100 CaloriE TreatS

If you think buying junk food in small packages will help you eat less, look out —marketers know the truth.

Two new marketing studies found that some people tend to consume more calories when junk food portions and packages are smaller. For some, it’s because they perceive small packages to be … get this … diet food.

For others, it’s just the temptation of small sins.

Small Packages Trick People to Eat More

Manufacturers are releasing more and more products in smaller packages. And in recent years, several brand-name products, from chips to cookies to candy, have been released in smaller packages promoted as having just 100 calories. In terms of sales, the tactic has proven successful, past research shows.

Sooooooooo……….Are there really any shortcuts to losing weight?

Hmmmm..So many choices.

High-fat, low-carbohydrate diets.
High-protein, low-carbohydrate.
“Detox” or “cleansing diets.

Diet pills?

Drawbacks to some diets:

-Oftentimes people lose weight too quickly, and as we know– put those ole pounds right back on.
-Many diets lack essential nutrients.

Dieting is no fun. Blech.

Dinner’s ready hun.biggrin.gif

Some recommendations include eliminating alcohol (those calories add up real quick). Did they just say eliminate alcohol?

Eliminating caffeine. So much for my friends the coffee lovers addicts.rotfl.gif

A number of them focus on whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, whole grains.
Find those yummy antioxidants, from green drinks such as wheatgrass or barley-grass juice. Um..ok.
Fresh fruits, especially citrus, kiwi and berries.

Include dark green leafy and root vegetables.

What are they you ask? Shame on ya!. boggled0.gif .Watercress, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccolli, brussels sprouts, spinach, green beans or peppers. Not too bad eh.

OK. I’ll try to make this as tempting as possible.

Not exactly in the same league as this eh?daydream.gif

Knock yourself out with some wholegrains such as rice, millet, rye, oats, wholewheat, corn, and quinoa.

And lots and lots of….water. (you know that tasteless, odorless, calorie-less drink) Heh.

Just think: One pound of fat is the size of a small brick. Hmmm.

Now where are those mini 100 calorie packets of M&M’s.

I could use a dozen.

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30 Responses to “100 CaloriE TreatS”

  1. ezineaerticles » Blog Archive » 100 CaloriE TreatS says:

    [...] Original post by Angel [...]

  2. Perri Nelson says:

    I have altogether too many of those small bricks laying about my personage to worry about it. Sometimes they go where I want them to, and sometimes they turn up when I least want them to.

    At least I can’t have all those sugary treats… but of course now they make them with sugar alcohols — same calorie content, same weight problems — just less of a problem with the blood sugar levels.

  3. Perri Nelson says:

    Oh, and remember Angel, “diet” is really just “die” with some “t”.

  4. Carl says:

    I can speak only for myself…

    And in my case as well as my wife’s…DIETS DO NOT WORK!

    After doing a lot of research, diets don’t work for most obese people. What happens most often is you’ll lose some weight then put it back on plus at least 10% more.

    The answer for me was gastric bypass surgery. I had roux-n-y bariatric surgery on March 2, 2006 and I have lost over 200 pounds and 2 FEET…I repeat…TWO FEET (that’s 24 FREAKIN’ INCHES) around my waist. I have hit a plateau right now and am working on losing at least 10-15 more pounds. Since I have changed jobs I’ve had to change health insurance and the current insurance is making my wife go through a year-long program which is almost over and if she is approved for surgery, we’ll be getting it done more than likely next summer because a 3 week at-home recovery period is recommended.

    Now those smaller calorie, portion control snacks are fine IF (and this is a big “IF”) you have the willpower to eat only one, once in a while. However for most people, including post-bariatric patients, this is too great of a temptation to get back into old, bad habits so I recommend staying away from them and I’m trying to stay with eating better proteins (chicken, seafood, etc.) and lots of fruits and veggies. After surgery, I became addicted to tomatoes. Go figure.

  5. In_spired says:

    Never had thought about the meaning of diet as Perri Nelson put it:
    “diet” is really just “die” with some “t”.

    When I “die” just put me in a “t”ub of chocolate bath beads!!!

    Your graphics are awesome…

  6. Aurora says:

    Love those pics, Angel. Actually Dr Atkins and his low carb diet has apparently been vindicated after much hissing and booing for a long time. The low GI one does it for me. I’m satisfied and I can indulge in Belgian chocolate (sugar free and you’d never know it) when I need a fix!

  7. Kevin says:

    Cheeseburgers are the key to losing weight. Or is it ‘happiness’? Yeah, that’s it. Cheeseburgers are the key to happiness!

  8. Always On Watch says:

    The other day, I bought a 6 pack of those 100-calorie Coca-Cola cans. But not because I drink much cola; instead, I just wanted some on hand that wouldn’t lose its fizz.

    When it comes to dieting, I try to think of my weight-loss program as an eating plan, not as a deprivation- or diet-plan. That is the trick to consistent weight loss. Still, I miss the stuff my body seems to crave — sweets!

  9. cube says:

    Diets don’t work in the long term. You might get some short term weight loss, but it won’t last.

    Moderation is the key. Of course, that implies moderation must be taken in moderation as well. If you splurge one day, be extra good the next day.

  10. Jack says:

    More meat, more exercise works for me. But I’d be lying if I said that I don’t miss being 25 still.

  11. Gayle says:

    LOL Angel!

    Because we grow our own veggies, I eat so many of them, especially peppers, onions and tomatoes, it’s a wonder I don’t turn into a vegetable. Even when I cook chicken enchiladas they contain garlic, onions and peppers. Yum! There’s a downside to all this though. I don’t like to eat out anymore because everything tastes so bland.

  12. Katie says:

    Woman does not live on bread alone. She needs her coffee and chocolates to survive.

  13. Layla says:

    Well it all boils down to common sense. When I want a chocolate bar – my excuse – I buy it for hubby then tell him when he offers me some, “just one bite.” I take a small bite and do not ask for more. I drink my lite half and half coffee in the AM and decaf if I want more later in the day.

    I eat using common sense – nothing that contains trans fat and do my best to use Olive of Canola Oil – or that Smart Oil with Omega. I do use a tad of butter and drink a tad of whole milk – a little fat is good for you – we need it to survive.

    I eat moderate portions and walk, walk, and walk and do cleansing Qigong. So that is what I do.

    Do what works for you!

  14. Brooke says:

    Those 100 calorie packs just don’t cut it.

    Eliminate chocolate and alcohol? I’ll just go kill myself right now! ;)

  15. OMMAG says:

    Bah … quit counting calories and indulge.
    If you ever come across a Tim Horton’s shop get yerself a large double double and taste some real excess. Goes good with a box of Tim Bits (donut holes)…..

    If you eat healthy every day and get off your butt for a 30 minute walk you can afford a treat once in a while.

  16. MK says:

    Eat less, not only eat right. The way i see it it you’re eating too much and you only replace it with veggies, eventually you’ll just go back to eating too much of the wrong food again.

  17. Eitan says:

    Well thanks a bunch, you, you…woman! Now I’m hungry and therein lyes the problemo: I need to lose weight just as much as any woman out there.

  18. Maggie Thornton says:

    That pic of the choco cake looks sooooo luscious. Three meals a day with little starch and no snacks at anytime works for me. It’s the snacks that put on the weight.

    I love bread and potatoes, so save them for a special occasion, except for toast in the a.m.


  19. Eitan says:

    Maggie must not be “any woman out there.”

  20. EDGE says:

    Diet…”die” with a “t” at the end!!!! :(

    Stole that from Garfield! :)

  21. Nikki says:

    I can’t seem to give up diet coke…which everyone says that its bad and if you stop drinking it you will lose weight, which is an oxymoron because it is “diet” coke. They claim that its the carbonation, but now that you mention caffeine, that makes more sense to me. But I still have a hard time saying no because of the “diet” label. dieting sucks. :) N

  22. American Interests says:

    Help! Thanks to the kids the pantry is choc full of small packaged junk food. Do we hate diets or what?

  23. DD2 says:

    I never trus those so called miracle 100 calorie treats or low cal, low fat stuff they advertise. You eat them for months and find out later they were put out of busines or sued for false advertising.
    There is no tricks to taling off the lbs, you have to watch your calories and exercise.
    But that picture you have of chocolate sure looks good to me.
    As does the brownie.

  24. nanc says:

    i can only eat one of those mini-m&m’s – they’re so filling…


    since i’ve gone headlong into the big change, i’ve gained some weight, but lost nine pounds since my last dr. appt. six weeks ago – dropped a few carbs. i was used to being reed thin, but i don’t mind but about 20 pounds of this extra fluff.

  25. Joe Gringo says:

    It’s all about lifestyle….don’t eat late, take a cue from the Mrs. make the biggest meal of the day mid-day and eat light at night!

  26. KarL M says:

    Stop it Angel, you are killing me….

    Make mine a double…2 scoops with all the extras…you only live once!!!!!

  27. heidianne jackson says:

    weight watchers is working for me – if you stick with it. interestingly enough i was sticking to the ww diet for nearly 8 months and hadn’t lost but 7 lbs – finally i threw a fit with my doc and they started doing testing. turns out i am ‘insulin intolerent’ and they put me on metformin 2.5 months ago. since then i’ve lost 12 lbs!

  28. Debbie says:

    Eat less — More more. That’s the only true way to lose weight Angel.

  29. Cop the Truth says:

    Thanks, now I’m hungry…

  30. Defiant_Infidel says:

    I believe in activity… exercise. I work out on a treadmill and with weights every, single day. One of my favorite lunches is salad with italian dressing and a few chunks of chicken breast or tuna thrown over it. Protein, roughage and it is filling. I also eat a carb filled breakfast after my morning workout.

    Exercise is not a bad (or even difficult) thing if you are simply consistent about it. A routine is super important to be able to continue and maintain the required discipline. The results keep you skinny, fit, with better energy and attitude. It feels better to me to be able to be active and not have the favorite recreational activities hurt you, leaving you ruined for days following.

    It also makes you sleep better (when you are not all eaten up with politics and business, as I have been for several weeks). It will make me sleep better when I get beyond the coming demise of the Darkest Messiah.

    Good, inspiring post, Angel!