Sara Palin..Booyahhh!

I knowI I know!

Sooooooo much to discuss. I promise we will!

In the mean time……… wet that appetite of yours………

34 Responses to “Sara Palin..Booyahhh!”

  1. heidianne jackson says:

    wooooo hooooo, angel!!! i am so excited i can barely speak! i’m finally voting FOR the mccain ticket and not AGAINST the obama ticket.

  2. dapoppins says:

    wooo wooot! A real conservative! Yes!

  3. elvis the original terminator says:

    HEH!! Angel always says that…..we agree on this CHOICE>
    We also say at….
    The first black VP or Prez will be a conservative TOO>

    Love and Kisses from ELVIS the Original Terminator

  4. Brooke says:

    Boooooyyaaaa, indeed!

  5. Always On Watch says:

    Palin will bring in the true-conservative votes. A good choice on McCain’s part!

  6. Kevin says:

    What heidianne said! Palin is soon to be a rock star. Our up and coming Margaret Thatcher. If I lived in Chicago, I’d vote for her twice! (Apparently, that’s legal up there.)

  7. Veritas says:

    Wow Angel, What a powerful video.

    McCain was brilliant and Palin will be the catalyst that brings us all together to drive the libs away. Let’s hope she can generate coattails to stem any Dem increase in Congress as well.

  8. MK says:

    Yeeehaw, Booyahhh!

    Great news this, it’s like a shot of adrenaline Angel, i just spent a good amount of time digging up info on this lady and she has changed everything. In case you haven’t seen it
    Obambi is going down. The reality is staring the feminists in the Democratic party in the face, the party of women’s rights chose men over women, twice. That’s gotta hurt, Palin will make the pain go away.

  9. Brilliant choice McCain! « MK’s Views - Down under on the right side says:

    [...] 30, 2008 at 12:17 am | In America, Beautiful Women, Conservatives, Politics, Women | Hat tip Woman Honor Thyself. She definitely has my vote, too bad I can’t vote. Need to read up some more on her, but that [...]

  10. Terry_JIm says:

    What a great pick!!

    The beauty of Gov. Palin’s election to Governor, and her nomination for Vice President is that her achievements are based on her merit, not whose daughter or whose wife she is.

    She is not just a woman politician (Lord knows there are plenty of those on the Left), she is a lady.

    She will be a great role model to my daughters.
    I’m one happy Dad.

  11. Seane-Anna says:

    Awesome vid!!!! Great to see Obama stuttering at the end about how he wouldn’t support the surge even after seeing that it worked. He showed his true colors on that one, and they aren’t red, white, and blue.

  12. Maggie Thornton says:

    Terrific video Angel. Terrific.


  13. Shayne says:

    Ditto, ditto and more dittos! I love the pick and I can not wait for the debates!

  14. Machiavelli says:

    Great choice, imho. In a nutshell, she brings to the table, more executive and practical experience than McCain, Obama, and Biden combined!

    As I was listening to McCain introduce her, I kept repeating to myself, “let her be a great speaker, let her be a great speaker…”

    And damn, she can deliver a good speech. She’s feisty, self-assured, smart and in a debate, she should be able to wipe the floor with that arrogant bum, Joe Biden.

    Plus, Limbaugh was enthused today–he knows that she appeals to the conservative base, might well pull in Hillary voters, and unlike Biden and his “foreign policy” experience, she has be right on the big issues, like the surge, like drilling for oil, like pork barrel spending….

    Experience means nothing if you are wrong all the time….

    I’m finally fired up about McCain. Had he picked Lieberman for instance, I probably would have sat this one out…..

  15. obob says:

    this was a great nod. I look forward to the debates as well. Biden will shoot his mouth off sooer and later and she can finish im off. Just give it time

  16. DD2 says:

    I’m not just happy about voting for Sarah Palin because she is a woman. And I’m not not just happy about voting for Sarah Palin just because she is a Republican.

    I’m happy about voting for Sarah Palin because she is one of the first genuine, 100% American, hardworking, intelligent and real politician I get the privilege of casting a vote for.
    Sarah Palin is simply AWESOME! No nonsense and no BS.
    Thank you, John McCain.

  17. P. Mala says:

    Today’s New York Post headline read: WOW! She hunts, she fishes! Palin, apparently, is the female Cheney (I hope she’s a better shot)! Get real folks—McCain has one foot on the banana peel and he decides that a cross between the Gloucester fisherman and Elmer Fudd with a twist of Andy of Mayberry is good for the country just in case he is temporarily or permanently indisposed? Good lord, it’s surrealistically unbelievable. I am sickened and highly insulted by Palin aligning herself with Hillary Clinton even as a “woman breaking the glass ceiling.” She is NOT Hillary Clinton in any way and certainly has not put the good of her country first as Hillary did by bringing the Democrats together. Isn’t it remarkable that Palin did not feel remotely remiss in partnering with a man she knew for a day and went ahead to accept a partnering with him accepting this VEEP position? I would hope an individual with a good conscience would have counseled McCain to choose a woman like Kay Bailey Hutchinson or another proven Republican. Palin is an abominable, abysmal choice. She doesn’t even value the domain of helpless Polar bears, what could she possibly do for this country or Israel?

  18. Z says:

    I LOVE her! DD2 says it exactly right.
    Frankly, I’d vote for her if she were a male…….young, bright, conservative, loves this country, has 2 years running a national guard and a State, is VERy up on the energy situation………that’s more experience than years of sitting thru senate hearings!
    Sarah…….She IS genuine, she IS someone to be proud to vote for.

  19. HannahJ says:

    To twist a statement to our own purposes…Yes WE can!

  20. Right Truth says:

    Sarah Palin vs the Democrats…

    Sarah Conner / Sarah Palin…

  21. Defiant_Infidel says:

    What a stunner, eh, Angel? To depart the barrel bottom choices of Ridge and Lieberman and ascend to this incredible, staunch REAL Conservative… hard to contain myself!

    I have been writing notes for just under three hours and delaying all my pressing responsibilities. I will have to turn my attention to those for a bit now, but later I will begin assembling the sequence and start a write about this fantastic individualist! First McCain performed so well at Saddleback… and now this powerfully BOLD selection!

    MAN… am I ever some seriously STOKED! This will truly unite the elephants… and it well should!


  22. Layla says:

    I wrote up on her yesterday and today. We have a winner.

  23. Otto - American Interests says:

    Kudos Angel, we’re mostly thinking alike here. Said one commenter at my end of the globe: “OK I admit, my very first thoughts, “what” then post her speech I think, “stirring “, moreover, after some research, “home run.””

  24. Katie says:

    I don’t think she’ll bring in the PUMAs, but it is a great choice on McCain’s part. They complement each other.

  25. Aurora says:

    Congratulations Conservatives! You’ve fought hard and long and now you finally have someone to get behind. She’s amazing! Thank God. Let’s hope that the swing voters will see something to really admire and get behind her. She’s a whole sight better than the antisemitic Biden who riled up the inimitable Menachim Begin back in the late 70′s with his anti-Israel spiel.

  26. In_spired says:


  27. Angel says:


  28. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Gregg Jackson Moves Forward…

    I must let you know about this exciting and intelligent radio host who is opening his new program tonight at 8 pm (PCT) sharp! (Update: The program starts Sunday, Aug. 31, 2008.)…

  29. Peakah says:

    Palin will get me out to vote for McCain… I planned on sitting this one out until he picked her. Great video too, I had to post it as well…

    …keep up the great work!

  30. dapoppins says:

    Maybe you saw something I didn’t? When I saw Sarah’s speech I didn’t see her teleprompter anywhere! Or her cheat cards…! It looked like she was not only speaking from her heart, but that she was speaking honestly. I can’t wait to hear more from her!

  31. Carole says:

    What a joke! Are all of you crazy? McCain has shown poor judgment. There were so many better female choices for his VP. Wow! McCain has most certainly lost this election now.

  32. Cory says:

    Does no one care that she’s in the pocket of big oil? Or that her 16-year old is pregnant? Or that she’s currently being investigated for abuse of power? I’m a huge fan of strong women in politics – just not this one

  33. smarter than you says:

    Had to tell all of you who are chanting off about how excited you are for a conservative cantidate. You wouldn’t even have the right to vote at all in this election if not for liberals.

  34. Santina Kates says:

    I say we put these newly elected govt officials on a one month probation – if they don’t keep their words, do what they were elected to do for the American people – your out – no benefits, no pay no pension – YOU DON’T PERFORM YOU’RE OUT – YOU DON’T DO YOUR JOB AS YOU SAID YOU WOULD – YOU’RE OUT – GO WORK FOR MCDONALDS… YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE – PERIOD – AND THAT INCLUDES ’0′ – NO MORE TOYS…NO BENEFITS UNTIL YOU DO WHAT YOU SAID YOU WOULD .. NO MORE BULL!!!