Pali Terrorists gettin more US $

The US government has pledged 148 million dollars this year to the UN refugee agency to aid Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and neighboring countries, both said Wednesday.
UN gets 148 million dollars in US aid pledge for Palestinians

To aid THESE Pa-lestinians: Partying after Sept 11.

Here we go again.angry08.gif

Some things leave you utterly speechless no matter how many times they are repeated.confused.gif

Do you suppose our daily,hourly outrage is expressed to keep the horrifyingly common from actually seeming normal?

This is why we work friends.
This is what OUR government is doing with YOUR tax money:moneyl96.gif

Lesse now……..How many Katusha rockets do ya suppose you can you buy with 148 mil?

But relax y’all, now the Muzlims will finally be happy as we declare ourselves a state sponsor of terrorism.

1967 was a loooooong time ago.
The A-rabs waged war against Israel.
They lost.

But but but the wealthy oil drenched Arabs richani-ddy.gif are still keeping the cough cough “Pal-estinians” in refugee camps.

The UN and all the lefty ahem “amnesty” orgs still demand endless dollars for the murderous “refugees”.

Hmmmmm……..If the Arabs that fled the war had been absorbed into the surrounding regions by their fellow brothers………….there would be no Pal-estinian prob to begin with.

How come there are no Jewish refugees from all the A-rab countries that expelled them?

We all know the A-rab/Muzlim aim is not to re-establish any kind of “Pal-estine”.
One, it never even existed, and two, it never belonged to Muzlims.

Their aim is to destroy every living Jew on planet Earth..and those on other celestial bodies as well, if rockets went that far.

The poor “suffering” children the thugs at the UN talk bout:

But, keep workin friends. Your government is arranging for the cash transfer even as we speak.money395.gif

Anyone ever hear the ole expression:
Stop oiling the machine and it will quit working.


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17 Responses to “Pali Terrorists gettin more US $”

  1. DragonLady says:

    That just makes me so angry. There never was a Palestine, only a Philistia, and the Philistines were not Arab. Ack!

  2. Ogre says:

    I am still waiting, hopefully, that Israel will do as one minister recently promised, “Armageddon.” It is currently the only way Palestinians are going to stop attacking — when they’re dead. And the US obviously isn’t going to help (Israel, that is).

  3. The Hermit says:

    That looks like a Browning High Power that little weasel is sporting. Wonder how he got that?

    I saw an article listing the U.S. made weapons Hamas is bragging about having taken from FATAH. Doesn’t look to me like they need any more of anything from us.

  4. Debbie says:

    I feel sorry for the babies. They are raised from birth to hate. No wonder they end up so crazy. They don’t know any difference. But I’m not making excuses for them either. We should not be funding them, they are our enemy and Israel’s enemy.

  5. heidianne jackson says:

    wow, another day another lot of disgust. in some states, union members don’t have to pay dues that are alotted to causes they don’t believe in. think we can get that enacted for citizens and taxes?

  6. Layla says:

    How disgusting and those pali kids being ruined by evil, evil adults. As for the US giving them more $$$$’s heh! NOT the first time hun and I guess we are now SEEING that it won’t be the LAST! SPIT!

  7. MariesTwoCents says:

    I dont see how throwing more money at this situation is helping anything except like you said Angel, buying more Katusha rockets!

  8. In_spired says:

    Angel, the more I read, the more “speechless” I become. I don’t understand the thinking of those with the “cash in their hands” and especially their use of it. Our government is committing suicide…OUR suicide! What to do….what to do….

  9. nanc says:

    sounds alot like robbing peter to pay paul?

    sure hope they eat u.s. last…

  10. Kevin says:

    I’m confused. Are we giving them $148 million because they are murderous thugs, or because the housing search is taking slightly more than the 60 years they’ve already had to find a place to live.

  11. dapoppins says:

    Who pledges this? Who does this? It is so outrageous. All we hear about is how our economy is in the tank and yet we can give aid to terriorts?


  12. LomaAlta says:

    Nice post Angel.
    Some things we just have to suffer. One is American aid to terrorists. America ought to attack terrorists whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, or Saudi Arabia. But, we knew Arafat was a cruel pervert and we knew he was dying of AIDS. But we kept giving hiim money as he led terrorists. Why, because PC America just had to gain world approval and MSN praise. And, our Dept. of State is lost. Lost to evil and the dark side.

  13. Mustang says:

    We have climbed the mountain; we have seen the other side. We have seen the enemy of our country. It is our government. What has transpired over the past 100 years is that the government has an agenda of its own. It has nothing to do with the safety of Americans, or the security of the United States.

    My theory is that our officials are willing to hand over millions to terrorists because they have nothing to fear from terrorists. Does GW benefit from holding hands with Saudi royalty? Do members of Congress really care about oil prices, when they can easily afford Cadillac SUVs and $150/barrel?

    I am quite disgusted.

  14. Shimshon says:

    Shouldn’t reward those people celebrating the death of others. Gaza must be closed of and in my opinion let them rot!

  15. Defiant_Infidel says:

    The next time they have a public, street filled celebration of the deaths of innocent Israeli citizens, I would turn it into a shrapnel filled, empty turnpike. Until they do this, Israel will continue to flirt with total devastation because you can bet your sweet butt the savages will level Israel at the first opportunity! How long will the people of Israel continue to allow Omelet to play Russian Roulette with there own flesh and blood? How long will America continue to finance and endorse such utter, nonsensical conduct? Testicles seem to be extinct.

  16. MK says:

    Yeah, it’s not just you folks, our socialist govt. also thought it a grand idea to give 45 million of our money for ‘social justice’ in Palestine. Ain’t it nice of our overlords to just give away our money.

  17. KkarLmmM says:

    So the USA rewards murderous behavior with a cash outlay of 148 million dollars…i am sure this was not what Palov had in mind as “positive reinforcement”
    I think we should give them double that amount to get out and go “home” to Jordan, Iraq and Iran where they came from….