Defeating an Insurgency? Heck Yea

For the week of May 16-23, there were 300 “violent incidents” in Iraq. That’s down from 1,600 last June and the lowest recorded since March 2004. Al Qaeda has been crushed by a combination of U.S. arms and Sunni tribal resistance. On the Shiite side, Moqtada al Sadr’s Mahdi Army was routed by Iraqi troops in Basra and later crumbled in its Sadr City stronghold.

All this is good news in its own right. Better yet, it explodes the mindless shibboleth that there is “no military solution” when it comes to dealing with insurgencies. On the contrary, it turns out that the best way to end an insurgency is, quite simply, to beat it.
There Is a Military Solution to Terror

Why was this not obvious before? When military strategies fail – as they did in Vietnam while the U.S. pursued the tactics of attrition, or in Iraq prior to the surge – the idea that there can be no military solution has a way of taking hold with civilians and generals eager to deflect blame. This is how we arrived at the notion that “political reconciliation” is a precondition of military success, not a result of it.

There’s also a tendency to misjudge the aims and ambitions of the insurgents: To think they can be mollified via one political concession or another.

The deeper problem here is the belief that the best way to deal with insurgents is to address the “root causes” of the grievance that purportedly prompted them to take up arms. But what most of these insurgencies seek isn’t social or moral redress: It’s absolute power. Like other “liberation movements” (the PLO comes to mind)……..

Among other things, beating an insurgency allows a genuine process of reconciliation and redress to take place, and in a spirit of malice toward none.

But those are words best spoken after the terrible swift sword has done its work.


Smack the enemy and smack them hard.

Congress along with its newly elected dhimmcrats fought our President on every single funding request he presented for this War on Terror.
Yes. PC whiners, I said it: WAR ON TERROR.

They were busy writing bill after bill with ahem…”withdrawal” deadlines.
They came up with spiffy phrases such as “dwell time”: The period during which a dynamic process remains halted in order that another process may occur.

What “that other process” would be, they never did get around to outlining…Other than shmoozing with maniacal tyrants, munching on hummus, and wearing heejabs.

The apologist Libs can’t seem to grasp the strategy that has guided nearly all successful military operations: the idea of an unapologetic, striking strategy, not riding the waves of offendedness of your enemy, whether it be about shooting K–orans or handing out Christian coins in a foreign land.

Despite the war being grossly underfunded, our Military has shown tremendous, UNreported gains and progress.

We may never be able to impose a fully-fledged Western democracy in any Muzlim society, true.

But this does not mean that our primary projects should be to the win over the hearts and minds of our enemies along with the Lib haters in the free world.

We should instead be promoting, military, security solutions so that when one of our forces have cleared an area, the IzlamoNazi Al Qa-eda’s can’t ever “slip back in”.

Beating an insurgency is possible, most certainly, if and only if we are willing to adopt an unconventional war strategy, and forgo the “PC sensitivy training.”

We are in the midst of a global war of IzlamoNazi intimidation. Cowering is not in our National best interest.

Insurgents use and abuse the local population to hide them. How, you ask?… that word the NY Times doesn’t want you to use: Terror.

They use exemplary torture and murder to ensure that the civilians are compliant. Our troops doling out Koo-rans, and candy aint going to change this one lick.

Instead of worrying about international “reaction” or putting a “Muzlim face” on our efforts to bring democracy to a country seeped in tyranny, we should be backing up the efforts of our Troops in which our entire country (outside of the lefty Libs) rightly takes such pride.

What’s the dirty little secret?

Does our military really wish to make their “subjugated population” behave more like its conquerors?

If it means putting an end to torture, rape rooms, honor killings, beheadings, cutting off fingers and toes, institutionalized misogynism, female genital mutilation, intolerance for any other faiths, and a quest for world domination……

Then: In a word: YES. You bet your free lil tuchus we do.

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25 Responses to “Defeating an Insurgency? Heck Yea”

  1. Z says:

    THIS lil tuchus is saluting your post and your sentiment, Angel.
    You are SO right. But, WHO is going to wake up and realize we’re pandering WAY too much?
    That donkey praying cartoon gave me chills. z

  2. Debbie says:

    Thanks for this post Angel. It is much needed, especially the contrasts and the images of how al-Qaeda tortures.

  3. heidianne jackson says:

    we don’t torture anyone – we may use strong tactics, but we don’t user torture. our enemies use torture – there is a huge difference. besides, i’m so sick of hearing how torture doesn’t work – it especially sickens me to hear mccain saying it after it worked on him!! check it out here if you don’t already know this:

  4. KKarLMm says:

    I for one have never heard of a war fought…..NOT to win!!!
    Being we are there for all the right reasons it is long past time to bring out the HEAVY equipment.
    Lets start testing the next generation of modern weaponry on those who deserve the most..
    I do believe the time has come to kiss those “lil tuchus”s goodbye!!!

  5. Angie says:

    Nobody paints the picture better than you Angel. Thanks for showing the difference in their torture methods.. ‘

    We never hear how the surge is working on NBC, ABC, CBS. CNN, OR MSNBC.
    They just want to point out the deaths. Not how we are advancing. They make me want to barf!

    God bless our troops!


  6. MK says:

    The left will never forgive America for freeing Iraq. Ending the killing fields of Saddam was simply put, unforgivable to them. So they work day and night, fight tooth and nail to sell the place out, hand over the Iraqis to butchers and evil scum and in the process humiliate and defeat America. I hope Iraqis know this, they better get things sorted out before the election cos make no mistake if B. Hussein gets the top job, then you can bet your bottom dollar that the war will be lost, on way or another.

    B. Hussein might be an dunce, a one-term president even, but if he achieves nothing, guaranteed he will grant victory to AQI or Iran or both before he is done. I have no doubt whatsoever of it.

  7. Yankee Doodle says:

    There certainly is something to be said for a military victory to establish an environment favorable to a peace process. I have often thought we should stop pulling Israel off the PLO – excuse me, the PA – and just let them go after the next terrorist attack. A decisive military victory the first time there was an “intifada” might have gotten the PA’s thugocracy out of power, and allowed the Palestinian people and the Israelis both to live in peace, instead of the Palestinians being used as expendable fodder to destabilize the region and keep hatred brewing.

    I love these “torture works but we don’t torture” comments. The logical conclusion to that train of thought is that we should torture. Maybe we can adopt that Al Qaeda manual that you show illustrations from? Here’s a nice, liberal thought – maybe if we start torturing (because it works!) and become enough like A Qaeda, maybe they’ll back off and let us live in peace?

    We “don’t torture” only because of the way torture is legally defined by this administration. Any type of abuse of captives, “detainees”, prisoners of war, or whatever you want to call them, is wrong and self-defeating.

    But, Bush is a foolish hypocrite, and that is why his two buddies in the “War on Terror” are the two nations that have done the most to promote Islamic terrorism in general, and to support the Taliban and Al Qaeda in particular – Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

    Obama will be a disaster for America if elected, but don’t think McCain will be much better – he is too deeply in the pockets of Albanian organized crime, which is too closely linked to Al Qaeda. There would be little significant difference from the foolish policies of the Bush Administration, except perhaps in administration policy regarding the treatment of “detainees”.

    Interesting post, Angel!

  8. Kevin says:

    Those pictures are pretty disgusting, but they remind us why we need to finish the fight.

  9. elvis the original terminator says:

    Peace through superior FIREPOWER!!!!!!

  10. obob says:

    I cannot agree enough with the all who have written above. Are we hearing stories of victory and courage of US troops, nope. That doesn’t fit the narrative. Sad we have to fight an enemy who tries to use our own media as propaganda aganist us

  11. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    That’s it! I’m leavin’…

    Many is the time I’ve convinced myself to stay here in California, because you don’t run away from your problems. You stand and fight. Well, when more people work for the government than private sector, it is very hard to pass a citizen protection…

  12. Rosemary says:

    Hey guys. I hope all of you that are agreeing with Angel (including me) are willing, prepared, and able to do as you say, because they are training right here on own land in the Saudi mosques! Do not let your guard down, do not believe the lies that this is just paranoia. This is a fact. Now, have a good a day, and Praise the Lord!

  13. Amboy says:

    The Police cartoon says it all for me. For the first time in history, we’re suppose to announce to a waiting enemy what our strategy is in public.

  14. Defiant_Infidel says:

    “They came up with spiffy phrases such as “dwell time”: The period during which a dynamic process remains halted in order that another process may occur.”

    I thought dwell time was that which occurs between trigger squeezes whilst one realigns the sights… No?

    I have been a proponent of a “reverse” Iron Fist policy since we first crossed the Iraqi border. Many people in Iraq had previously lived their entire life under brutal, totalitarian rule. They were never “asked” to do anything, but were always forced. Why would we think that that would change simply because we were trying to effect something for their actual good? It is a mode of understanding thing… Even when we are trying to bring them liberty and freedom, initially at least, it must be forced upon them. They will eventually recognize the fruit, but you have to force the smell under their noses for awhile first. This is hard for us to recognize as we have always been given choices.

    This lack of effective policy to be declarative was also evident in our battle tactics. Recall when, as we approached Baghdad and encountered numerous groups of Saddam’s Republican Guard elite fighting force… We allowed, if they merely stated that they would agree, these mechanized fighting machines to be treated as common people and lay down their arms… with the agreed expectation that they would all go home and be forever grateful and “nice”. This misty fantasy later gave us the very predictable horrors of Fallujah… and one helluva needless pile of dead American soldiers.

    Their’s is a toxic mindset that must be extinguished by death, or “forced freedom”, not rehabilitated by attempting to talk them back to rational thinking. If you can’t recognize and declare those who are your sworn enemy, it remains pretty ridiculous to ponder how you might otherwise defeat them. Simply, you won’t.

  15. Brooke says:

    Another spot-on post, Angel.

    If the Dems have their way, this barbarity will be on our soil.

  16. David says:

    “Then: In a word: YES. You bet your free lil tuchus we do.”

    Hmmm… perhaps we ought to be deluging them with out “weapons of cultural mass destruction” so that everywhere one turns on the Middle East it become impossible to escape… Brittany Spears, et al.


    That’d larn ‘em real good.

  17. Joe Gringo says:

    Conservative playbook:

    Four words, Eli Manning / David Tyree. One of the greatest plays in football history.

    Liberal playbook: Have Eli Manning taka a knee and lose the game.

  18. In_spired says:

    Angel, Thanks again for keeping the “idealist” in me informed of the reality of the times in which we live.

    Great post…

  19. OMMAG says:

    When it comes to dealing with psychopathic maniacs that strap bombs to themselves or to children …. I agree… smack them hard and smack them again and don’t stop smacking them until they cannot get up.

    Then go find the next one and repeat the process.

    Repeat until none of them can be found.

    But be ready to grab any newcomers who climb out of the woodwork as well.

    Never quit and never relent!

  20. Perri Nelson says:

    I have never understood the mindset that thinks that negotiating with your sworn enemy is superior to defeating them.

    We’ve seen what negotiating with liars and backstabbers does. A previous administration negotiated “in good faith” with the North Koreans, who promised that administration that they would abandon their nuclear ambitions. They claimed victory. They failed to monitor the North Koreans under the “negotiated” agreement.

    Even while they were at the negotiating table the North Koreans were doing the very thing they promised not to do. Then somehow it’s the next administrations fault when they turned up with nuclear weapons.

    Reagan was right, “Trust but verify”. If we MUST negotiate with our enemies, we must do it from a position of strength, and we must be able to verify that they keep their word. When your enemy has sworn to see to your destruction, it’s foolish to blindly trust the things they say.

    This is what really scares me about the presumptive Democratic party nominee. He has promised to negotiate “without preconditions” with a man who has repeatedly sworn to see to the death of the Great Satan and the Little Satan, more commonly known as the United States and Israel. Worse, I believe he would TRUST that lying, backstabbing terrorist to keep his word in negotiations.

    I would TRUST the leader of Iran to keep his word too. Only I would trust the promise he made to see to our destruction before I would trust his word not to seek nuclear weapons or to stop funding terrorists.

    The best way to negotiate with our enemies is to use a big stick first, and speak softly afterward.

  21. Z says:


  22. Z says:

    Perri, recently I heard a talk radio host say that NEGOTIATION is what the enemy has you do while it’s preparing. That’s all this negociation idiocy is…..biding for time. And we’re looking at someone as president who is happy to give that time to them. I sure as heck don’t want to go to war over every problem, but the people he’s willing to deal with have threatened our existance and can make good on the promise!
    By the way, Obama’s now saying he DOES want preconditions. Pretty soon, he’ll be saying he DOES want to stay in Iraq, already he’s talking about ‘leaving safely’.
    OH, this guy is SLICKER than we could have imaged.
    And they called REAGAN TEFLON? LOL!

  23. Red_State_Blue says:

    Opening Rounds…

    From the beginning I’ve been afraid that Sen McCain is also too much of a
    gentleman to adopt and sustain an approach [direct, critical, unapologetic] of that kind. But, this speech
    seems to indicated that…he has started in that

  24. Katie says:

    BHO has the white flag up already. If elected he will pull out of Iraq, let Iran go nuclear, and attack Israel at the first chance he has.

  25. The Hermit says:

    Maybe if we do leave, they’ll slaughter each other into extinction. I wouldn’t shed any tears.