NIU Victims DeservE HonoR and Distinction

Why are murderers always counted in the victims tally? The day after the mass murder of students at Northern Illinois University (NIU), the headline in the closest major newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, was: “6 Dead in NIU Shooting.”

Five Questions about Shootings at Universities

“6 dead” included the murderer. Why wasn’t the headline “5 killed at NIU”?

To give a military analogy, can one imagine a headline like this in an American newspaper after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor: “2,464 Dead in Pearl Harbor Attack”? After all, 55 Japanese airmen and nine Japanese crewmen also died in the attack.

At the San Francisco Zoo, after a young man was mauled to death by a tiger that had escaped its confines, the administrators of the zoo even lumped a killed animal with its human victim: the Zoo set up a memorial to both the man and the tiger. And, unsurprisingly, given the egalitarianism that now also lumps human beings with animals, the tiger received more condolence messages than the human it killed.

Why are “shooter” and “gunman” used instead of “killer” or “murderer”?

Imagine for a moment that all the mass murderers at our universities were active Christians. Do you think that the press would at the very least note this? Of course it would, and it would be right to do so.

To nearly everyone in the media, the secularism of all the murderers is a non-sequitur. But if they were all active Christians, the same media people would hardly view that fact as insignificant and unrelated.

Let’s just get this out the way shall we.
The Lame stream media are as anti-religion as they are anti-gun-ownership.

Why is the murderer included in the tally indeed?
The media calls convicted, violent, repeat offenders “gentlemen”?
Funny, that’s not exactly the word that springs to mind.

Whenever I hear the latest story of some husband or ex-boyfriend who slaughters his girlfriend or wife and then turns his weapon on himself……..I ask the same question:
Why is it they always get the order wrong? Suicide first, – then murder.
Heartless you say?

I save a special place in my heart for victims, not the same as their murderers (as tragic as their deaths may be).

Many students including this murderer should have been screened as a danger to himself and others and not even “mainstreamed” onto a college campus.
Both the Virginia Tech “murderer” and the NIU “murderer” had a documented history of severe mental illness.

Photos: Courtesy: AP.

Officials did not release what kind of medication Kazmierczak was taking, but said his behavior, according to those who knew him, had become ‘erratic’ in the last couple weeks. Kazmierczak was treated for mental illness nine years ago.

He was considered volatile, according to a staff member who worked a at the facility at the time, and violent if he stopped taking the antidepressant and anti-anxiety pills prescribed for him, medication he was supposed to still be taking and apparently stopped a couple of weeks ago.

Gunman quit taking medication

His behavior, according to those who knew him, had become ‘erratic’ in the last couple weeks, and this wasn’t reported to any authorities – Why.

Why wasn’t he being “monitored?”..Oh wait, that’s a dirty word for Liberals.
The same reason we can’t “profile” Muzlims in our country……..their alleged “privacy rights” prevent it.

If he was sick enough to require meds that made him “volatile” when not taking them…….He is a danger to society. But somehow, according to Leftards, Muzlims’ feeeeeelings and this murderer’s privacy trumps our security.

New York City, is, (thanks to Liberals and their refusal to institutionalize people who are a danger to themselves) – overrun with these people many of which are counted among the homeless.

Oh of course the innocent, peace luvin Libs, are yet again leading with their (alleged) hearts and not with their heads while the families of the students gunned down in cold blood have to pay the price for their …ahem……”compassion”.

The Lamesteam Media continues to downplay the drug issue.

Ah yes, the poor laddie “went off an undisclosed medication”. What was the mystical medication and why can it not be identified at this time?

Is it not critical to the crime and, therefore, critical to the reporting? Or is that yet another “privacy” issue.

Suppressing facts makes the reporting manipulative, coerced, not to mention a forced agenda on the public; which is exactly what the Muzlim loving, America hating Media does today.

Leftards deny the entire concept of right and wrong.
Buf of course they are right and everyone else is ALWAYS wrong.

They are unable to make any moral judgments.
Yet the media, subject us daily to the mindless tantrums of those who emote rather than clearly think. Perhaps that is why they are so compatible with their buddies, IzlamoNazis.

What is it that contributes to what is becoming our culture of killing. Is it the devaluing and disregard for human life.
Is it the parental disconnect and immoral license parents take with their children.

Observe the phenomenon of male adolescents’ fascination with antiheroes, thugs and gangsters.
Can that do anything but breed cynicism, disrespect, and hostility?

The right arm of NIU shooter Steven Kazmierczak with the a tattoo of a character from the movie “The Saw.” It is one of three tattoos he got in the last five to six months.

One of the tattoos on the left arm of NIU shooter Steven Kazmierczak. It is one of three tattoos that he got in the last five to six months.

There seems to be a void, perhaps a spiritual hunger left unquenched, for adrenaline or going to extremes to acquire media attention.

Not to mention the utter abandonment of religion,which was historically the moral center of the community.

The comprehensive disregard for moral absolutes is just the maraschino cherry on the cake my friends.

Answer just one question then:
Since, (according to Libs) there are no “absolute Truths”, why oh why shoud anyone obey the universal commandment, “Thou shall not murder.” ?

Like it or not, students will begin to carry concealed weapons. Trust me on this.
And all this posturing by the kool aid drinkers………
Watch and see. Just another case of Liberal Leftards shooting themselves in the foot.

Remembering the NIU Shooting Victims

I ache for the families of the wounded and lost. No one can fathom what you lost…….or understand the cost.I can only try to offer some tender care and a prayer for a brighter tomorrow. I pray my caring helps you carry on…if only till the next moment.

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20 Responses to “NIU Victims DeservE HonoR and Distinction”

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  2. MariesTwoCents says:

    God bless those families.

    This also makes me wonder when did “Suspect” turn into “Person of Interest”?

  3. Jungle mom says:

    I feel so sad for the victims. I agree, what is it with making the murderer a victim??? The innocent no longer have any rights. We have raised a generation of soulless children reared on violence and with no discipline. We are creating a generation of of monsters.
    Having said that, not all are like this! I have four great young people as children and know many more,but, they are now the exception and not the norm of their peers.

  4. Gayle says:

    The murderer is a victim, Angel, because no one understood the poor boy! He was misunderstood and didn’t have a good upbringing. ARRRRGGGGHHH! But that’s what they always come up with and it’s total BS! People can overcome bad upringings and do so all the time. I know because I had an upbringing that would give many people nightmares if I wrote about it, which I’ll never do because I’m not into the “poor little victim me” mindset! So they include the murderers in the victim count because he was a victim of his upbringing, or society, or both. To that I say Bull Sh*t! These murderers are self-involved pathetic idiots who can’t have relationships because they are self-involved pathetic idiots, period!

    Great post. Blessings to those who loved the victims and blessings to those who loved this pathetic excuse of a human being who committed this horrible act. I’m sure somebody did love him. He didn’t deserve it!

  5. Debbie says:

    Those tattoos are something else, wow. The questions you ask are good ones.

    Funny that the only ones who have guns/protection are the criminals in these gun free zones.

  6. Dwana says:

    I, too, have wondered why the MSM always includes the murderer among the victims in tragedies like the one at NIU. And I think it’s because of the libs’ concerted effort to obliterate all moral judgements from society, as you point out, Angel. But they’d react differently if it were their children who were slaughtered. It’s like that old saying: A conservative is a liberal who got mugged.

  7. Robert says:

    The sad part of this whole thing is, Liberalism does not allow criminals. It allows victims. Therefore, a killer is not a killer but a shooter. A person having an accident in a car, is always portrayed as the car doing it.

    That is the victim mentality of the liberals these days. Nothing is because bad people did it, it is instead because the person had a horrible childhood or was abused in some way or something. This kind of thinking is what has gotten this country into the mess it finds itself in now. And this won’t stop until someone stands up and gets the point across that not everyone can pass tests. Not everyone is good. Not everyone can win races. We are not equal in everything. Push this kind of thinking and find out that it doesn’t hurt you to get your feelings hurt…and things in this country will start to get better. Until then, we are in for some hard times. Great post Angel, great subject.


  8. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    News Round-up: RFA, Yon, Berkeley, GOE, HRC, MAF…

    I have gathered many articles which may be of interest to some of you in different areas of interest. Choose the links to the articles you’d like to read, and enjoy ……

  9. KKarlMm says:

    Sort of like the Homocide bombers in Israel who are proclaimed some type of freedom fighter…or the Izmo facist murderer who is simply spreading the Kuron!!!
    Please do not get me started..we have labels for everything but the truth…
    Boo hoo..he was off his meds…so that explains what exactly..
    You’ve got it right Angel, they never get the correct target first…
    allow me…next time Mr. murderer…A) place gun muzzle on right temple
    B) Say a few prayers (optional for liberals) C) Pull trigger!!!!!

  10. LomaAlta says:

    Excellent post Angel. And, you have some excellent statements, Some of my favorite I quote below.

    “Imagine for a moment that all the mass murderers at our universities were active Christians. Do you think that the press would at the very least note this? Of course it would, and it would be right to do so.”

    “To nearly everyone in the media, the secularism of all the murderers is a non-sequitur. But if they were all active Christians, the same media people would hardly view that fact as insignificant and unrelated.”

    “Not to mention the utter abandonment of religion, which was historically the moral center of the community.”

    “The comprehensive disregard for moral absolutes is just the maraschino cherry on the cake my friends.”

    Thanks again Angel.

  11. Aurora says:

    Angel, you’re right on the money with this. Yes, our spiritual core is what has made this country great. To deny that is to commit cultural suicide…to be no different to other secularist nations like China and Burma.
    This attitude towards murder is just another symptom of an amoral utilitarian world where the death of a few more people is no big deal.
    What will we do when we have lost our soul?

  12. DD2 says:

    I also heard that he seemed to be such a nice boy. When he was a Boy Scout, he helped Old Ladies cross the Street. And he always took his meds before he said his prays at night. I can’t understand what happeded.

  13. Brooke says:

    Another wonderful post, Angel! You have said it all far better than I ever could.

    Time after time, these slaughters happen in gun free zones, and still the anti-gun leftists just don’t get it. To an insane person, “gun free zone” says, “fish in a barrel.”

  14. Angel says:


  15. Joe Gringo says:

    The shooter term bothers me, call ‘em what they are……assassins and murderers.

    I can’t imagine what the victims families have to go through, my heart does ache for them. I have not pity for those sick cretins who go on these murdering sprees.

    Great post.

  16. dapoppins says:

    When you take away the guns from the good buys only the bad guys have them…and I bet instead of blaming the shooter, the leftards are going to blame the drug companies…it is the medication’s fault.

    Lots of great points!

  17. OMMAG says:

    I notice the girl friend of this loser on CNN singing the praises of his wonderful loving character.
    Typical delusional lefty twit…. bet they’ll be seeing her at anti-gun rallies and Save the Earth protests too! Perfect …………..

  18. The Hermit says:

    Well, it gave Hillary a chance to wax eloquent on the need for comprehensive rewriting of our gun laws. It’s an ill wind, I suppose…..

  19. Yankee Doodle says:

    “Shooter” and “gunman” convey the idea that it is the firearms causing the problem, and that’s the way the left likes it.

    Speaking of causing the problem, I understand those guys in that zoo were teasing the tiger. That’s not very smart.

  20. MK says:

    Yankee is right, they never tell anyone about the folks saved by someone who used a gun to kill a killer, or about the person who prevented a crime because he had a gun and used it.