PayinG off Terrorists


“How desperate is the situation in the Palestinian territories since the U.S. and EU shut off aid to the government run by Ha-mas terrorists? Here’s a hint: A top Ha-mas official last week apparently tried to sneak $810,000 into the Gaza Strip in a pouch under his shirt.

The alleged smuggler, Ha-mas spokesman Sa-mi A-bu Zu-hri, “resorted to this way … when all other ways were blocked,” said another government official. “This money is donated from abroad. It was meant for poor people.”
The squeeze on Hamas continues…
The way Hamas is going, there will be a lot more poor people in the Palestinian territories..

Ha-mas came to power promising to cut corruption and improve the lives of Palestinians. It promised to deliver better health care and more food. It promised jobs and greater security. All laudable goals. But–and here’s where it all unraveled.

Ha-mas is a terrorist organization that promised to wipe Israel from the map. When a suicide bomb exploded in Tel Aviv a few weeks ago, Ha-mas applauded. Despite what appears to be an increasingly fierce internal debate, Hamas is standing firm in its hatred: It will not recognize Israel, renounce violence or hew to previous agreements…

Ha-mas seems only too willing to exploit the suffering of its people for political purposes.”

O.K. For the umpteenth time …
Ha-mas is a terrorist organization devoted to genocide.

It has been endeavoring to execute Israel’s total annihilation for years. Ha-mas’s goal is nothing short of the complete destruction of the Jewish state.

Ha-mas sends forth suicide bombers to blow up busloads of innocent Israeli men, women and children.
They target restaurants, food markets, in other words-any place where civilians are found.
Lest you think this is only Israel’s problem… radical Izlamists are on the offensive. The enemies of liberal democracy are working to weaken the United States and everything we symbolize.

The United States of America and its allies, including Isael,-seek to embody the principles of decent, civilized, liberal democracy, something not one Arab nation in the Middle East is even moving toward.

Listen up my sweet friends, we did not seek this war. But, make no mistake, we are at war, and if don’t acknoledge the enemy for what it truly is…..we could lose it and everything.


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7 Responses to “PayinG off Terrorists”

  1. Shayne says:

    It can never be said enough. Great post!

  2. Gayle says:

    Shayne’s right. We need to say it over and over again, and then some. I know, with liberals it’s like having to talk until you’re blue in the face, but it’s not them whose minds we need to change. We can’t do that. They are set in their ways to the point of being beyond all reason. What we can do is wake up good people who may still be uninformed, and believe me, there are many of them still out there.

    It’s a very good post, Angel.

  3. Brooke says:

    Right you are! We just can’t forget…Or let anyone else!

  4. ABF says:

    Excellent post Angel .. we just have to keep spreading the word, getting one convert at a time, until we their rain of terror is crushed.

  5. VBGuru613 says:

    “This money is donated from abroad. It was meant for poor people.”
    HAAHahahahaahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah I cant stop laughing!!!! I was fortunate enough to visit the west bank and its the richer gets richer and the poor stay poor.

    Poor people — YEAH RIGHT!!! if this blog wasnt moderated ……………..

  6. benning says:

    By next week the MSM will have forgotten, as they always do, the Leftists will have another ‘crisis’ to stir up, and we’ll be left wondering what the heck is wrong with people.


  7. KArL mMMm says: