Transgen-derS having BabieS?

If you’ve been to a grocery store lately, you no doubt have noticed the tabloids featuring photos of what appears to be a thirty-something man, with beard, with under-arm hair and, quite conspicuously, with child.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender–Whatever
There’s just one problem: Beattie is not a man. She is a woman. Beattie legally became a “man” a decade ago. But at the most basic anatomical and chromosomal levels, Beattie is still a woman.

Interestingly, the mainstream media’s near unanimous use of the pronouns “he,” “his” and “him” when referring to Beattie reveal how far the transgender movement has come in normalizing what the American Psychological Association still conditionally calls a “mental disorder.”

Rights for the transgendered has become the Left’s latest cause celebre. And, as with most of the Left’s cultural crusades, considerable effort is being exerted to capture the hearts and minds of children. News reports suggest there are an increasing number of young children interested in “re-assigning” their gender.

Last year, the California legislature passed a law that redefines gender for the purposes of public school instruction to teach California children that “gender means sex and includes a person’s gender identity and gender related appearance and behavior whether or not stereotypically associated with a person’s assigned sex at birth.” In short, it means kids in California can choose their own sex.

Medicaid will even pay for a sex change operation, if it is deemed “medically necessary.”
An inmate convicted of murder in Wisconsin is suing for a state-financed sex-change operation. He claims the state’s refusal to pay for the surgery constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment.”

We who oppose same-sex “marriage” have argued that it would lead to the legalization of other forms of “marriage,” including polygamy, and, eventually, to the dissolution of the institution altogether.

“If marriage can mean anything,” we argue, “then it will end up meaning nothing.”

Is society ready for this pregnant husband?

“A man’s item shall not be on a woman, and a man shall not wear a woman’s garment; whoever does such a thing is an abhorrence unto God.”
Deuteronomy 22:5

So……Why does the Bible insist men and women not dress in each others styles or clothing? Is it just a fashion statement?smirk.gif

Clearly, the Biblical concern here, is, firstly with creating and reinforcing gender differences, and secondly in preventing gender associations of clothing in being used to deceive others for purposes of se-xual immorality.

In recent decades American (and thus most of the modern worlds’ ) societies have embraced the fashion trends toward a larger body of “unisex” apparel.

Women can be seen wearing suits and ties. Pants and particularly, blue jeans are now common to both genders.
Men are being radically feminized.
Just as in pagan religions in the past, men tried to emulate the preeminent mother-goddess figures by being more effeminate and often dressing as women, so too, men now are told to preen, wax, and worship their vanity.

According to Judeo-Christian teachings, there are only two gender presentations and like it or not, they are inseparably tied to the genetic sex into which we are born.

We enter into this world as either “little girls” or “little boys” and yes, to some extent are expected to live our lives in accordance to the defined gender roles that our religion and society have assigned” to each sex, provided they are not contrary to our moral beliefs or unfairly biased against us.

The Bible, likewise believes in inate “feminine” or “masculine” qualities and roles, enumerating this on several occasions.

Men and women are not interchangeable.

We are bestowed with the psychological and spiritual potential to develop as uniquely feminine or masculine, despite having both feminine and masculine traits within us.

Feminine and masculine traits are compliments, They are two parts of one complete whole.
That is the purpose of a religious marriage. To unite these complimentary forces in the Love and worship of God, and to join in creating new life.

It becomes overwhelming for children born into a culture where the language, social and behavioral mores, the media: movies, books, and television programs are full of gender confusion. snooty.gif

Men and women resent their roles. Children are indocrinated with images of men and women, parents, couples who ultimately become hostile toward each other and are unable to relate to one another respectfully.

The Liberal tinfoilhat.gif agenda denies the existence of “normalcy” beyond a societal consensus.
In other words, who’s to say what’s “normal” huh?tapedshut.gif

What’s next?..Bes-tiality?

Whether it’s the insistence of hom-osexuality or trans-genderism as “normal”, ultimately this artificial role will not be consistent with one’s anatomical sex, or psychological makeup.
Despite the media hype and leftist propaganda, those lifestyles will never be truly in harmony with ones spiritual growth or truth.

Tran-sgenderism is a disorder period.

A broken arm or leg is too. But if it were up to lefty liberals, they may suggest new age, “alternative” treatments for broken arms or legs, you know..perhaps some counseling, cosmetic treatments, or heck, just requiring everybody else in society to treat the person with the broken limb with more sensitivity and compassion eh?

Of course, the language used by Libs to describe hom-osexuality or tran-sgenderism always supports determinism.

No. You were not “born that way.”
And they can’t prove that one iota.

There is not a shred of evidence for a biological basis for any of these disorders in terms of measurable differences in genetic makeup, brain microstructure or physiology.

There is no basis whatsoever for “special civil rights” to be granted to hom-osexuals or tran-sgenders.

The key words Libs omit are : Social environment and Personal choice.

Ah yes……..Personal choice.
Y’all do remember that, don’t ya Libs?

Count on the Leftys to obfuscate this issue by saying..but but but.. “they are happy”, so who are “we to judge”?………….. as if that’s the litmus for spiritual or mental health.

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24 Responses to “Transgen-derS having BabieS?”

  1. Aurora says:

    Angel, brilliant post. You’ve hit the nail right on the head. I used to love Oprah but she turns my stomach now and never more than seeing her in the pic you show above. We really have drifted into the twilight zone as a society when a woman, who has made herself look like a man is now pregnant. As you point out, what next?

  2. Pam says:

    So, this person considers themselves a man, yet anotomically, still a woman, yet we are supposed to think it’s a man having a baby? No, it’s a woman having the baby. It’s a woman that takes hormones and had her breasts removed.

  3. Always On Watch says:

    Voluntary transgender operations are an abomination. The last thing we need is a raft of these transgender people to start having babies.

    Of course, true hermaphodism does occur in nature–and in humans too. Those cases should be rectified, IMO.

    It’s become fashionable these days to be “gender confused.” And plenty of psychiatrists and psychologists are raking in the bucks in their counseling of “gender confused” patients.

  4. Martin says:

    “So, this person considers themselves a man, yet anatomically, still a woman, yet we are supposed to think it’s a man having a baby? No, it’s a woman having the baby. It’s a woman that takes hormones and had her breasts removed.”

    Precisely, as Pam correctly noted. We have become so stark-raving mad that we no longer have any common sense. The king, or in this case, the surgically-altered woman, has no clothes (literally, based on that infamous “underarm hair” photo to which Angel refers). The photo and the concept are offensive on many levels.

  5. gayle says:

    I’ve been wondering why the newscasters refer to this woman as a man myself, Angel. They do it even on Fox News. It’s not a man, it’s a woman wanna-be man, for heaven’s sake! Calling her a man makes them look like idiots!

    It’s all wrong. People are becoming more perverse every day and it’s gotten to the point where it’s frightening. If we ever get this country back to normal it will have to be one of God’s miricles that does it.

  6. Brooke says:

    Trans-gender operations and medicating with hormones is self-mutilation, plain and simple.

    And I second what Gayle said.

    Calling someone who just pretends to be a man, a man, just makes them look like a gaggle of fools.

  7. Mustang says:

    I completely agree with Brooke; our society isn’t screwed up enough yet, so by all means let us complicate matters even more. And in order to sort everything else out later on, let’s suspend six year old students from school and brand them as sexual predators. One thing is certain: there is no shortage of morons in our great country.

  8. DD2 says:

    Boy you Gals won’t even give a Guy having a baby a bit of credit!
    Shame on you.
    Geeeze, The things we Guys have to put up with!

  9. Defiant_Infidel says:

    When we as a society abandon, demean and trivialize all our once dearly held principles, this is where we inevitably must arrive. Boredom and the quest to seek “nuance” in literally everything. Ultimately, everything becomes the same, acceptable and permissible. All must be tolerated. No black, no white, but the aggregate of all a unified hue of gray. There is no longer anything truly extreme. Anything is pondered. Anything is allowed. We now boil in a cauldron of encouraged, perpetuated sin.

  10. MK says:

    Yeah good post Angel, i did not hear in any of the news reports on that fellow that he was a transgender person. Then again i didn’t follow it that closely. I had my suspicions that it was a some twisted crap.

    It’s all going to hell in a handbasket Angel..

  11. Layla says:

    This is sickening and just more proof as to the sign of our times – immorality, immoral, evil.

    So a woman who did not have a sex change per say, just her boobs taken off and testosterone injections to create a male looking body-is having a baby. But this wannabee man is really a woman doing what women do. But she/he wants to give man credit for having a baby! Heh, man supplies sperm and that is all. Women provide egg, womb, and delivery of the baby-not men. Sorry honey, but cannot change the order or G-d no matter how hard this bimbot tries.

    Sick, just so sick! Good post hun!

  12. Debbie says:

    It’s not natural

  13. Perri Nelson says:

    Personally, I rejoice in the differences between men and women. There is a reason why we were created differently. I’m a little concerned about the notion that we were “assigned” to one role or the other by an accident of genetics. I was “created” a male, thank you very much Lord! My wife was “created” a female. No bureaucrat decided that I would be a male, and no bureaucrat decided that my wife would be a female.

    It wasn’t a mistake that our transgendered pervert was “created” a female. What was a mistake was her decision to dishonor her creator and have her appearance changed into that of a male, to support her own perversion. Despite the fact that she now looks like a male, her pregnancy proves that her Creator knew what He was doing.

  14. EDGE says:

    All the good girls are taken. :(

  15. Kevin says:

    Is it wrong to say that transgender people creep me out? If it is, then I won’t say it.

  16. Angel says:


  17. The Random Yak says:

    I shudder at the entire idea. Bad enough that society is trying to tell our kids there are no consequences to any choice, and that all choices are equal. Now they let a “man” have a baby – and thereby prove it. You can “choose” to become a man but still have all the parts that make a woman a woman – and all the choices, like babies or no babies. There are no words to express the outrage. In my view, though, this just proves the fact sane people didn’t need explained: no matter how many operations you have and what drugs you take, born a woman ALWAYS a woman, born a man ALWAYS a man. They manage to get a chromosomal XY individual pregnant, we’ll talk…(but please, don’t consider that a challenge. Please.).

    Also: TAG Angel. Meme is at the Yak.

  18. HannahJ says:

    Biology vs. morality…that’s what makes my ethics class so frustrating. STUPID! THEY’RE SO STUUUPID! (angry parody of a quote from UHF, directed at you-know-who)

  19. heidianne jackson says:

    “There is no basis whatsoever for “special civil rights” to be granted to hom-osexuals or tran-sgenders.”

    precisely. in our society you can refuse to hire someone because they are too fat or because they smoke, but you cannot refuse to hire someone who is gender confused. say what? seems the two former items can driver your insurance costs up so you can refuse because their lifestyle choices have made them undesirable to hire but you can’t turn them down for the lifestyle choice of being gay or transgender or whatever.

  20. Robert says:

    the thing that offends me is that these people feel that they need to be public about this crap, and that is what it is…..crap….forcing all of us who do not care to know, to know about this…..crap.

    God did not make a mistake with these people, as they say, they just decided that they do not want to be what God made them and they think about it enough that they convince themselves that they are really a man in a woman’s body, or the other way around. But God didn’t make the mistake…they did by convincing themselves of it. I am totally outraged that they are getting this kind of media when it should be kept in the dark.


  21. Joe Gringo says:

    wow., had not heard of this, what morons. Oprah is very good at what she does and I admire her, though I don’t agree with hardly anything she says/does……she jumped the shark here.

  22. Incognito says:

    yeah… i saw the Oprah show….. Oy!

  23. Russ says:

    I completely agree with the sentiment here but the problem goes deeper than what is being expressed.

    What we are dealing with here is a two tiered problem. First is the rise in a specific type of birth deformity I call cellular hermphrodism (CH)- men being born with female cells and women being born with male cells. God set up the world and all its programming but he also gave us the freedom to screw it up.

    Our food and water is now swimming in a sea of chemicals that the human body misinterprets as hormones (called endocrine disruptors). When a pregnant woman is exposed to too much of these chemicals at the wrong time the developing baby is at risk of his or her cells reversing from what they should be.

    So the first problem is the rise in numbers of CH babies being born world-wide. The second problem is the push for an androgynous culture forced upon us by elites looking to break society down enough to take it over.

    Feminism for instance was not created by Gloria Steinem or Betty Friedan, these people were merely fronts for the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations which invented and funded feminism for the purpose of weakening and ultimately destroying family units. That is why for the past 40 years or so our culture has become so obsessed with androgyny and sex role destruction.

    So we have two very powerful problems to solve before we can return to what was originally intended.

  24. carla says:

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