Pali Sympathy Fatigue: New Disease

Playing it soft and fuzzy just won’t do.
Maybe this time Israel has learned a lesson, that the world comes around to its side when it plays tough.

Derision happens when Israel goes whoring after peace. People hate a patsy.

Tough guys don’t dance (or give up territory).

The World Cheers When Israel Gets Tough
The usual suspects, like the United Nations, are of course blaming Israel for the Arab Palestinian stampede into
This time around, they couldn’t find the words to blame Israel.

But there have been surprising responses from sources not normally friendly to the Jewish State. Condoleezza Rice, at least for the moment, dropped her sympathies for the “poor” Pal-estinians, stating that, “The problem comes first and foremost out of the security situation by Ha-mas in Gaza.” (Those thousands of rockets onto Sderot and other southern Israeli towns.)

Speaking of those poor Palestinians, by the way, we hear that in less than two days these poor folk spent $130 million dollars on food and other purchases. Where did that money come from in a “refugee” environment? Some shopping spree – and it’s doubtful that Americans, the richest people on Earth, could spend so much money so quickly even during the Christmas rush.

Even the BBC had to admit (reluctantly) that the chaos in Gaza and the flight into Egypt was caused by Hamas. Ditto two British newspapers, the Independent and the Telegraph. This time around, they couldn’t find the words to blame Israel. Neither could the Chicago Tribune, which once published a horrific cartoon against Israel, but now editorialized that, “If the Palestinians stop lobbing rockets into Israel, there will be no retaliation.”

Haaretz, Israel’s newspaper of record for the far-left and the far gone, also approached the situation from Israel’s point of view.

All that because Israel finally woke up and showed some muscle.
Chutzpah invites admiration. When will they ever learn?

Well dudes and dudettes, the barn door has swuuuuung wide open and guess in which direction they’s galloping?

Palis pourin into Egypt.horse3.gif

Egypt don’t want their poor lil brethren, but we knew that already didn’t we.skull2.gif

If their Arab brothers and sistas were so dang sympathetic towards their cough cough, ” poor” fictitious Pali relatives, they would have welcomed them into their own vast, oil-rich nations decades ago.

Just like Israel did when she took in hundreds and thousands of Jews ceremoniously tossed out of ALL Arab lands.

But what does trusty ole Omelet do?
Instead of sealing up Gaza now that the Arabian horses have fled, he, um, promises more supplies to Gaza…..No, I’m not kidding.

In Israel, A-rabs vote in free elections..That’s right . They hold office. They are allowed to protest, and they do. They freely publish newspapers attacking the Israeli government.

A-rabs, incidentally can not do this in any other Muzlim state, except of course in the newly liberated Iraq. (Courtesy our troops)

Oh, did I mention that the A-rabs are even permitted to teach their stinkin revisionist history lessons in Israel. They teach vile hatred against Jews and Israelis and even receive subsidies for those ahem.. “lessons” from the self-loathing, politically correct Israeli government.

Every single so-called “Pal-estinian” college was created and funded by Israel. I kid you not.
There existed not one Pal-estinian college before 1967.

Israel and America mind you, need to stop taking orders from Condhimmi Rice, from the UN or anyone else who that thinks the (not so) “poor” Palis are the victims.

And lest we forget sweet friends……. On September 11, 2001 IzlamoNazi thug terrorists
hijacked our American airplanes; proceeded to crash them into several, highly symbolic buildings of ours.

Thousands of our friends, families and neighbors were burned in a brutal early death.

As y’all know, I was there for months, smelling the carnage and trying to find signs of precious life in the rubble.

The Izlamo monster, terrorists did not slaughter them and burn them alive for land nor for money.

They committed this heinous atrocity openly and brazenly in the name of Al-lah, in the name of their religion: Izlam.

What did some of us know bout Izlam prior to Sept 11. Perhaps not nearly as much as we should have.

What do we know now?

Muzlim leaders subject their citizens to live in abject poverty.
They practice apartheid against non-Muzlims.

Their women?

They would treat their dogs better than women, but oops, they hate dogs too.dog4.gif

Go to Sawdi Arabia, the Magic Kingdom, Pakistan or Iran.
Ask for err…some detailed instruction on Izlam’s views on:
1) Voting rights for women
2-Honor..(spit) Killings
2) Arranged marriages for young girls
3) Job opportunities for women
4)Geni-tal mutiliation

The Palis and Muzlims violently oppose and defy nearly all of our cherished Western values and ideals. handfist062.gif
All hate movements, which IzlamoNazism is– are distinguished by this very same thing: The Victim Dictum. Muzlims have taken a crash course (quite literally) in victimology.

They convince themselves as well as all the irrational, self hating Leftards, that they are a victimized, oppressed group at the hands of some other group.

Guess who that “other group” happens to be?

Jews and “The Evil West” of course.
Big and Little Satan. How quaint.

Nearly their entire “Holy book” is devoted to delegating the “ape and pig” in-fidels monkey09.gif inferior status. They are called names of animals, blind, stupid and most definitely ignorant.

And FYI: There are no Ten Commandments in their “Holy Book”.
As a matter of fact there is no moral system whatsoever.
Unless you call allowing men to beat their wives, or sleep with children or their slaves “moral codes”.

There are no commandments or even insights as to how to behave properly or develop yourself as a spirtual human being. It may occasionally say “give to the poor” but quickly doubles back and expresses hostility toward success or wealth on this earth.

Nearly the entire book is comprised of verses not dealing with loving ones fellow man or moral disciplines but in dealing with filthy inf-idels, praising All-ah, and the Day of Judgment or Doom, however you wish to look at it.
Don’t take my word for it. If you can stomach all the venom, read it for yourself.

Our precious World Trade Center, the very symbol of American wealth and prosperity had to be brought crashing down. Literally.

Time to “saddle up” sweet friends.

If America and Israel don’t confront this “ideology” for what it essentially is, we may as well call in the Army of White Coats and issue tranquilizer guns and strait jackets for all.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.
(Ambrose Redmoon)

Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.
John Wayne

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24 Responses to “Pali Sympathy Fatigue: New Disease”

  1. Bar Kochba says:

    Let us remember the words of Midrash Tanchuma: “When you go out to war against your enemies… just as they would have no mercy on you, so you should have no mercy on them”.

  2. KkarLmM says:

    The second coming of Hitler and the Third Reich and i am supposed to feel sympathy for the Izmonazis ??!!
    Killing in the name of Moehamed, a “higher” cause…now doesn’t that sound familiar, what is next….. extermination for the sake of Heaven!!
    “NEVER AGAIN”…please someone tell the pathetic Israeli government that this movie is a rerun and the ending is not pleasant.
    I believe it may be time to test some of the toys the IDF(Israeli Defense Force) has been keeping for a rainy day…

  3. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Cold, hard fact, Angel. Right on. Makes one ponder how frustrated the people of Israel must be by now, watching their “leader” do nothing to actually erase the source of the problem that is killing their people. How long would we as Americans tolerate our elected doing nothing about rocket attacks into the neighborhood from Canada or Mexico? You’d think they would get pretty grumpy a long time back.

  4. Roger W. Gardner says:

    Great heartfelt posting, full of truth and passion. Thank you for both.

  5. Seane-Anna says:

    So the Egyptians don’t want their Palestinian “brothers” going into their country? How nice, especially when you remember that Yasser Arafat was born in Egypt. I wonder how long it’ll be before Jimmy Carter starts accusing the Egyptians of apartheid. And Bar Kochba, what is a “Midrash Tanchuma”?

  6. Angie says:

    I don’t know how long they can continue to put up with it. Their leader clearly does not have Israel’s best interest or he is yielding to tremendous pressure. Or lack of backbone?

    How long would we as Americans tolerate our elected doing nothing about rocket attacks into the neighborhood from Canada or Mexico? You’d think they would get pretty grumpy a long time back. that comment is right on!

    Great post Angel. Keep up the good fight!

  7. Aurora says:

    The whole Palestinian myth has got to be one of the greatest hoaxes thrust upon this planet and all backed up for the most part by the MSM. Glad to see that even Condi and the BBC have had to admit that these people are …maybe…just a tad…well, naughty. Make that wild, stoneage thugs.

  8. middleclassguy says:

    This has been going on forever. Reagan and BushI complained bitterly about the career State Department bureaucrats who were “Arabists”. Things have not changed much. No one in the Arab world wants the Palistinians. No one in the world wants them. So the flawed logic is give them something of their own; even though they left it behind. This will not go away fo a long time.

  9. Gayle says:

    Once again you’ve outdone yourself, girlfriend! “trusty ole Omelet!” LOL! Perhaps we should call him “Rusty ole Omelet!” He should be an embarrassment to Israel!

  10. frasypoo says:

    Thats a scary sign(muslims and non muslims)
    This was a great post

  11. Rastaman says:

    Indeed another great post and no one outdoes you in graphics.

    I was wondering myself how all those pitifully poor Palestinians can afford to pay inflated prices for TVs and cigarets and all the other stuff they were buying en-mass. Those poor, poor Palestinians.

    It was hilarious to watch them trying to become illegal aliens in Egypt. I bet a lot of them made it too.

    I do think that the “sympathy” the world shows for the Palestinians is lip service to keep the oil flowing. Mustn’t aggravate the oil-rich muzzies, you know.

    Lastly, “Omelet’s” staying power amazes me. I can’t understand why he hasn’t been booted out yet. There are better leaders for the job, and Condoleeeeezzzzza Rice (I spelled that right, didn’t I?) is an embarrassment who needs to get her priorities in order, She acts like Bush, that is, like someone on the Liberal Left.


  12. Joe Gringo says:

    That Condi cartoon is classic.

    The UN may impose sanctions on Iran next month, if so, something will happen soon, Dinnerjacket is getting antsy, just today he urged Western governments to “stop supporting the Zionists, as their regime reached its final stage.”

    Here’s to obliterating their nuke facilities ASAP.

  13. The Hermit says:

    There’s an article on the AP wires today about a journalist in Afghanistan who has been sentenced to death for “humiliating islam” because he asked why men can have multiple wives, but women can’t have multiple husbands. The Afghan parliament has endorsed the sentence. So much for the “westernized” afghan government.

  14. MK says:

    “Instead of sealing up Gaza now that the Arabian horses have fled, he, um, promises more supplies to Gaza….”

    I’d be surprised if omelet did that, that’s why i say Israel must learn from pain, like you said – People hate a patsy.

    “There existed not one Pal-estinian college before 1967.”

    There wasn’t much of a Palestine culture or people prior to that either.. but hey, why let facts get in the way of some Jew-hatin…

  15. Brooke says:

    Paly fatigue, like Clinton fatigue, huh? LOL!

    If only they would both give us a permanent vacation from themselves.

  16. Free to think free to believe says:

    Part of the reason why muslims have so much errr, ‘feelings’ for the west is that they keep every historic wrong done to them alive as they pass it down from one generation to the next – and they have been hammered at various times…

    We would do well to learn not to follow them down that particular path.

  17. A Little Revolution! says:

    Great post.

  18. Jungle mom says:

    You should be required reading in our schools!

  19. Angel says:


  20. Daniel Ruwe says:

    We are way too easy on terrorists. It’s bad here, but in Canada and Europe, they are given special treatment. I know you’ve heard about this, but Mark Steyn is in trouble in Canada for “Islamophobic” remarks.

  21. Incognito says:

    Yeah.. I wondered about where they were getting money for food and all those televisions etc. that they were purchasing.. poor, yeah right… and then i remembered.. the world is subsidizing that country.. so it comes from our pockets..

  22. Debbie says:

    I think it is pathetic that all these years after September 11 and still no building. This should have been a priority to rebuild, to slap the face of those terrorists and say, SEE you can knock it down, but we will just build it back BIGGER and BETTER and more WESTERN than ever

  23. Jonti says:

    I don’t understand much and frankly don’t wish to know much about politics, but…..I do know that every non loving person on this planet of which we are only caretakers makes my heart and soul so very sad. I know why there are wars but I don’t understand why people believe they have to start them in the first place. Everything could be sooo right and yet it is always so… so wrong.

  24. bruce says:

    it is time to invade gaza and clean out the muzzies and send them running for egypt.then israel should push all muzzies out of judea samaria and into jordan that would end any terrorism by these low life moehamadans.we in america should out law muzzieism and their unholy book the cornholeran.