MemorY..ah yes I remember that……

WIGGLING your eyes from left to right helps to boost your memory…and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Scientists say the eye movement fires up both the left and right hemispheres of the brain at the same time.
The Easy Way To Boost Your Brain
And they believe this is the key to improving our ability to remember things like whether we locked
the front door or turned the oven off.

Some research indicates that certain types of memory – for example what one did yesterday, or memory for a word in an experiment – are dependent upon interactions between the cerebral hemispheres.

Other experts suggest that bilateral eye movements may stimulate such interactions and thus influence memory.
If this is the case, then this type of work provides another line of evidence that the interaction between the cerebral hemispheres is important for successful memory.

Moving your eyes side to side improves memory?paranoid.gif

With all the tennis I watch, you’d think I wouldn’t have this problem eh? Heh.flirt.gif

OK..What was I talking about..oh right…………..Memmmmmmmmmory.

Memory is not just another inconsequential intellectual skill. It is one of the most important ones of all. Why, you ask? Because it directly effects every one of the other intellectual processes.
But guess what?… Memory is one the easiest mental processes to improve and train. All is not lost.jester.gif

Let’s be honest sweet friends.
Our magnificent universe offers an awesome abundance of sensory riches.
Trying to process, let alone remember this inundation of information for most of our paltry lil brains, is nearly impossible.

Luckily, Nature (God) has outfitteded us with mechanisms that restrict this flood of information, somewhat.

Some refer to this mechanism as: “attention”.
Hey you..are ya paying attention?listen4.gif

In other words, when we focus on a particular stimulus, we process it more comprehensively, and unknowingly, consign the rest of the stimuli (we are taking in) to a more superficial status. Kind of the way a flashlight focuses on something……

That is why we can only truly focus on one input at a time.
Multi tasking aside.

Try talkin on the phone and blogging at the same time. Heh.
Where is your ‘attention’?

Did the person on the other end finally summon up the courage to say..“Are you, by any chance on the computer…you” Busted!laughing0.gif

Sorry to say guys and dolls, but as we age, our attentional capabilities decline, as do other things…

Memory and concentration, like most things we don’t wish to lose– depend on getting enough rest, eating well, and staying healthy.

No offense but….we often forget things because we simply are not paying attention.
Ya still with me? heh.biggrin.gif

Still in a fog?

Well, when all else fails, try wigglin your eyes side to side.

Now, Think fast: Where are your glasses and car keys huh?

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19 Responses to “MemorY..ah yes I remember that……”

  1. KKarLLmm says:

    Remember when, I was young and so were you
    And time stood still, and love was all we knew
    You were the first, so was I
    We made love and then you cried
    Remember when

    Remember when we vowed the vows and walked the walk
    Gave our hearts, made the start, it was hard
    We lived and learned, life threw curves
    There was joy, there was hurt
    Remember when

    Remember when old ones died and new were born
    And life was changed, disassembled, rearranged
    We came together, fell apart
    And broke each other’s hearts
    Remember when

    Remember when, the sound of little feet was the music
    We danced to week to week
    Brought back the love, we found trust
    Vowed we’d never give up
    Remember when

    Remember when thirty seemed old
    Now lookin’ back, it’s just a steppin’ stone
    To where we are, where we’ve been
    Said we’d do it all again
    Remember when

    Remember when, we said when we turned gray
    When the children grow up and move away
    We won’t be sad, we’ll be glad
    For all the life we’ve had
    And we’ll remember when
    Remember when
    Remember when
    THANK YOU TO MR. ALAN JACKSON….”Remember When” 2004

  2. angie says:

    Angel, I was laughing so hard cuz those multi task pics looked so like me and yep, been busted! LOL!

    Then read the lyrics above and teared up!

    All I can say is this, your blog is just like a box of chocolates, we just never know what we are gonna get and I LOVE IT!

    Thanks for another great post!

  3. American Interests says:

    My thanks to the guys at 3M for those wonderful yellow post-it-notes…

  4. Kevin says:

    BUSTED! Heh.

    “Memory is one the easiest mental processes to improve and train.”

    Howso, m’lady? It’s a skill in which I’m lacking.

  5. MK says:

    Good advice Angel, i’ll try it out. Tennis won’t help, your turning your head, just get a widescreen tv and sit close enough so you don’t have to turn your head, but have to turn your eyes.

    “Try talkin on the phone and blogging at the same time.”

    Cannot do it, tried and failed a number of times, just stick to one thing at a time.

  6. William Teach says:

    I’m sorry, what were you saying? I saw a shiny quarter.

    I do the blogging while on the phone thing about 4 times a week in the AM during conference calls. And, yup, I miss half of what is said.

  7. benning says:

    My glasses are by the bed – I use ‘em for reading – and the keys are on a hook in the hall. Nyeahhh!

    I’m gonna try that eyeball eercise, though. Who knows? It might work!


    Happy Easter, Toots!

  8. Debbie says:

    I need all the help I can, ha. I’ll try the eyeball exercise.

    Have a Blessed Easter Angel.

  9. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Semper Fi! – David Thibodeaux…

    Below is a message from this Marine in his own words:

    A fellow Marine and I wrote, and I recorded a song titled “Not Ready To End The Fight.” This song was inspired by the fact that I, like many Americans, don’t particularl ……

  10. Rosemary says:

    …and they told me stop rolling my eyes. Go figure. ;)

  11. Gayle says:

    Okay… now you’ll have me rolling my eyes back and forth! LOL! Angel, you darlin’ woman, you’re terrific. HAPPY EASTER!

  12. Butch says:

    Happy Easter, Bud…

  13. Robert Garding says:

    After I stopped grinning hard over this one, I started thinking that if this worked…maybe I would swivel my eyes back and forth and try to remember where my car keys were….oh yes…they are right in front of me……my bad….

    Happy Easter Angel and hope that it was a blessed day for you and yours.


  14. nanc says:

    when i forget something, i just say i’ve got S.A.S.S.

    S – hort

    A – ttention

    S – pan

    S – yndrome

    yup…i’m sassy…

  15. kevin says:

    It’s called CRS…can’t remember………………stuff!

  16. Brooke says:

    Aw, crap! What was I going to say? ;)

  17. JMK says:

    I love this place. You always have some great topics and some great visuals to drive home your points.

    GREAT work!

    You make it look easy.

  18. Angel says:


  19. HannahJ says: – thank you very much!