Somali Muzlims Whinefest Time

A group of Mu-slim workers allege they were fired by a New Brighton tortilla factory for refusing to wear uniforms that they say were immodest by Is-lamic standards.

Six Somali women claim they were ordered by a manager to wear pants and shirts to work instead of their traditional Is-lamic clothing of loose-fitting skirts and scarves, according to the Council on Amer-ican-Is-lamic Relations (CA-IR), a civil liberties group that is representing the women.

Muslim women say New Brighton company’s dress code violates faith
The women have filed a religious discrimination complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Ah yes.

Aint divesity just grand?

Anyone find out if these ahem..”immigrants” are even legal?
Silly me. Minor detail.
I know. Let’s plan a field trip to a Muzlim country and file a similair law suit.

Ironic, isn’t it- that we allow these so called cultures to shove their oppressive ways down our throats.
Yet America is the one accused by the world court of arrogance.

Psssttt. Industry standards -including employment regulations are for everyone.
As in “everyone.”

Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Agnostic, Amish and oh yes….even the holier than thou Muzlims. It’s called the condition of your employment.

Don’t like it?
Go drive a cab in Saudi Arabia.
Oops my bad. Women aren’t allowed to drive there at all.

Oh, but to heck with safety too right?
Or maybe CA-IR, the terrorist org. wants their women to work around machines and wear loose fitting clothes. This way when they get severely injured, -they can sue the company for that too.

Maybe someone ought to clue in the whiney, demanding Muzlims that people from all over the globe come to our shores for 2 things: Freedom and Opportunity. You have unending opportunitiy to work and become successful , and the freedom to bloody quit if you don’t feel like abiding by your employer’s dress code or rules.

Planning a vacation this year?
How bout Somalia

Somalia has not had a functioning national government for 14 years.
The lives of Somalis continue to be blighted by a “catastrophic” level of daily violence and “brutality”, says a report by a medical charity.

Most of the victims are women and children.
MSF says that Somalia has one of the worst rates of child mortality in the world.

They should be kissing the ground in New Brighton or anywhere else in America.

How many ways can you say audacity?

Obama in Somali garb…how um..appropriate, no?

Oh and let us not forget this charming event.

Somali cleric calls for pope’s death

A HARDLINE cleric linked to Somalia’s powerful Islamist movement has called for Mus-lims to “hunt down” and kill Pope Benedict XVI for his controversial comments about Isl-am.

Better yet, why don’t all those defending these Somalis adopt some of their beloved customs?
Starting with THIS

The most common form of female genital mutilation (FGM) or female genital cutting (FGC) practiced in Somalia is Type III (commonly referred to as infibulation and in Somalia, the “Pharaonic circumcision”).

Eighty percent of all genital procedures for women and girls consist of this form which is the most harmful form. The less radical or Type I (commonly referred to as clitoridectomy and in Somalia sometimes called “sunna”) is practiced mainly in the coastal towns of Mogadishu, Brava, Merca and Kismayu.

The procedures leave a lifetime of physical suffering for the women.
Virtually all Somali women are subjected to one of these procedures. A recent estimate by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) places the percentage of the women in Somalia who have undergone this procedure at 90 percent.

There are several other rationales expressed for the practice in Somalia. Some men claim the artificial tightness heightens se-xual enjoyment. Some say the smoothness of the scar is esthetically beautiful.

Indeed. I suggest all the loud mouth female lib Izlam apologists line up for that multi culti lil Somali “custom” eh.

Somali Muzlims making demands in America.

Talk about your ingrates.

Is it politically correct to puke now?

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26 Responses to “Somali Muzlims Whinefest Time”

  1. nanc says:


    after getting through the photos, i nearly fell ill and forgot what the entire post was about.

    great shock factor going on here…


  2. Katie says:

    It could have been worse. They could have been working at Hooters! All the employer would have to do is explain why loose fitting clothing is a safety hazard and then sue CAIR and these Somalis for filing a false lawsuit.

  3. Kevin says:


  4. elvis the original terminator says:

    I am learning to tolerate the intolerant. Isn’t that what we are suppose to do?

  5. Kristina says:

    I’m assuming they need fitted garments to keep from getting caught up in the machinery. That’s not discrimination. That’s safety.

  6. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    London Politics Open Post Tuesday/Wednesday…

    I had written a whole post about the disconnect between London’s Mayors Livingstone and Mayor Boris Johnson. The bottom line? Newly elected CONSERVATIVE Mayor Johnson told chavez to take a hike, after defeating LIBERAL Livingstone…

  7. Rosemary says:

    I am paying attention. I’ve written and written and written about this and other atrocities. It seems people get outraged for a moment, but they do not bother to call the Capitol toll free at 1-866-340-9281. Nor do they call the WH at 1-202-456-1111 or 456-1414.

    Just had to put my 2 cents in there (so the gov’t can tax me 50 percent! because it’s only a penny for my thoughts), because anyone anywhere who can get the attention of the people to do something about these atrocities is okay with me.

    BTW, Somalia is not the only place this occures. Most Northern African and Middle Eastern country practice this very painful procedures WITHOUT anesthesia! We give birth, I guess you guys this is alright too?

  8. Rosemary says:

    Sorry about that last comment. I’ve felt so all alone in the fight against this procedure. Nigeria supposedly signed a treaty that they would stop these procedures, but I trust them as much as I trust Bill Clinton in a bedroom with a beautiful (or ugly) woman knowing that his wife be back for a month!

  9. Don L says:

    The real exposure of all this is the lack of marching by America’s left (Hillary’s feminists?) against this practice. I suppose the save Tibet crowd has all those bumper stickers piled up in the warehouses to use first.

  10. Brooke says:

    Their hypocrisy is vile beyond words, Angel!

  11. Joe Gringo says:

    Those poor women, my heart goes out to them, why do they “deserve” this? It really makes one sick.

  12. Mustang says:

    Stupid is what stupid does . . .

  13. Layla says:

    How pathetic. Whats next hun? This just goes from bad to worse.

  14. Amboy says:

    I posted on this too, sent a t/b.

  15. The Amboy Times says:

    Muslims Sue over Work Uniforms…

    A group of Muslim workers allege they were fired by a
    New Brighton tortilla factory for refusing to wear uniforms that they
    say were immodest by Islamic standards….

  16. heidianne jackson says:

    my guess is that cair will win this lawsuit, too. and by allowing them to file and win these stupid lawsuits, we are abdicating our country to their control.

    as for the female genital mutilation, where the heck is the u.n. and human rights watch and amnesty international and…? well you get the picture.

  17. Yankee Doodle says:

    There is too much big government in the workplace to begin with. There should be more freedom for employers and employees to contract with each other, without the government establishing quotas of who needs to hire how many of what kind of people.

    Why doesn’t CAIR open a Muslim bakery, and show everybody how baking bread according to sharia is so much better?

    I won’t even get started on FGM.

    Interesting post, Angel.

  18. Jungle Mom says:

    Those fotos made me ill.

  19. Incognito says:

    Get another job for goodness sake!! Egads.

  20. Z says:

    I’m with Jungle Mom. How horrible. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at.

  21. MK says:

    First off back in Somalia they probably won’t be able to find work, but don’t none of you even imply that the savages in Somalia are not equal to the culture over in the US of A. Second perhaps they need to be relocated back to Somalia so they can work in attire according to their religion. Send CAIR off too, they’ve been in desperate need of reality for a while too.

  22. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Ah, let them wear their “loose clothes”… Muslim tortillas won’t be plentiful (after them becoming that first accidental batch) and I doubt strongly that anyone will wish to actually eat them, but I have faith that it will occur to some ingenious liberal somewhere to drop them in a vat of fresh urine and make an art statement out of them.

  23. Always On Watch says:

    I’m sick and tired of Muslims who immigrate to the West and then whine about our culture. How long is the West going to put up with this nonsense?

  24. Gayle says:

    The photos are indeed beyond awful, Angel, but I’m glad you posted them. People need to be outraged! I’ve become so totally pissed off at people coming into my blog and declaring that they are entitled to their own customs that I ban anyone who says that anymore. My tolerance level is at a new low! They are not entitled to mutilate people, and neither are they entitled to force their customs down our throats.

    We eat a lot of tortillas here… after all, we are in Texas. I make breakfast burritos quite often, and I also make enchiladas. Thank goodness I make my own tortillas. I would hate to think they were being made by Muslims!

  25. dapoppins says:

    Wow. As usual.

    And Uhhh. Yuck.

    And what Gayle said.

  26. KkarlMm says:

    Love your complaint department…gernades.

    I wish they would take TWO and call me from h#LL!