Jews Voting Democrat: Oxymoronic (or just “moronic”) Political TrenD?

“…..why do so many American Jews insist on aligning themselves with the far left…
..we are raised to think of ourselves as victims or at least potential victims

Considering the fact that we are often among the best-educated and most successful members of American society, it must seem odd to non-Jews to even imagine such a thing.

What is easily overlooked, however, is that when a group of people have been oppressed for thousands of years, the sense of impending doom almost becomes a part of their DNA. No matter how well things are going today, tomorrow you and your friends and all of your relatives could be on your way out. And the only question is whether it’s merely out of the country or into the ovens.
Why Jews Vote the Way They Do

As a result, Jews have an inclination to identify — some might say over-identify — with those they see as fellow underdogs.

In America, those people would more often than not be blacks, Hispanics and even criminals, which helps explain the large Jewish presence and financial stake in the ACLU. The pathetic irony is that those are three groups that are among the most virulently anti-Semitic in America.

But it also explains why a great many Jews — particularly those who are young, secular and on college campuses — are such vocal partisans of the Palestinians.

The Victim Dictum.

The horrific irony is that Jews endured pogroms and expulsions for centuries in Christian Europe. They flocked to America in droves to escape anti semitism and oppression in Russia, Poland and Europe.
They suffered anti semitism in the United States upon entry.

However, they were tolerated and allowed to flourish. They went on to become the wealthiest identifiable group in this country.

So how is it that non observant, non religious Jews stood at the forerfont of Communist and other left leaning ideologies which aim to destroy the very foundations of this Republic?
Their lack of genuine Faith and adherence to true Judaism may contain the answer.

Nazism and fascism are essentially the same as communism and other leftist ideologies.

Underneath it all, they are all Statist in nature. They all favor a great deal of government control over individual behavior as well as over the economy.

Needless to say that the more powerful and more centrally concentrated the State becomes, the more malevolent and oppressive it can become.

Of course the Leftards and their propaganda spewing whack-academics perpetuate the twisted opinion that Nazism is more in tune with the right side of the political spectrum.
Forever tossing about the term “Nazi”, for anyone who dare advocate personal responsibilty for us humans.

The true emblem of the Democrat party should be the Hammer and Sickle… not the hard working donkey.

Do they need to convince themselves that there is at least one totalitarian ideology on the side of the Right?
Could that be any more illogical and absurd?

Without the Jews, there wouldn’t even be Christians or Muzlims, for that matter.

Nearly all Law in Western Civilization, is based on ideas originally found in the Old Testament.
Ten Commandments sound familiar?

Perhaps, the non affiliated, bleedin heart Liberal American Jews who continue to support the Democrat Party have no affinity for their Bible or its teachings.

Liberal, lefty, hardened secularist, non practicing Jews vote to limit our freedom. They vote to weaken our defenses. They vote to suppress religion.

They deprecate their own faith, then proceed to transfer their “loyaly” to the State.

They say it’s in the name of benevolence and charity? Ha.

It’s painfully comical that the “Right” is seen as a bunch of rich fat cats who couldn’t care a whit about the poor or needy.

If one were to stop and actually examine the charity records, it’s the Republicans who have given more charity personally while the Dhimmicrats just keep getting better at highering your taxes and “government funding.”

You know like the liberal sponsored “War on Poverty” which has lasted um…nearly 50 years and cost tax payers and our government trillions of dollars. Any “victory” in that war? Hardly. Just more victims demanding hand outs.

Conservatives tend to be humble before God, and believe in the “Natural laws” that He set in place.
Marriage=one man, one woman.

This is called wisdom. For this and other religious views, conservatives are called hate mongers and close minded.

Liberals think of themselves as intellectually superior. Of course, “they all know better” than God’s natural rules in the ancient, outdated Bible.
Anything goes eh. They, are thus thought to be tolerant and open-minded.

Believers tend to vote based on the character of the candidate as well as their record of defending the U.S .Constitution.

Practicing Christians and Jews often have more in common about life, morals, politics, government, economics, and even science than their fellow non observant co-religionists.

The victim mentality is the same for all.
Lefty, liberal Jews think if they show respect for those who hate and revile them, then those who detest them will eventually start to like them or at least……..leave them alone.

Huge error in reasoning.
Placate a bully: they bully more.

Of course, Conservative, Right leaning political Jews know that not only are they not victims.
They are the antithesis: They are Survivors.

Perhaps a helping of this for the secularist left leanin Libs is in order eh?

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27 Responses to “Jews Voting Democrat: Oxymoronic (or just “moronic”) Political TrenD?”

  1. 123beta says:

    Hoping Sharpton Goes To Jail Open Trackback Weeken…

    The Associated Press is reporting that Sharpton and his business entities owe nearly $1.5 million in overdue taxes and associated penalties ……

  2. Z says:

    You emphasize “non religious Jews” when talking about the leftard Jews… is that right?….are observant Jews traditionally more Republian than Dem? Is that right??

    I WISH you could get this published in a Jewish newspaper! Send it to Dennis Prager!? He’d love it!

    Most Armenians are Democrats, too…I think it’s the victim thing, you’re right about that, for sure!

  3. Jason says:

    This may also explain the mindset of many in Israel who think safety and peace is best achieved by giving away Israeli land. This is truly sad to me.

  4. Angie says:

    Ohhh, Jason may be on to something…
    Angel, this truly needs to be sent to Dennis Prager..and many others..

    Insightful post. Thanks Angel


  5. Katie says:

    Most Jews were Democrats under the Roosevelt/Truman years. Then the party actually did have high ideals and principles. One could call them self a Democrat and not be looked at funny.

    Today’s Jews have never experienced anti-Semitism. They have no inkling what their parents or grandparents had to put up with. They have been given everything handed to them. And they have rejected Judaism. If they attend Temple, it is once a year on the High Holy Days (and then complain that the tickets to reserve their seats are too high). Or they may attend a Sedar for Passover. But actually go to Temple and pray on a regular basis, that’s not for them.

    They forget how easy it is for them to become victims again. They believe that all people think like they do. They don’t realize that Blacks hate Jews because they are successful. That anti-Semitism is rampant in the Black Church and Community.

    Maybe one day they will wake up to that fact. I just hope it isn’t in the cattle car on the way to the gas chambers.

  6. Debbie says:

    I’ve always wonder this, Angel.

  7. MK says:

    Love the toons Angel. Yeah it has often baffled me that they would vote for the party that would love to just hang them all out to dry. Liberals are for the poor, for keeping them poor that is. Conservatives are for getting you out of poverty, there’s a subtle difference. Liberals claim to want peace in the Middle East but the peace they’re talking about for Jews is in the near by sea.

  8. KKarLmM says:

    The Jews like to live by what i call the “Inverse Surfer Theory”,
    While the surfer searches out the largest waves possible, the jew ,by virtue of his/her guest status in most countries, will try desperately to avoid the making of “any waves”.
    That by definition drops them squarely in the Liberal, Democratic, stay under the radar, i did not do it, position.
    One would think that the lessons of history would have had a “shake me, wake me” effect on the jewish people by now, but unfortunately that is not the case.
    Thank GOD, as Mark Twain said..
    “…The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek and the Roman followed, and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other peoples have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished. The Jew saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmities of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind. All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?”
    or else who knows what would be…

  9. Nightcrawler says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! I think it’s kinda like the Stockholm syndrome… amplified to the nth degree… with a healthy dose of brainwashing, ignorance of history and too much exposure to rabid, anti-Semitic, anti-American and anti-capitalist professors on college campi.

    But that’s just my opinion.

  10. Jack says:

    Today’s Jews have never experienced anti-Semitism. They have no inkling what their parents or grandparents had to put up with. They have been given everything handed to them. And they have rejected Judaism. If they attend Temple, it is once a year on the High Holy Days (and then complain that the tickets to reserve their seats are too high). Or they may attend a Sedar for Passover. But actually go to Temple and pray on a regular basis, that’s not for them.


    That is an awfully simplistic comment that really glosses over things. We are anything but monolithic in our approach/beliefs. We could dig in and discuss the positions of the Orthodox, Conservative and Reform. We could break it down further into the Hasidic sects, versus Mitnagdim, versus Modern Orthodox.

    But before we do that we’d have to come to an agreement upon what is rejecting Judaism. But that is a whole different road to walk down.

    Angel, if you’ll allow me to step on a soapbox for a moment I have a short announcement.

    I am the administrator of the weekly roundup of the Jewish/Israeli blog carnival called Haveil Havalim. I’d like to invite you all to review the most recent edition. I think that you might find some of it to be quite interesting.

  11. nanc says:

    this may sound strange, but some people are driven by ideals – or more importantly by their ideas of ideals – a wife who’s beaten returns to her husband in hopes of his changing – a child who’s abused, molested or worse still will hope the parent loves them – we’re all driven by them. ideals – whether right or wrong. one is realistic and the other is romantic.

    a realist sees the world in black and white, right and wrong, good and evil.

    a romantic sees the world as they hope it will be – in color.

    frankly, i’m a romantic realist – i see the world as it is only in living color.

    G-d help u.s., angel.

  12. Kevin says:

    My one Jew relative is a Democrat too :( . I can’t understand him. At least he’s not a zealot though! He says he dislikes all three candidates left in the race pretty equally. So do I!

  13. John Press says:

    I just finished a course which looked at the same questions. You can, if you’d like, trace Jewish leftism back to the disposition of Jewish socialists in Eastern Europe towards the czar. People say championing blacks is Jewish self-protection shielded.

    More importantly, people do not think. Culture gets transmitted more or less automatically. Children come into this world primed to learn the langauge and the levels of trust and communication skills through play that they need to learn. Culture united tribes and skeptical doubt by 18 year old warriors would endanger the tribe.

    Statistics show that youth rebel against their parents in every possible way, but usually still adopt their elder’s political affiliation. People just do what their culture tells them is right. I was raised in a Jewish liberal house and I became one. It takes people a long while for any youth to question the basic premises of their thought. Blacks vote democrat for the same reason, its what Jews do.

  14. DD2 says:

    I could nerver understand this myself Angel.
    Esp. when it comes to Hillary and all she has said and done against the jews.

  15. Pela68 says:

    Reading my mind you have? Geez, hope you did not catch the UGLY bits!

  16. Aurora says:

    Angel, this is one of your best posts yet. It’s on a topic that I’ve often thought and done some reading about. There are lots of theories as to why Jews tend to vote Left; some to do with the exodus out of Russia and others to do with their fear of overriding religion. The most important thing to note is that the Jews are beginning to awaken and realize that maybe the Left isn’t all that after all. Personally, I’d love to see more Israeli Jews unite behind Moshe Feiglin, a Zionist Jew in the Likud. He’s one of my favorite people alive in the world today.

  17. Dinah Lord says:

    Well done, Miss Angel. This is something I’ve found myself wondering about, too. I think Nanc has hit the nail on the head with her idealist/realist/romantic illustration. God help U.S. is right.

    P.S. Happy belated Mother’s Day!

  18. The Hermit says:

    I think Jewish people might not feel so kindly towards blacks if they heard how the average black person feels about Jews. Why blacks should dislike Jews I don’t know, but I’ve been surprised to hear some of the things they say in that regard. One fellow I know who owns a restaurant told me that the Jews control the loans here and that’s why “black folks can’t get no loans.” But I don’t think there are any Jewish people at all in this county, so that seems a little bizarre.

  19. Daniel Ruwe says:

    I can’t see why any Jew, especially if he or she was concerned about Israel, voting Democrat. A victim mentality doesn’t help anyone.

  20. Brooke says:

    Anyone voting for a liberal is a mystery to me, but Jews, women and minorities in particular is dumbfounding.

  21. EDGE says:

    Great post Angel!

  22. kevin says:

    Jews need only to look at leftist blogs like the Daily Kos to find out what their future would under leftist rule.

    Israel would be quickly wiped off the map, to the gleeful applause of Rev Wright, Obama, Jimmy Carter etc…

  23. Angel says:


  24. Layla says:

    It is just moronic. I cannot believe Jews would want to vote for a man that plans to negociate with their enemies. I cannot understand that at all. Brain washed is so right!

  25. Jungle Mom says:

    Amen and amen! WOW! Good work !I loved the graphics, may gave to snag a few!

  26. Seane-Anna says:

    Why do so many Jews vote liberal Democrat? Great question, Angel. I don’t understand it, either. It’s the same with Blacks. Both groups keep voting for a party that’s done little for them. More Republicans than Dems voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but try telling that to Blacks today. They won’t believe you. And most Jews don’t believe that the most vocal anti-anti-Semites and the staunchest supporters of Israel are on the right, especially the Christian Right. I don’t understand it, Angel. I just don’t understand it.

  27. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Market opening spurs return of prosperity in Basra…

    BASRA, Iraq (May 7, 2008) – Citizens of Basra, the third-largest city in Iraq, celebrated the opening yesterday of a central market that demonstrated a return of peace and prosperity…