Gilad Shalit still up for Grabs by Twisted Ham-ASS

Ha-mas leader threatens: If talks fail, ‘we’ll negotiate return of Shalit’s remains’

‘If Israel does not release 350 Palestinian prisoners as we demanded, we will hold on to Shalit and eventually negotiate on the return of his bones,’ ……………
deputy of Ha-mas .. said the Islamist group would not release kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit unless Israel releases 350 Pal-estinian prisoners.

Always a pleasure to witness the cheapening and complete disregard for human life, courtesy the Muzlims. Their hunger for violence and killing knows no satiation.

Innocent Israeli victims in 2004 alone:

To think that Ham-ASS can actually see themselves as having the upper hand is unforgivable.

But after witnessing a powerless Prime Minister, in action, who can’t even win a war against a small group of Hezbully terrorists in Lebanon, who repeatedly releases terrorists with blood on their hands as some kind of “negotiation” or one-sided gesture.

-Who hands over weapons and armored trucks to their own sworn enemies.

-Who is willing to imprison his own citizens rather than the vile, homicidal, A-rabs who slaughter Israeli students in their own seminaries-in order “to avoid “confrontation” .

-A leader who attends a cough cough “peace summit” with pieces of filth who refuse to shake hands with a Jew.

Any “moderate” Muzlims anywhere in the world speaking out against this murder of an unarmed captive?

Any Muzlims publicizing and dissoassociating themselves from Ham-ASS’s wanton bestiality and cowardice.

Heck no. They’re too busy “rallying to raise awareness” (of what praytell?) in Binghamton, N.Y.

And make no mistake my friends.

Once the Izlamic freaks think they have conquered the “Little Satan”, they will set their sights on the “Great Satan”.

Y’all know who that is don’t ya?

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26 Responses to “Gilad Shalit still up for Grabs by Twisted Ham-ASS”

  1. Z says:

    “Israel’s behind you, America”…be nice if we were more behind Israel, wouldn’t?
    WHT, I lived in Paris for four years and saw the incredible carnage done to Israel MUCH better on television there than we ever see here. BUT, CNN International, quite different than our CNN (even more anti-Israel!), would show five minutes of a bus bombed in Haifa, then 15 minutes of Israel’s retribution on Palestinian territory (or, as Beak says so well “Pseudostinian terriroty). I write this to say that at least CNN Int’l showed , close up, some of the disastrous damage to the Jews. Here, we hear “and four Jews in Haifa died this morning in a bomb attack on a bus..” THERE, you saw bodies, as you’ve shown, you learn to stop hearing “bodies” as we get here and start realizing those ‘bodies’ are grandpas, children, mothers, … We are desensitized here. AND, when you hear “injured” here? You don’t THINK, I find! it’s hard to realize “injured” doesn’t mean a bandaid, it means BLINDED, a leg severed, brain injuries! WE ARE NOT GETTING THE WHOLE TRUTH HERE! here, they concentrate on what Israel does to fight BACK and then they’re damned for it!
    ALl this to say THANKS for showing pictures all Americans should see.
    STOP BELIEVING THE NEWS, folks. This is uglier than we think. Jenin was a lie, the little boy dying against the wall with his dad was a LIE (he is NOT dead), etc etc. Thanks.
    And I hope you’re feeling better, Angel. Z

  2. Maggie M. Thornton says:

    I agree completely with Z. Angel, this is a great and passionate post, as are all of yours. I’ll never understand why we cannot get American Jews behind a conservative administration.


  3. Jungle mom says:

    The media certainly is very one sided in their presentation of this conflict. G-d bless Israel!

  4. Gayle says:

    The MSM otherwise known as the traditional media is unknowingly slashing it’s own throat, both here and in the UK, and probably in Canada as well, Angel. There are many people now days who get all of their news from the internet and talk radio. As the years pass and it becomes more obvious to one and all that the media doesn’t broadcast the truth but merely broadcasts events that they believe furthers their own agenda, I predict the MSM will devour itself with it’s own stupidity. They’re either going to have to change drastically or become obsolete, which – the way things are right now – wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing!

  5. Debbie says:

    They are terrorists, you cannot believe anything they say, you can only be sure they will continue to kill and destroy lives of innocents.

  6. Layla says:

    Hi Angel! I hope you are feeling better.

    It is disgusting. Terror still reigns in Israel and Condi tells Israel to stop the settlements but does not tell HAM-ASS to stop the terror.


  7. PD says:

    Hi Angel!

    Israel will do what it must to protect itself rest assured.

  8. Perri Nelson says:

    Thank you for posting the pictures of a few of the victims of terrorism against Israel. Those people truly deserve a memorial and justice.

    Hamas and Hezbollah both need to be exterminated like the vermin that they are.

  9. Aurora says:

    I keep thinking of Russia’s response to the Palestinians who had captured 6 key Russians and wanted to ‘negotiate’. I think it was Putin in charge at the time who went and immediately captured 6 of Arafat’s closest buddies and in short shrift, Arafat received the head and genitals of one of them with a message that he’d better give back the Russians…fast.
    Arafat released the Russians immediately…with an apology! Wouldn’t it be nice to see Gilad Schalit back home with his family with a big apology from Hamas!

  10. MK says:

    They should have started throwing off the 350 somewhere over Gaza from their Apache gunships, one every hour that Shalit was being held until he was released. But Israel doesn’t do that sort of thing, hence they are punished and pilloried while a Russia and China are ignored, go figure.

  11. cube says:

    The media have been snowing us for years. It is sad that we don’t get the truth about Israel and most other events.

  12. in2thefray says:

    To answer one of your questions Hamas has been known to shoot Palestinians and throw Fatah members from buildings. So I’d say yes there are those that speak against Hamas and pay a price for it.
    Otherwise good post with graphics that speak loudly.

  13. in2thefray says:

    To Maggie Thornton. CityJournal piece looks at your question in a way. Towards the mid to bottom of the article.

  14. EDGE says:

    Hiya Angel!

    It’s sad to think that one day our great country will turn it’s back on Israel when they will need us the most…maybe we’ve already done it. Hope not!

  15. Brooke says:

    Shalit is already dead and likely has been for some time.

    I say destroy Hamass utterly and all of the prisoners.

    Only then can we start to think about Israeli peace.

  16. MariesTwoCents says:

    Israel might as well consider all 3 hostages dead I’m affraid.

    Someone needs to go after Iran. They are the evil doers, they have thier hands in Hamass, Hezblah, and insurgents into Iraq.

    Enough is enough with Iran. We have put up with them since 1978 and it’s just gotten worse and worse for the US and Israel.

  17. The Hermit says:

    Either the U.S. or Israel or both will have to eradicate Islamic terrorism if we’re ever to be rid of it. The European governments don’t have the moral courage. But the U.S. is essentially riven by factionalism, and Israel is a relatively small nation. So it will drag on, and on, and on……

  18. Kevin says:

    As sad as I am to say this, I agree with MariesTwoCents and others. Dead or not, all hostages should be considered dead. No negotiation ever, or the vicious cycle continues.

    No negotiation. Ever. Of course if someone found out where they were hiding the captives, I’d be all for killing the kidnappers and freeing the captive. Israel shows incredible weakness – terrorist emboldening weakness – when it frees terrorists upon the demand of other terrorists.

    In the language of California, NO MAS!

  19. Always On Watch says:

    Hamas DOES have the upper hand. Look how the United States and Israel offer appeasement after appeasement!

    Apparently, leaders today don’t know history–specifically, the disaster of Neville Chamberlain.

  20. Freedom Now says:

    I went to the Jerusalem Bus 19 memorial for those victims of the Hamas suicide bombing (the attack was in conjunction with the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades).

    There were Palestinian protesters at the memorial who said that they were against terrorism, but went on to explain that there are no Israeli civilians and all Israelis are legitimate targets. They would alternate between talking about peace and resistance!!! The contradictions and hypocrisy was disgusting.

    These Palestinians tried to disrupt the memorial as much as they could. The main argument they had was that the event was not balanced and there was no representation for the Palestinian side, but how many of their events feature the Israeli side? Why should there be one rule for us and special privileges for them?

    Anyways it was a memorial to those killed and wounded in the bombing of the bus. How can we make it more balanced? Grieve the life of the suicide bomber who killed 11 innocent people and wounded 50?

    Gaza was not enough for Hamas. They will even kill Palestinians to take the West Bank too.

  21. Incognito says:

    they won’t even protest the killing of their won…

  22. Incognito says:

    oops.. own

  23. angie says:

    Awesome post Angel. Your pictures tell the story so well.

    Z is right on.

    There is one Muslim woman in California (I think) that is in hiding for speaking out against them. They are too few and far between.

    I am amazed at those who reportedly read and still do not ‘get it’. They do not get that these groups will not respect talk. They do not understand or care to understand what Israel gives for peace. They do not understand or care to understand that the Media shows a ‘few Israeli’s’ and 100′s (their words) of palis deaths. No, they don’t get it!

    We must not let up. The truth has to be told.

    Many hugs to ya!

  24. KkarLmM says:

    I see an excellent opportunity to excercise some war games and try out new untested weapons in the sliver of dirt called Gaza…Perhaps a serving of cream of Mushroom cloud would be nice with their fried lamb.

  25. Pinky says:

    Hi Angel. Wow. I’m speechless.
    This post was so powerful.
    I feel like we’re sitting on a ticking timebomb.
    Will we have to come to the aide of the U.K. in the near future?
    If I were a Brit, I’d be lookin’ for new diggs right about now.
    Leads me back to our elections…let’s pray we have leaders who aren’t afraid to kick butt and take names.

  26. Angel says: