Death PenaltY for RapistS

I’d like to see a nationwide tsunami of ladies equipped to the teeth with the physical prowess and the firearm capability to kill any and all would-be murderers and rapists should such a creeps ever accost them.

I have a dream!
A dream where instead of reading about a cute college coed left dead and naked out in a vacant lot or bloated and floating in a river, the story reads, “dead jack a-ss found double-tapped and dead on the curb as his soul wings its way to hell, all because he messed with the wrong mama.”
I Have a Dream: No More Women Abused, Raped, or Murdered

I have a dream where if .. in the name of his stupid religion ever abuses his wife or daughter and God doesn’t strike him dead on the spot, that his wife or daughter will. Okay, maybe that’s too extreme. How about put him in an irreversible coma?

How did this dream come about? This holy vision came from God in direct response to my prayers over the cultural nightmare women in the US live with now, namely:

One rape or sexual assault occurring every two minutes

• One violent crime occurring every five seconds

172 women being physically and/or sexually assaulted every hour

261,000 rapes and sexual assaults occurring in the US in 2006

• 2.8 percent of college women experiencing rape (according to a six-month US Department of Justice study)

17 percent of rape or sexual assault victims being victimized by someone they knew

• One murder occurring every 34 minutes

Once upon a time, not long ago…we executed rapists in this country.

by 1837, North Carolina required death for the crimes of murder, rape, statutory rape, slave-stealing, stealing bank notes, highway robbery, burglary, arson, castration, buggery, sodomy, bestiality, dueling where death occurs, .. , accessory to murder, robbery, burglary, arson, or mayhem and others. However, North Carolina did not have a state penitentiary and, many said, no suitable alternative to capital punishment.

Death Penalty

Needless to say this sent quite the needed and powerful message to anyone contemplating this heinous crime against women.
A man can simply not fathom the trauma, both physically and psychologically, of rape.

But of course our pals at the ACLU got themselves into a lather about the statistics that showed that more blacks were executed than whites, so that swiftly brought to an end any serious punishment for the one of the worst crimes known to man.

We know all too well about “the system”, where rapists and vicious criminals get off on technicalities, and get out early on parole.

How can a rapist ever be let back on the streets?..Ever?

Our twisted pop culture reinforces the lackadaisical attitude toward s-ex crimes by teaching young girls and women that they are nothing more than a collection of body parts assembled as toys or playthings for any man who wants to gaze, leer or evern handle them.

The average pre-teen and teenager can hardly wait to post their scantily clad or even n-ude photos online, and play to the prurient interests of a perverted male audience whom she doesn’t even know.

After all isn’t that what Vi-ctoria Sec-ret and Top Mo-del is all about?
The average co-ed is nothing more than a prostitute , only without the pay.

As far as guns being the “solution”, western Women do have the choice to be armed or not.
However, oftentimes the man, still being the much stronger s-ex, overpowers the woman and uses the weapon on her.

The LAW must protect women, it’s that simple.

The other harsh reality for the rest of the world, due to misogynistic religous or “cultural” reasons, most women don’t have a choice as to whether they carry ammo or not.

Another layer is the utter disrespect women have for themselves, and subsequently, men have for them.
Legitimizing stri–pping and po-rnography has hurt women immeasurably.

The naked truth of it all is as follows:
Until a few generations ago, throughout all of history, and woven into all organized religions, mankind understood human nature and consequently set rules to subdue it. Yes. Subdue it.

Young women never ventured out alone, as unfair as that may be. Now, they venture forth, avoiding elevators alone at night, avoiding stairwells, avoiding parking lots,…oftentimes, avoiding going “out” at night competley due to their lack of safety.

Couples who were courting, never went out without a chaperone, and were never left alone together for extended periods of time.

Women dressed modestly.

Men who peddled indecendy and po-rnography were detested, ostracized and on occasion, even run out of town.

But, in our new Pop Culture “enlightenment”, where women expose their bodies to gain even political popularity, we witness one social disaster after another.

Everyone howls about “unfettered freedom”, putting themselves in situations even a saint couldn’t overcome.

These supposedly liberated women, are the ones whose actions and ideology have aided and abetted those who hurt women. After all, Leftard liberals are the ones who are notoriously soft on crime.

Women have been living in sheer terror and fear since the dawn of Civilizaton.

Rapists can not be “rehabilitated” and there is no punishment severe enough.

The Death Penalty.
One less rapist on the street and …the oppurtunity to give the wanna be’s a chance to decide if the “thrill of tormenting a woman” is worth losing their sorry lives for.

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29 Responses to “Death PenaltY for RapistS”

  1. Brooke says:

    I am very pro death penalty, and have been saying for awhile that I think it should be extended to include rapists and child molesters.

    Someone who would do any of the above has no place in humanity.

    Great post Angel, as always.

  2. hnav says:

    well done…

    recently a police officer killed his wife and unborn child, and got 57 years.

    it seems unreal, that someone could murder others, and expect to see some form of freedom, after a prison term.

    rape is similar in the act of dehumanizing a person, and can destroy a life…

    i have to agree with the need for far stronger sentences on every crime.

    especially for a sitting President who lies under oath, tampers with witnesses, manipulates evidence, in his sexual harassment trial.

  3. Bar Kochba says:

    It is disgusting that our culture treats women like objects and playthings. Women must be treated with absolute respect. Great post.

  4. middleclassguy says:

    I agree. There should be capital punishment for rape. I say include dope dealers in that too.

  5. Uncle Joe says:

    Too many judges only give rapists a slap on the wrist and anyone who woould rape and murder a child deserves to pay the ultimate price as swiftly as possible. I hate to admit it, but I think that the death penalty so too light a penalty for them. Is it cruel and unusual to torture a child rapist and murder slowly until they die as they did their victim?

  6. Goat says:

    Doug Giles is right, arm yourself and know how to use it. I have long supported the death penalty for rapists and child molesters.

  7. Jason says:

    One of your finest posts yet, Angel!!! It is sad that the type of society that you have written about here is applauded and paid for by mainstream society. People get rich exploiting every side of it. The most important thing for anyone who carries a weapon to understand is that your weapon does nothing to protect you. You are the beginning and the end of defense. A weapon is merely a tool and your mind and will must decide when and how to use that tool and your nerve must be unwavering and not hesitate to carry that through.

  8. Daniel Ruwe says:

    I agree. I don’t see why rapists should go free. Rape is a monstrous crime that should be punished.

    I also agree with your views on modesty. Good post.

  9. Layla says:

    You are so right on. All rapists NEED the death penalty as do all MURDERS. SPIT!

  10. KkarlMm says:

    Sometimes i just can not wait so long till God brings the rapist to justice. I think as God’s creations we should assist him in the task at hand.
    I do thank those inmates that exact their “brand” of punishment behind bars. To those precious few women that know how to use a gun, and do, thanks for putting out the garbage!!

  11. LomaAlta says:

    Good post Angel.
    I agree with Brooke. I also agree with you about the harm in female exhibition.

    Perhaps more women should go about armed and perhaps women in America should demand the death penalty for rape and child molestation. You are the majority of voters – I hope you exercise your power. Make this a test of all candidates who seek your support.

  12. angie says:

    Wow, what a post Angel. I could not agree more with you.

    I remember once upon a time when Ky had capital punishment for rape.

    I like Brooke’s view.
    Jason’s too. We are the beginning and end of our defense and the weapon is the tool.

    Excellent needed post. You go girl!

  13. MK says:

    “..western Women do have the choice to be armed or not…”

    Not all western women Angel, i just put up a post along those lines. Only in a few western countries are they allowed to bear arms. Thanks to lefties, they’d rather women are raped and killed than walk around with a loaded gun to prevent you know, being raped and killed.

  14. Aurora says:

    Angel, great post. I read yesterday that there is a woman raped in multicultural Sweden (alone) every two hours. And the pics are not pretty!

    I’m glad you posted this though:

    Another layer is the utter disrespect women have for themselves, and subsequently, men have for them.
    Legitimizing stri–pping and po-rnography has hurt women immeasurably.

    Bravo for saying something that plenty of people are afraid to say.

  15. Yankee Doodle says:

    Good post, Angel, but all I can think of is that case from a few months back where the members of that sports team were accused of raping this girl, and the prosecution jumped on it, and it turned out to be bogus. I think those kinds of cases were why they stopped prosecuting rape as a capital offense.

    Now, there are criminals who traffic in women for forced prostitution. If they could get some of those guys and execute them, that could be fun to watch.

  16. Kevin says:

    I have no problem with death penalties for true rapists. But as we learned from the Duke lacrosse fiasco, not all rape claims are true. That’s a touchy subject.

  17. DD2 says:

    The Death Penalty.
    One less rapist on the street and …! …Period…No If’s And’s or But’s

  18. Panhandlepoet says:

    Capital punishment for rapists is only part of the answer. What punishment is appropriate for the glorified pop starlettes who flaunt themselves and legitimize promiscuity in their music? What about the hip-hop “gang-banging” glorifying performers? What about television and movie producers? What about ad agencies?

    But then again, where is the boundary? Our society has been confused by the “changing” of views toward morality to the point that no one knows what is right and what is wrong anymore. Do we write hard-and-fast rules that say things such as, “no woman may wear clothes that reveal any skin other than the hands and face?” Do we put them in burkhas? Somewhere in the middle is a common-sense solution. It’s too bad that common sense has become so uncommon.

    Yes, execute the rapists (but be certain that it was rape and not delayed reaction on the part of the woman who led him on and then later had remorse), but do something about the culture which encourages promiscuous behavior. A teenage boy with raging hormones is confused enough without adding the micro-skirts, micro-bikinis, halter tops, suggestive dancing, etc.

  19. Debbie says:

    Yes, every woman should be armed with weapons, but they should also take a form of Karate that allows them to use their smaller stature and power on a larger assailant. The death penalty for rape, I won’t hold my breath for that one, Angel.

  20. Gayle says:

    I have always carried concealed, Angel. Even when I lived in states where it is against the law. I did this because I would rather be in jail for protecting myself than dead because I didn’t! This tendency which most liberals would call hostile on my part has saved my life more than once. I’m now in Texas where it’s legal to carry a concealed weapon, so I don’t have to break the law, thank goodness!

    I honestly wish that more women had my sense of self-preservation.

  21. in2thefray says:

    Powerful piece. I can’t agree the clothing trends etc. are so relevant in the cases of real rape. The predators of the world hunt and skimpy clothes or movement isn’t to be confused as primary triggers of violent behavior. They may make the conscious decision that it helps in the act but ultimately that doesn’t explain the elderly and very young.The scumbags with the ruffies and other date-rape tactics perhaps fall under the “she was dressed for it” motivation but they are no less guilty of attacking another human.I’ve always told the women (and children) in my life that they should be doubly aware of the people around them. It’s sad and sick but is needed.I have trouble with the death penalty at times but these bastards are worthy of it.I’m in a no DP state but I’ve seen how child molesters and rapists get treated in the pen so there’s a twisted justice there. Again powerful piece Angel.

  22. Angel says:


  23. heidianne jackson says:

    what a wonderful dream, angel – oh that it could come true. i fear debbie is right – again…

  24. Joe Gringo says:

    The ultimate violation of a woman.

    Let’s get back to the time when punishment actually deterred crimes such as this. Great post.

  25. Perri Nelson says:

    Once upon a time a rapist was a rapist. Such people were deserving of the death penalty.

    Today a rapist can be a teenager seduced by another teenager. Such people aren’t deserving of the death penalty.

    Today a rapist can be a man who was having consensual sex with his partner who, mid-act decides she doesn’t want to continue any further. I sat on a jury for just such a case. The man and the woman were both in their early twenties. Alcohol was involved. Drugs were involved.

    A provocative mood was set up, by the woman. They spent the evening with a few friends watching the “spice” channel — soft core po–rnography designed to “get them in the mood.” They retired together, both agreeing to have s-ex. They performed s**omy… As they were engaged in actual co–it–us, and had been for several minutes, she decided she didn’t want to continue. He didn’t stop.

    SIX MONTHS later she decided to press charges. There were NO witnesses to the actual act other than the man and the woman involved. Both agreed that they had begun the evening consensually. Their friends did as well.

    Did he deserve the death penalty, or even the penalty that the prosecutor was seeking?

    He said/she said. Who do you believe? Especially when it can be demonstrated that both of them were lying about parts of the case.

    Meanwhile, a 20 year old male is at a friends house with a rather mature seeming 16 year old. She lies about her age, saying that she’s 18. Legally it’s not rape if she’s at least 17, and both consent, but she’s only 16.

    That’s statutory rape even though he was misled about her age. Does he deserve the death penalty?

    Are all rapists male? What about Mary Kay Letourneau? She was a teacher, and a married woman. She “fell in love” with a student in one of her classes. They had “consensual se–x”. She had the student’s baby. A “made for TV” movie was made about it. She eventually divorced her husband and married her victim. That marriage eventually fell apart. Because she was a registered s–ex-offender she wasn’t allowed custody of her own child.

    Technically she was a rapist. Does she deserve the death penalty?

    I hate the idea of violence against women. Violent rapists definitely deserve the death penalty, if it can be proven that they committed the act. Proof is hard to come by though, and a lot of the things that are called rape these days are anything but rape.

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    [...] Woman Honor Thyself // Monday, March 10, 2008 at 14:04 Death PenaltY for RapistSBut, in our new Pop Culture “enlightenment”, where women expose their bodies to gain even political popularity, we witness one social disaster after another. … [...]

  27. benning says:

    We’re far too “enlightened” these days to ever do what is right about Rape, Murder, Treason. I wonder if all that enlightenment was worth it.

  28. Chaim says:

    The more enlightened, the more advanced, the closer we get to the Barbarian Age. The Sages of the Talmud foresaw it over 1500 years ago and warned us, we haven’t listened!

    Oswald Spengler in his Decline of the West spoke about this breakdown of law and order in 1922 and tried to warn the world. The super civilized, enlightened, liberal secular elite didn’t believe him either… I guess he was a mere fear monger.

    Criminals today are pampered, “understanding” judges find fault with the society who caused the criminal to behave criminally. It’s not his fault!

    As a result, synagogues and churches preaching love get emptier, Mosques preaching vile infidelophobia and total submission are full. The west has divested itself of its spirituality, and now western society only craves instant gratification to fill the void. But that which gratifies the west is temporary at best,,, and there is nothing of value left. Is it any wonder that a political movement (IslamoFascism) disguised as a religion is ready to take over with the willing help of the kumbaya crowd?

  29. Aldo Garcia says:

    How people can come up with such a information, ideas and posts? ?