MeditatioN: TrY It

Studies have shown that aside from reducing stress and boosting mood, meditation can ease chronic pain and improve your immune system.
De-Stress in Mere Minutes

In the shower
Face the water, letting it cascade onto your head. Take three deep, slow breaths. Pay attention to the sensation of the spray, the smell of your soap and shampoo, and the sound of water hitting the tub.

At your desk
Close your eyes and take five deep, relaxing breaths, emphasizing the exhale.

While walking
Pay attention to your stride for at least 10 minutes. By reconnecting to your body, you’ll arrive revived.

On your commute
Raise your eyebrows and hold for a count of three. Let it go and take a deep breath. Do this twice. (Don’t worry, the wrinkles won’t stay!) Repeat with each body part, tensing and relaxing your shoulders, your arms, moving downward along your body.


Never enough time in the day to get everything done eh?

Seek no more. Lower your blood pressure, breathe easier, relieve your insomnia and relax.

Today, my sweet friends, is a new day.
Let go of yesterday and yesteryear.

Don’t lose your precious self to what was or could have been.
Release the disappointment of unfulfilled dreams.
Let go of musings that torment your imagination.

Find and Embrace something profound in your existence.
Allow your breath to slowly flows into your lungs.

Breathe in the new day sweet friends.

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44 Responses to “MeditatioN: TrY It”

  1. Layla says:

    Yes meditation is good for us. If everyone practiced this the world “might” be a little bit of a better place and people a tad “kinder” – maybe?

  2. angie says:

    Raise my eybrows and take a deep breath…I can do this!
    The Shower is the best!
    Gotta tell ya, that sunset photo you have up there is very peaceful and oh so beautiful…but ya never know,,I may be so stressed that I can’t see that’s a sunrise..LOL!

    Beautiful Angel!

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  4. Katie says:

    Meditation is good. A way to relax after a stressful day. But chocolate does the same thing.

  5. A NEWT ONE says:

    War News: The Idiots Of Mission Accomplished…

    Once again, the Leftinistra are grasping at straws and, we that know better must answer this blatant and purposeful stupidity. I have already written of this at A Newt One and I have also written on this subject twice before I merged with A Newt One……

  6. Yankee Doodle says:

    Or, as Mr. Freeze said in Batman and Robin, “Chill!”

    (Where do you get the illustrations for your blogposts?)

  7. KkarlMm says:

    My legal team of Jim,Jack & Johnny..that is Beam,Daniels and Walker suggest the same thing Angel..thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy the roses…

  8. Democrat=Socialist says:


    You all know that if I were to get into a battle of wit’s with Forrest Gump, I may emerge victorious, but I will certainly suffer a contusion, scrape and ‘ear boxing’.
    This video from Chris (I’m the Under Secretary and your not)…

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  10. Dragon Lady's Den says:


    Grandpa was in the backyard with his eight-year-old granddaughter and saw her staring at the ground. He asked her what she was looking at….

  11. gayle says:

    Hey Angel, this was a most relaxing post. Now go find out what granddaughter was looking out and I guarrantee you will relax! ;)

  12. gayle says:

    GRRRR! I meant “looking at”. Typos make me stressed. “Inhale, exhale”, “inhale, exhale”……

  13. Winfred Mann says:

    Meditation is great. One of my favorites is to grab a lying MSM reporter by the throat, breath slowly in for a count of eight, and slowly out for the count of eight. Repeat it seven times! Then the source of my stress is gone; I feel relaxed, and am able to go about my day, refreshed.

  14. Brooke says:


  15. Faultline USA says:

    Revisiting Obama’s Liberation Theology Church…

    Here is a summary of some important points about the grave dangers of Liberation Theology written in 1984 by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)….

  16. nuke gingrich says:

    Friday Reading…

    Only three things in life make it worth living’: Guitars tuned good, Open Threads, and firm-feelin’ women. (not necessarily in that order)

  17. Panhandle Poet says:

    What’s this stress stuff you’re talking about? — Never heard of it….

  18. The Hermit says:

    If sitting out on the porch and watching the sun come up or the sun set qualifies, I’ve been meditating for a long time.

  19. DD2 says:

    Is there such a thing as being too much relaxed?
    Thats how i feel right noe.

  20. Layla says:

    Have a great weekend hun and enjoy the time off with family – have lots of fun!!!

  21. Aurora says:

    Great pics as usual, Angel.
    Personally I enjoy a nice bath with candles and music. Prayer works as a destresser for me too.
    Thanks for the nice reminder.

  22. In_spired says:

    I like to think that prayer is ‘us’ talking to God. Meditation is when God talks to us. To be able to hear Him…yes, definitely, we need to put our selves in a mode of relaxation and rest. With the turmoil our world is in, this is the only way we’re going to save our sanity and keep our faith.

    Thanks for such an uplifting post, Angel.

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  24. Democrat=Socialist says:


    Now stop drooling like a slack jawed yocal and go on over and buy something!  Those new mud tires aren’t gonna buy themselves you know!

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  25. Cop the Truth says:

    I get at least an hour in a day…

  26. Z says:

    Wonderful post, Angel! Except, I’m having trouble visualizing standing in the shower, facing the water with the water coming down on your head and taking 3 deep breaths!! Glub glub glub………!!!
    I guess you’d have to keep your mouth shut.
    Which is what I should have done before commenting!!!??

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  28. DD2 says:

    Could Meditation help me pick a winner in the Kentucky Derby today?

  29. Right Truth says:


    THE BASIS FOR A STRONG NATION By R.J. Godlewski © May 3, 2008, All Rights Reserved 10. FOREIGN RELATIONS (THANK GOD I’M NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT) There’s an old saying that God created families so that people would learn to…

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    58% Think Obama Denouced Wright to save face…

    Hat tip, Hot Air.Most people aren’t buying it. The plausibility of knowing Rev Wright for twenty years, attending his church, and even featuring some of his sermons in his book, but not knowing Wright’s beliefs, is not selling. A Rasmussen…

  31. Amboy says:

    The shower is always a detox for me anyway. Meditation there is a good idea.

  32. benning says:

    I just take a nap to relieve stress. Works for me!

  33. Robert M. says:

    Meditation is good. But I worry that it’s becoming a pop culture thing. I read a few books by Buddhists to make sure I really got the idea before I personally tried it.

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  35. Democrat=Socialist says:


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    Students Rights Under Fire…

    Podcast Show Notes
    Joined for most of the show by Stacy Harp.
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  44. dapoppins says:

    My mind wanders so stinking much during meditation ~ prayer~ I am so not very good at it.