Gender Equality at the UN?..Ha

Thousands of women from around the world are gathered in New York at the United Nations Headquarters for the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in order to spend two weeks figuring out how to pay for so-called “gender equality.”

The agenda includes heaping blame on the U.S. for its supposed neglect of women’s issues.

Recently, however, fair journalists recognized that the United States has not received credit for the effective help over the past eight years in Africa.

We provided $55 million to African nations to improve legal rights for women, and we work to end violence against women in the form of honor crimes and abuse against displaced women. The U.S. has committed $15 billion in AIDS relief in more than 120 countries (especially Africa) and $500 million to combat the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother to child.

Paying for “Gender Equality”
The United States has led 110 other nations in sponsoring efforts to facilitate women’s participation in political processes. We have given $400 million for educational opportunities in Africa to benefit 80 million children. In Afghanistan and Iraq, various initiatives at a cost of over $10 million have helped women gain the skills they need to participate in civic activities that build democracy and effectively empower women. In the fight against human trafficking, the U.S. has spent $280 million in 120 countries. These are just a few of the ways that our nation is helping women achieve their potential in realistic and effective ways. In contrast, the United Nations’ agenda for women hinges on universal access to abortion-on-demand.

…the United Nations and powerful corporations that embrace socialist and Marxist ideology and radical social views and values are shaping the understanding of “gender equality” around the world.

And wer’e listening to tyrannical globalcrats, whyyy.boy009.gif

Indeed, another Bash America session, courtesy the UN. and the Commission on the Status of Women.
This time the ladies can join the festivies.

Wearing their skin tight, designer jeans, the latest Nike kicks, sipping Starbucks cappucinos while watching the latest lefty, anti American troops, Hollywood blockbuster, they attack the very people and structure that makes their way of life remotely possible.

Yes, yes, of course America hasn’t done enough to further the rights of women in the world..Uh huh.

Apparently, only America is obliged to find solutions to all the problems of the world, while at the same time, “tolerating other cultures” and staying out of the affairs of other countries.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch……..

In ALL Muzlim countries…Iran, Sawdi Arabia, Afghanistan etc etc etc, women are treated as sub-human, are lucky if they aren’t tortured or stoned in the name of upholding their twisted idea of family “honor”. They are punished for “inviting” gang rape and coerced into wearing black sacks that barely allow them vision for the times they are actually “permitted” to leave their house, accompanied by a male, of course.

Notice any UN or National Org. for Women or Hollywood stars protesting or wearing “ribbons” in solidarity with these women?
Didn’t think so.

Let’s not even get started on the Izlamofascist-Nazi dictatorships’ campaigns against contraception and ho-mo-se-xuals, shall we.

Is the world a better or worse place thanks to the the United States?
Don’t answer that.
It’s rhetorical.
Then again, -Anyone with half a mind already knows that.

Here’s a lil list of reasons to love our country, for those who have short fuses for a memory.

-Our Constitution.
-The concepts of free speech, privacy and religious freedom.
-Our prosperity, for which we are markedly unashamed.

-The rule of law. The right of victims to confront their accusers, the right to an attorney, the right to refuse admission to government officials entering your home or office. (Try that in a Muzlim country..Rrright.)

America is the most big-hearted Nation on earth, welcoming people from all over the world fleeing oppression,poverty, or just wanting a taste of what so many tragically take for granted every day of their free lives.

Any room in the Sudan for the UN perhaps?skull32.gif

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35 Responses to “Gender Equality at the UN?..Ha”

  1. Defiant_Infidel says:

    All that expanse of glass in the UN building sure does guarantee total transparency…

  2. Debbie says:

    Love the image, “UN-involved in Africa”, fitting. The UN isn’t concerned about women’s rights in the Muslim world, they kiss Muslim butt. Just like the American ‘women’s lib movement’, who care only for themselves, not for the oppressed women around the world.

  3. Pela68 says:


    Good post!

    Give me a call if you find the time. I’m on sick leave atleast until Monday, and I’m bored! (The army boots just don’t fit anymore and my hands are all cut up from a close encounter with Consertina wire!). On the plus side, it means that I can just kick back and watch Scrubs over the weekend (and also spend some quality time with my son. Gee! I’m getting to old for theese things… Maybe I should take up those medicine studies again?

  4. Dapoppins says:

    Debbie gave a much smarter comment that I could.

  5. middleclassguy says:

    There are some things that the US should just walk out on and not even acknowledge. This is one.

  6. Grandma is an Idiot! says:

    McCain Threatens to Send Republican Rivals to Pris…

    If you look at what McCain’s campaign finance reform has accomplished you find that McCain isn’t as liberal or as stupid as Conservatives think….

  7. Right Voices says:

    Straight From The Donkey’s Mouth: We Want The Economic Stimulus To Fund ACORN And La Raza…

    Via Ed, here is the transcript of what Democratic Sen. Casey had to say on the stimulus package that is going to be blocked this week:
    Mr. CASEY: “We want to do a couple of things with this legislation, which we know is the Foreclosure Prevention Ac…

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  9. KKarlLMm says:

    To think a window washer dream, the U.N., a weeks worth of work on the outside while nothing happening on the inside.
    Hey Angel, stop with the criticism, they do have those cute Diplomatic license plates that allow them to park anywhere….

  10. Sloane says:

    I am having some trouble with the trackback code in my blog’s template. I was able to get a trackback to your blog working. So, sorry about the malfunction.


  11. Layla says:

    The UN will never support womens rights as long as knowone holds them to account.

  12. MK says:

    Don’t get me started on the UN Angel, such a bunch of wretched oxygen thieves. Once that surge is done in Iraq, i say deploy the marines to the UN HQ to clear the place of traitors and vermin.

  13. Panhandlepoet says:

    UNbelievably astute as usual.

  14. Aurora says:

    Angel, the U.N. is a disgrace. Isn’t this yet another case of up is down? America has been the most generous country in the history of the world. How dare they?

  15. Tilting at Windmill Farms says:

    The Candidate of Chènge…

    Linked to:  The Pirate’s Cove, The World According to Carl, Woman Honor Thyself, Rosemaray’s Thoughts

  16. Dragon Lady's Denn says:


    From BB. A picture taken in 1918. The Statue of Liberty is made up of men preparing for war in a training camp at Ft. Dodge….

  17. Dragon Lady's Denn says:

    Obama Would Turn Us Into a Third World Country!…

    This is what will happen if Obama wins. We will be left defensless – and Obama is proud of it! But I’ll let him tell you in his own words….

  18. Gayle says:

    Hi Angel!

    I’ve thought for a long time that the US should withdraw from the Useless Nations. This post did nothing to change my mind! :)

  19. cube says:

    I’m so sick of the US bashing whether from abroad or from right here at home. Sick, I tell you!

  20. The Hermit says:

    I’d just as soon let the rest of the world take care of itself and reduce my taxes. I don’t have enough money to pay for the worlds ills.

  21. Stuck On Stupid says:

    McCain The Republicrat?…

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    Hide Sites


  22. The World According To Carl says:

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  23. Brooke says:

    I read this kind of crap and I could just puke, Angel. Ugh!

    One word: ISLAM.

  24. Joe Gringo says:

    One look these sheet woman tells you what a sick idealogy Islam is.

    Nice photo of the UN dude with his gun that more than likely has no bullets

  25. Big Dogs Weblog says:

    Bill Clinton Endorses Obama…

    In 2004, Bill Clinton said this:
    “One of Clinton’s laws of politics is, if one candidate is trying to scare you, and the other one is trying to make you think, if one candidate’s appealing to your fears, and the other one’s appe…

  26. heidianne jackson says:

    great post, angel – you’re spot on as usual!

    the daughter of a friend of mine is there in new york for this conference. she was selected from her college to be their representative. her parents are so proud that at the tender age of 20 she is already a leader in the “bash america first” movement. wow, what an accomplishment.

    this same young woman is going to siera leone this summer to help build a school or something (i can’t remember right now). she (and her idiots – i mean parents) are absolutely convinced she will be in no danger because she is there to “help” the young women understand how to live life with respect – you know, she’s not a republican whom they have to fear. sheesh.

  27. Daniel Ruwe says:

    Does anyone care what the UN says any more? I know I don’t. I think they should build their headquarters somewhere else.

  28. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Charles Taylor: Witness in hiding after threats…

    Today I have received news that the trial being held in the Hague is causing angst among its witnesses. One in particular, Varmuyan Sherif, has been threatened for testifying against his boss, Charles Taylor, ex-president of Liberia, is suspected ……..

  29. Kevin says:

    “Apparently, only America is obliged to find solutions to all the problems of the world…”

    And we’re evil if we don’t do it fast enough or spend enough of our money on the problem.

  30. tapline says:

    Good post….after reading all the comments I forgot the post…..but , the jest is it’s our fault…..all you have to do is blame the US…….stay well….

  31. Always On Watch says:

    The UN Building is a waste of real estate in NYC.

  32. Jungle mom says:

    Our country is great, lets hope we can keep it that way!

  33. Mustang says:

    Well, I suppose I can understand why UN women would bash America while throwing their support behind Islamic countries . . . but it would mean these people are D U M B. Unless, of course, there has been a sudden change in the treatment of women under Shari’ah law . . .

    I’m with AOW: Let’s sell the UN building to Marriott and give those idiots 30 days to vacate.

  34. The World According To Carl says:

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  35. A Little Revolution! says:

    The UN disgusts me. How is it that these people who “don’t make value judgments about culture” have decided the value of our culture is meaningless, violent, degrading, etc? Grrr!