Anyone who Disagrees with Leftists is a RacisT

That’s how it works with McCarthyism. You pick a fight, demonize your opponents and identify them with a nasty enemy in order to shut them up.

That’s what the right-wing American Sen. Joseph McCarthy did to those who stood in his way in the early 1950s, smearing them as communists and traitors.

Today, we live with a reverse McCarthyism.

It started when the baby boomers crowded into universities.

New reverse McCarthyism-
Anyone who disagrees with leftists is a warmonger, hates the poor and opposes social justice

They have not simply become the apostles of left-wing culture. Rather, they are the culture and, according to them, anyone who disagrees with their ideas is a warmonger, hates the poor, opposes social justice. Their New McCarthyism is actually McCarthyism in reverse.

They declare themselves the “environmentalists,” “pacifists,” “progressives,” “reformists,” “democrats,” fighting for peace, defending the poor from the rich, the “ethnics” from the “racists” and the planet from everything — from pandemics to pollution.

But they never tell us what to do in any detail, only that those who disagree with them are “capitalists,” “warmongers,” “racists” and “deniers.”

They tell us to “celebrate our differences” but that we can never identify what those differences are, much less criticize any of them.

Do that and you’re a “racist,” guilty of “ethnic profiling.”

I hope we regain the ability to debate issues openly and honestly, to not have to choose between “Bush and bin Laden.”

C’mon you just can’t help but take notice of how left-wing moonbats tee off with the same, predictable rants, no matter how illogical or flat out insane they are.

Mocking our fallen soldiers:

In this wondrous age of technological progress, wouldn’t it just be dreamy if someone could create a logic engine that could immediately convert the Leftard spews and rants into rational thinking. book007.gif

Just imagine if the Dhimmicrats really do get power, my friends.
The Marines will no longer be allowed to kill the ones of terror, bombin Iranian nukes will be outta the question.

Our government will now be colluding with the Hezbullies, the kook in Venzoolala, and EichmandinJeehad.skullani.gif
The drug dealers in Mexico will be our best friends.
The commie of China will be on our schedule for a play date. Thug Hugging Day.
Al Goraholic will pen a new Constitution (on one sheet of toilet paper),toilet-paper-icon.jpg and how much ya wanna to bet he’ll will model it after good ole Shaaaaaaariah Law huh.

Inna mean time…………

Europe and the Mid-East are still smolderin daily from bombs, car swarms and random suicide/homicide bombs, courtesy: The Junior Varsity Jeehad, mummy59.gif that the Leftists are in such deep denial about.

Despite the front row seat we all had on Sept11, the bombings in England, Bali, Spain, daily clashes of “civilizations” (make that civilization versus barbarians) in Israel, rapes in Sweden, infi-del killings in Turkey, honor killings in the US, Europe and worldwide, —the moonbats still insist the IzlamoNazis are creampuffs and a racist, imagined threat. Uh huh.monsterqwani.gif

Of course the sad joke is that the lefty terrorist lovers will be the first ones beheaded.love2.gif
Wonder if they will think more clearly minus their useless brains.

You know I’ll betcha that if leftard moonbat had been on one the hijacked planes, he would prolly think that he would have been given a pretty red, white and blue parachute and allowed to bail over the city of his choice.para-chute-ca.jpg I mean, after all, they are on the same team as the terrorists ..and hey.. America was asking for it anyway ..weren’t they?

Lemme tell ya.

These defeatist, traitorous Leftist, socialist and dictator loving Dhiimicrats aren’t fit to tie the shoes of our brave soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Moonbat Mantra:
“Join the Army, travel to distant, exotic places, meet vicious, mudering IzlamoNazis, then surrender”

Sorry Leftards. Some of us won’t stand by and allow y’all to suck the air out of any remaining sails the sane, traditionalist America loving Nation actually has.flagday.gif

And…Guess what?
If your’e not scared, then your’e not paying attention.

Clue for the terrorist lovin Lefties:
Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.

(Arnold J. Toynbee)

We Will Not Submit.


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26 Responses to “Anyone who Disagrees with Leftists is a RacisT”

  1. Angie says:

    Right on Angel! Terrfic post! It is hard to imagine how they think..common sense escapes the lefty moonbats! Keep up the good fight!

  2. Robert says:

    Seems we are in agreement. I constantly get several leftys on my blog that rant and rave, and it seems that when things go against them, they start the name calling and slandering. Usually by telling me that I am stupid, and that Bush is a retard or that he “stole the election”. I mean, get over that one. He didn’t steal the election people, he won it the way the constitution said he should. You are the ones who tried to change the rules and cheat.

    The “moonbats” which is an appropriate term are just that. People who seem to hate the United States while professing their love for it. The only love that these people have for this country is the fact that it gives them the rights to be stupid. And in that they are really good. Though, I have to say there is a lot of thought put into trying to figure out how to make what has always been right,……wrong. I really fear for our children because of the total and complete indoctrination that they are going through. Parents, teach your children….well. Don’t let them win with their government schools. We have to fight this “inside” attack on our great nation. It is falling and we haven’t even begun to fight.

    God Bless America
    God Bless our Troops and their missions


  3. MK says:

    “Wonder if they will think more clearly minus their useless brains.”

    Well it’ll certainly be better than what’s coming out of their mouths now..

    Over the weekend i happened to wander into one of those “markets” off course i just to check out the fabrics in the hippie section, i gotta tell you i saw some really weirdo clothes i never thought existed. I saw pants that were made out of what seemed to be towels or something.

    Try it sometime, it’s a good laugh, seeing them in all their florals, bicycles and with over-priced “art”.

  4. DragonLady says:

    Sometimes I wonder if the lefties are really that naive/stupid or if they are just complete and utter cowards. Deep down they know they have to fight, so they pick the easy target-America-the one that won’t fight them back in the way that islam will.

  5. Always On Watch says:

    Sorry for my recent silence. I’ve been overwhelmed. I’ll try to send you an email as to what’s been happening in my life.

    That one sign–”I heart NY better without the WTC”–is surreal. Do the lives of the murdered on 9/11 not matter at all to some people? ARRRRGGGGHHH!

  6. DD2 says:

    Another great blog Angel, and that’s why…….

    A blog can be nominated for Best Blog in many categories, I think that Angel’s is one of the most creative and interesting blogs in the blogosphere, (next to mine) .. To find out why, check out

  7. Kevin says:

    Hippies!!!!!!! Arrrgggghhhh.

    Sadly, your post proves that last image wrong. Half of America submitted a long time ago. Let’s hope the rest of us never do.

  8. tieki rae says:

    Great post, Angel! I only have one qualm: whereas the lefties are propagating lies when they call conservatives “warmongers, peace haters, opponents of social justice” etc, McCarthy was usually right when he accused people of being traitors and communists in league with the USSR. I know not everyone love’s Ann Coulter, but her book “Treason” has the incredible history (and truth) about McCarthyism.

  9. in2thefray says:

    One of the hallmarks of the Left is that when the truth is spoken and it counters your view shout the other side down and name call. Free speech ? Liberty ? It’s sad speech is only “free” when it agrees with them.

  10. Brooke says:

    Excellent post, as always.

    As with AOW, that pic of the “I like NY better w/o the WTC” is unbelievable!

  11. Joe Gringo says:

    Very well put Angel, the left just drips of hypocrisy!

    Thanks for the visit to the new site!

  12. Gayle says:

    By the way, Angel, I’m pretty busy, but if I get a chance to do a Fractured Friday this week, you will have won my Awesome Comment Award. :)

  13. Layla Elizabeth says:

    Pfffffffffffffft! It figures and next they will be calling us insane too because we are against abortions. Sheese! :evil:

  14. Seth says:

    “But they never tell us what to do in any detail, only that those who disagree with them are “capitalists,” “warmongers,” “racists” and “deniers.” ”

    That’s because they are clueless and so shallow that they cannot think, let alone plan or articulate, beyond the realm of empty platitudes.

    When I lived in San Francisco, I sometimes got invited to parties by liberal acquaintances and, listening to the conversations, felt more like I was standing in a room full of talking bumper stickers.

    Spot-on post, Angel!

  15. dapoppins says:

    Those pictures you have…taken here in the US? Freedom of Speach and all that? Grrrr.

    You put it so well, and it just leaves me speachless at the stupidity.

  16. OMMAG says:

    Keep fighting the good fight.

    The so called progressives are stuck with 19th century political ideology that caused most of the strife of the 20th and needs to be eliminated in the 21st.

    The posturing phonies need to be reminded that the 60′s are over the 70′s are over as is the 20th century.

    Loser like this just want to see the rest of us dragged down with them and nobody in their right mind would agree to that.

  17. Middle America says:

    Idiots and nutjobs will always be with us. The problem is when they are in power.

  18. The Hermit says:

    One of the reasons I went to a restricted access blog was that I got tired of getting emails and comments from certifiable lunatics. It staggers the imagination that so many people, who understand so little, are out there. I think anybody who takes a left wing slant on life should spend a few months in places like Nigeria, or Lebanon, or Niger, or a few other third world hell holes, and it would be a real wakeup call for them to see “the real world.”

  19. Aurora says:

    Great post, Angel. The I love NY better without the twin towers sign was a shocker, even from the Left! What is the matter with these people?
    With two Alinskyite Leftists in line for the Democrat throne, now more than ever is a day when the Republicans desperately need to win office.

  20. MariesTwoCents says:

    I am absolutely terrified if a Liberal wins the Presidency.

    We will go right back to getting attacked repeatedly!!

    Great post Angel, thank’s for waking us up again to what we can look forward to if a Liberal does indeed win. UGH!!

  21. Mustang says:

    I touched on this today, as well. A bit long winded, but I’m sure you understand that uneducated, warmongering rednecks like me tend to rant on forever. I attribute this problem of tantrum throwing by the leftist elite to the affliction of CDS (Cultural Dysfunctional Syndrome). Essentially, as I understand it there are only two rules: rules for them, and rules for everyone else. They can make accusations of racism, we cannot. Like that. In my view, we should REJECT political correctness; if for no other reason than there is always the chance that American-haters will migrate some where else. We can always hope.

    Semper Fi

  22. Big Dog says:

    Great post. I might just add that history has exonerated McCarthy. He was right about Communists in the government…

  23. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Not a single syllable to add to your words or the excellent comments but “great work”. God, don’t I love it when the rare individual manages to have gristle enough to boldly declare reality. It is a perfect fit on you, Hot Rod. ;)

  24. middleclassguy says:

    Then- McCarthyism
    Now- Liberalism

    Only the spelling changed.

  25. KkarLLmM says:

    So….if two wrongs do not make a right!!

    then no matter how hard they try, two lefts will never be RIGHT!!!!!

  26. Jungle mom says:

    It’s just sad how stupid people can be…