The ReligioN of MisogynY

A member of the Saudi religious police has been accused of having six wives at the same time – two more than allowed under religious laws, reports say.
Saudi accused of having six wives

The 56-year-old was detained in south-western Jizan province…
The accused denies the women are all currently his wives and says he has divorced two of them.

Mus-lim men can keep up to four wives at a time under sh-aria, or Is-lamic law, which is applied in Sa-udi Arabia.

When Four just isn’t enough…

I mean how else can they pander to insatiable, perverse Muzlim lust, populate the face of the earth, and um.. colonize the world for All-ah, huh?

Must be all bout the “cultural issues” again right?

We Westerners, just don’t understand that some murder their own sisters and daughters over clothing.
Murder Charge for Brother Whose Sister Shed Scarf

The brother of a Canadian teenager who was slain in what friends described as a family dispute over a Muslim head scarf was charged with murder, becoming the second family member accused in her death, police said Friday.
Their father Muh-ammad Par-vez, 57, was charged with first-degree murder earlier this month. He had been a suspect since shortly after her death.

We close minded Westerners simply refuse to think of our daughters or wives as property.

…who can be summarily tossed in the garbage heap if they refuse to comply with the wishes of the “man of da house” or those charming Saudi cultural dictates.

Marrying six girls or women? Divorcing them at will?

Giving away small girls to settle family disputes?

Slitting daughters’ throats?

Female genital mutilation?

No problemo for Izlamopathics.

If you do not respect women, you will respect nothing.

Don’t hold your breath for any “human rights” leftists or Hollyweirdos either. They conveniently turn a blind eye to this alleged… “culture” of emotionally-backward misogynists when they are not venerating it and soaking in its victimhood.

The Soros socialist leftards are way too busy spending their time propagating how evil America, our Military and George Bush are, remember?

For once let us be honest my friends.

There simply exists no common ground between Izlam and the West, Izlam and America, or Izlam and Israel.

Our entire culture is based upon the recognition and preservation of fundamental God-given human rights.

Theirs um………isn’t.

I can tell ya one thing.
This aint goin to end pretty.

I’m thinkin messy, epic Battle.

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17 Responses to “The ReligioN of MisogynY”

  1. Debbie says:

    This article also honors men we know who do respect women. God bless them every one.

    (Love the alphabet soup)

  2. Seane-Anna says:

    Hmmm. Only four wives allowed, not six. You mean the Saudis have standards? Who woulda thunk it?

  3. Incognito says:

    Agreed.. this ‘aint gonna end pretty.. but i ‘aint going down without a helluva fight.

    It just goes against every fiber of my being.

  4. Wingless says:

    Great post Angel – I just wish we could reach the people who perpetrate this vile acts.

    The Aqsa Parvez murder you mentioned was extremely disturbing for us here in Canada. This beautiful girl died for the crime of simply SHOWING THE HAIR G*D GAVE HER.

    Her father killed her with his bare hands – strangling her to death. Her father! The man who cradled her as a baby, watched her grow – killed her with his bare hands. Slowly squeezing the life out of this brave teen. And when it was over, when she lay their dead, in his house – there was no remorse, no shock, not a tear shed. He got on the phone immediately and calmly informed the police: “I have killed my daughter”!

    No matter how much I read & write about such issues, I have never been able to understand such acts. Even more perplexing (& enraging) is the Muslim’s communties predictable claims that this honor killing, just 1 in thousands that happens every year in Muslim families, has NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM! As if it is a fluke that Muslim fathers worldwide are killing their own daughters… CONDEMNATION IS NOT ENOUGH! NEITHER ARE HUNGER STRIKES (Imams in the community started such strikes after the murder)Introspection is CRITICAL right now, it’s high time you look at your communities and ask yourselves why it is so many fathers can so easily murder their precious daughters. You are always quick to defend Islam, it’s high time you began defending the women in your community.

  5. Wingless says:

    their = there

  6. MK says:

    You mean they’re limited to four by law, wow. More importantly if the fellow is caught with more than four, does he get punished or do the wives have to bear that too.

  7. Katie says:

    You will NEVER see any Hollywood types question anything that goes on in Islam. To do so would mean that they have been wrong, and since they are never wrong, they can’t do it.

  8. Kevin says:

    I must be islamophobic, because I think men should only be allowed to marry one woman. Off to multicultural training camp for me!

  9. Middle Amierica says:

    And here I thought one wife was enough.

  10. GUYK says:

    I’m a bigot..I don’t like the ragheads, their religion, their ideas about conquering the world, and I ain’t too crazy about their gotdam camels..

  11. Gayle says:

    Guyk doesn’t like their camels! LOL! Poor camels… it isn’t their fault! ;)

    Good work again, Angel! You are doing a great public service. So many fools are in denial about all this. Well, some of them are in denial and some of them are simply idiots. Or all of them are idiots and some of them are in denial. I’m not sure which. I’m confused! LOL!

  12. Mustang says:

    Middle Eastern male respect for womanhood is a non-sequiter; otherwise, they would not marry pre-menstrual girls, mutilate female genitalia, treat them like garbage, and murder them at will. We must therefore conclude that these individuals might be males, but they are not real men. If there is any truth to the concept of the sacred feminine, these scums will be in serious trouble in the afterlife … and it is my personal hope that the 70 virgins will greet them with very rusty scalpels. Male respect for women within civilized societies is greater today than at any time in the past, but it is also true that in the history of man, women have always suffered.

  13. Brooke says:

    Amen, Angel, Amen!

  14. OMMAG says:

    Crap … only TWO EXTRA ???
    What’s ALL that fuss about ?

  15. Layla says:

    Hun great post, but most of the pics I could not stomach looking at. This makes me ill now. Like you also say, “What’s next?” SPIT!

  16. benning says:

    If you blogged this, and lived in Canada, you’d be taken to court for telling the truth.

    I loathe the Islamists. I wish the Dems did, too.

  17. KarlM says:

    Great work again Angel…..
    shining that light in that infested corner and sending those roaches scattering for cover…
    I thought it was always 8 is enough….at least then you could have your own baseball team..
    The Izsmolamic Idiots