Our Pals, the Saudis

Domestic workers in Saudi Arabia are often subjected to abuse that in some cases amounts to slavery, as well as sexual violence and lashings for spurious charges of theft or “witchcraft,” a human rights group said Tuesday.
Domestic workers in Saudi Arabia subjected to severe abuse’”
The report said that rather than receiving justice, domestic workers – most of them migrants from Asia – are more likely to face counter-accusations of witchcraft, theft or adultery.

..the kingdom employs an estimated 1.5 million domestic workers, primarily from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Nepal. Smaller numbers come from other countries in Asia and from Africa. They are denied rights afforded to other workers under Saudi labor laws..
..an Indonesian domestic worker who had her fingers and toes amputated as a result of being starved and beaten daily by her employers. After three years of proceedings, a Riyadh court dropped the charges against her employer …

Inna meantime…………..

Christians, Jews and Muslims will gather in Madrid later this month for could be one of the highest profile interfaith meetings in recorded history.
Saudi Arabia to Host Major Interfaith Conference
The three-day conference, hosted by Saudi Arabia, aims to highlight the attendees’ shared heritage as children of Abraham and lists many prominent leaders and figures of faith including evangelist Franklin Graham, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, and former Vice President Al Gore.

Although Israel and Saudi Arabia do not currently have formal diplomatic ties, Rosen said that he believes the conference will do much to promote peace and understanding.

Um..and why isn’t this lil luvfest bein held in the Kingdom itself?bombaaa.gif
Oh right. They don’t allow Christians and Jews to worship their religions there.

Given the Saudi’s definition of “peace” it becomes rather clear that it is indistinguishable from a rational definition of subjugation, plunder, and mass murder.death-cheer.gif

Uh.. Even their definition of “terrorism” is a bit slippery, if ya know what I mean.

A terrorist may be someone who threatens their existing order of the bazillionaire royal family and princes.
A non-terrorist is probably some crazed Muzlim lunatic who either wages jeehad outside Saudi Arabia or contributes money accordingly.

Dontcha know – killin the “kaffirs” is kosher in the ahem..”Kingdom”.

As for women…..girl-face-sigh.gif…..don’t get me started.

Simply expressing an opinion is sufficient grounds to get one arrested in the good ole Magic Kingdom. Advocating governance by anyone who is not a member of the House of Saud?..Don’t even think about it.
But heck, their system aint all bad.
After all, everybody who receives a sentence has confessed to a crime, and , well you know… they sure do know how to get a confession.massacreani-ddy.gif

Heads just seem to lop.

Then there’s this beaut:

Call it marriage, Is-lamic style.

Saudi marriage officiant Dr. Ah-mad told….Lebanese television viewers last week that it’s permissible for girls as young as 1 to marry — as long as sex is postponed.
Saudi Marriage Official Says 1-Year-Old Brides OK
You can have a marriage contract even with a 1-year-old girl, not to mention a girl of 9, 7 or 8,” he said. “But is the girl ready for sex or not?” What is the appropriate age for sex for the first time? This varies according to environment and tradition.

And don’t forget their love affair with homosexuals:

Dozens arrested in Saudi “gay” raid

In Saudi Arabia, homosexuality is illegal under sharia, or Is-lamic Law.

The maximum sentence it carries is the death penalty and this is most commonly performed by public beheading.
Gay rights are not recognised in the kingdom and the publication of any material promoting them is banned for its “un-Islamic” themes.

That’s the ticket.
Heck, if you don’t get what you want, you can always open the floodgates of blood.
Then shriek IzzzzzzzzzlamoPhobia when the infidels bleed.

Yea. The life-denying Leftist America haters in our midst have found a home with the life-denying IzlamoNazis of Death.

An intensely embedded immoral culture with a fervent, pervasive system of lying to their fellow men (all NON Muzlims that is), authorized by their singularly accepted book of social “norms”, perpetuates the Muzlim cult.

Leaders who dare not speak honestly, who despise all their fellow men who are not “like them”, and who daily embolden this attitude and behavior by reading more and more from this book: the Koooran.

The lefties never call for the obscenely oil-rich Arab pals like the Saudi’s to give money to their brethren, the fictitious Palestinians. Pres. Bush knows that the Saudi’s need all their blood soaked, oil money to build more mosques and Muzlim schools propaganda centers around the world.

Indeed. They must install clerics to teach the masses relentless hatred of the evil “West” and the aim of either killing or converting all the filthy ape and pig Infidels.

Yet we witness our fellow Lib Americans, and Mass media, who are nothing short of criminally insane, traitorous, pathetic cowards, who masquerade as “caring patriots”, while all the while -are in effect, working for our enemies, day and night toward the complete destruction of our own precious Country.

With pals like the Saudis……who needs ax murderers eh?

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21 Responses to “Our Pals, the Saudis”

  1. Debbie says:

    I knew the Saudis were hosting this inter-faith conference, but I assumed it would be in Saudi Arabia. Silly me, I should have known better.

  2. Layla says:

    Yeah real kumbaya moments! I thought it was bad when Pelosi did the Dhimmi Mama thing in Syria, but now Laura too! OMG! This is too much. Hey Angel, those kissin counsins – heh – is that what Bush means when he keeps saying, “Islam is a peace loving religion.” Ah he must be a lovin those kissies!

    Saudis are Arab hatin, women abusin, lyin terror thugs and our prez is kissin up to em!

    Talk about bowing down in the Saudi thrown rooms of oil or should I say bowing down to the kisses for oil.

    Yeah, love fest Saudi Style – inter-faith conference…PFFFFFT! SPIT on them all – including hypocrite Bush. I am really disappointed in Laura. Sigh…..I guess she is not going to be on my list of women I admire anymore. She is now right up there with Dhimmi Mama Pelosi. Guess they call is sista luv!

  3. Maggie Thornton says:

    The pic of Laura Bush makes me sad and queasy at the same time. Saudi’s holding an inter-faith conference – isn’t that an oxymoron?

    Hey Angel, I’m getting your tb’s. Very exciting. Thanks.

    Maggie’s Notebook

  4. Maggie's Notebook says:

    How to Beat-Down Liberal Thinking on Drilling Here…

    How do you explain to your rock-repelling, trout fishing, river-rafting, brewmaster little brother, who is just the greatest ever, that the polar bears are really not in danger of extinction, and certainly not from drilling now! Or your very astute 8…..

  5. OMMAG says:

    Another great post Angel ….. I’ve been around and reading … just not dropping my 25 cents worth in the jar …. Heh?

  6. MK says:

    “With pals like the Saudis……who needs ax murderers eh?”

    Bloody good point. If only we could wean ourselves off their oil, deny them our money at the very least. ANWR anyone, looking towards hope and change…..

  7. Aurora says:

    Angel, it really is a chamber of horrors over there. We should be issuing sanctions, demanding that they improve their human rights abuses…but hey, money talks I guess. And the Saudis have got plenty of that!

  8. Gayle says:

    Angel, I have figured out why the Muslims in this country are so silent when it comes to speaking out against the islamofascists. It’s because they are all mutes! Yep! I’ve applied for a government grant to find out why there are so many Muslim mutes. After all, the government doles out lots of bucks to far less important studies, so wish me luck! ;)

    I have also studied why the women’s groups in this country are not screaming there pointed little heads off regarding the way Muslims treat their women. I didn’t need a grant to figure that one out. It is of course because they are selfish man-haters who really don’t care about women, except for the women who are part of their organization. They sure wouldn’t give one whit about me. I’ve been married to a (gasp!) man, the same man for most of my life, have never been divorced, and I know how to actually cook things from scratch! I’m a total horror as far as those idiots are concerned.

    What really hurts about your most exellent post (and I mean really hurts!) is George and Laura kissing up to these people. Ugh! Will America ever stand up against such absolute evil? I mean really stand up against it, damning them and their money? I truly doubt it. This is disgusting!

  9. Don L says:

    Aw gee Angel, and I was having such a good day, before you had to destroy it with this truth and reality stuff. Can’t we just live in our fantasy world a while longer? I mean that sharia law attack on England is “over there” and not our business now is it -sort of like that Hitler felllow wasn’t either.

    Another great job -you’re truly getting better all the time!

  10. Don L says:

    Maggie -”How do you explain to your rock-repelling, trout fishing, river-rafting, brewmaster little brother, who is just the greatest ever, that the polar bears are really not in danger of extinction?”

    Just inform him that the trout he’s catching are made in a hatchery -man manipulating natural resources for his good. They told us our resources would dissapear decades ago -tell that to the black bears and moose and wild turkeys in my Connecticut back yard, and those six or more deer we’re allowed to take to thin out the overgrown herd. None of these were around like this sixty years ago, but man in harmony with nature using his resources brought them back – though like the polar bears, we were told they are gone.

  11. Z says:

    AL GORE? Can someone tell me what THAT bag of hot air (smoggy air, too) is doing at a RELIGIOUS CONFERENCE? And FRANKLIN GRAHAM? Well, at least he won’t kowtow (much?) like Rowan will.

    What a disgusting situation….an interfaith conference hosted by the country which doesn’t allow other faiths.

    FANTASTIC post, Angel…what a lot of work and excellent pictures…great thinking/writing. But, SO upsetting! As for Bush holding hands and kissing Arabs. Well, I haven’t had breakfast yet. later.

  12. Brooke says:

    Another fantastic rant, girl! I’d love to put YOU in charge of Saudi for a day…. (evil laughter)

  13. kevin says:

    An inter-faith meeting with a faith that prohibits other faiths…good luck dhimmi!

  14. Joe Gringo says:

    Yep, our pals alright, can’t believe GW Bush called then good friends……esp. when the women there virtually live in a constant prison.

    I’m, in the middle of a 900 pager “Witness To Hope” about John Paul II, back in 1986 he gave a speech to over 100,000 muslims in Morocco and was well received……just can’t imagine that happening today. It’s amazing how radicalized Islam has become.

    BTW, great post!

  15. Katie says:

    When you look at the history of Arabia you see what Islam actually does to a nation. Before the Great Pedophile (May he rot in Hell), Arabia was on the verge of becoming a center of learning and knowledge. Women had some of the greatest rights on the planet. Trade and commerce was strong. After the conquest of Islam, that changed. Trade and commerce declined, women were put into servitude and learning was discouraged. In every Muslim nation (there are 57 of them) illiteracy, low life expectancy and terrorism are the norm.

  16. Jenn says:

    But,but,but… Gayle are you saying that Saudi Arabia is a cesspool of hatred and frothing misogyny??? No way!

    LOL….yeah they are no better than Pakistand “friends” on papaer only and even that is questionable.

  17. KKarLmM says:

    Angel, please let up for a minute, you are killing me with the obvious.
    I need my down time ,can we have a bit more fantasy and animation.
    If i have to read one more GREAT rant on the (dis)likes of Saudi’s & Iran i am going to strap firecrackers to my Raggedy Ann doll and have her roll into a mosque and blow her cotton filling out!!!!

  18. Defiant_Infidel says:


  19. Wingless says:

    “Although Israel and Saudi Arabia do not currently have formal diplomatic ties, Rosen said that he believes the conference will do much to promote peace and understanding. ”

    Rosen is WACK’D then… This will probably be like the Saudi peace talks – yes, the Jews attended but the Saudis would ABSOLUTELY NOT:
    Shake their (dirty Joo) hand,
    Walk through the same (Hook Nosed Joo) Doorway

    The Jews thus had to use different entances and exits.
    Dhimmification anyone?
    Yes, the Saudis will talk to the Jews, they’ll “negotiate” with the Jews but only under the pretext of Sura 9 (And other Delicious Koran-ic tidbits, YUM!) – the Jews must understand they are lesser than the Muslims and prostrate themselves in submission to the Superior Muslim.

    Sounds like a bloody parody, who would’a believed…
    What a wonderful world…. I think to myself…. What a wonderful….

  20. D. Ox says:

    You have been outdoing yourself with these latest posts…Powerful stuff!

  21. benning says:

    The Saudis remain a barbaric people, scarcely removed from their nomadic origins. Without the oil they would still be in tents or buggering their camels.