Confiscate ALL Korans FirsT DudeS

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Note the fictitious country called “Palestine” on the map:

Dozens of Israelis who have passed through the Arava border crossing during the last few days were given a choice,
either turn over all items that carry Jewish symbols or be denied entry into Jordan.

The reason? According to the Jordanians it is nothing more than a security precaution.
Israeli tourists asked to hand over Jewish paraphernalia
“The Jewish symbols will make it easier on terrorist elements to identify Israelis” a Jordanian official explained.

Following the increase in complaints both the Foreign Ministry and the Israeli embassy in Amman plan to appeal to the Jordanian authorities in order to ease the restrictions

“It must be understood that this decision stems from a genuine desire to keep the Israeli tourists safe”, said a source in the ministry. “There is no anti-Semitic sentiment (behind the decision), just the desire to protect tourists the best that they can”.

So confiscating Psalms and Jewish Holy Books in an Arab country is justifiable eh?
Protecting tourists? Ha.

Wait. I have an idea.

If Jordan wants to protect Israelis so much, howzabout they begin by arresting known terrorists that are sheltered in Jordan instead of hassling innocent Jews eh?

Guess what Israelis?
This is just their “not so subtle way” of telling you ..that You are not welcome. Youre’s smart. You do the Math. einstein.gif

Try confiscating a Kooran anywhere on planet earth..and then justify it, Uh huh.rotfl.gif

And in case, you were unaware:
Jews are prohibited from buying land in Jordan. Oh..and that’s the Arab country they actually have a peace treaty with.

Better yet………

If Jordan truly wants to stop terrorism, how about they give these fictictious people now known as ‘Palestinians’ their Jordanian citizenship back and while they’re at ………. offer them generous relocation packages to move BACK to Jordan, where they came from and belong.

No “offensive” Jewish yarmulkes or hanging tzizit there.
Only trendy face coverings and scarfs…the latest in Hollywood in case ya haven’t heard:

On second thought……………Transfer ever last Arab from Israel…. For the same um…”security reasons”.

Imagine: No more suicide/homicide bombs, no more babies in Sderot killed, and suddenly bulldozing won’t be considered a fatal profession.

Europe and the Netherlands opened its doors to Muzlims:bombaniu-uddy.gif

See what happened:

Is America next?

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20 Responses to “Confiscate ALL Korans FirsT DudeS”

  1. Brooke says:

    Yeah, just try banning a KORAN and see the outrage, riots, killing, looting and burning that would ensue.

    Now, take a Bible or Torah to a Islamic country, and their culture has been violated.

    I guess some religions are just ‘more equal.’


  2. Perri Nelson says:

    Jews are prohibited from buying land in Jordan. Oh..and that’s the Arab country they actually have a peace treaty with.

    That one’s not a surprise to me. I’m not even really outraged by it. There are a lot of countries that don’t allow foreigners to buy land. Mexico comes to mind. Unless you’re a Mexican citizen, you cannot own land in Mexico. You can lease it, but not own it.

    On the other hand, if non-Jewish foreigners can buy land in Jordan then it is occasion for outrage.

    One of these days I’m going to have to learn Arabic and buy a copy of the Koran. “Know your enemy” and all that.

  3. Z says:

    There was a definite pro Palestinian bent to the French news when I lived there, until 5 years ago. No doubt about. Matter of fact, I was always pro Israel but became MUCH more so during one particular newscast on International CNN (much more pro Palestine than ours is). I vividly recall my anger and my resolve. On the other hand, I never heard any anti-semitism. none. BUT, the famous synagogue that was fire bombed about 15 years ago was very near my apartment and they had incredible police protection, especially on the high holy days. I mean BIG TIME protection; 50 cops, 10 buses, etc..and they always had metal barricades there, cemented into the sidewalks. Do we think people of French ancestry are the threat there? of course not.

    It’s the muslims who’ve promoted themselves as the ‘poor victims’ and we all know how the liberal univeresities all over this world LOVe the poor victim! The poor victim MUST be right, RIGHT? (wrong!) And that muslim presence is growing by the second. and they’re having kids and Europeans are not.

    Europe’s waking up……..but will they have the guts to throw people out? Germany has, I know that…they’ll go into a mosque, hear hate speech, and that imam’s on a plane THAT NIGHT. (trust me, Mr. Z reads the German news, we never hear that here). England might be totally gone..but I’m betting on the continent; That Jews are in the middle of this clash of oppresive islam and enlightened Western culture is pitiful and has to stop.

  4. Katie says:

    Channel 2 France lost the case. The film was staged. But the rise of anti-Semitism is still going on. That is why whenever I hear anything that is anti-Israel I call it what it is ANTI-SEMITISM. We all should.

  5. Layla says:

    Jews are forbidden from entering Saudi Arabia and as Perri said buying land in Jordan. But on the bright side, you cannot buy land in Israel unless you are a Jew. So hurray!

  6. KarLM says:

    I guess the silver lining, if there is one, is that the Jews know that they are hated everywhere..
    This way the “smiling backstabbers” will never catch them off guard..
    To ever assume that your enemy is your friend is a ONE time error.
    As the piece on 60 Minutes this past sunday revealed clearly, Israel does not get the luxury of ever losing a war…Undefeated is their only chance of is now 6 and counting..
    So if Israel’s neighbors must take their “things” to let them enter, so be it, but they will never take their spirit or pride!!!!!
    Keep up the great fight Angel, shining the light in the corners of humanity, where the roaches and rodents attempt to hide…

  7. Mustang says:

    Is America next?


  8. EDGE says:

    You’re the best Angel! :)

    Great post!

  9. Seane-Anna says:

    The Jordanians just want to protect Israeli tourists? Please! Another great post, Angel!

  10. MK says:

    Yeah, how about we confiscate all Korans, Hijabs and all those things that indicate Islam from Muslims, to protect them from the Islamophobia they keep screaming about?
    Yeah, didn’t think so.

    “Jews are prohibited from buying land in Jordan.”

    That famous Arab tolerance we keep hearing about eh.

  11. Aurora says:

    The blatant antisemitism, despite the lame excuses, is absolutely shocking. And yes, it is coming to America next and to much of the world. If we don’t fight now, we will fight with our backs to the wall one day.

  12. DD2 says:

    Banning KORAN’s we can’t even ban Foot baths!

  13. Gayle says:

    Excellent Angel, and that video is excellent too.

    I’m not worried about any of this for myself but I’m seriously worried for our children and grandchildren’s sake. I look at young children nowdays and think to myself “are they going to be safe? Are the little girls going to be wearing burkas?” It’s a very upsetting thought but I can’t help it!

  14. Dragon Lady's Den says:

    Honor Rapes…

    What a sad state of affairs women in third world countries live in – especially those that are under the influence of Islam….

  15. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Such a glass veil over their REAL motivations… it is in fact additionally insulting to assume people, Jewish and all others, cannot clearly see through it.

    Strip Jews of their symbolism under the guise of “protection” from the terrorists (that they action confirms are within their borders… with governmental recognition)? It is a cynical, hardly clever attempt to move eyes from the Jordanian Monarchy’s true goal… to allow the terrorists a haven within which to flourish and cultivate their acts of unmerciful murder.

    spade = SPADE

  16. In_spired says:

    “Is America next?”

    I see signs of it every day!!

  17. Incognito says:

    With an Obama presidency.. definitely! God help us all if so.

  18. Terry_JIm says:

    I saw some missionary friends who live in Jordan recently.
    A regional map they had labelled ALL of Israel as “Palestine”.
    No surprise ,
    I guess, given the prevailing opinion there.
    But, the good news is that the Good News
    is going out to areas that are Shiite Muslim
    and full of hezzbullah, and is changing lives.
    Progress is slow, but wild fires begin slowly , too.

  19. Terry_JIm says:

    OOps, I didn’t mean to type “Jordan”, but I’ll leave the nearby country unmentioned.

  20. Dragon Lady's Den says:

    Disfigured Pakistani Women…

    Warning: This post is graphic and may be upsetting. I hope that it is….