World Trade CenteR

“NEW YORK, May 23 (Reuters) – The first skyscraper rebuilt after being destroyed in the Sept. 11 attacks opened on Tuesday with fanfare and a pledge from its developer it would be a model for completing the entire World Trade Center complex by 2012.

A 57-story steel and glass building with 1.7 million square feet (158,000 sq metres) of office space, 7 World Trade Center was declared open when developer Larry Silverstein cut a blue ribbon after a bright and breezy outdoor ceremony in which schoolchildren and an Irish tenor sang “God Bless America.”
First rebuilt World Trade Center skyscraper opens: tells us..

“Lots of emotion. It’s a very joyous day. This was the last building to go down on 9/11 and the first to come back,” said Silverstein.

“It is my belief by 2012 we will have finished the rebuild of the World Trade Center,” he said.

Wars, plagues, famines,natural disasters and economic crises punctuate references in history books.
The World Trade Center.
Broken debris, pieces of splintered wood, pieces of steel and glass collapsing to the ground, taking firefighters, policemen, policewomen, and thousands of innocent people with it.

Two Generations had already passed since the last attack on American soil in Hawaii. The attack on Pearl Harbor changed the face of America.
Some seemed to have forgotten.
September 11th reminded.
Every big city imagined themselves to be the next big target.
Fear and paranoia spread through this country like out of control wildfire.
And while pain understandably took hold across the nation, the agony
New Yorkers felt was indeed “personal.”

Some look at the Skyline and refer to time in pre and post event terms.

For New Yorkers 2012 can not come soon enough.

Blogbat has a great post bout illegals.

11 Responses to “World Trade CenteR”

  1. ABF says:

    Congrats’ on the opening … one small step in the long road to rebuiilding, and one extremely small step on the long road to healing.

  2. Gayle says:

    Good grief, I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this until I came here! I guess I’m spending too much time in my Gardens, I can’t even keep up with the news!

    That’s great, Angel. It’s also a great post you did on it.

    It’s unbelievable to me that so many seem to have completely forgotten 9/11/2001. They must be smoking dope… there is just no other explanation.

    Beautiful picture, by the way.

    Blessings! :)

  3. Angel says:

    Thanks AB and Gayle…I’m countin down already! :)

  4. Patrick says:

    Well done! That is indeed great news.

  5. chris says:

    wow…i didn’t even know about this

  6. Lady Jane says:

    I haven’t really thought about all those buildings opening again. I suppose I thought they all had to be taken down.

    Great post, Angel!

  7. The Holywriter says:

    You should watch the episode of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit where they do a documentary on the political fighting going on involving the new WTC (wow, what a run-on sentence).

  8. VBGuru613 says:

    Bring on 2012…..

  9. Doll says:

    Wow! I did not hear a word on this until post! Thanks Angel! Here I thought that they were going to make a garden on the site. I am not sure how another building is way of comemorating the horrific loss, but then when politics is involved you can forget everything called [c]haracter!

  10. Brooke says:

    In YOUR FACE, terrorists! The best memorial is making the WTC site a functioning, vibrant place again!

  11. KArL mMMm says: