Saudis refused to grant him a visa “because I am writing about Israel,”

Jewish journalist denied Saudi visa for Sarkozy visit

Kouts, who also write articles for the Jewish magazine “L’Arche”, said that “this is setting a dangerous precedent which can affect any Jewish journalist who covers Israeli related news.”

Ah yes the Saudis.
With friends like these….

But don’t fret. Our President just offered the women abusing, Jew hating, America backstabbing Sawdis a sweetheart arms package.

Bush in new Saudi talks after first moves on arms deal
RIYADH — US President George W. Bush was poised for a second day of talks with King Ab-dullah of Sau-di Arabia on Tuesday, after his administration announced it was taking the first steps in a long-awaited arms deal with the kingdom.

The arms deal, which includes weaponry and high-tech munitions, has alarmed Israel and some US Congressmen, especially as Saudi Arabia refuses to recognize the Jewish state.

Do we pretend not to know that The Sawdi’s fund the Wah-abbi sect with our very oil money all over the free and “not so free’ world.

They hold our economy by the you know whats.

Ya think Bush recalls how 16 of their um.. “nationals” were involved in the greatest attack on U.S. soil and our homeland ever? 15 of the 19 hijackers were Sawdis..But who’s countin?..Apparently – no one.

What a humiliating low in U.S. international prestige. Why should we treat a band of felons and thugs as anything but the band of thugs that they are?

Must we continue to promote the fiction that they are “allies” when they spend immense sums of monety to subvert our populace with exported propaganda, and are so “friendly” that they even export terrorists to us to murder our civilians in broad daylight.

President Bush making kissy face with Prince Ab-DULLah.

Oil prices. Oh yea. gasani.gif

Yom Kippur War – Arab Oil Embargo

In 1972 the price of crude oil was about $3.00 per barrel and by the end of 1974 the price of oil had quadrupled to over $12.00. The Yom Kippur War started with an attack on Israel by Syria and Egypt on October 5, 1973.
The United States and many countries in the western world showed support for Israel. As a result of this support several Arab exporting nations imposed an embargo on the countries supporting Israel. While Arab nations curtailed production by 5 million barrels per day (MMBPD) about 1 MMBPD was made up by increased production in other countries. The net loss of 4 MMBPD extended through March of 1974 and represented 7 percent of the free world production.

Our President being dragged along by his Saudi masta, looking like a ridiculous puppet stooge holding that jeehad sword.

By the way.
What comes to mind when you see an Izzlamic sword?

Nicholas Berg.

Daniel Pearl.

Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker who I wrote about Here and Here and Here

The merciless beheading and desecration of Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker, the two 101st Airborne service members reported missing at a checkpoint, then butchered by the Sawdi’s pals.

It’s call jeeeeeeeehad Mr. President.

The Sawdis who patently refuse to shake the hand of a Jew.
Yup. Wer’e in bed with a huge enemy alright…Snuggle up kids.

Wer’e in for a looong, sleepless night.

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24 Responses to “BIODIESEL: Feed a Farmer – Starve a Terrorist”

  1. heidianne jackson says:

    we have a ford excursion with the big diesel engine. we have never used petroleum based diesel in it and i love it. so even though we have this great, big, fuel guzzler, we are NOT helping our nation to be dependent on the a-rabs. great post, angel.

    good night!

  2. heidianne jackson says:

    woo hoo – i got to be the first poster!!!!

  3. Goat says:

    Bio-fuels is a pipe dream Angel, there is not enough acreage on Earth for that conversion, an acre of corn =200 gallons of ethanol and that does not take into account the energy and water needed to produce it. Drill in ANWR and the Gulf and off the coasts, develope the Green River oil shale infrastructure, build nuclear plants. That is how we get off foreign oil, not by converting food to fuel and ruining the environment in the process or killing our economy. I am green as it gets and hate pollution more than most but I am not dimwitted on how to be green and sober.

  4. Pela68 says:

    What was it you said?- Great minds thinks alike? Also check out this post.

  5. MK says:

    I long for the day when we can be rid of the whabbi filth and their oil and leave them in their damn desert, that they crave so damn much.

  6. MK says:

    Love the cartoon by the way, “this is rather sudden George”, lol

  7. Aurora says:

    Angel, this makes my blood run cold. You haven’t pulled any punches. I’m disgusted by that pic of GWB with the Islamic sword. What is with that? It’s like he’s out with his buddies on the way to the Superbowl or something. And I wonder why Sarko would agree to go if the Jewish journalist wasn’t allowed. Sarko is, apparently, Jewish by ancestry himself. The cozy Arab friendships around the western world are starting to stink like week old fish.

  8. Eitan says:

    George W. is the idiot the left always envisioned him as being. He has pursued the policy of his predecesors towards Israel, all along claiming that he wants stability and “peace” in the Middle East. What a sorry excuse for a president!

  9. Brooke says:

    Excellent rant, Angel. If Bush had any sense whatsoever, he would be reading Congress the riot act over NOT drilling OUR OWN oil or building more refineries, and using our nuclear technology to start building power plants, rather than beg the Saudis like a skinny dog.

    Doing business with the devil will always result in burns.

    It makes me sick.

  10. Layla says:

    I posted that dispicable Bush picture too-shameful. And Jews are never given visas into Saudi Arabia out anti-Semitism-but they are a “peace loving religion” like Bush says–yeah right!

  11. Debbie says:

    I don’t get it Angel. The Saudis are NOT our friends, but Bush acts like kissing-cousins. BLAH!

  12. MariesTwoCents says:

    Sometimes i honestly dont know what get’s into this man.

  13. david mcmahon says:

    Thanks for bringing the case of Gideon Kouts to our attention.

  14. Gayle says:

    Hi, angel! An Awesome post, as always, and that’s why I’ve awarded you with “The Thinking Blogger’s Award! Don’t know whether you’ve received it before or not, but it doesn’t matter. Posts like this prove you deserve it more than once!

  15. Jungle mom says:

    It makes me angry! We must drill our own oil and get over this oil dependency ! It makes me want to start walking everywhere!

  16. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Muslim blogger fights back for Ezra Levant…

    There is a new Canadian blogger which just happens to belong to a Muslim who understands how precious liberty and freedom of speech are to a free society. Bravo! ……

  17. A Little Revolution! says:

    Is it too late to impeach Bush…just for his policy regarding Saudi Arabia or Israel?

  18. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Free speech is victorious…

    Last week I received an email informing me that PalTalk was being targeted by jihadis who were trying to shut down an Arabic Christian chat room through a petition drive. It appeared that the IPS agreed to this, if they gathered one million signa ……..

  19. The Amboy Times says:

    Worthwhile Reading…

    This is what I’ve been reading lately.LinknZona: Mexican Kidnapping moving North Fire Society: Republican Candidates Side by Side on Immigration Public Eye: Siljander’s Moon Connections Free Republic: Singer Slammed for baring Chest Jihad Watch: Isla…

  20. Don L says:

    To give the Saudis due commupance, we merely need to drill ANWAR and offshore and start a 10 year commitment (JFK to the moonstyle) of developing alternate (please not food ) sources of energy -including building refineries and nuke plants. The mere announcement will crash fuel oil prices.

    That would take courage and leadership. The crowd running for the Whitehouse seems to think it’seasier to learn Arabic and beg.

  21. dapoppins says:

    I was not happy about this and was wishing it wasn’t true. Making nice with the Saudi’s is one thing…making an ARMS DEAL with them is so stupid even a liberal friend of mine is outraged. This will come back to bite us…

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  24. Incognito says:

    very, very sad!! we’re in trouble…