Terrorist Style UnderWear

‘Terrorists develop ‘suicide underwear’

Would-be suicide bombers could be using explosives “underwear briefs” rather than explosives jackets to evade “conservative” body searches, sources said on Wednesday.

The sources said that the explosives could weigh between five kilogrammes to seven kilogrammes, made deadly by adding glass splinters, metal ball bearings and bullets.

The law enforcers normally search upper body parts sparing the “privates”, the sources said, hence assailants are increasingly using the lower body parts to dodge the searches.

You cant make this stuff up, dude.

What’s under the bur-ka bag dollface?

Perhaps someone should clue in the Canadian government, where there idea of airport “security” is this:

OTTAWA–The federal government is putting border officials at Pearson airport through sensitivity training so they can more appropriately deal with Arab and Muslim passengers.

Airport border staff get sensitivity training

“After 9/11 we became all potential terrorists without doubt, and we still have some examples of people being picked up from the line because they wear long beards or the hijab,” said Moh-amed Boud-jenane, executive director of the Canadian A-rab Federation. “It still happens on a regular basis.”

“We feel that this is a type of profiling, which must cease.”

Looking a person straight in the eye is standard procedure for a border guard on the hunt for suspicious behaviour, but in some cases, it can be considered disrespectful to make eye contact with a Muslim woman,

What we need: More sensitivity. Of course Moooohamed. baby_cry.gif

Don’t pick em out of line.
Heck, don’t even look em in the eye. You might just notice the black eyes and bruises her adoring husband planted on her the night before.

Briefs or boxers boys?

Git off yer pity pot Moohamed.

The only “sensitivity” training offered should be to teach Muzlims that instead of the whole free world having to be sensitive to Muzlims’ tender sensibilities; citizenship courses worldwide should include classes in assimilation , doing things the way your host country does, what we require, and how not to offend us.

I mean why on earth would we pick someone out of a line because they are Muzlim? Silly us.

Now, about those explosive laden undergarments………….

How do ya suggest we check for those suicide bomb skivvies eh Mooohamed?
Oh right. We can’t eh?
Think again dude.

We’ll be watchin you..right down to yer undies.eyesanni.gif

Sorry Muzlims.
Wer’e not exactly ready to be nuked over the “armor piercing panty”, high cut bikini bombs or full metal jacketed Jockey shorts.

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49 Responses to “Terrorist Style UnderWear”

  1. 123beta says:

    Saddam Hussein’s Rolls Royce For Sale On Ebay…

    Not sure what to make of this…Saddam Hussein’s Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible LHDThe asking price is £185,000.00 (UK) which is about $366,410 U.S. dollars.Happy bidding…Trackposted to , Perri Ne……

  2. OMMAG says:

    Sniffer Dogs …. I hear it makes some of em REALLY uncomfortable.

  3. Perri Nelson says:

    Boxers! Definitely. Sans explosives of course.

    Remind me never to travel via public transportation again. It’s getting insane out there.

  4. Katie says:

    And if they haven’t had any kids and survive the explosion they will all be awarded the Darwin Award for taking themselves out of the gene pool.

    I love swimming in the gene pool. So much fun!

  5. Leaning Straight Up says:

    Gregoire’s new ad strategy: Anyone but Bush?…

    So far I have seen two ads promoting incumbent governor Chris Gregoire, and both had the same theme:  George Bush.

    In both ads a comparison was made to how Gregoire was nothing like George Bush.

    I have one question:  Did I miss some…

  6. MK says:

    This remains the achillees heel of the western world, most of the terrorism today is by radical Muslims, we know they don’t go around wearing a tag saying this, we know this is not some sort of car stealing epidemic where you can afford to wait till the crime is committed.

    So we have to profile all Muslims to try and get the bad ones, instead western governments won’t allow this, no we must not profile, it’s perfectly alright if one slips through and blows a plane or bus to pieces, we’ll try and arrest them after they and everyone else is lying around in pieces.

    When will we learn.

  7. Shadowscope says:

    Where is Caylee Anthony?…

    The original post I had been working on about Caylee has just gotten too long. I am archiving it here as well as probably going to post it over at a Crimes web site that I am working on. From……

  8. Middle Amierica says:

    You gotta be kidding me.

    I guess this gem will be put in place everywhere.


  9. Layla says:

    Heh! And I suppose they named their brand of underware,”Fruit of the Bomber.” SPIT!

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  11. DD2 says:

    I’d bet they even wear back sox in bed.

  12. KarlM says:

    Let me keep this “Brief”!
    You can not make this stuff up…
    First it was the “Blue suede shoes” and now this.
    What will be next in the “don’t step on or touch” catagory…
    exploding dentures!!!!!! beware of grandma and the funny teeth….HELP!!!

  13. Dinah Lord says:

    Fruit of the Boom!

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  15. Democrat=Socialist says:

    News & Opinion Roundup (1 Aug 2008)…

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    The “Pr…

  16. Brooke says:

    Angel, you’re right; you just can’t make this stuff up!

    I say give ‘em a gang neighborhood-style patdown… Hell, give ‘em a prostate check while you’re at it for all I care!

  17. Dragon Lady's Den says:

    Pollyanna for President…

    I’m happy to be able to tell you I suggested the background music for this video and she was gracious enough to put it together….

  18. Gayle says:

    Sheesh, Angel! What will they come up with next? Well, if they want to blow their teensy weensy weenies off it’s okay with me, but I think it’s something they should do in private! ;)

  19. Debbie says:

    I posted on this too, but you did a better job and better images. How about some strip searches????

  20. Right Truth says:

    Guilty or Innocent?…

    Army scientist Bruce E. Ivins, age 62, a biodefense researcher at Fort Detrick, died this week of a reported suicide [with a prescription painkiller, Tylenol mixed with codeine]. Now we hear he was on the verge of indictment in the anthrax mailings c…

  21. amboy says:

    Jihad keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.

  22. Defiant_Infidel says:

    I’m with Brooke and the prostate exam level…

    There is only one excuse for not fully, aggressively “profiling” all Muslims, confirmed or lookalikes…

    That would be the PC toxins given us by liberals. Just another opportunity to get a whole bunch of us killed.

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  25. EDGE says:

    Terrorist Underroos…a big hit in the Muslim world Angel…we could make billions! ;)

    Did you see the trailer of the new Oliver Stone movie about Bush yet?

  26. Conservative Cat says:

    Saner Men Would Need Therapy…

    Take a bunch of actors, have them act as a bunch of actors, who are acting as soldiers in a fake war. Just for kicks, let’s have them think they’re filming a movie while they are being shot at by……

  27. walls of the city says:

    you are the weakest link… good-bye! …

    For those of you who are wondering, yes, SiteMeter is, in fact, breaking yours and every other webpage it is embedded into. No idea why. No idea how to fix it. Or, rather, I do know one way to fix……

  28. Leaning Straight Up says:

    Another loved one, departed…

    Readers, Friends and Family,

    My grandmother passed on tonight at the age of 99.

    I was able to go see her in May, and I had the sense then that her time was short.  I am glad I did, because I silently said my goodbyes then, so I …

  29. Always On Watch says:

    Terrorist underwear? Egads!

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  31. Jungle Mom says:

    Afetr the bomb, they have holes in their underwear when they meet ALLAH!

  32. Mustang says:

    I think Muslims should look into explosive suppositories. Simple, effective, and much cheaper for everyone.

  33. Incognito says:

    What next?

  34. Layla says:

    Have a great weekend hun! :)

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  36. Right Truth says:

    Never Surrender…

    Never Surrender – A Soldier’s Journey to the Crossroads of Faith and Freedom, by Ltg. (Ret.) William G. Boykin with Lynn Vincent, is the Right Truth Book Club selection for August….

  37. Z says:

    I’ll be BRIEF; your posts are fantastic!


  38. In_spired says:

    I’ll be more BRIEF! I agree!!

  39. GM Roper says:

    This brings a whole new meaning to the term “Panty Raid.”

  40. The Amboy Times says:

    Medal of Honor winner offends Muslims…

    Hat tip, Blonde Sagacity….

  41. Cao's Blog says:

    Muslims Against Sharia Statement re Flight 93 Memorial…

    MASH Statement for Flight 93 Memorial Protest Rally
    My fellow anti-Islamofascists!
    Unfortunately, for security reasons, we are unable to make public appearances. That’s why I asked my friend Alec Rawls to read my statement on behalf of Muslims Agains…

  42. Cao's Blog says:

    Barack Obama’s Lost Years…

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    The senator’s tenure as a state legislator reveals him to be an old-fashioned, big government, race-conscious liberal.
    Well that …

  43. Cao's Blog says:

    Honoring Marc Alan Lee, KIA 8-2-06…


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  44. Leaning Straight Up says:

    Finally, the Democrats real energy plan is revealed…

    At last, thanks to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), we see the Democrats energy plan (via Michelle Malkin)


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  45. Uncle Joe says:

    Ok, let me get this straight. It is sinful for a woman to be seen in public without covering her hair but it is perfectly acceptable for men and women to be seen in public with their homicide underwear on the outside of their clothes. Hate truly is the absence of reason, among other things.

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