Russian Invasion of Georgia: WhO CareS?

Gee. I must have slept through the rallys and marchs throughout the USA against the Russian invasion of Georgia.

You know, the usual suspects..the Lib and Code Stink protesters standing against cruelty, tyranny and supporting freedom and democracy. Uh huh.

The self same sickoes who portray our President George W. Bush as Hitler and defend burning the American and Israeli flags as ahem…”freedom of speech”.

Boy did they ever take to the streets to shriek against the wars in Iraq and Lebanon.

Torture at Guantanamo Bay: unacceptable!
Saddam the Monster Hussein slaughtering the Kurds? No Big deal.

Russian, Muzlim or Chinese human rights violations and cold blooded killing? No problemo baby.

Did you not know? Everything evil and sinister in this world is due to American imperialism.
Muzlim conquest, or Russian and Chinese military imperialism?
Deafening Silence from the Lefties.

Then again what happened to Georgia is all America’s fault.
Haven’t you heard?

I mean, the nerve of Mikhail Saakashvili and Georgia becoming members of the European Union or applying to join Nato.
How dare they encourage the spread of democracy?

Hussein Obama can truly be the Liberal lefties Messianic leader. After all, his favorite indoor sport and pastime is kissing the tuchuses of tyrants, dictators and genocidal maniacs.

Here’s a quickie Math lesson for Y’all:

The Left is brutally anti-American.
The Georgian government is pro-American.

The Left sides with the Russians.
Got it?


Back at the Israeli ranch……….

Israel is quietly lending a humanitarian hand.

JERUSALEM, Israel – Seventy-five new immigrants [olim chadashim in Hebrew] who fled the Russian offensive in Georgia are happy to be home.

A benefits package prepared by the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, includes ulpan (intensive Hebrew school), subsidized rent, and employment counseling and training.
“I feel like I’ve come home,”said Vaj’a Memisashvili, who arrived with wife and two children, ages three and eight, last week.
Georgian ‘Olim’ Happy to be Home

Those who fled the horrors of this war are still living with its aftermath. Dozens of them have found new homes in Israel.

Behind the scenes of all the madness, 400 Israelis, and 30 new Jewish immigrants, from the Georgian capital of Tbilisi are part of an emergency airlift (by Israel) just hours after Russia ordered their so called cease-fire.

Bet the Libs have no comment bout that either eh?
Do you hear that?

It’s the dreaded deafening silence……..again.

22 Responses to “Russian Invasion of Georgia: WhO CareS?”

  1. MK says:

    Don’t forget Russia is also doing this for oil. An actual war for oil and the left are silent, they’ll only scream and shout for the fantasy war for oil, not an actual one.

    Communism has killed upwards of 70 million, yet leftists are still trying to foist various forms of it upon us. It’s as if they want people to get killed.

  2. Middle Amierica says:

    I am not sure if you will hear much of any American, unfortunately. Seems all news outlets are pretty much silent on this one.

  3. elvis the original terminator says:

    There are a lot of pathetic evil Americans as you so aptly point out here. We must shine brighter and defeat them… PERIOD.
    The first few pictures make me want to puke… but all of us need to see them.
    Love form Elvis the OT

  4. EDGE says:

    Draggin’ my flag…not cool!

  5. Katie says:

    The left will do nothing but praise Russia. The people of Georgia will bleed and Obama will just sit on his ass like always.

  6. Prison Teacher! (aka: A Little Revolution!) says:

    The whole Georgia thing burns me up! I wish we were doing more. But oh wait my ADHD…lookie the Olympics with new events every 15 minutes…can’t pay attention to world on fire…can’t care about effing Russians stealing American tanks and parading captive Georgian soldiers around…must ignore Russia ignoring cease fire…might otherwise miss another world record…silly world…you all didn’t listen to everyone screaming that Russia was still evil…now look what you get!

  7. KarLM says:

    Hey wait a minute what are the Russians doing in Atlanta, Georgia?????
    The Olympics were there a few years ago….
    I guess that does prove you point Angel….
    By the way, there still is a Russia???…you must be( vladimir) Putin me on….

  8. Nikki says:

    This has been aggrivating the heck out of me too…and they tizzy up when we call them unpatriotic yet they show us their true colors every time the left opens their mouths…I love how you find all those great pics to go with your posts! :) N

  9. Jungle Mom says:

    They are full of hate and can not even see the obvious anymore!

  10. Aurora says:

    Kudos to Israel and America for stepping in and helping Georgia out. Shame on the thousands of MSM outlets which have vilified the U.S. and Israel for their aid to Georgia.
    Great pics as always, Angel.

  11. Otto - American Interests says:

    I second Aurora’s comments and “Who cares about russia’s invasion of Georgia”? I for one do….

  12. Dinah Lord says:

    Not a peep out of these liberal aholes. And seeing that guy dragging Old Glory on the ground had to raise my blood pressure 40 points. I think I would have had to tackle him. Seriously. But I digress.

    Angel, you are SOOOO right about this. And what’s up with our NATO Allies?????

    “Germany, France and Great Britain strongly opposed the US-sponsored bid to cut dialogue with Moscow.”

  13. Gayle says:

    I wish the left wasn’t called “The Left.” *sigh* I’m left-handed. Can’t we just call them “The Deranged”? How about “The Nitwits”? “Traitors” also works for me.

    Great post, Angel. About that silence: It’s so loud my ears hurt!

  14. no.apology says:

    So, it’s business as usual for the Roosians – nothing new there. Actually, there is a good case here for reviving the oldtime political expediency of assassination. Anyone who thinks we are not at war, hasn’t been paying attention. Time to start thinking out of the box –
    extreme times call for extreme measures.

    Or do we simply slog on in a one-sided fight, where the other side controls the lion’s share of the money, and the means to indoctrinate & control the weak-minded?

    Today I am of a mind to “spit on my hands, and begin slashing throats”.

    Of course, I won’t do that, but I am so alienated from “the political process”, that it simply isn’t enough to withhold my consent to be governed by a radical Marxist/Fascist-dominated government. More and more, I am letting myself be guided by a simple rule: use the best tool for the job.

    Where will that lead? Who knows? But I grow weary, watching this Marxist cultural hegemony spread, amoeba-like, across the world.

    I don’t want to end up like the clueless poker player who said, “I don’t understand why I lost. I played every hand.”

  15. Brooke says:

    Another killer post, Angel; you always say it all and you say it SO WELL.

  16. Joe Gringo says:

    According to the lefties, America can;t do anything right and is damned for making the world a better/safer place.

    To quote VDH…..”If America adopts the protectionist trade policies of Japan or China, global profits plummet. If our armed forces follow the European lead of demilitarization and inaction, rogue states advance. If we were to treat the environment as do China and India, the world would become quickly a lost cause”/

    “If we flee Iraq and call off the war on terror, Islamic jihadists will regroup, not disband. And when the Russians attack the next democracy, they won’t listen to the United Nations, the European Union or Michael Moore”

    These ‘sumbitches better wake and smell the freedom…real freedom.

  17. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Duplicity, thy name is liberal. Transparent, sharp and cold… like ICE.

  18. Dapoppins says:

    Seems to me like I heard some liberals chirp about this…oh yeah…a missile defense plan doesn’t have enough world backing so the US shouldn’t help Georgia this way…or something like that… In fact I have heard a few bleeps about his being that small countries own fault,…oh. Must be that democracy thing again.

  19. Debbie says:

    I don’t understand it Angel, never have, never will. How can people hate their own country when it is THE best nation in the world to stand up for those in need.

  20. Seane-Anna says:

    Lousy, hypocritical, leftard pond scum! Hail Georgia!!!!

  21. Eitan says:

    I see you’ve gone beyond the Islamic threat and done some research on other topics of interest. Good for you! The conflict in Georgia is very important for America and Israel as well. Whether Russian dictators Putin/Medvedeev get the upper hands or whether it’s Georgian freedom fighters will prove the Russians conception that their military is just as strong as it was in Soviet times will be critical.

  22. Wingless says:

    Hi Angel, I see you are delving into other topic as well this week.
    I know this is a Georgia post but one thing really dislocated my skull as my jaw hit the floor HARD. That Code Pink sign SHOCKED THE SH!T OUT OF ME! I am familiar with Code Pink but I really had no idea they went that far! “WE SUPPORT THE MURDER OF…” I’m not sure if I would be able to be a passive observer if I encountered such a sign!

    So true about Leftist politics. I see Che Guevera shirts worn all over the place, most wearers do not know they are showcasing a man responsible for the murder of innocents, others talk of him as if he was Ghandi or Mother Teresa… These same types march in the streets and talk about Bush as if he is the worst thing to happen to this PLANET in the past 100 years; yet ask them for their alternative, ask them for their ‘perfect system’ and they’ll start spewing this rubbish about UTOPIAN MARXISM! The same MARXISM that lead to the deaths of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS! Quite easily and without doubt, the greatest non-viral human killer of our time! (nope, not religion but Communism, esp. under Stalin).

    These are the folks who pride themselves on being ‘informed’, some are self-proclaimed ‘professional protestors’. It would be laughable if this type of thinking was confined to the fringe but it DEFINITELY IS NOT! Go to any University or College campus here in Canada (& probably in any Western Nation) and you will find professors, YES, THE SHAPERS OF YOUNG MINDS, WHO ASCRIBE TO THIS BACKWARDS THINKING! Look at people like Noam Chomsky, the man has a bloody cult following! He is continually taken seriously by millions even though the linguist (how he qualifies as an authority on anything but language is beyond me!) has praised the Khmer Rouge & is an apologist and sometimes ‘fanboy’ of Stalinist USSR!

    It defies all logic, how can one be pro-freedom, pro-human rights and pro-social-safety-net and at the same time be a “communist”?