BlackS who HatE WhiteS, JewS & Daphna Ziman

On April 4, 2008, at a Los Angeles event commemorating the assassination of Martin Luther King, the African-American fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi gave Israeli-American Daphna Ziman its Tom Bradley Award for community service. Then the event’s keynote speaker, Reverend Eric Lee, turned to Ms. Ziman and launched an anti-Semitic diatribe.

Reverend Eric Lee’s Anti-Semitism: A Personal Story
Daphna Ziman has asked for Reverend Lee to make a public apology to the Jewish community.

I impore upon y’all to watch the whole thing, please.

It is half passed time the self hating Whites in this country stood up.
To all Blacks who regurgiate the liberal mantra of : It’s never my fault, I didn’t do it, point fingers at successful peoples who they are insanely jealous of , and find more and more excuses to milk government money for them while they get to play the victim for all eternity.

And to think these vile Black ahem..”ministers” spew bile at whites and Jews who have volunteered for decades since the Civil Rights movement on their behalf.

Shortly before his death, Dr. King had the moral courage to confront the burgeoning Jew hatred of both extreme leftwing Black organizations, including the Black Panthers and the radicalized Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee, as well as the Black Muslims. For example, during a 1968 appearance at Harvard University, he stated bluntly:
Anti-Zionism is the Jew hatred of the left.
“When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism.” [from “The Socialism of Fools: The Left, the Jews and Israel”.

In the meantime the Politically Correct, facist rulebook dictates that Blacks are the only ones who can use the word “nigger” with impunity.
White folks have use the expression: the “N” word, because they’re not even permitted the utter the sound while blacks can rap about it, wear it smugly on their t shirts and call each other that free of persecution.

The kid glove treatment and protections offered to hateful blacks by political correctness run amok have allowed and encouraged them to revel in an orgy of self absorbed, violent spewing, delusional corruption.
Just recall how when OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder. Tons of black people went celebrating and dancing in the streets, rejoicing a cold blooded killing……….and sayin that they had finally stuck it to “the Man”.

Hussein Obama, and all this campaign’s fellow travellers are typical haters, feeding on race-baiting, into which the Democratic Party has deeply sunk with the likes of the vile Farrakan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and so called “Reverend” Wright.

Hussein Obama should have been on this hatred like white on rice.
But don’t hold your breath whiteys or Jews. Aint gunna nevah happen.

Hussein Obama, Muzlim terrorists defender, is nothing but a deceitful apologist for racial hatred, anti-Jewish extremism, and anti-Americanism.

What a horrific insult to patriotic black people all over this country who do not spend their lives blaming and hating on whites or Jews.

Sorry, Daphna. It’s time for white liberals and Jews to learn a lesson.

Stop trying to “reach out” to the ones who hate you.

When you “help” someone with handouts, guess what?……..they respond with hate.

No good deed goes unpunished.
Save your time and strength for those who have enough human decency to appreciate you.

Indeed my friends.
“The chickens are coming home to roost.”

This is what we get for indocrinating our country with Political Correctness and so called “Diversity” being taught in our school systems. For allowing the vile Saudi’s to fund our very universities with their unique brand of anti-American and anti semitic poison.
We aint seen nuffin yet with the likes of so called ‘Reverend’ Wright or Lee.

I don’t give a rip if your’e black or not:
If you’re racist, you’re racist.
If you’re a hater, you’re a hater.
If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it’s a freakin duck.


Daphna Ziman has asked for Reverend Lee to make a public apology to the Jewish community.

He should make a public apology to all decent blacks and their communities world wide.

Black racism aint kool dude.
Fo shizzle.

Tip o the hat to my friend Omaag.ha-t-tip-icon-ani.gif

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56 Responses to “BlackS who HatE WhiteS, JewS & Daphna Ziman”

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  3. Perri Nelson says:

    NO racism is cool. The idea that the color of ones skin, or even one’s parentage had anything to do with a person’s character is exactly what Dr. King wanted to do away with. His dream was of a day when his children would be judged by the content of their character, and not the color of their skin.

    Someday, it would be nice if the “victims” of the world learned how to return the favor.

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  6. Aurora says:

    The bile-filled vitriol this so-called pastor spewed out was sickening. I wonder if he felt gratified when Daphna Ziman left the room sobbing. Every person who thinks differently to these bigots ought to rise up and make our voices heard. Otherwise, if we are silent, we will see this kind of raw hatred taking over.

  7. Maggie's Notebook says:

    Jeremiah Wright – Hamas – CAIR: Is there a Connect…

    UPDATE TO…I came across some posts that are linking to jpegs to more of Dr. Jeremiah Wright’s church bulletins, showing Dr. Wright’s copyright….

  8. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Thank you, General Petreaus…

    While many of the Democrat Senators could not right out say the things they usually do, due to the progress General Petreaus has implemented and overseen, they still couldn’t keep their traps shut. Scarry Harry, Billary, and the whole lot of them …….

  9. Joe Gringo says:

    the racism game only pertains to the whiteys. ;-)

    I just returned from Asia, the Japan people in our office can’t stand the Chinese…vice versa, the Singaporese dislike the Chinese, the Beijing people dislike the people from the south…..HK and Shanghai and vice versa, the Scots hate the Brits and here in the states, we like ‘em all!

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    I See What’s Happening Here…

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  11. MariesTwoCents says:

    Excellent Post Angel,

    It is time these people stand up and speak up against hate.

  12. Layla says:

    Great post Angel and I wholeheartedly agree with every word you wrote. I cannot imagine why in this day and age or so-called liberalization there is all this hate continuing. But it is.

    Liberal is supposed to me open minded, fair minded-does that sound like any of these people or any liberal?

    I am sick of the bashing of hate by blacks against whites and Jews, that is okay. Reverse racism is the new path of the day. It stinks! :evil:

  13. Brooke says:

    Sometimes I wonder if Dr. King isn’t rolling in his grave. *sigh*

  14. KKarLLMm says:

    So Rev. Lee what exactly have i done that has put the mass majority of jailed males being of the NON-white color behind bars.
    What exactly have i done that it never fails that the up- coming sketch of the “alleged” robber or rapist or murderer will be a NON-white man in a hooded t-shirt.
    How exactly have i profitted from the “back” of these NON-white entertainers,have i beaten them with a wad of $100 bills and thrown them wildly against the doors of their WHITE Rolls Royces.Perhaps i have choked them near death with a string of diamonds….
    enough already…Stand up an be a man… if you do not like the “concept” of slavery then become your own master..
    The blame game has become so “yesterday”..this rhetoric has become the new stand-up comedy…and no i am not responsible for Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock but i would appreciate if they gave this NON-black man his share of their wealth.

  15. Rosemary says:

    OT: Hiya! I added you as a tagee for the only tag I’ve ever participated in because it is a fun one. Can you define yourself in six words or less? ;)

    Here is my post: I’ve been tagged! I received it from David over at third world county. Have fun!

  16. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    I’ve been tagged!…

    My dear friend, David, has tagged me, and I usually turn these away with a little amusement. After all, whatever did I do to indicate I would be a willing participant? What did I do to deserve this? ;) ……

  17. Robert says:

    Angel, you have it right again. I also, have never mentioned this, but I love the way you add pictures to your posts that add a little brevity to a very somber subject. You are da woman…..hee hee.


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  21. Seane-Anna says:

    Great post, Angel! I hadn’t heard about this anywhere else, not even on The Glenn Beck Show or The O’Reilly Factor. And the picture of the ducklings almost made me cry. The little yellow one looks so left out and pititful. Kinda like I feel sometimes. :(

  22. Blue Star Chronicles says:

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    At this point, Barack Obama is going to need all the help he can get to win over Middle America Fly Over Country. Poor gu…..

  23. Tapline says:

    Angel, Outstanding Post…..Cant add anything you’ve said it all….stay well….

  24. Otto - American Interests says:

    A clever an important post angel, and a very live issue. So much hate and to think its 2008. I am glad you posted that clip…

  25. Webutante says:

    So much hate and victimhood it’s appalling. Thanks deary.


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  28. Cao's Blog says:

    thought police fine Christian couple $6,000 for their beliefs…

    From this article at AFA online written by Jeff Johnson comes some disturbing news from New Mexico:
    A Christian law firm will appeal a ruling by the New Mexico Human Rights Commission fining a photographer who refused to take photos of a homosexual com…

  29. gayle says:

    Sorry for not getting here sooner, Angel, but my pc crashed and burned on Thursday morning and I’ve been out of action. I have a new pc now but am still busy getting it personalized and recovering stuff that I lost.

    Racism is indeed racism no matter who is practicing it, as you so excellently have pointed out. I have run into racism here in Texas from blacks and I guess some of them think it’s their turn to be wrong. Maybe many of them believe two wrongs do make a right. Perhaps they don’t give it any thought at all. It’s a shame because I’ve never been racist. I judge people by their character, not their color! I am prejudiced against some people though. To be specific, moonbat liberals!

  30. Dragon Lady's Den says:

    It’s Going to be Fun Watching Obama Eat His Words…

    Well, I’m what Obama would consider a gun clinging, religious, frustrated anti-immigrant, anti-trade small town southern hick!…

  31. Mustang says:

    We must make a distinction between individual vs. collective racism. In my view, white society has not been an agent of oppression since the Civil Rights Era — but this is not to say that individuals no longer harbor racial prejudices, and such behavior is not restricted to whites. Let us recall that the principal agenda of the Democratic Party was to subjugate black citizens, to prevent them from voting, achieving a worthwhile education, and barring them from the many opportunities available to educated individuals. Now, the Democratic Party embraces black Americans — and they do it for the same reasons. Socialist programs “give” too much away to blacks and the consequence of this is that it has made them dependent upon “white government” for the past three generations. Any citizen who is dependent upon government is NOT a free citizen. So the point is that the Democrats continue to enslave blacks; they are doing it economically.

    Democratic and black leaders perpetuate the myth of white oppression because in doing so, they increase their own value (and wealth) to the black community. Anyone who cannot see this is patently blind. We can therefore argue that men like Obama, Wright, Farrakhan, Manning, and Lee are the most insidious because they are capitalizing, in a direct way, on an untruth. If blacks feel oppressed, it is the result of the tyranny of black leaders and their own (individual) slothful behavior. If they choose not to take advantage of educational opportunities, such a decision has nothing to do with me. Having illegitimate babies, living in crime-ridden government subsidized housing, dealing in drugs, committing deadly assaults are all individual decisions, and more than any other factor, this explains the high percentage of blacks in prisons. Again, it has nothing to do with me.

  32. In_spired says:

    We are soooo naive and gullible here in our little isolated town. Hubs and I *had hoped* that the Rev. Wright trash was just an isolated thing. NO…of course not…it’s going to be a wide-spread blistering, abomination around the world. We watched the Daphna Ziman video from beginning to end and were appalled….once again!!

  33. Robert says:

    Uh Oh Angel, you will branded a racist for even discussing the possibility of black racism, It can not be true, it can not happen, it is a fairy tale. Please remove this post immediately! or Obama’s and his wife (who everyone knows are not racists) will have their pastor (who everyone knows is not anti-American or Racist) and their friends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton call a press conference to brand you the grand wizard of the Klan for bringing up such a ridiculous possibility…..

    Ok enough sarcasm…….

    BTW Angel I finally fixed the problem with having to input your info on my blog….JUST FOR YOU! LOL

  34. MK says:

    She heard him say the things on tv before but was still shocked when she heard him say it in person. Like you say, time to wake up folks.

  35. LomaAlta says:

    Hello. You have been tagged! Please go to
    to see the rules and to get started. Have fun.

  36. Maggie M. Thornton says:

    A good question is, this happened on April 4th. Where’s the media? Where’s the media on Wright’s doctorate “in the area of Islam,” where’s the media on Hamas manifesto’s on Wright’s Pastor’s Page.

    I’m so sick of these vicious low-lifes.

    Maggie’s Notebook

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  38. Leaning Straight Up says:

    I want my cookie…

    “Have a cookie. You’ll feel right as rain.”
    –The Oracle

    That’s the Oracle’s answer to Neo in “the Matrix after telling him he is not ‘The One’.

    In one of my moments of disconnected thinking, I realized we are all slaves to co…

  39. says:


    You HAVE to go over to Zombie Time and check out Obama and all the democrats socialist communist who so care about the common folk, that they decided to gas up the limo’s, slip on the Stacey Adams and head out to rub rich folk elbow.  Who bette…

  40. nanc says:

    hatred comes in many colors and it will truly kill the hater. it’s a cup of poison a person drinks in hopes that the other person dies. there is no place for it in our hearts and minds!

    hussein obama is a pandering fool – trying to kiss everybody’s arse will just leave him with much stink on his lips.

  41. Jack says:

    I am very concerned about the divisiveness of this election. It doesn’t do a thing to help any of us.

  42. Bar Kochba says:

    Racism is racism. G-d made all men descend from Adam so that no one should boast that their ancestors are greater than someone else’s.

  43. heidianne jackson says:

    it’s amazing that people seem to miss that the rhetoric spewing from wright and lee and others is very, very similiar to the statements of hitler in the run up to wwii. the reason unemployment for the “real” germans was the jews. the reason the deutschmark was falling value? the jews. the reason the germans lost wwi? the jews. the reason so many non-jews were committing crimes? of course, the jews were somehow orchestrating it.

    i posted on this idea of racism before. racism is racism and i don’t care who thinks that someone who has been persecuted can’t be a racist. hey! doesn’t that line of thinking make the jews incapable of being racist?

    i cannot understand how so many jews in the msm can give these guys the pass they are. i cannot understand any jew (or whitey, period) who would vote for obama or his ilk. unfortunately, the pc crowd is making the vast majority of leftards believe that if they don’t vote for obama, they are voting for racism.

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  45. Black Sheep/Rastaman says:

    I’ve been harping on this subject on my blogs for quite awhile and until now, no one else has approached it. Good for you! Great post.

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    The latest PhotoHunt category from is “Twist(ed)” which can be interpreted as one sees fit. This one is an easy one for me and gives me a chance to show off one of the more unique guitars in my personal collection.

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  49. Leaning Straight Up says:

    Now can we call Obama a hypocrite?…

    His recent comments about how middle class America is a bunch of bitter gun crazed religious bigots is revealing, even as it is not a shock.

    Unshockingly we discover an upper class politician is out of touch with the people he claims to represent….

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  51. Mark My Words says:

    When defending incompetence results in the same…

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  52. Chaim says:

    Where were Reverend Lee, Jeremiah Wright and those of their ilk when Klan Imperial Wizard Sam Bowers ordered Schwerner’s “elimination” in May, 1964?
    Jewboy Michael Schwerner, was indefatigably working on behalf of blacks in Jackson, Mississippi fall the princely sum of $9.80 a week. He first came under heavy attack for his determined efforts to register blacks to vote. After a few months in Meridian, despite hate mail and threatening phone calls and police harassment.

    Together with him, two more white civil rights workers were murdered by the Klan including another Jewboy, Andy Goodman.

    Where were Reverend Lee, Jeremiah Wright and those of their ilk when when in the mid 60s, as a student at yeshiva University I and many of my friends marched at the Freedom Marches? I do not recall seeing any of these hatred spewers. Neither did I did see any Arab kefiyahs, but I did see a lot of fellow Jews male with or without kippahs, many prominent Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Rabbis.

    This hate spewing, vile liars, who may read the Bible while not absorbing one iota of it do not have the interest of this country or even their fellow blacks at heart. Rather they espouse athe IslamFascist line whose backsheesh they undoubtedly receive!

  53. Maggie's Notebook says:

    Right Reading for the Left from Maggie – April 15,…

    Woman Honor Thyself has a video clip that left me feeling terribly sad, as all this racial hatred always does. Daphna Zimon, founder of Children Uniting Nations, received an invitation…We just have to wonder where all this “integration” has taken u…

  54. nocompromise says:

    We are living in a Postmodern era. That means to redefine words, terms, history, law, race and even gender to suit the whims of the individual. Does the phrase “revisionist history” sound familiar?

    As you can clearly see history has been redefined to mean that slavery is going on even today! Obviously, that is ridiculous, but that is what she experienced by those who are redefining present day America. These blacks (the Obamas, “Reverend” Wright, and all others who stand by those racists notions!) are guilt tripping manipulating, shake down artists, and they are willing to act out that why even if it means they actually do participate in bigotry and racism of their own. Of course, to them it’s acceptable as if for some reason they have a Right to do so!

    I do have to disagree with her on one point: King, if he was alive today, I believe, would be as racist as Shakedown Jackson and Big Mouth Sharpton is today! I think the whole Martin Luther King Day should be thrown into the garbage can and if we celebrate anything as Americans it should be our undying love for Freedom and Equality for ALL men.

    Elevating Martin King to god-like status for his socialist ideologies is a crime in my book and a shame coming from a country that is suppose to believe in Individuality!

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