FAT-wa on Barbie?

Prosecutor general says young Iranians must be protected from harmful cultural effects of figures inundating Is-lamic republic’s toy market .

Iran launches war on ‘Barbie doll invasion’
Iran’s toy market is being inundated by models of Barbie, Batman, Spiderman and Harry Potter and the young must be protected from their harmful cultural effects, the prosecutor general was quoted as saying on Sunday.

Ha. As much as I myself have some issues with “Barbie”………….dontcha think nuclear Iran is a just a tad more of contentious issue because their thug in arms, Eichmandinjeehad, who has no moral considerations preventing him from using the atomic bomb to blow up Israel and the entire West if he wakes up on the wrong side of his prayer mat?

Lesee now.
Harmful influences eh? ouch.gif

Oh ya mean like the images of public stoning of men and women for imagined sins, or those spiffy public hangings from cranes of hom-ose-xuals , or or those charming public beheadings of supposed “criminals against the ahem…”regime”?

Did the word “public” escape you?

But of course once they “publicly” burn all the Barbies, alla sudden the education in Iran will no longer be poor, there will be scientific research and huge breakthroughs to boast about, the pathetically meager medical and social infrastructure will blossom and bloom , their pitiable economy and business will magically expand, the pitiful job market, inflation and extremely high unemployment rates will transorm, along with the hateful, anti-semitic, anti American dysfunctional …’regime’. Right mulla-hs? pushani.gif

Why don’t they sell or better yet dispense free Hitler dolls for all the kiddioes.

The 21st Century can be such a drag on 7th Century minds, can’t it?
Oh, and by the way, perhaps Iran should take a peek at East Germany.scared1.gif

The East Germans chose Michael Jordan, Levi’s and Western influences far more than their own government with its state-imposed economy. Remember the Wall?..Well, um..It came down.

Muzlim regimes worldwide, without exception, promote suicide bombers, murderers in the name of their alleged religion, terrorists, and highly unstable governments, not to mention countries wherein the masses have no rights whatsoever like our..ahem…. friends the “Sawdis.”

Muzlim societies have repressive clerical regimes which further creates misery, poor economy, poverty, inflation, instability, unemployment, emotional dissatisfaction, paranoia, fear and rage in the masses.

Gaza anyone?

Honestly, it’s too bad they’re bannin her.
I mean, how can Barbie can play “honor killing” where she gets her throat slit for going out with Ken?

Perhaps a preventive strike against a declared genocidal Iran, might actually be a bit of a blow to world terrorism and just might significantly reduce our problems with the terrorist state of Syria, the Hezbullies and Ham-ASS.
Ya think?

It might help jus a tad with the threat of a nuclear missile attack on Europe, Russia, China and India..and the evillllllllll “West.” too eh?

Hide the Barbie’s………It’s comin Iran……..any day now dudes.

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28 Responses to “FAT-wa on Barbie?”

  1. Katie says:

    First they protect themselves against Barbie and Ken. Then against Spiderman and Captain America. God knows what these insane men will come up next to protect themselves against.

  2. Otto - American Interests says:

    Angel you have done a great job in highlighting the dimmness and outright dysfunctionality of Eichmandinjeehad and his judicial cronies. When the kids grow tired of all the barbies in the playroom (only got about 50!), not to mention those oh so bad films, spidy, toy story etc I mail them to the Iranian embassy…
    Finally, just as I have invited others, have saved a piece of cake for ya at AI….

  3. angie says:

    ROFL, Where do you come up with such Great pics?
    Yeah, they have to protect themselves against Barbie and Ken..such a baaadd influence..don’t ya know?

    We could sure do without their influence in any sane country!

    Another great post Angel!

  4. KarLmM says:

    So where does that leave Mickey Mouse and the disney crew??? Probably why you have heard very little about them in the Middle East..
    (just a thought)…If that area is called the Middle East, where praytell is the Right East or the Left East??!!!
    I would love to see an hour or so of Iran childrens television…”The Adventures of Hasmad the Homocide bomber”..” or “Imam the Magnificent”
    and the afternoon highlight “You bet your wife, but do not touch my Camel”

  5. tapline says:

    Angel, Outstanding……Of course Barbie and Ken Awful…….It probably would be fine if they had removable heads, hands and feet. More in keeping with the customs….stay well….

  6. Maggie M. Thornton says:

    I’m standing up for Barbie. Eichmandinjeehad doesn’t want anyone to have any fun, especially the little girls in Iran. He is a misery maker. Does Ken get to stay? Delightful and thoughtful reading here, as always.

    Maggie’s Notebook

  7. Z says:

    Tapline….’removable hands and feet’..well, if they’re not, MUSLIMS can arrange that! “the religion of PIECES”, right?
    Great line, Tapline!

    Barbie in headscarf? God save us all.

  8. michael says:

    Angel, good post. Right on target; there’s nothing that a fanatic won’t ban, and no ridiculous length to which they will not go to “protect” themselves.

    It’s that sort of attitude which explains why the muslim world has produced nothing of note in the last few centuries: they are too busy keeping their people from thinking.

    Anyway, tag!, you’re it:

  9. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Another anchor on the GWOT…

    As I have stated several times before, the DoD is at war and the DoS is asleep. This is a disaster. Not could be, it is. The State Department has now declared that the words ‘jihad’ and ‘mujaheddin’ are unacceptable language to be used by our gov ….

  10. Rosemary says:

    Yup, those slutty Barbie dolls. What where they thinking? I mean, really? After all, we all KNOW there are no SLUTS in Iran, just like there are no HOMOS in Iran. After all, Eichmaninejad can’t stand the competition (which is a capitalist word)! ;)

  11. Ahmed says:

    America has forced Iran to get nuclear weapons. How else can they protect themselves from such inhumane things as Barbie?

  12. Planck's Constant says:

    Barbie Conquers Iran…

    without coercion, people will always choose to be like Americans. If Muslims were free to abandon their faith without fear of being whipped, tortured, burned and killed, and were exposed to American culture, in short order, Islam would cease to exist…..

  13. MK says:

    “Perhaps a preventive strike against a declared genocidal Iran, might actually be a bit of a blow to world terrorism…”

    Preventative or reactive, it’ll have to be done, that much we can be sure of in our lifetime. Tyrannies like that never just go away, you can’t contain them, you can only sanction and contain them for so long, they’ll have to be confronted eventually.

  14. Aurora says:

    Angel, you really get the best pics. The Barbie ones were great. The one of the psychobabe in the burqa dripping with blood in her car was a real shocker! A picture says a thousand words. You’ve said a million here.

  15. EDGE says:

    Maybe we could send in GI Joe to go kick some tail over there!

  16. Dinah Lord says:

    Maybe we could send in GI Joe to go kick some tail over there!

    Hah-hah. I like that idea!

  17. Debbie says:

    They’ve got way too much spare time on their hands if they complain about Barbie. They’ve had “Muslim” Barbie for some time now, guess that’s too sexy for the morality police.

  18. gayle says:

    ROTF! Your post is funnier than mine! I posted on the same thing, Angel! I’ll leave a trackback. :)

  19. Dragon Lady's Den says:

    Is Barbie Our Secret Weapon? LOL!…

    This isn’t the way I thought this war would be fought. Barbie is wreaking havoc in Iran!…

  20. Brooke says:

    Yeah, it’s nice to know that Iran has the resources to make nukes AND fight the insidious Burqa Barbie.


  21. The Amboy Times says:

    Barbie Threatens Iran…

    Hat tip Plank’s Constant.Good news! Surgical strikes against Iran’s Nukes may not be necessary after all. According to Prosecutor General Najafabadi, his country is defenseless against tiny plastic dolls.Iran’s toy market is being inundated by model…

  22. ERS says:

    More likely, Barbie wouldn’t survive her date with Ken. That is just the sad reality of dishonor killings.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

  23. Don L says:

    To heck with Barbie -Let’s get them really excited -send them a Brittney doll.

  24. MariesTwoCents says:

    I was wondering how long it would take them to think up Muslim Barbie.

    Akmenutjob is truly a nutjob!

  25. Robert says:

    Interestning post girl. You have a good idea here.

  26. Jungle Mom says:

    I ditto Dinah Lord!

  27. The Hermit says:

    I like the cartoons, but I also see the serious side of what you are saying. And , I agree.

  28. Incognito says:

    Holy cow…. sigh.