That’s HoT!..NOT

G’head, don’t be shy………Shed your ‘gender stereotypes’, girls…after all …….your’e just like men.

Women, since the dawn of time, have been ascribed with derogatory terms for certain se-xual behaviors, and even ways of dressing.
W-h-ore, s-lut, sk-ank, bi-tch, “easy”, har-lot, fallen woman, ho-o-ker, str-umpet, tr-amp, fl-oozy, hu-ssy, loo-se woman…….and on and on ad nauseum.

A girl or woman who engages in s-exual activity with more than one, or many partners is, of course…a sl-ut.
What is a boy or man who engages in s-exual activity with more than one, or many partners called?

When one wants to defame or hurt a woman, the first label she receives is a se-xual put-down.

But, what is a pro-stitute or wh-ore in reality?
They are girls and women defined and judged exclusively through their se-xual behavoir. They are condescended to in the harshest manner as being immoral, corrupt, degenerate and depraved.

Male immorality or debauchery is excused as being “natural” and almost uncontrollable, once a man is “teased” or aroused.

And since men are ruled by their hormones, they can never be responsible for their “acting out”, infidelities, or shameless behavior, right?
Hence, the woman he cheated with is the “home wrecker”. The young girl at work who tempted him is the one the wife goes ‘gunning for’. Her fellow woman becomes her own enemy.

The new pseudo “empowerment” of women, which supposedly grants her rights to se-xual autonomy, by shedding all female modesty, encouraging promiscuity and assertiveness, proves to be unnatural, unfulfilling and ultimately do women more harm than many of the restrictions she suffered prior to ‘liberation.’

Men tend to be rational, active creatures, not nearly as emotional as their female counterparts. But women, striving to prove they “are just like men”, deny their emotional needs and falsify their true selves when they pretend that one night stands are “really” what they want, and that po-rn-ography is great for their love relationships.
The truth is that women want love, respect, and yes- commitment,-just as they always have, but are petrifried to admit it.

There is nothing more misogynistic than the lie that women dressing in a hyper-se-xualized way is somehow affirming and “empowering.”

Displaying oneself as a se-xual commodity……….is the antithesis of female humanity and grace.

Although men are perfectly capable of controlling their physiology and s-exual functions, oftentimes, they perceive women in provocative clothing as offering an invitation or availabilty. (Why else is she exposing her br-easts or legs?) It creates confusion at best, and anger, hostility, and even rage, when the male is rebuffed and scolded “for looking”, at worst.

Woman, by her very nature, has always taken the moral high ground, and (whether society admits it or not), usually drags her unsuspecting boyfriend or husband along for the ride.

When women abdicate that role, and deny their own womanhood, men too, get the message, that yes, women do exist solely for the purpose of se-xually entertaining and servicing men. (Why else would she strut around in red, 6 inch stilettoes, with her cle-avage in his face?)

The only purpose of a skin tight, low cut, form fitting dress is to be se-xually provcative.
There is nothing natural or comfortable about it.

But at least, let us be honest about the wearer’s intentions shall we.

Hundreds of years after women were forcibly bound into corsets, they now willingly stick their feet into shoes that an acrobat would have difficulty maintaining balance in.

As tragic as it is, women will always be judged and vulnerable, as a result, –by their se-xual attractiveness and identity.
Women, are trained to live for the exterior. For the male glances. How many heads did she turn?

Diet, excercise and plastic surgery are the main topics in nearly every womens’ magazine on the shelves throughout the free world.

Women now imprison themselves by their own willing objectification.

Supposedly “liberated” girls and women who are intellectually or musically gifted, who are supreme athletes, are still objectified. They play tennis in what almost looks like their underwear and and pose as “models” wearing skimpy clothes for magazine covers. Despite their intellect. Despite their talent.

Clearly, for a girl……….talent is not enough.

She’s soooooooooo hot.hotani-uddy.gif
He’s hot.

Being called “hot” is simply a demeaning, expolitative way of saying “someone I would want to have s-ex with.”

Teachers are rated by students.
No one thinks twice about calling even their doctor or nurse “hot.”

Judging people , and women in particular, by their se-xual appeal,- has become so the norm and has saturated our culture so much that instead of being insulted or at least taken aback, women are flattered when a student calls them “hot.”

Encouraging our society to want dancers to be “hot”, a.k.a -”se-xy” and musicians and athletes to be “hot” and even their brain surgeons to be “hot” is manipulative, and even warped. The se-xiness of your doctor is none of your concern. It is inapproriate at best, and perverse at worst.

It is time to take a long, hard look and re-think our social attitudes, and se-xual mores.

And no, I don’t want some kid telling me this article was “hot.”

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31 Responses to “That’s HoT!..NOT”

  1. David says:

    “There is nothing more misogynistic than the lie that women dressing in a hyper-se-xualized way is somehow affirming and “empowering.””

    Preaching to the choir, ANgel. But keep it up, eh? :-)

  2. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    He is Risen!…

    “The angel said to the women, ‘Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, Who was crucified. He is not here; He has risen, just as He said’.” Matthew 28:5-6 ……

  3. Rosemary says:

    Excellent article. Right to the point. I feel sorry for guys half the time. First women tell them not to open the door for them because they can do it themselves, then they wonder why men don’t want to do the things they do as gentlemen. I know I’m one of those who misses the good ol’ day…

  4. Kevin says:

    ZING. The nail on the head is what you hit! My daughter is buying into this whore-culture thing and I have no idea what to do about it. My wife says I’m over-reacting, so we don’t even have a united front from which to confront her! (For the record, I’m NOT over-reacting)

  5. Debbie says:

    Ouch. That image of someone’s foot is painful to look at. Excellent article as always Angel.

  6. Brooke says:

    Another excellent post… But that foot pic? Yikes!

  7. cube says:

    No one treats you like a doormat unless you lie down & take it. I am the mother of 2 teenaged girls and we have discussed this very subject since they were small. Women are the ones who must stop their objectification because men sure as heck aren’t going to do it on their own.

  8. Gayle says:

    Women aren’t going to stop wearing the six inch stilleto heals or the low cleavage and short dresses, Angel, because they love being the center of attention. We are unfortunately living in a “me” culture. “Look at me!” “See how gorgeous I am!” “Don’t you wish you had some of this?” Then when they get into trouble they don’t understand why.

    When they are old and have ingrown toenails, corns and bent toes they’ll wish they had been smarter about the shoes. LOL!

  9. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Sometimes in the past, you have asked me if I think you are actually changing minds, sending a better message and/or giving someone serious pause to think and reconsider their thought processes…

    Look at this amazingly staunch, declarative post that you wrote! You can’t possibly ask me a question like that again and be anything more than kidding.

    I am hopelessly male, and I have been admittedly swooned by the flesh in the past. But your words make me ashamed of that former behavior and even more committed to living the remainder of my life differently.

    YOUR WORDS! Proof enough of your impact yet??

  10. OMMAG says:

    Pretty well expressed Angel!

    Well done!

  11. darcee says:

    I don’t think I would say women were “forced” into corsets for centuries. It was a fashion item that came in and out of fashion over hundreds of years and it was then, as it is today, women who put them on themselves and their daughters. To say otherwise is to feed the old female gender as the historical victim thing that undermines the self-esteem of women today and encourages them to buy the misguided agenda of modern feminists who’s goals are often just as anti-women as the legal barriers to women voting their grandmothers and great-grandmothers fought against.

  12. Yankee Doodle says:

    Maybe we should just admit that the Wahhabis are right, and punish any woman not found in one of those elegant, all-concealing black outfits…


    The bottom line, Angel, is that people do not know how to deal with their freedom. We have freedom, God gave it to us, but too many people are too happy to have their freedom without giving any thought to using it responsibly. The answer most certainly is not to take people’s freedom away, although that’s all that too many of our “leaders” seem to be able to suggest — hypocritically, as they indulge themselves.

  13. MariesTwoCents says:

    Ew that foot in that picture made me ill.

    When I saw the hot peppers at the top I thought it was going to be another one of your recipies lol.

  14. Aurora says:

    Angel, you’re so right on the mark with this. The core of our strength as a culture is our moral fortitude. Unfortunately this has been chipped away by the lie that it’s no longer fashionable for girls to be decent. They have to be ‘hot’. As you say, what women really want is to be loved and respected. But so many of us have given that away because we’re sold the lie that the women/girls that men really want are the highly sexed, promiscuous ones. I blame Hollywood for much of this but it’s time we take our culture back.

  15. Christa Taylor says:

    great post- I’m a first- time visitor to this blog
    If you haven’t read Wendy Shalit’s “Girls Gone Mild”, you should. You are as nearly kindred spirits as ever walked the planet. Her other title, “Return to Modesty” is also a superb resource.

    Excellent job!

  16. JMK says:

    Great article Angel, on a very sensitive topic.

    “Sexual Liberation” is misnamed, it’s actually the Liberation from conventional morality. The Spitzer scandal in NYC has put the “sex industry” in an alluring light for too many naive young women.

    When $5,000/night fees are thrown around like that, it has to be tempting for girls who see that as a “shortcut to riches.”

    The modesty mandated in Islam, although too restrictive, is closer to “the norm” than is the West’s modern “sexual liberation.”

  17. MK says:

    You know what gets me, it’s when women dress very scantily and then look at you funny when you check them out. I mean for the love of…. what the hell are you wearing that short skirt for if you don’t want anyone to look at you legs. It’s more they only want certain people to check them out or something. None the less, men should be able to control their urges, however it would be nice if women helped. And i also think it’s high time society started frowning upon promiscuous men as well. In the instances i know about, the women were just desperate to keep the man and thought that he might stick around because she gave herself to him, but he was just using her and that ain’t right. There are some real bastards out there.

  18. Joe Gringo says:

    Well done sister, the name of your website/blog says it all. I’d take a woman dressed to the 9′s over scantily dressed slut trash chick anyday….well I can’t now ’cause I’m married but if I wasn’t…………ah you get my drift ;-)

  19. KkarlMm says:

    Genesis Chapter 3…tells the story of the Snake and Eve, the eating of the ‘apple” and the forever changed innocence of humankind…The rest my dear Angel as they says has been all downhill!!!
    Our self respect and the honor we show others have long left the “room”, the competition is now being fought with our bodies and our “toys”. The one with the most “hits” wins, if it means that a “bit” of flesh must be flashed then so be it.Rock bottom is but a few feet away, after we hit,perhaps a new day will shine till then…take cover.
    Angel, continue to pull the alarms, and shine the floodlights in the corners of the planet, maybe the roaches will run for their lives.

  20. Layla Elizabeth N Gonzalez says:

    Your’re my hero Angel! Said it just like I woulda! :)

  21. Incognito says:

    Great post Angel… it’s very sad. I see it right now, the young interns in my show throwing themselves at some of the actors. If a girl throws herself at a man long enough, he’s going to eventually take up that offer. Too bad they don’t think more highly enough of themselves.

  22. Angel says:


  23. Otto - American Interests says:

    Another great post. The antics of young woman will eventually hurt them in most cases. Bottom line is that it does the gender harm. I thought too that yankee Doodle made some excellent comments about using freedom responsibly.

  24. angie says:

    Angel, you have as always hit the nail on the head. I agree with Aurora that it is time we took our culture back.

    Also liked “Sexual Liberation” is misnamed, it’s actually the Liberation from conventional morality”.

    Great timing for this post. Well done.
    Think I am caught up now, Hate to miss any of your work.

  25. femaleanon says:

    Great post, however, I would make a more nuanced description: I think it is great if a woman dresses herself in a beautiful way, and that may include tight clothes and high heels. I don’t think this is nesseccarily aimed at getting sexual attention from men, but mainly at getting attention for being beautiful from both, men and women. I adore beautiful women, but I don’t picture them having sex with me. Alike, men dress up nice and look very handsome.
    I agree with you if you talk about clothing obviously aimed at sexuality (what I think you do). I just want to make the point that, as a women, wearing nice clothes should not necessarily be linked with wanting sexual attention.

  26. MG says:

    Hello -came here by way of Jon Swift’s Best Blog Posts of 2008! Yes-I agree with you for the most part. Today girls/women are being fed this idea that they have to dress a certain way to look “hot.” And there are double standards about how a guy who is sexually active is looked upon as opposed to a girl/woman.
    I would have to say that I agree with femaleanon-there is nothing wrong with women dressing so that that woman looks good. (I know that sounds maybe silly/hypocritical coming from a guy) I don’t look upon a woman who has obviously kept herself in shape, and takes care of herself and wants to dress in a sexy way a “whore.” What bothers me is the way the young girls are dressing-real early on-too mature and trashy for their age.
    I am uncomfortable with some of the comments (to your post) that extol the benefits of the extremely restrictive Islamic codes for woman’s dress. I think that’s crazy! That is definitely not woman’s empowerment. I don’t think we need to get into the totalitarian theocracy thing here to empower women.

  27. Kathleen Maher says:

    Jon Swift sent me here. Preaching to the choir? The choir still has a lot to learn–we all do. This should help. Here’s hoping everyone pays attention and takes what you’re showing us to heart.
    I undermine myself in so many ways I don’t even notice, because they’re all nice, respectable feminine ways of behaving.
    The downgrading comes more from how, and how often, I judge myself than my shoes, but being female in this world hurts everyone.
    Time to redefine womanhood, reevaluate what’s sexy, and why.
    Bring on 2009.

  28. MG says:

    Angel-thanks for stopping by my lowly blog! Happy New Year to you too!

  29. Katie79 says:

    I read this because it was on the best blog posts list and it sounded interesting. It was very thought provoking and well written. I hate being antagonistic, but I feel compelled to give my point of veiw. There are some women who enjoy s-ex without commitment. Before I was married, I completely enjoyed being wildly promiscious. I don’t feel bad about it at all because I never went with anybody who had a girlfriend, and I used protection religiously and so never got pregnant nor contracted any diseases. I didn’t feel used because I was in complete control, I was doing what I wanted, everyone was feeling good and nobody was getting hurt. I married a “nice” boy who had only been with two women before me, and it was he who persuaded me to settle down and to have a monogamous relationship. I do agree that most women are not like me, they mostly want love and commitment before s-ex. I just get uncomfortable with too many blanket assumptions about the genders. I’m not a typical woman, but I am still very much a woman. I can really see both sides because I enjoyed my freedom when I had it, and I do think I used my freedom responsibly, but now that I’m married to the most wonderful man in the world I don’t really miss my old ways too often. Anyway, thanks for the great post. I really agree with you that there is too much emphasis on looks in this culture, and that women bear the burden of this superficiality.

  30. Dave (Male, You See?) says:

    Refugee from Swift…

    FTA: “Clearly, for a girl……….talent is not enough.”

    “No one thinks twice about calling even their doctor or nurse ‘hot.’”

    Yes, and I’m sure you’ve never called a (male) doctor or nurse “cute” or fantasized about “domesticating” an attractive/successful man who had no interest in you as a partner.

    Because after all, the physical appearance of men is immaterial in all cases.

    Bullshit. I was an actor in high school, and when I was overweight, I got shit roles. I lost the extra weight, boom, lead roles. Right now I’m pretty fat again, and I’m working as musician, and people take me far less seriously because I look more Jack Black than Jack White. Are there more famous “unattractive” men than women? Yes. But don’t act like you’re the only ones judged for your physical appearance (by both men AND women). For every Steve Buscemi or Gary Shandling there’s a dozen Eric Banas and Tae Diggses.

    I will agree that there are problems in gender relations in this country, but our (overly) politically correct culture has put women in the driver’s seat in terms of gender culture, so if you want it to change, change it. Your enemies are not men but other women and the way they pander to men, and perhaps yourself and the way YOU pander to men.

    The wonderful thing about how men and women should interact is that you only have to find one special man or woman who agrees with you, and then the issue becomes relatively immaterial.

  31. MissJean says:

    I also trackedback from Swift and read your post with interest. (Although I thought maybe I’d read it wrong after Dave’s rant. :)

    My take on it is that inadvertantly we’re creating a meat-market mentality.

    For many years I worked at a multinational corporation with a lot of college interns. Occasionally we had to explain how to dress appropriately for work. By the time I left, it was more than occasionally. The female managers usually did the explaining, since our male colleagues were afraid of sexual harrassment allegations if they said, “Your nipples show when you lean over the photocopier.” The funny thing was how many of the interns remarked later, “That manager is just jealous” or “She wants to hold me back” – as if dressing inappropriately was their ticket to being promoted!

    Now I teach at a public high school. In the past 6 years, the dresscode has gotten more and more specific. Luckily fashion is moving away from butt-crack-showing, midriff-baring and too-tight styles. The kids will wear anything that is cool (hence flipflops without socks, worn in the snow).

    Adults worry about kids’ getting a distorted body image, but we forget that kids have a distorted view of adulthood, too. Teens are still at the age where they KNOW that a TV image is fake, but they still want to live that image.

    Boys do it when they’re determined to get as ripped as professional football players – even though their 14-year-old arms won’t pump up like 24-year-old pipes. Girls do it when they mimick the dress and behavior of whatever show is popular. (You want to hear something sick yet funny? Listen to a teenager talking sophisticated and world-weary because she watched too much Sex in the City and The OC. And she’s lecturing women in their late 30s!)

    As femaleanon posted, adult women don’t dress necessarily for sexual attention but to look pretty. But many girls see it as the same thing, so that getting that attention is the be-all and end-all of their lives. The problem is that some incoming freshman are just 12 years old but they look like the 15- and 16-year-olds in the hallway.

    It’s especially sad if they’ve started having sexual relations in middle school (as some of them have, usually with older boys but sometimes adult men). They don’t see themselves – or maybe can’t see themselves – as having worth outside that approval. One of my co-workers overheard a 14-year-old say to one of her friends, “‘I may be a s-lut, but at least I’m gettin’ laid.”

    The worst part, to my thinking, is that sometimes a group of these girls will up the ante for their classmates. If the boys (or worse, your crush) start checking out the free show, you’ll feel pressured to dress and behave more provocatively. It gets to be the norm.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents on the matter.