Shalit, Regev and Goldwasser

JERUSALEM — Israel’s government voted Sunday to trade one of the most notorious convicts in its prisons, a Lebanese murderer, for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers whose cross-border capture led to and partly motivated its monthlong war with the Lebanese militia Hezbollah in summer 2006.

Israel Swaps Prisoners for Soldiers’ Bodies

Karnit Goldwasser.

Noam Shalit, father of Gilad Shalit who was kidnapped over two years ago by Hamas said Sunday evening that he is happy for the families of kidnapped soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser who received confirmation that the prisoner exchange deal with Hizbullah was accepted by the government.

Gilad Shalit was kidnapped and taken into the Gaza Strip 735 days ago.

Noam Shalit.

No one knows how to “negotiate” with twisted, cold blooded terrorists. But one thing we do know: Trading terrorist, vicious, heartless murderers for captives will bring more dead Jews.

And ultimately..more dead Americans, Europeans, Australians..and citizens of every other free nation that Izlam yearns to ultimately conquer.

As much as it pains the Goldwasser, Regev and Shalit families no end, expecting their return in exchange for terrorist murderers of Israelis is surely signing the death certificates of even more Israelis….and more…and …more.

Needless to say, the families ache for their beloved sons and husbands back.
But, To even consider setting free the despicable, vile murderer Sa-mir Kun-tar……….Will that serve Israel’s best defensive needs?
I ask you.

An inhuman murderer, who bashed a four-year-old girl’s head in with a gun………
The Arabs who danced in the streets after Sept 11th can hardly wait for his “triumphant” return to Lebanon.



Another Muzlim ‘hero’.

Israel will most likely never get back another live Israeli captive again. The maniacal Arabs have no reason not to kill them.
Hizbullah Secretary-General Sicko Has-san Nasr-allah uses victims in order to cause division.
In his twisted mind, he knows full well this will split the public and break their hearts.

But hey…he aint no fool. He has the Israeli media as his own personal bullhorn now. All waiting with baited breath for the outcome of this never ending horrror.

My friends…take heed.
This is what ensues when a government loses its moral backbone.

May the Good Lord hold Gilad, Ehud, Eldad, Israel and all of us in the palm of His hand.

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20 Responses to “Shalit, Regev and Goldwasser”

  1. Kevin says:

    I can’t think of another act Olmert could have done to embolden the jihadists more.

  2. Kevin says:

    Oh wait, I just thought of one. He could surrender half of Jerusalem. Sheesh.

  3. Perri Nelson says:

    At least Israel got two of her own back. Sadly they had to be gift wrapped in body bags.

    It might have been justice to return Samir the same way. But that would have been reducing Israel to the level of her enemies.

    Hezbolah has another victory. The international community ought to be ashamed.

    One of these days, Israel will stop listening to them and realize that appeasement doesn’t work. The United Nations will never be satisfied with anything Israel does, so she might as well get on with the business of defeating her enemies once and for all.

  4. elvis the original terminator says:

    As far as I am concerned it’s time to take NO prisoners.
    We in the States that love freedom, believe the jihadists should be exterminated!

  5. Sunflower Desert says:

    Hi Angel,
    Tieki called yesterday from Israel, very sad about the fate of these men.

  6. EDGE says:

    Oh I remember them dancing in the streets that day! Just a “knee jerk reaction” they said later. I gotta knee jerk reaction for ‘em!!!!


  7. In_spired says:

    As a parent, I can’t say how I would have reacted at a younger age in these families situation; maybe the same. It has taken me a lifetime to realize “you can’t negotiate with terrorists”! John Q. Public wants to believe that these people react to gentle persuasion…Not so!

    In an article that I’ve read, it was stated that “Critics argued that swapping bodies for Kantar would offer militant groups a greater incentive to capture soldiers and less of a reason to keep captives alive.”

    This is what you stated in your post and I agree most whole-heartedly. Oh my! What times we are living!!

  8. Ace says:

    For a long time I’ve sided on the Charedi side of the Zionist discussion- which this episode only strengthens. We go to war b/c some innocent soldiers are being held captive and then we abandon the war without their return and then seem to forget about them for a few years until we’re ready to trade their bodies for murderers. We sign a truce plan with terrorists while Gilad Shalit is still being held captive by them? And we’re suppossed to call this leadership the stepping stones to Redmption?

  9. Gayle says:

    I’m glad to have you back too, hon.

    You’re right. Trading prisoners is not going to do anything but make things worse for Israel. Olmert needs to go. He’s a useless fool!

  10. Defiant_Infidel says:

    “Israel will most likely never get back another live Israeli captive again. The maniacal Arabs have no reason not to kill them. “

    And of course you are exactly correct! With another reinforcement of these ridiculous “trades”, why would any of these terrorists keep ANY hostage alive when they know they can kill them and later trade them for live terrorists? Kuntar is about the worst of the worst. Burying the bodies of these poor deceased Jews will not bring them back. And trading Kuntar for the opportunity to do so will only guarantee more bodies to “trade” for again later.

    Is this high science? Common sense has flown away. This cycle will continue until someone wakes the hell up and gets serious. It is so unfair to the Israeli population to have such morons at the helm. My question is how long the population will allow this to continue?

  11. Debbie says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. They are assuming that Gilad Shalit is still alive, but I wouldn’t take the word of these terrorists for anything.

  12. Brooke says:

    Olmert is insane!

  13. Katie says:

    There is no death penalty in Israel for murder (only for Nazi War Criminals), but there is a movement starting for a death penalty. Hang a few or all of the terrorists and if Hamas or Hezbollah wants them back, send them back in body bags.

    I fear that they all are dead, but pray that they will return home alive.

  14. heidianne jackson says:

    glad you’re back angel and i hope you are healing well in your grief. this is just an added insult, in my mind. what is olmert thinking?!?!? oh, that’s right, he’s not.

  15. Layla says:

    Olmert has messed this up so badly just like Jimmy Carter messed things up with Iran back when. It is a disgusting mess. I pray for these men and their families and though I hate to say this, but I do ask G-d to forgive these dogs who are cruel and hateful – that know what they do and send a laborer across their path to show them the true G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They surely will burn in hell if they do not repent to G-d for their sins and confess Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

    Only the devil could create in people such hate.

  16. Incognito says:

    Absolutely sickening…

  17. KKarLmM says:

    There is nothing to write on this issue..
    This cowardly act by the Israeli government embarrasses every Jew and “human” being alive.
    The idea of giving something of current value for 2 dead bodies, offends my intelligence. Unless there is a Munich type undercover revenge mission lurking in the shadows, i consider this Olmert act another sign of his mental status!!

  18. Jack says:

    Kuntar is going to get what is coming to him.

  19. Angie says:

    While I am saddened and cannot imagine what the Israeli families have gone through..I fear you are right..This will only lead to more kidnappings, more killings.

    This man that Israel will possibly let go is Pure Evil..he should have done to him, very slowly what he did to Danny and his little 4 year old daughter, Those like him are missing some human DNA. They are barbarians of the worse order.

    In the time of Rome, when one of theirs was killed, they killed 10,000. Just read that tonight somewhere in relation to this story. Think over at Aurora’s.

  20. Freedom Now says:

    Nobody, except for Hezbollah, wins with this line of argument.

    The families of these soldiers pushed for this exchange and I can hardly blame the Israeli government for caving in. This type of blame-game is exactly what terrorists want. The blame should always belong to the terrorists, without exception.

    What is amazing is that these two Israeli soldiers were taken alive and they died while in Hezbollah custody… ahem!!!!!

    They died in Hezbollah custody!!!! Is anyone paying attention?

    It is almost handled as a matter of fact without condemnation.

    Democracies are obligated to treat terrorist prisoners with almost the same rights as their own citizens (maybe even more) and terrorists have no accountability.

    This should be a stain on Hezbollah’s reputation, not a medal for them to wear proudly. There should be outrage that Hezbollah treats their prisoners this way.

    Its not one rule for them and one for us. Justice must be universal.

    Our liberal media will not hold such publicity-loving terrorists over a fire unless we speak out and force them.