Warren Buffet or Iran’s Thug in ChieF?

Question: What do America’s premier investor, Warren Buffett, and Iran’s toxic president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have in common?

Answer: They’ve both made a bet about Israel’s future.

People vs. dinosaurs

Ahmadinejad declared on Monday that Israel “has reached its final phase and will soon be wiped out from the geographic scene.”

Buffett paid $4 billion for 80 percent of Iscar and the deal just happened to close a few days before Hezbollah, a key part of Iran’s holding company, attacked Israel in July 2006, triggering a monthlong war.

Iscar is known for many things, most of all for being the first enterprise that Buffett bought overseas for his holding company, Berkshire Hathaway.

..in the first quarter of 2008, the top four economies after America in attracting venture capital for start-ups were: Europe $1.53 billion, China $719 million, Israel $572 million and India $99 million, according to Dow Jones VentureSource.

Israel, with 7 million people, attracted almost as much as China, with 1.3 billion.

Iran has invented nothing of importance since the Islamic Revolution…

Iran’s economic and military clout today is largely dependent on extracting oil from the ground. Israel’s economic and military power today is entirely dependent on extracting intelligence from its people.

Israel’s economic power is endlessly renewable. Iran’s is a dwindling resource based on fossil fuels made from dead dinosaurs.

So who will be here in 20 years? I’m with Buffett: I’ll bet on the people who bet on their people – not the people who bet on dead dinosaurs.

So who would you put your money on? Buffett or Ahmadinejad? I’d short Ahmadinejad and go long Warren Buffett.

Just in case ya never heard of him, Warren Buffett is considered the second wealthiest man in the world.

Can you guess who the first is?

Microsoft’s one and only Bill Gates, but of course y’all knew that.

This purchase was the largest Buffett has ever made outside the United States.

Buffett implemented the biggest buy-out of an Israeli company ever. He paid $4 billion for an 80 percent stake in Iscar Metalworking Cos. They are an industry leader in metal-cutting tools.
Does this not speak volumes about…well………Israel?

Iscar is by far one of the world’s largest (by sales) manufacturers of industrial-cutting tools.
GM and Ford both use them.

Think about it.
Buffet decided to invest in an Israeli company, in a country that, at the time, he had not yet ever visited, let alone seen its factories or operations.

Based on its record and on professional opinions, not to mention his immense confidence in the Israeli economy.

That’s right.
Despite the daily kassam rockets from the Muzlim Nazis, Israel still has the fastest growing economy in the West. (over 5% last year)

Despite Ham-ASS, and the Muzlim terrorists, the Israeli stock markets are at an all-time high.

Sorry, Ara-FAT, keffiah donning thugs. The Israeli economy has more than weathered your intifada.

Of course, the bleedin heart Libs can always invest in Muzlim “Gaza.”

Now that the “Gaza Disengagement” has well concluded.
You do remember that Libs…don’t ya?

In the summer of 2005, under pressure from the United States, sadly and at the command of Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel, soldiers removed their own citizens, the residents (“settlers” ) in all of Gaza as well as 4 “settlements” in the West Bank as part of this mythical “Roadmap to Peace with Muzlim terrorists.”

That’s worked out swimmingly well.
Kassam anyone?

Remove: Them.

Replace with: Them.

Oh, and as a side point self hating Libs…If the Thug in Chief has his dream fulfilled and Israel is ever incinerated, (which..ahem..will NEVER happen…..sorry to disappoint ya) —- you too will be fried to a nuclear crisp.

In the meantime, I’ll bet on the side of humane, civilized peace lovers, and economically responsible and successful peoples:

Hey Warren…………..Shooooooooow me the money!

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22 Responses to “Warren Buffet or Iran’s Thug in ChieF?”

  1. Mustang says:

    I stand with Israel . . . but if Buffet backs Obama (rumor), he’ll not have any credibility with me.

  2. kevin says:

    Good post Angel, I’m with Buffet on this one.

  3. Robert says:

    I also stand with Israel. Buffet is a buffoon who is looking for a body to leach off of, just like Barack Obama is. The body, is America and Israel. Let the feeding frenzy begin and I will be standing ready to defend the body……


  4. Katie says:

    I stand with Israel. I wonder how many people in the world use an Israeli made or designed product every day. We can start with that lovely text messaging. Developed in Israel for the IDF. So if these bozos who want to diversify themselves from Israeli products think about it, they should start with destroying their cell phones.

  5. tapline says:

    Angel, Outstanding post……Great presentation………I’ll always bet on Israel…..God’s Chosen……..stay well….

  6. MK says:

    I sure hope he’s right Angel, it all hangs in the balance of the coming elections in the US. If B. Hussein wins, i’d say all bets are off. When America is forced to surrender Iraq to al-qaeda and the mullahs in Iran, who is left to stop Iran from getting their nukes?

    Europe, dream on, Europe is lost and why would they risk antagonizing their local Jihadist population for Jews they don’t particularly like anyway. I’m sure everyone would like to stop Iran from getting their nuke, but who CAN stop Iran, if not America and/or Israel.

  7. Defiant_Infidel says:

    There is no disputing that Buffet’s wisdom is showing in his Israeli investment strategy. But this will not penetrate the rock heads that support the Obama cult. Unlike the rest of us, they don’t operate on facts or history and see no need for them. The mere reality that Obama has been nominated is stunning proof of the inability for that voting wing to think. It will take something bigger than reality to defeat him and preserve America’s commitment to its’ staunchest Middle Eastern ally. Ponder that, my friends.

    The shrinking window of opportunity to prevent the nuclear genie from escaping the Iranian bottle should be the catalyst to action. Thus far it seems, it has not been. With such a silent lead in, action will be swift and sudden when it happens… from one side or the other.

  8. Brooke says:

    Let’s hope Buffet does stay politically neutral this year…

    But on Israel, I’m definitely with him! :)

  9. Gayle says:

    I agree that I’m with Buffet – unless he backs Obama, then all bets are off!

    Good post as always, girlfriend. You have a certain touch that always makes your posts interesting and different. God bless you and God Bless Israel!

  10. Kevin says:

    Phew! I thought you were going to say that Buffet thought Israel would disappear!

  11. Joe Gringo says:

    I was thinking along the lines of Kevin above.

    Israel is an amazing, amazing place, as well as its people.

  12. EDGE says:

    SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!! :)


  13. elvis the original terminator says:

    You are my favorite.
    We( http://www.strongerthandeath,net) are going o give you a prize.

    all the best!

  14. Aurora says:

    I’m with Israel, unequivocally, 100% of the time…but anyone with a brain bigger than a pea could see that Israel’s got it all over their enemies. Buffet has never backed a loser in his life as far as I know either. Beautiful pics, as usual, Angel.

  15. Middle Amierica says:

    Excellent post. Nice, correct, contrast.

  16. frasypoo says:

    I’ m with Israel
    Go Warren!

  17. ben says:

    Good article.

    Rubbed shoulders w/ buffet at my uncle’s funeral. My aunt was THE secretary (I believe) he was referring to when he said “my secretary pays more taxes than I do” I live in Omaha and my aunt worked for him 25+ years.

    Warren was shooting for Hillary as president. That’s one of the things he & I disagree on. But he’s a likable kinda guy.

    His only interest is bridge and money.

    aside- none of that money ever came my way…sigh

  18. Layla says:

    You know where I stand Angel, with Israel.

  19. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    ‘My’ Soldier Came Home…

    America’s Son came home from war alive and whole, so why do I feel such a loss? My sleep has been forced upon me, I forget to eat, I constantly check the email in the hopes that he’ll let me know he’s alright. After all, that is what we did…

  20. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    URGENT: Operation Love From Home…

    Today is June 10, 2008. That means we only have 4 days left to reach our goal of 5000 ‘Thank you’ cards for our Servicemembers in Afghanistan. Please send whatever you can, even if it’s only one card. It will be greatly appreciated…

  21. JMK says:

    The sad thing to me is that so many American Jews count themselves among those anti-American, anti-Capitalist and anti-Israel “Peace-nik” appeasers. That’s very disappointing.

    The Jews have been great entrepreneurs, they’ve given the world great economists (most notably the late, GREAT Milton Friedman) and yet so many espouse socialism and take up the cause of the so-called “downtrodden” – even the downtrodden terrorists that plague Israel.

    It’s as puzzling as it is astounding that over 80% of the Jewish people in America seem to be in lock-step with the far Left wing of the Democratic Party.

  22. KkarLMm says:

    As A Bershire Hathaway stockholder, i always stand behind “uncle” Warren, he has never disapointed me yet..Choosing Israel was one of the easier
    decisions he has ever made..

    I wouldn’t worry about his support for Abdul Obama, Mr. Buffet’s allegiance stand firmly behind Jackson, Hamilton and Franklin etc. (the currency guys).

    I checked the Vegas Betting Line and they have Israel favored over Iran +1000 so i would take Israel and give the points…
    Mushroom cloud over Teheran with all the trimmings!!!!!