Jasmine Kranat: Are You JewisH?

12 year old assaulted after being asked ‘are you Jewish’?

Schoolgirl Jasmine Kranat was attacked after catching a bus back home from her local Asda on a summer Saturday afternoon. The 12-year-old from North London was travelling with a friend. The two girls had bought ingredients to make smoothies for a sleepover.

They were talking when a group of nine black and Asian teenagers pushed next to them on the back seat and forced them into a corner. The girls were aggressively asked: “Are you Jewish?” Jasmine’s friend was wearing a crucifix – and was untouched during what followed.
12 year old assaulted after being asked ‘are you Jewish’?

..Jasmine was punched several times in the face until receiving a blow that knocked her unconscious.

Her attackers then stamped on her head and chest as she lay on the floor. Despite the screams of her friend, none of the other passengers came to help.

Miss Kranat suffered a fractured eye socket, a bruised chest and a swollen face in the attack..

A group of black and Asian teens asked if she were Jewish..
Jewish Hatred

Black and Asian?..Asian..what does THAT mean?

Anti-Semitic incidents have been increasing worldwide, …..but they really spiked last summer during and after Israel’s war with Hez-bollah. A flurry of cases from South America to Europe and Australia were reported.

In the Ar-ab world, a new type of anti-Semitism is on the rise, says Rickman, 43, a former congressional legislative director who helped uncover the Swiss banks’ role in looting Jewish bank accounts opened prior to the Holocaust. With the growth of radical Is-lam, people are more willing to accept these anti-Jewish lies.

Radical im-ams promote anti-Jewish hate on satellite TV, which is beamed to millions in the Middle East and elsewhere. The media and the Internet further spread the lies and hatred.
The canard “used to be that Jews caused the bubonic plague,” says the redheaded chief U.S. spokesman on anti-Semitism. “Now they are accused of being responsible for the spread of AIDS, of causing the tsunami, of plotting the World Trade Center attacks.”

Ya don’t particularly care about anti semitism you say?
Well, guess what?

Where anti-Semitism is permitted to flourish, no minority group, and quite frankly, no one – is safe.

In the A-rab and Muzlim world, rabid anti semitism is a given, even in countries where Jews are absent.
American and Israeli flags get burned alongside the flag of the country they now live in, take advantage of, and someday hope to conquer.

Historically, those who held a special hatred for Jews, attempted to convert them, to physically isolate them in ghettoes, and to flat out to exterminate them.
Much to their chagrin: The Jews have survived.

In the A-rab and Muzlim world, anti-Semitism is state supported.
If the UK, or any other misguided country wishes to embrace shh-arriah in any form, this is what they sanction.

Hatred is the Muzlims basic currency of exchange.eyebloodani.gif
All the hearts and flowers in the Universe will not win their toxic, barbaric societies over.

Jasmine was mercilessly beaten, while her friend who wore a cross around her neck, was left unharmed.
Shreiking at her repeatedly:
‘are you Jewish’?
‘are you Jewish’?
‘are you Jewish’?
Does that leave a doubt as to the motivation of the perps?

This happened in North London, my friends, not in Sawdi-Arabia.
North London.

Muzlim Violence and intimidation are gripping communities and nations worldwide.
Muzlims don’t hate the Big Satan”,flagday.gif known as the West because they are oppressed by it.
It is precisely the opposite: because the West ended oppression and colonialism, forcing the Muzlim world to compete with the West, at which they failed abysmally.zombie.gif

This inferiority complex and sense of defeat is what forms their hateful identity.angry-muz-small.jpg

They have now gladly applied their anti-Semitic model of hatred to a much larger group: the “infidels” around the entire World.
That includes you, and you………and you.

Anti-Semitism is a human rights issue, not just a Jewish issue, as Rickman said, “Wherever anti-Semitism goes unchecked, the persecution of others is not far behind.”

Jasmine could be your daughter, the next attack could be your son………….
It could very well be: You.

One of the chief tasks of any dialogue with the Gentile world is to prove that the distinction between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is not a distinction at all.
Abba Eban

The man who may very well be the leader of the USA consorting with a known anti semite:

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41 Responses to “Jasmine Kranat: Are You JewisH?”

  1. Kevin says:

    This kind of crap makes me so furious. How long will it be before we stop the imams from preaching violence, which directly leads to violence like this little girl received.

    WILL we stop them?

  2. Bar Kochba says:

    As I prepare to take part in the March of the Living and visit Poland and Israel, this makes me furious. Nothing has changed.

    Never Again!

  3. Layla says:

    I will come back to watch the video for sure hun. What a horrible act and asian – plenty of them are hatefull muzzies! SPIT! :evil:

  4. Pela68 says:

    Sorry hun; I had a long repost ´bout this, but found out that it was … well not the right forum to do it in. Not that I do not think you’re right- on the contrary, just that I think that it would be better to do it via E-mail…

    Gimme a call!

  5. Gayle says:

    It’s almost beyond belief that people will let this sort of thing get so out of control that no one is safe, Angel. I can’t understand what the English are thinking. Will they finally wake up and understand that this is a real and ever-present threat to their very existance? I’m truly beginning to wonder, and the brain-dead people in America truly frighten me because ignorance is as deadly as intentional malice…. possibly even deadlier!

  6. KkarlMm says:

    It never ceases to amaze me..the lengths an animal (person) will go to expose their own low self esteem and envy.
    This girl was doing ABSOLUTELY nothing, other than showing the world that, no matter what, the JEWS are not going away. For some insane reason this reality of existence is to much for many to handle.
    I do not have a Psycho PHD. degree, but something went wrong thru out these animals (people) childhood. Maybe a wayward uncle or to much or to little medication, alot of homework, to much sugar.. but something.
    and until that disease is removed we will continue to have these acts of irrationality over and over again…
    Please, some self love would be nice..

  7. Yankee Doodle says:

    They’ve criticized the Germans and made them feel terrible for the Nazi era, and people have so often asked how it could have happened.

    Well, now we are witnessing first-hand how it can happen.

    My question — how to the people on that bus feel, knowing what happened?

    There’s a big argument for GUN OWNERSHIP. One person with some **guts** could have pulled out a firearm and ended the whole thing.

    But, the liberal left are too cowardly — rather than face and evil gang, they would rather look the other way and make excuses for them.

    Ah, a liberal might say — one person with a firearm could have been overpowered by the punks — maybe only shooting one in the process — and then they would have had a firearm, too.

    Well, a gang of nine on one girl — would the odds have been any worse if that had happened?

    Besides — those nine scum were happy to beat a defenseless girl, but which one of them would have stepped up to the plate to take a bullet?

    YD’s definition of Gun Control: Hitting your target.

    That’s the way the UK is going, folks. And, there are plenty of places in the US where things are about as bad. The Big Apple comes to mind here, Angel.

    Cheers, Hun! Keep spreading the word, but don’t let it get to you.

  8. MK says:

    Britain has gone so far to the left that i’d advise any remaining Jews to leave while they can. This sort of thing has been the norm in much of Europe for a while now, best leave and let them fight for themselves. Their lurch to the left has consequences, it’s long past the time when they had to pay for it. You are right, it’ll be the Christians and godless leftists soon after the Jews, it’s the next logical step, so far the leftists have refused to acknowledge the stupidity of their policies and change course, they never cared for any who begged to be left out of it, i look forward to watching them earn their freedom, liberty and way of life.

  9. Sloane says:

    I’m sure somewhere there is a Muslim leader in Britain that is pointing out how understandable this is because of how oppressed Muslims feel and how mistreated they are by the British. All Britain has to do is institute Sharia law and this kind of thing will stop. The sad part is, too many people believe that crock.

    BTW – In the UK, an “Asian” is someone whose ancestry is from a South Asian country like India, Pakistan, Nepalis, etc.

  10. Black Sheep says:

    Hi Angel.
    Thanks for stopping in at my new blog.
    I quit blogging about the dangers of islam because no one is listening anymore. So I decided to go after the real problem. Acting like a herd.

    I think I’m in the vanguard on this. If people are going to be roused up it’s not by pointing at the wolf at their door or the elephant in the room. It’s by showing them what stupid sheep they really are. Islam is not the problem. Behaving like sheep is the problem, islam just takes advantage of it.

    I’m out to embarrass them and make them angry. The more people get pissed off at what I say, the greater my success and the more they’ll start thinking again.

    At least, that’s my hope. Care to take part?

  11. Seth says:

    As far as I’m concerned, the passengers on the bus who just sat there and let it happen are as much scum as the perpetrators.

    That the Brits allow this Muslim problem to accellerate unchecked demonstrates a total lack of perspicacity — in due time but too late to do anything about it, they’ll pay a tragic price.

  12. Bar Kochba says:

    No one got involved. They wouldn’t want to be intolerant.

  13. Eitan says:

    That last comment by Bar pretty much says it all.

  14. dapoppins says:

    Looking at these last two posts…Lordy. It is just frightening. And if we get a liberal, radical Izlam pacifying president…?

  15. Panhandlepoet says:

    That last picture is scarey. But if you replace with any of the other candidates it is just as scarey. Let’s hope for gridlock in Washington.

  16. Debbie says:

    Angel, you know “Asian” usually means Pakistani or Middle-Easter.

  17. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Trust Me…

    Trust what He has said in the Scriptures, but also to submit wholey to Him. When I ask God to fix something or someone through prayer, I must wholely trust that the right answer will be God’s decision. Even if I don’t understand it ……

  18. David says:

    WHat’s with the “No Hate” sign? ANgel, it’s an enormous positive GOOD THING to hate… evil.

  19. tapline says:

    Great Post. as usual. There seems to be something amiss in this reporting. I mean,,,,Where are the other people who just sit there and do nothing…..My God,,,,,No common decency left in England….This sounds like something out of Sherlock Holmes or something worse….One girl was wearing a cross…That would not stop anyone that screwed up from taking out his anger on her as well…. I ramble….stay well

  20. Angie says:

    My first thought : the ones on the bus were just as guilty as that chicken sh*t gang, Do they actually think they are men? They are cowards to beat up on a little girl!! The ones on the bus are cowards to watch and do nothing!! Even as I write this, I am reminded of all the studies that have been done where very few step up to the plate to help in a crisis situation. Reason: they don’t want to get involved. God help us! If we do not get involved, for we shall be next!

    Anti-Semitism is on the rise from all reports.

  21. Aurora says:

    I’m with Angie about the people on the bus. What the heck was the matter with them? What a pack of cowards and what a pack of evil lowlifes who did the beating. It must have been fun beating up on and stomping on a little girl. It might be time for Jewish people to get the heck out of London and other places where antisemitism is rising. I see Europe as an Islamicized country within a matter of a few years.
    You’ve got a very good point about Obama though. I feel almost positive he’s the 44th president of America and his shady underground links with all kinds of people should give cause to real alarm.
    By the way, it’s not just going to be the Jews, Angel. Christians are in the firing line as well. And Conservatives. Anybody who speaks out against Islam. We’re all in this together.

  22. Aurora says:

    By the way, I know this group let off the girl with the cross, but there are plenty who will not. The media hates all Conservatives.

  23. in2thefray says:

    Asian in England has long been used to describe people from Pakistan,Afghanistan. Black in England you tend to be Caribbean or North African. the math there is simple. England has a lot of issues regarding not getting involved in crime,Europe for that matter. Not unlike NYC in the 70′s. You need to update the Obama picture since he’s been endorsed by Farrakhan a true anti semite nutter who is equally evil on race baiting and hate selling.

  24. cube says:

    That poor little girl. As horrid as those thugs are, the press is complicit when they don’t accurately describe them as the islamofacists that they are.

  25. middleclassguy says:

    If the young lady was a Moslem and she was beaten there would be riots in the streets, buildings and cars burned and bombed and people killed. She would also be killed for associating and being friends with a girl who wore a crucifix. You know, the religion of peace and honor.

  26. The Hermit says:

    Israel had better stay strong. It would be a big mistake to rely on anyone else, particularly if Osama Obama or Shrillery become the next President.

  27. Jungle mom says:

    Only a Jew or Christian can be targeted like this and not even cause a ripple in the MSM

  28. American Crusader says:

    You can get away with anti semitism…but God forbid you say anything against the moon followers.

  29. Daniel Ruwe says:

    Anti-semitism is becoming more and more accepted–and the media says nothing. It’s pretty sad.

  30. Flanders Fields says:

    The authorities who allow this should themselves be subjected to being beaten, run out of office and expelled from the country. No child or person of any race should become a victim of such crimes. It happens just as often to whites as it does to Jews and still importation of savage immigrants continues and racial anomosities are encouraged.

    Have you noticed that the major media – no matter which Western country you are from – either does not report the crimes or minimizes them (unless it is crimes they choose to publicize). It is done in concert with the government. The media is conspicuous in it’s involvement, although no one seems to be able to determine what to do about it.

    White reported hate crimes are not counted in the same way as other crimes, including Jewish. Whites are brushed aside in reporting and their numbers minimized. This creates fodder for the Jew haters since so much of both the media and the agencies reporting factually are within Jewish control.

    So far as I can tell, there seem to be similar problems in Europe and Britain. In all Western countries, there is an alliance between governmental powers and minorities against the patriotic and the original citizens (Jewish, white , Chritian or any denomination exhibiting patriotic feeling) while the minorities are supported, encouraged and sheltered by those in government – while more continue pouring in.

    It is as if there is a system set up to encourage racial divisions due to the discrepencies in the way racial matters are handled. I’m convinced that there is such a system and that there are some Jews and other racial groups involved to make the divisions happen.

  31. Eitan says:

    Flanders, you feeling a little sick today, ey?

  32. Eitan says:

    Oh and Angel, you never told us: is Jasmine Jewish? With a last name like Kranat I would assume she is.

  33. Angel says:


  34. Gayle says:

    At least Fox News covered it. That’s where I first heard about it. Despicable that this should happen to someone just because of what she looks like!

  35. Brooke says:

    This is just beyond vile!

    And of course, “Asian” is the new code for MUSLIM!!!!

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  37. History - and the Repeat of… « The Shannon Chronicles says:

    [...] to a story everyone should read. The story concerns a 12 year old girl being beaten in North London while her attackers screamed the question, “ARE YOU JEWISH?!”. Go on, click on the link and read the story – and know that while this happened on a public bus [...]

  38. benning says:

    Anti-Semitism has once again arisen as the Leftist’s favorite hobby. They can slather their ugly pronouncements with all manner of oddball conspiracy crap and still feel ‘enlightened’ about themselves. Europe is slipping into the Fascist Prison it was during World War Two, only this time the Fascism is Islamic and Socialist-inspired. We dare not allow it here. Anti-Semitism needs to be stamped out as we did with other ugly credos in the past.

  39. Jasmine says:

    im jasmine the girl who got assulted on the bus im now 15.
    i never knew ani semitism was really a big issue untill it hit me,
    everyone can make a change to the world and it may take small steps
    but im sure we can all get there.

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