Kevin Rudd Got this Right

The Australian government is preparing to prosecute Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the International Court of Justice for inciting hatred against Israel.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the government is getting legal advice on whether Australia could take action against the Iranian president.
Australia: Government may pursue Iran for inciting hatred

Australia is the only country in the world pursuing Iran’s leader for allegedly “inciting genocide” and denying the holocaust.

Before the election in 2007 Rudd promised the Jewish community he would take legal proceedings against Ahmadinejad to the ICJ.

Think any other countries will step up to the plate?

Is it even possible to overstate the hatred, anti-semitism, bigotry, misogyny and malicious conspiracy theories spewed by Eichmandinjeehad.

So loathsome is his warped ideology if one can even call it that.

Yet, has he been made a pariah by the international media?
Have his ahem “views” have been condemned by all countries of conscience?

He was permitted to land on American soil and speak in one of our Universities.The ones who permitted this are even worse than the monsters who are spewing his venom.

It appears that the kool aid drinkin lefties are doin quite a scuttle to surrender to the will of the cali-phate. Howzabout we provide them all with one-way tickets to Riy-adh. I hear it’s lovely this time of year.

Never underestimate the peril of ignorance my friends.

Why don’t we just plaster a NEON sign the size of Texas saying:
No need to attack us Jeehadis…….we will destroy ourselves thank you very much.

Props to the Australian government…for gettin off their knees and refusing to bend over.
May others follow……..and speedily.


I knew there was a reason I loved my Aussie friends.
Hugsss and kisses to ya. And you know who you are. Heh kissani.gif

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23 Responses to “Kevin Rudd Got this Right”

  1. The BoBo says:

    You have a most excellent site! I found you through a comment you made over at DD2′s place.

    Anyway – it is for this very reason that I love those Aussies! I wish our government would grow a pair now! I don’t see that happening any time soon with the crew we got on board for the next 4 – 8 years!

    Again, excellent blog!
    Gonna add you to my blog roll!

  2. Katie says:

    Love the Aussies! When I feel that the whole world is in lockstep behind the Jihadists, something like this comes along and brightens up my day.

    That Sunset is magnificent! I didn’t know such colors existed in nature.

  3. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Wednesday Hero: MoH Recipient Lt. Michael P. Murphy…

    This is a very special Hero who is close to many of our hearts. He shall surely be remembered forever. He is one of the four Navy SEAL’s who were in that God-foresaken land called Hindu Kush, Afghanistan on June 28, 2005. On this day, he went far…

  4. DD2 says:

    Super blog Angel, very good job .

    Now to go to work.

  5. Aurora says:

    Angel, thanks for the hugs! Great pics and our country is as beautiful as you see (but so is my other country over there!)
    Re: Kevin Rudd, while I have to say kudos on this one action, he represents the left side of our political arena and at a local government level you have some hard-core leftist Pali-sympathizers. The really hard-core left though thankfully represent a minority, though a disgusting one, running around in their keffiyehs…*spit*
    Our previous Conservative leader, John Howard was a hawk, behind America all the way and very anti-jihad.
    If Kevin Rudd knows what’s good for him, he won’t deviate from that tack since John Howard was a very popular leader.

  6. Brooke says:

    OMGosh, Angel, it’s ABOUT TIME that someone stood up to Dinny and held his feet to the fire he’s been setting!

    You MUST keep us updated on this; something tells me we won’t be hearing much in the midstream media.

  7. Z says:

    How in the world did you find the ostrich in its head with the line across it. Angel, you ROCK!
    GREAT piece. I ONLY WISH we had the GUTS to do something like this. NEVER HAPPEN. This is what I mean when I say Europe and Australia have it all over us. In Germany, THEIR mosques are not “too holy” to prohibit the Feds from going in to listen (fancy THAT!), like they are HERE, right? AND, they FINALLY have implemented the following: if they hear any hate speech, the Imam’s on the next bus to Pakistan. No long protracted trial with liberal Germans defending the JERKS, …just “auf wiedersehen, chump”

    May WE get that spirit here!

  8. EDGE says:

    I hear Koala bears can be pretty fiesty and aggressive. Looks like the Aussies have been taking notes!

  9. Faultline USA says:

    God bless Australia and our Aussie friends!

  10. kevin says:

    GSG posted a great piece about Australia’s pro-Americanism today.

  11. OMMAG says:

    Well I guess this shows that even a socialist government can get something right!

    Although this is really only posturing on the world stage at least some lefty moonbats may get the idea that Iran and Muzzies in general are NOT their friends! And MAYBE just MAYBE the HATE AMERICA tradition of the leftards will be forgotten for a while…..!

    But I’m not holding my breath!

  12. The Amboy Times says:

    Two Cheers for Australia…

    Two of my favorite bloggers praised Australia today. Most of us tend to have fond thoughts of the Land Down Under, with it’s fascinating wildlife and colorful characters like Steve Irwin and Paul Hogan. But now it is time to…

  13. Gayle says:

    Good for Rudd! We all need to wish him the very best of luck. :)

  14. Layla says:

    Well the Aussie’s have always been our friend. Good going! :)

  15. MK says:

    Yeah i heard about this one Angel, thanks for the post. Though, like Aurora said, he is a leftie and his government was happy to hand over our money to the Palis for ‘social justice’. Even though i think this is a bit of a stunt and nothing really painful will come out of it for Iran, credit to him for at least doing what little can be done.

  16. HannahJ says:

    Now THAT’S good news. (checks to make sure it’s not April 1) (pantomimes screaming with delight, taking into consideration the other family members in the same building) (wonders if she should move to Australia just for this) (thinks back to reading TMS and MK’s Views and Crusader Rabbit and reconsiders)

    I should have more words than actions, shouldn’t I.

  17. Otto - American Interests says:

    While I applaud the act, it is typical of Rudd in his attempts to appease all. Aurora and mk spell it out on my behalf. He and his government remain at odds with my worldview; I would rather the economic liberalism and social conservatism of the previous Government and our former Prime Minister anytime. Good post!

  18. Incognito says:

    What a stroke of genius! But Howard was just as courageous and probably would have come up with same. As the Aussies on here mention, they are not too pleased with Rudd… but congrats to him anyways.

    God Bless our Aussie friends.. and friends they have always been!

  19. Angie says:

    I love my Aussie cyber friends…Beautiful photos..Those who bless Israel willl be blessed..yeah, wonder if any other countries would take this stand?

    Lets hope he grows more and becomes a conservative.:)


  20. Dinah Lord says:

    Man, I love the Aussies.

    Great post, Miss Angel

  21. JMK says:

    “So loathsome is his/(Ahmadinajad) warped ideology if one can even call it that.

    “Yet, has he been made a pariah by the international media?
    Have his ahem “views” have been condemned by all countries of conscience?”

    It hasn’t even been condemned by the likes of Columbia University, which invited him to NYC to speak!

    It’s a sad state of afairs when Liberals in the West, yes, even Jewish Liberals defend the terrorists (as “freedom fighters”) out of a misplaced hatred for a U.S. President (Bush) they revile.

  22. Cop the Truth says:

    Love those Aussies!

  23. 10men says:

    Red, White and Blue

    These colors don’t run!