Sarah Palin: Obama palin’ by Comparision

Sarah Palin.

John McCain’s running mate.

She made history in 2006 by becoming both the first female governor of Alaska as well as the youngest- at the age of 42.

Where to begin?

Apart from the fact that we finally have a firebreathing Conservative on the ticket?!

The best the leftists can do is to hurl accusations regarding Governor Palin’s “inexperience.”

Guess what?..Besides the fact that Hussein O. is immeasurably less experienced……. I’ll take this all American girl’s real life experience over Hussein Obama’s left-wing Marxist, Muzlim upbringing any day of the week.

Lack of experience eh?

Check out the facts Hussein Obama. Sara Palin just so happens to be the Governor of the only state that borders two foreign countries.
She has personally worked on negotiating a multi-billion dollar energy pipeline with a foreign country.

Being the Governor of a state that has a direct border with the Russian Empire, who, if you recall Obama… has um….just invaded one of its neighboring states, she appears to be a country mile ahead of you and your terrorist associates.

Have you run any “National Guards” lately Hussein?

Running Bill Ayer’s slush funds don’t exactly count. Sorry.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has a son in the military.
Got any immediate family in the Miltary Hussein O.? (and we don’t mean Al Qaeda)
Didn’t think so dude.

Yea yea yea.

We all know Hussein that you got experience with terrorists, drug dealers, and racists, but not in struggling against them dude………. but rather in befriending them.

While Sara Palin was busy in office passing ethics reform, Hussein Obama spent his time in office..well……… running for President.

The lefties and Dhiimicrats claim this choice is all a “gimmick”. Well, If this is a gimmick…… it worked on me. Heh.

Gov. Sara Palin has the innate ability to make people feel good about themselves, which most Americans haven’t felt for a long, long time. Didn’t she grab you the minute she opened her mouth? The enthusiasm she generated was nothing short of electrifying.

Sorry Hussein Obama……You can’t exactly practice that quality in front of a mirror, or a telepromter for that matter.

Let’s place bets y’all: How long before Hussein Obama calls her “sweetie.” ha.
Sexist and revolting comments about Sarah Palin from the “progressive” leftards will be a given.

So, What do I see?
I see two “real people”, with love of country versus two “empty suits”.

Battle lines have been drawn my friends.
If JohhnyMac chooses John Bolton for Secretary of State, heck, I’d say wer’e good to go.

By the way: Thank you, Senator McCain.

I do believe Sir, that you may just have saved this country from Marxist, IzlamoNazi Hell.

John and Sara: They’re gunna rock that little Hawaiian upstart….big time!

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97 Responses to “Sarah Palin: Obama palin’ by Comparision”

  1. CKA in Red State USA says:

    How long will it be before Obama, or whatever his real name might be, calls her a b*tch or worse?

    BTW: What’s-his-name isn’t just “immeasurably” less experienced, he is wholly inexperienced, regardless of the person with which he’s compared.

    What’s going to be interesting and laughable to watch is how the Demockacrats, liberals and leftists attack everything about her–thus offending fishermen, hunters, mothers, women, mayors, public servants, athletes, soldiers, people of faith, etc.

    For what it’s worth: I believe McCain sealed the election in his favor when, Friday, he announced Gov. Palin as his running mate.

  2. KarL M says:

    Finally…a moment in political history, when i can look at what is happening and shake my head in the affirmative……
    As far as i can see it the Line in Vegas just turned around…..
    McAin/Palin 2 to 1 the easy money is on Republican…
    Go USA…what a great day to be an American…Thank you Angel for the “feel good” moment….

  3. Z says:

    Great piece, Angel……..Does that woman have cheekbones, or WHAT?
    That family picture is fantastic, and the love they have in their eyes for their little son, just wonderful.
    I’m brimming over for this family; May God bless them all and may He use Sarah Palin in the ways it seems evident that He’s planned….

    MY, it’s been SUCH a long time since I’ve felt really wonderful about anything political…it’s a great day for America…

  4. Denise-Mary says:

    I’m one of those “former Dems” who turned my back on the Dem party the day Donna Brazile said “older” voters were no longer important to the “base.” (Video on YouTube, 5/8/08) I also crossed party lines when it became apparent that Obama is a socialist, trained and educated by socialists. When I turned my support to McCain, I didn’t care WHO he chose as VP. But to now see Palin energize the Republican base – and such energy was sorely lacking – is gratifying. This woman is a dynamo and apparently knows what “integrity” means.

  5. Red_State_Blue says:


    Reflections on a House Divided…

  6. kevin says:

    I’m excited about Palin too, it’s a great move for McCain.

  7. DD2 says:

    Powerful blog Angel…I love it

  8. Joy M says:

    Fabulous Choice! Finally values in the white house! A married woman in a leadership role with a family in tact. A son in the military, teeangers, and- a blessing-a Down Syndrome baby! This is what America is about!
    The next 4 years will be taking us back to the beliefs of our country-In God We Trust!
    Praise the Lord!

  9. Palin Mania « American Sentinel says:

    [...] Woman Honor Thyself: Sarah Palin: Obama palin’ by Comparision [...]

  10. Katie says:

    I hope you’re right Angel. But she’s also a lightweight. She is unskilled in real politics. She’s in the big leagues now, and she’s been playing minor league ball. I hope she has what it takes to hit a home run out of the ball park. But her opponent Biden is a real major leaguer. He can hit, he can attack and he can debate.

    Here’s hoping that this small town woman can do the same.

    GO CUBS!!!!!

  11. bernadette jaros says:

    First of all how ignorant to refer to Barrack Obama as Hussein. Sarah Palin may be a fine person, but how can McCain expect the country to make a intelligent choice with 67 days of the campaign left. I want to see how she responds when the tough questions are asked. I am not looking for a “Miss Congeniality” to run the country. As a woman, I am insulted that McCain’s decision was based on gender. There were better choices. Let us not forget the Barrack was vetted by the country after 18months of scrunity by the press. He won the Primary, the democratic voice made him the candidate not one man.

  12. Mike says:

    “First of all how ignorant to refer to Barrack Obama as Hussein. ”

    Hussein is his middle name, isn’t it?
    So what’s wrong with that?

  13. LillyD says:

    McCain just committed political sucide. Poor baby.

  14. Janice Church says:

    I have been a Republican for over 20 years, but I am disappointed that John McCain went for a beauty queens for the third time – that is too many to be a mere coincidence. His first wife was a beauty queen but he dumped her when she lost her beauty and traded her in for a filthy rich beauty queen. Now he picks another beauty queen as a running mate. He is a known womanizer, having cheated on his wife and remarried before his divorce was final, making him technically a bigamist, I guess, but who’s counting when you are a senator. Family values, hmm. I really fail to see why the conservative right is flocking to these people. I see Obama as having stuck with the same wife through thick and thin. I see that McCain calls Sarah Palin “his sole mate”. Hmmm, maybe wife Cindy should be worried if he is already calling her his “mate”. Sorry, but I was for John McCain until he chose a “skirt” just because she is a “skirt”. That insults me as a family woman, entrepreneur, and mother. Men find it difficult to get past looking at pretty faces and long legs. So who is going to take care of that Down’s Syndrome baby. Not mama, that’s for sure – no time for that. So where’s the family value in putting her career above the needs of her needy child? I don’t get why people would applaud her trading in her child’s welfare for a political promotion. How do you rationalize this with “family values”?

  15. LillyD says:

    Well put, Janice, I totally agree.

  16. JC says:

    Where does it take us to judge a person’s intelligence or leadership ability by making fun of his name. Young children may bully a child on a playground because he/she has a deformity, a handicap, red hair, big nose, etc. As adults, we will make a better choice if we focus on a person’s character and ideas instead of how a person looks or his name or his color.

    Obama was not my choice until recently. He has proven he can battle against tough odds in the primary. His character is not tainted like McCain’s poor judgment in the Keating 5 scandal, his lousy treatment of his first wife, his lack of knowledge of his current wife’s prescription drug addiction. His “entitled” attitude at Annapolis where he was known as a play boy son and grandson of Admirals and graduated 5th from bottom? Where are his character and family values?

    I really do not understand how the conservative right can justify the many times McCain has betrayed family values. I wish it were different so I could vote for him. If he had good character, he would have had my vote.

  17. Always On Watch says:

    I’ve checked with my conservative friends (and citizens) in the UK. Just as I, they see McCain’s choice of Palin as a stroke of genius.

    Of course, the numbers on Election Day will be the true litmus test of McCain’s choice.

  18. Violet says:

    Just what I want to see in the White House–a gun toten, fish smelling, environmentlist hater, gay basher, absentee Mother.

  19. Middle Amierica says:

    Why is everyone comparing a VP pick with the Democratic presidential candidate? I guess Biden’s history speaks for itself.

    Personally, I don’t think Mccain had a choice but one like Palin. A good choice, considering, but I would be curious how much arm twisting it took. : )

  20. Always On Watch says:

    Hey, check out this cool chart

  21. MariesTwoCents says:

    Isnt this fantastic Angel?

    Now I’m getting all excited about this race and this ticket :-)

  22. Seane-Anna says:

    “…little Hawaiian upstart…” Priceless! GOOOOOO SARAH!!!!!

  23. Layla says:

    Like you said, finally a “real” person.

  24. MK says:

    “Got any immediate family in the Miltary Hussein O.? (and we don’t mean Al Qaeda)”

    LOL brilliant Angel.

    “The lefties and Dhiimicrats claim this choice is all a “gimmick”. Well, If this is a gimmick…… it worked on me.”

    And for just a gimmick, they’re getting mighty upset over it.

    “Sexist and revolting comments about Sarah Palin from the “progressive” leftards will be a given.”

    I’m sure they’ll actually hit new lows in nastiness and viciousness folks. They’ll take BDS to a whole new level. They smell defeat and they’ll do whatever it takes, women’s right being the cornerstone of their ideology, yeah right.

  25. Morgan Street says:

    I find it absolutely baffling that McCain has had only one brief meeting with Palin before choosing her as his running mate. This was clearly a last minute decision and a knee jerk reaction to the Obama attention from the night before. This is an irresponsible and reckless decision, he hardly even knows her. He’s selection shows me what type of president he will be, decisions will not be made with careful consideration and diplomacy but instead, quick gut reactions will lead the way. Listen, I’m not undermining Palin’s accomplishments, I congratulate her on her historic achievement. However McCain is simply using her as a chess pawn.

    I also don’t agree with her policies and views:

    1. She is pro-war.
    2. She is opposed to reproductive rights for women.
    3. She doesn’t believe in global warming.
    4. She supports big oil and wherever they chose to drill.
    5. She’s a lifetime member of the NRA.
    6. She’s opposed a clean water initiative.
    7. She sued the federal gov. for listing polar bears as an endangered species (why? cause you can’t drill for oil when animals are occupying the land) she’s against wildlife protection.

    …It’s true they would’ve never selected her, if she were a man, it’s pretty insulting to think a position was given to you simply due to your gender…what a gimmick.

    Obama/Biden 08

    Not to mention she voted against the equal pay for women act!

  26. sandy says:

    I am so Happy and elated to see sara chosen. What a proud time for America. Way to go Mccain ya done good.

  27. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Gregg Jackson Moves Forward…

    I must let you know about this exciting and intelligent radio host who is opening his new program tonight at 8 pm (PCT) sharp! (Update: The program starts Sunday, Aug. 31, 2008.)…

  28. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Sarah Palin to be John McCain’s VP!…

    This is marvelous news! What a woman!…

  29. JMK says:

    One of the slimiest attacks came out yesterday – a Kos Kid claiming that Bristol Palin is the mother of Trig (the youngest Palin, born with Down Syndrome).

    This, in their brain-dead minds is comparable, I guess to Eliot Spitzer hookering up, or Bill Clinton lying before Congress “to shiled his wife from further embarrassment.”

    That is the state of Leftist insanity!

    Right Wing News debunks the charge here: httprightwingnewscom/

    I don’t understand how this smear would help the Dems.

    It would seem to do one of two things, (1) Palin takes a DNA test and proves anyone who ran with the story having the same level of credibility as the Kos Kids (NONE) or (2) it would show that Sarah Palin is a devoted mother who sought to both protect her teen daughter and also take responsibility for raising that unplanned for child.

    HOW would that hurt Palin at all?!

    Great piece here, as usual Angel.

  30. Maggie Thornton says:

    Good piece Angel. The point about running the National Guard is excellent.


  31. Jim Long says:

    I`m white and my wife is latin. Married 13 years with a little girl
    If on sunday , at church , the pastor started slamming the black people , or the latin people or the chinese people ,then me and my wife would have known immediately to leave and find a new pastor.
    The only reason Hussein Obama is desired by some is ABC , NBC , CBS have chose him and jammed him down Ameicas throat
    20 years with pastors that contiuously hate whithe people at their church would have shut down any other canadate
    ABC, NBC, CBS went to far to turn back
    Just look at his freinds . Please Save Us From Hussein Obama ,John and Sara

  32. Rachel says:

    Yep! Good for John McCain! He made a great choice!!! All he wanted was a little eye candy to jump start the ol’ heart, and easily handed over the election to Obama! Go McCain…you rock.

  33. kwaayesnama says:

    She is a perfect running mate for John McCain.
    Do you have any idea how difficult it was to find a candidate less intelligent then John McCain?
    Won’t you sleep well knowing her finger is on the nuclear button?
    MY FRIENDS!.!.!

  34. Gayle says:

    Great post, Angel. Palin is a perfect choice, and of course the Democrats are running scared, as is proven by some comments on this post. It’s a good thing!

  35. Defiant_Infidel says:

    “a beauty queen”…

    “…decision was based on gender…”

    “There were better choices.”

    What rubbish! I don’t give a rat’s ass if Palin is a transexual! She is a premium choice in my eyes because she reflects my convictions! Do either of you wet spots have any concept of what that means? Or are you too busy droning about her frickin’ plumbing??

    WHAT “better choices”???

    She is the most dynamic, declarative, staunch and bold choice he could have found. I will delight in watching her mow down the “heavyweight” Biden. And she sure will. I WELCOME comparison of her experience and accomplishments to that of B. HUSSEIN OBamBam.

    As a Governor, she has reduced a very tight budget dramatically… unprecedented RESULTS! That budget’s responsibility lays entirely on her shoulders… it is not backed up with the Federal tax system’s bulk nor can the outcome be spread across the shoulders of 99 other Senators.

    I got to go disgorge the bile that resembles both of you nameless parrots.

    (Sorry, Angel… I know I am supposed to play nicer, but…. sheesh. Delete my comment if you must. i cannot hold my tongue with these imbeciles…)

  36. Jarra says:

    First of all his name is not Huusian O
    why do you spew such ignorance” you are probably smart enogh to know this but are a racist of the worst kind.hiding behind this blog for women.
    what is your problem with obama other than the fact that he is male or black? KNOW he is NOT a mulsim RIGHT?
    you know that he is a christian man with a christian family.
    Just because you have no other issue to fight with.
    Go look at Sara Palins website…she hunts? give me a break….what kind of woman is this?
    What beast and a ridiculous embarrasment to the RNC. There were so many more qualified WOMEN to get on the RNC ticket….
    not some unknown no experience puppet! ! ! ! !!
    let’s hope John McCain doesnt call her the C word like he did his own wife in public….
    Correct yourself woman!

  37. Defiant_Infidel: "Miradena" says:

    Let’s Get The Party Started !…

    Rumors of a Republican Party demise were highly exaggerated. Unfortunately, there were several months of political party somberness, excitement waned and people started leaving.

    But this party was far from over……

  38. Rebecca Burt says:

    Let’s see…an ex-beauty pagent winner…with a undergraduate degree in jounalism…who does not believe in global warming…who does believe a woman should have no control over her own body and for 9 months should be viewed as nothing more than a baby container…who’s main attributes seem to be stubborness and vicious competiveness… who has had next to no experience in goverment…who has a currently very messy family situation given that she had recently given birth to a downs syndrome baby, has a 17 year old daughter who is unwed and pregnant and is facing investigation for using her political office to smear her ex-brother-in-law and get him fired (he is in a custody battle with her sister)…who seems to be in bed with big oil…who is running for VP…whose running mate is 72 and is a cancer survivor…who has no foreign policy background and in fact has only been out of the country twice…who may become President of the country I love at a time when it faces the most complex foreign policy issues, economic issues and domestic issues it has in decades…Why does this sound like a totally unbelievably bad novel???? I for one am terrified and can not understand what Mr. McCain was thinking!!!!

  39. miradena says:

    I had planned to make a general statement regarding the myopic individuals who have crawled out of their respective holes to attack Governor Palin. But then I looked up – and was given the gifts of Jarra. Kindly put away the race card Jarra, it has been played ad nauseam and I can easily trump it with the girl card.

    And while I am certain that the writer of this blog would prefer that I not give your comment the validity of a response, I feel compelled to state that you clearly have no knowledge about the relevance of her blog – or her readers. As I stated, I had planned on commenting on the irrelevance of people like you who are so remarkably clueless, but I thank you for so effectively proving my point.

  40. Charles says:

    hey, listen to Sarah Palin in her own words in this NewsWeek Video that was done back in March 2008! Its very telling!

  41. Emily says:

    References to Hussein….. Really???? are you trying to promote hate and racism???? His name is Obama and he is Christian….. END of story. Palin… while a woman has a shady background. Abstinance only education while child is pregnant??? Husband with a DWI??? Flying while in labor with a high risk pregnancy???? All these things seem just the opposite of what she preaches about family values….. facts are facts and hte facts here about Palin really concern me. I wan ta woman in power that makes women look good….. Palin falls way short of this…. Sorry ladies but Palin is a bad role model!!! Even Hilary was better than this!

  42. Brooke says:

    COmpletely awesome! Palin is heads and shoulders above Obama or Biden!

    I couldn’t be happier with McCain’s pick!

  43. Texas Mom says:

    I’m so disappointed in McCain, and very insulted. I can’t believe that John McCain thinks that, simply because I am a woman, I would vote for a candidate simply because she is a woman. At his age, there is a very real chance he could die in office. His VP selection has to be a serious decision, not meant simply to gain Hillary’s left-overs. Am I to expect Sarah Palin, who I believe is a good woman, to run my country!?!? She barely has any political experience. She is a hard-working mother and a fine republican, but she is NOT going to be the leader of my country! I know many fine republican women who are great leaders but that doesn’t make me shallow enough to vote for them for the 2nd highest political office in the country. I am glad she is a memberf of the NRA and goes hunting. She sounds like a women I would love to meet and have as a friend, but last time I checked, hunting skills were not needed for the running of our great country. I am very offended that John McCain thinks so little of my ability to make decisions. The fact that she would even consider this with a baby at home, who needs her constant attention and love is disturbing and causes me to wonder about her decision making skills. If she were busier taking care of her children at home perhaps her daughter wouldn’t have had the chance to get pregnant. Teens need a stay at home mom as much or more than toddlers and babies. They are at a very high risk when left alone. For the good of her children, Sarah Palin needs to stay home.

  44. Brian says:

    Sara Palin was the mayor of a town with less then 2,000 buildings. Less then 7,000 people then went on to be Governor of less then 700,000 people. Hmm Obama paid his due’s taking his case in front of the American people and they responded with over 18,000,000 votes. Palin was elected with about 190,000 votes. Most people that like her know nothing about her

  45. Matt says:

    Nothing against Mrs. Palin, I admittedly, like most of the country, know virtually nothing about her. However, I think that saying the GOP has someone with extensive executive experience is like saying they could go with Dr. Willie Herenton…MAYOR of Memphis (same population and GDP as the entire state of Alaska). Come to think of it, the ANWR is about the only thing that seems to offer any distinction here. Coinky-dink? Your profile says you love knowledge. Please don’t let Fox and Rush become a substitute for those. Think (and analyze) for yourself. .You have a funny website, Angel. Take it easy.

  46. sanfanc says:

    We need to get the press to reveal that the trooper in question is scum. That will kill help trooper gate.

    “In a March 1, 2006, disciplinary report, Col. Julia Grimes, who oversees state troopers, called Wooten’s conduct “unacceptable,” and accused him of a “lapse in proper judgment,” before suspending him for a series of conduct and ethics violations between December 2001 and November 2005.

    In one violation, Wooten used a Taser against his 10-year-old stepson.

    In explaining Monegan’s termination, Palin said she wanted to take the Alaska Department of Public Safety in a “different, more energetic direction,” according to the Anchorage Daily News.?

  47. Kathleen says:

    20 monthes in office with time off for maternity leave isn’t a great deal of experience. If she was in office for a full term or more, it would be better. She sounds like a fine woman but not ready to lead.
    The only other problem that I have is that her baby son needs a mother. The most important time for a newborn, especially one with ds, is the first few years of life. What is she going to do when she needs to do long hours or go over seas?
    Hussein is Barak MIDDLE name. The last time I looked, a baby doesn’t name himself. The parents choose what they are going to call the child.

  48. Debi C says:

    I find saying a “skirt” as offensive as any other name calling. I can’t remember but any woman who has gone against a major political party, hunts and shoots for food, raises 5 kids, runs a PTA becomes mayor, gets appointed to an oil commission(good ole boys) calls some of those guys out, changes this group, runs a successful campaign against REPUBLICANS, gets elected Gov and oh, by the way runs 2 small businesses, well women and men, I can’t think of a better go getter with an eye to CHANGE, let me just say, she is not a “Texas” beauty queen for sure….I for one am VERY proud for her and where she will take our country.

    PS Why is everyone “offing” Mcain, that’s what would have to happen for her leadership to become an issue. I am sick to death of sexisum…..Go Sarah

  49. April t says:

    Im so happy with Gov.Sara Palin. I consider myself to be a democrat/in between sort of. I was planning on voting for Hillary Clinton but we see how that went… and then I was not going to vote AT ALL!! I dont want Obama in the white nor did I want McCain, but now Sara Palin is on the ticket, I feel MUCH better. I think she is an amazing women and a women a lot of little girls can look up to. Im 23 and im in AWE of her.

  50. Emily says:

    IT IS NOT SEXISM….. if Sarah Palin were a MAN she NEVER would have been given this opportunity with her record. WHy should we women be happy with the standards being lowered because we are women???? HECK NO!!!!! Raise the bar and let a women that can shine earn this opportunity. Sarah’s family is falling apart at the seems while she preeches abstinince only education… how well did that policy work with her family??? ANd she wants the American public to follow suit. NO!!!! My family is in tip top shape and having this person make policy will make a mockery of millions of women whom worked hard to have thier families in tip top shape!!! My family values far exceed this gimmick pick for VP! Shame on McCain adn the GOP!!!!

  51. Ron says:

    ‘Let us not forget the Barrack was vetted by the country after 18months of scrunity by the press. He won the Primary, the democratic voice made him the candidate not one man.’

    Scrutiny by the Press??? What a joke – he was given a free pass concerning his terrorist friends, radical associations, his racist church and pastor, his close friendship with a slum landlord that enabled him to get a great deal on a million dollar plus home, and much more by the liberal media.

    Had the media done their job, he would never have even been in the running, much less the Dem nominee.

  52. Ron says:

    Emily, you say: IT IS NOT SEXISM….. if Sarah Palin were a MAN she NEVER would have been given this opportunity with her record.

    Maybe – but, if Obama were not Black, he would never have been the Dem nominee. She has more experience, and much stronger values then Obama.

    Can you imagine what the press would have done to a White candidate that went to a church that was racist, preached about the White work ethic, and had given a lifetime achievement award to David Duke?

    So, let’s not talk about tokenism by parties…

  53. Ivy says:

    One point against…the photo of Palin at the top of this page eating with soldiers? Old school. The current combat uniform of the services is now light colored camo. Recommend updating photo to reflect Palin’s involvement with soldiers during our current conflict.

    Second point for… this webstie is awesome. The opposing views, the comical rhetoric and the insightful observations and comparisons are off the chart. It’s a hard knock life and getting down and dirty amongst ourselves is what it’s all about sometimes. In the end we’re in the bigger game together. To be proud Americans.

    John M genius or fool? electoral votes will tell
    Palin a Political Winner? Not so much
    Obama and Biden? hmmmmm

  54. Ron says:

    Matt says:
    ‘Please don’t let Fox and Rush become a substitute for those. Think (and analyze) for yourself. .You have a funny website, Angel. Take it easy.’

    You’re kidding, right? Even the Clinton’s (your past heroes) are on record saying Fox is the only network that treated Hillary fairly – all of the others made conscious decisions to not air Obama’s affiliations until after he had the nomination locked up.

    Follow your own advice – research things for yourself!

  55. Tina C says:

    Emily, Emily , Emily…I was happy just reading everyone’s comments until I was compelled to respond to yours. You use phrases like “Raise the Bar”, “Standards being lowered” and my favorite “a mockery of millions of women”. I guess Hillary’s “stand by your man” philosophy was ok in your book. I guess we can also say if Hillary was “taking care” of her family, Bill would not have disgraced the white house with his extra martial affairs. AND why does the VP pick have to be a gimmick? I see it as McCain listening to the voters. If 18 million women wanted Hillary, a WOMAN, than wouldn’t the logical choice be for him to pick a women. If anyone should be shamed you should shake your finger at Obama. He is the one that smacked all 18 million voters across the face by not selecting Hillary.

    Ron-Great responses!

  56. James says:

    Alaska does not share a border with Russia.

  57. Ron says:


    Alaska and Russia share a border. The U.S.-Russian maritime boundary zigzags down the Bering Strait between the Asian and American land masses.

    No charge…

  58. renee says:

    Sidney will be a disaster for the US and his running mate Louise AKA weezie is a JOKE—you don’t mind we use their middle names do you? whats wrong with that?

  59. lucie says:

    You should stop referring to Senator Obama as ‘Hussein’ or as anything other than Senator or, if you must, Obama. What you are doing at present makes you look cheap.

  60. Gr8guns says:

    The defenders of BHO make me sick. Using THEIR standards to discuss their candidate excludes the opinions of any person who opposes him. Any person opposing BHO is labeled as a racist, bigot zealot etc.,etc., etc. His given name was “Barry”, whick he later changed to “Barak Hussein Oboma. Why? If he has no Muslim leanings, would he change his name to Barak Hussein? If he dis-avows those beliefs now, shouldn’t he change his name back to “Barry”?
    I’m using his initials BHO, to refute the argument that his middle name should never be whispered in public. It is his CHOSEN name, if he isn’t proud of it, he should change it!
    There were several “heroes” of the liberal democrats, while they were running for office and later as President(s) who used their middle names: William Jefferson Clinton, John F. Kerry (only so he could compare himself to the other JFK), Lyndon Bains Johnson, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Harry S. Truman, Franklin Delonor Roosevelt and so on. So WHY shouldn’t we be allowed to utter the name of Barak Hussein Oboma publicly??

    And as a footnote, BHO and all of his liberal supporters are absolutely terrified of Sara Palin. What else could explain these vicious attacks? Just so you know, my wife of nearly 40 year also hunts and fishes, she is a crack shot. I have never seen her miss her target.

  61. Dear Mike says:

    Do people refer to you by your middle name? That’s what’s wrong with it, loser.

  62. Matt says:

    Ron mentioned that I should do my own research. It’s worth mentioning, Ron, that my original post included 2 links to non partial, non profit, non MSM websites that specifically do NOT provide analysis for the reader. One of which was developed by a former GOP operative, at that. Those links were unfortunately cut from my post. It’s curious that you developed the opinion that I am a Clinton supporter, when I neither mentioned nor inferred either of them in my post. Alas, Ron, I am forced to admit that in my charge of people having opinions formed for them and fed to them by biased sources, you are my “exhibit A”. It would be fantastic (revelatory?) to get those 2 links to you, however, I think we both know, in this forum, it would be a complete waste of our collective time and effort. You might stumble across them, though, with your own surely exhaustive research. Have a great night.

  63. DD2 says:

    Last night we saw a new Super Star. The sun did shine on us Angel. We gained new hope.

  64. Disappointed Feminist says:

    It breaks my heart to see women suckered into believing Palin is the best choice, it really does… especially when it’s because of such flimsy reasoning.

    Regarding Sexism: You claim that it is a matter of time before the other men in this race will start calling Palin names, or even “sweetie”. Isn’t it also sexist to make the assumption that they will do so just because they’re men, even though they have given absolutely no evidence to show that this will be the case?

    Regarding Palin’s Pipeline Experience: If you do a little research, you’d realize that she didn’t actually have anything to do with negotiating the deals, other than to approve the oil company rights to the land.

    Regarding Dealing with Russia: This is so ridiculous I can’t even believe I have to refute it, but… if you read up on what a governor actually does, you’d realize Palin had absolutely nothing to do with dealing with Russia at any point, let alone the fact that they haven’t even remotely tried to invade Alaska in the first place.

    I won’t bother commenting on the racial slurs obviously intended to lead people to believe that Barack is some sort of Muslim-related terrorist, anyone who would believe that sort of thing based on someone’s name alone has no interest in what’s actually going on anyway.

    McCain has insulted women as a whole by believing that we’d jump at whoever he put out there: there are far more qualified women in the field who would have made far better choices for running mate, and yet he chose the beauty queen with very little political experience. Am I the only feminist wondering why that is? Because from where I’m sitting, it certainly doesn’t seem like it’s because he values her as an equal of any sort.

    Look… I’m as excited about a strong woman in office as anyone, but I’m not so desperate to see it happen that I’m willing to accept just any woman who’s put in front of me.

    For example, I love my mother and she is my hero, but there’s no way I’d want her in charge of the country because she knows absolutely nothing about foreign policy or economics: right now we need someone who can get us out of debt and bring resolution to the conflicts overseas, and unfortunately I just don’t think my mom could do it. And I admire Sarah Palin’s dedication to her family and zeal for politics, but I don’t want her in charge of the country for much the same reasons as my mother.

    So feel free to keep dancing joyously at the meager bone we’ve been tossed by McCain as a ploy to pull more votes… I’m keeping my vote for a candidate who is better than just “the first woman”.

  65. Tina C says:

    Are you Kidding me….First of all you through a blanket statement out that women supporting Palin are “suckers”. You are blinded by why people don’t care that she does not have that much experience. She has more experience than Obama and he running for president! You can keep your vote over with Obama but please realize other people do research to. Its not his name that links him to anti-American and terrorist organizations, its the people he associates with. There are domestic terrorist too. Why don’t you research Obama’s connections with William Ayres who bombed the pentagon in the 60′s and several other government buildings. Ayers and his wife where also the head of Obama’s campaign to get him elected into the Senate. He belonged to a church for 20 YEARS that preached hate! To use your “type” of analogue, if I met you and found out you bombed the pentagon, I would not be friends with you. If I went to your church and you where preaching hate, I would not belong to your church. It is a simple as that. Obama cares about Obama and his gains. I actually went to the government web-site and went through every vote for 2007 to see what if anything he has done. Do you know what I found? HE HAS DONE NOTHING……

  66. Don L says:

    is Sarah an Orthodox Jew?

    Fun link:
    http //sitevanitykippahcom/ blog/2008/09/05/10-signs-sarah-palin-could-be-an-orthodox-jewish/#comment-127

  67. Marie C says:

    Let Barak Hussein Oboma go back to his church and the kennedy.

    Palin has my vote.

  68. martina landau says:

    I was not impressed with Sara Palin’s speech. She said some very unpleasant things and did not mention any issues. She has extremist views. The popularity of Sara Palin is superfluous. I think we Americans need to start having intelligent thoughts about why we want to vote for someone, and not vote for someone ONLY because we like him(Bush)- do you see the consequences of voting for someone for this reason?
    I was a Hillary supporter and now I support Obama.

  69. nsaneirish says:

    Angel I really enjoyed reading your article and all the posts. I must admit that I had to check my own motivations when I heard of the Palin pick. I have been a republican for years and did not know whether I could not vote for Hillary because she was a woman or because her ideology never jived with mine. I now know for sure that it was only the ideology that seperated me from voting for a female candidate. I like Sara Palin because of everything that she stands for. Here is a woman that has the courage of her convictions period.

    I also have done some soul serching on the issue of whether I am a racist…. I believe that I could vote for a person of color as well as long as the ideology was there. I could name a few but whats the point as they are not choices in this election. I am sickened by the idea that people actually see the Palin pick as a ploy or because he wanted to pick a “skirt” to run with. These kind of statements are as cheap as what they are accusing you of with the use of Obamas middle name.

    I believe that it is time for people to stop with the double standards. Stop saying it is alright for me to use the N word if I am black or it is alright for me to be sexist if I am of the correct gender to do so. It is alright to disagree with a person ideologically but some of the posters here need to remember that a fundamental disagreement with policy does not disqualify a person from being capable to do a job. It may be the wrong choice for them but this country was founded on the right to disagree. If nobody in America had different ideas we would still be saying “GOD BLESS THE QUEEN”.

    As far as foreign policy goes, How many of the founding fathers had foreign policy experience before it was literally thrust upon them by necessity? And as long as I am on that topic isn’t questioning Palin’s relatively thin resume by the Obama operatives rather like the “POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK”?
    We could all learn a lesson from Sara Palin by having the intestinal fortitude to say what we mean and mean what we say. As far as the people who want to question her family life I have this to say, Christians never claimed to be perfect…… They are simply forgiven.

    I have two daughters myself and one thing I have tried to impart to them is the importance of the choices they make and how it impacts their futures. My daughters are young and I have not had to deal with major instances of being humbled by them yet but I am intelegent enough to realize that I very well could end up there before long. The only thing I can do is love them the same no matter what decisions they make in their life.

  70. Amy jo says:



  71. Ron says:

    Interesting comments from the intellectual elite, ie, liberals, on this site.

    They go from supporting ‘I have a plan’ Kerry, to ‘Hope and Change’ Obama, yet try to say republicans are the ones with no platform.

    If the liberal media had done their jobs ‘researching’ Obama the way they have been ‘researching’ Palin the last week, he would have been an asterik in the 2008 primaries, and Hillary would have been nominated in a landslide.

    Then you have members of the ‘elite’, like Amy Jo, thaty get their info from the National Enquirer.

    The thing that scares me is all of our votes count the same – even those that have no idea what the issues are, or even attempt to do any independent research.

    If nothing else, this year will be remembered for the biased way our ‘journalists’ tried to sway the vote, elect a president through purposeful mis-information concerning the candidate of THEIR choice – The US magazine cover is a perfect example of the bias that many citizens are just starting to become aware of…

  72. Ron says:

    Here’s an article I wrote over a month ago – interesting, particularly in light of the Palin nomination and the media’s attempt to discredit her within a week! Yet Obama still gets a free pass…

    Media Bias in America – Deliberately Altering Political Outcomes
    News Type: Opinion — Fri Aug 8, 2008

    There is a huge difference between the media objectively and factually reporting news, versus deliberately trying to sway opinion by purposefully omitting, distorting, or ignoring critical facts . We have seen this happen in an unprecedented manner this election cycle, with the media’s bias directly responsible for Hillary Clinton losing the Democratic nomination; and, with John McCain being comparatively ignored.

    When this election cycle began (well over a year ago), we knew absolutely nothing about Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton and John McCain were well known political entities, with the Clinton’s having been media darlings for almost two decades, and McCain known for being dogmatic, and a political maverick. Armed with this information, it would follow that journalists would consider it their professional duty to perform their due diligence and research the unknown candidate, Barack Obama. There is no question that if he were politically conservative, no stone would have been left unturned in a fenzied pursuit of ‘the truth’.

    There are many examples of this bias and it’s effects on the current political process. Many easily verifiable, factual accounts, even video confirmation, concerning Obama’s friends, mentors and spiritual leaders and their viewpoints were obtainable with minimal effort – yet, the vast majority of the media chose to ignore these issues. There is only one lucid argument that can be made for this collective disregard for the whole truth. And, that is, it would have had an immediate, devastating, negative impact on Obama’s electability. Journalists had already chosen their nominee, and that was more important than being professionals, and doing their job in an unbiased, factual matter.

    This is even more alarming when you realize the Clinton’s had enjoyed this collective umbrella for years, and liberal’s had always laughed these accusations off as sour grapes. Then, the unthinkable happened. The female cog of the Clinton Political Machine fell out of favor with these professional, unbiased journalists, and they turned on her. Collectively. Like she was the enemy. Like she was a … conservative. It got so bad, the Clinton Machine even applauded the Fox News Channel for their fair and even-handed reporting. In doing so, the Clinton’s pointed out and confirmed what liberals had always publically denied. That the other networks had been in bed with them; and, because this was no longer the case, only one network could be counted on to report the unbiased truth.

    And, report the truth they did. Conservative hosts on AM talk radio and the Fox News Network were months ahead of stories the liberal media were finally shamed into reporting because of all the buzz these stories generated. The fact that Obama haughtily dismissed these issues until the liberal media were forced into reporting them, proves, once again, that they were, and continue to be, in bed together. But, the umbrella is leaking. It’s no coincidence that McCain and Obama are in a statistical dead heat, with McCain gaining daily . But, because the mainstream media ignored these critical stories until public outcry demanded further investigation, they were complicit with, and directly responsible for, Hillary’s loss and Obama’s victory.

    Imagine who McCain’s opponent would be if these reports had come out and exposed Obama before the first primary, the way a truly unbiased media, interested only in facts and informing their public, would have reported . The race would not have been close. Hillary would have secured the nomination in much the same manner McCain did, and Obama would have been an amusing footnote.

    That the media is liberally biased is inarguable. Survey after survey has indicated this since the 60′s. But the numbers are still shocking when one realizes the impact this bias represents to the average American citizen as their main decision-making tool . A 2004 poll by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press indicated that 34% of journalists view themselves as liberal, compared to only 7% for conservatives. This doesn’t take into account many liberal journalists, who, following their political leaders example, now call themselves ‘moderates’, effectively dodging any attempt to classify them. Amazingly, when asked their opinion as to whether the media is biased or not, journalists themselves voted ‘yes’ with a two to one margin, indicating a definite liberal bias. An interesting sidenote: when Pew asked journalists to name a liberally slanted news organization, they just couldn’t. Their votes were split almost evenly between ABC, NBC, NPR, CBS and CNN. However, the news organization the Clinton’s recently praised as being the only one that was fair and unbiased in their election coverage, Fox News Channel, was named by almost 70% of these self-admitted liberals as having a conservative slant. More proof they are all in the tank with each other, even to the point of uniting against the FNC.

    The very thing the liberal media agree is one of the bedrocks of their ideaology – diversity – obviously only applies to others. If, as liberals would have us believe, they are the impartial judges of all things diverse, than the very fact they are confessed liberals unequivocally indicates they are, in fact, the worst offenders. Which, in fact, they are.

    There is one media, however, where liberals are in the minority. Talk Radio. And, how have these bastions of diversity attempted to deal with the only media they don’t (admittedly) control? One that gives the conservative viewpoint? By shamelessly attempting to shut it down. Because, as these keepers of diversity are quick to point out, it is not diverse, or fair, enough for them. They want to force the private citizens that own this media to put on an equal amount of liberal shows – even if they lose money! Again, proving that liberal ideaology is not about fairness or diversity at all. It’s actually about forcing their ideaology onto others because they know what is best for all. If complete diversity and unbiased reporting is what they are after, than why haven’t they changed their news programming to represent the conservative ideaology as much as their own? After all, they have confessed to being liberally biased. Wouldn’t this survey outcome spur the owners of the mainstream media to make changes with fairness in mind?

    Of course not. It’s ludicrous (not Obama’s rapper buddy) to even suggest such blasphemy. Fairness only applies to the one media they do not already control by a 75% or greater margin. It would be like forcing the private owner of a Health Foods store to start selling doughnuts and alcohol in order to be fair. Sound farfetched? Ever heard of the liberal sponsored and mainstream media backed Eminent Domain ruling? This is where property is taken either for government use or by delegation to third parties who will devote it to public or civic use or, in some cases, economic development. Government use. The same government that liberal journalists are helping to elect by manipulating what they do or do not report.

    Is conservative thought and ideaology in a hopeless situation? Absolutely not. It speaks volumes about America and her citizens that the majority of them can weed through these sinister, veiled attempts by a liberal media to bias an election. And, it speaks volumes about an ideaology that has, as its cornerstone, independence and fairness for all citizens. Fairness… not based on failed socialistic ideas where individual spirit and motivation to succeed are crushed under the weight of Big Government, with a liberal media as its mouthpiece.

    No. The fairness I’m describing is based on conservative ideaology , whereby limited government equates to unlimited opportunity for any citizen bold enough to take America’s promise head-on, with an unwavering spirit fired by the knowledge that the only thing limiting the heights that can be achieved are the dreams powering them.

  73. Megan says:

    First of all, his name is Barack Hussein Obama. If you’re going to use his middle name, at least use his first as well. It still undermines your argument by resorting to a name that you think people will not like because it happens to have a negative connotation.

    I don’t understand why everybody keeps saying that Palin has more experience than Obama. Obama has been in public office, at least at the state level, for 11 years. Palin has been in public office at the state level for 20 months. You say that Obama has spent his entire time as a Senator running for president, which is untrue. He has been a Senator since 2004, and has only been campaigning for a little over a year. He gave the keynote address at the 2004 DNC, which is a huge privilege. Palin has been holed up in Alaska. While executive experience does have its merits, Palin has not been exposed nearly enough to national issues. Alaska and the U.S. are very very different, as are the responsibilities of a governor versus a VP or potentially a president. Palin tried to belittle Obama’s time as a community organizer, but while he was selflessly serving his community in that capacity Palin was on the PTA. I think community organizer wins. National issues cannot be learned in a month, which is why she will suffer at her debate with Biden. As for having family in the military, Biden has a son in the military, I believe. Just because Obama doesn’t is immaterial. He’s been dealing with these issues during his entire time as a Senator, while Palin’s son just enlisted a little under a year ago. Before that, the Iraq War was of no concern to her at all.

    As for Alaska bordering two foreign countries, that does not count as foreign experience. I don’t think that Russia goes to Sarah Palin with issues regarding the US. Those go to the national government, of which Obama was been a part for four years. Russia attacking Georgia was an issue of national concern–nobody cares at all about Alaska in the event.

    A lot of Republicans see this as a gimmick, too, not just Democrats. Some commenters are included in this category.

    Obama has been giving speeches of Palin’s quality and beyond for a very long time, such as his noted keynote address at the DNC in 2004. He has done so without taking cheap shots and making sarcastic comments about the other party.

    As for “Marxist IzlamoNazi Hell,” well, if you knew anything about Nazis and Marxists you would know that they dont’ get along AT ALL, hence our alliance with Russia during WWII. And Obama isn’t Muslim, and didn’t have a Muslim upbringing. While his father was Muslim, he abandoned Barack when he was just 2 years old, hardly much of an influence there. Obama is a devout Christian, and to say or imply anything else is cheap and untrue.

    As for Palin herself, I simply don’t agree with her viewpoints. I am definitely pro-choice and it scares me that she and McCain have now made it their mission to take away such a huge choice from women. My friend’s mother knew a girl in college who was very violently raped, but her parents would not let her get an abortion for the resulting pregnancy. She had to drop out of college and move to Florida to have this unwanted baby and then give it up for adoption. It ruined her life. Palin wants the same thing for many many more women.

  74. Matt says:

    I am flattered by Ron considering me intellectually elite, but I am simply an independent voter. I don’t even have the time to write articles, I have a job and a mortgage. I will say that the liberal media sure got their collective wrists slapped when Ed Gillespie (White House Chief of Staff) cried to NBC (owned by GE, one of the largest defense contractors in the world) about Olbermann and Mathews’ “blatantly partisan” talk shows in May. The two analysts have since been removed from covering upcoming political coverage. It reminds me of when they torpedoe’d Donahue’s show, at the time, the highest rated show on MSNBC in 2004 because it didn’t have enough of a pro-war stance. It was replaced with Countdown with Keith Olbermann, ironically. With Fox News, at this point, people have to know what they’re getting, so it is what it is. But you would have to agree that initially identifying Mark Foley as a democrat when he melted down in 2006 or scrolling Michelle Obama as “Barak’s Baby-mama” (the two most immediate examples I can recall as I type), are at best sloppy “journalism”. Try C-Span. It may scare you at first, since there’s no “analysis”, but remember, the silence you hear may be your own. Incidentally, just to stay on thread, the more I learn about Sarah Palin, the more underwhelmed I become. Why didn’t McCain take Romney? Has he really developed that much of an ego!!??

  75. Ron says:

    Matt says:
    ironically. With Fox News, at this point, people have to know what they’re getting, so it is what it is.

    People do know what it is, Matt. The only balanced news organization left. Even Bill and Hillary are on record confirming this, after this ridiculously biased political season.

    If you, a closet liberal, don’t like Palin, then it’s obviously the correct choice for America. When you have Obama whining to his news organizations that he has as much experience as she does – that’s panic – again, a good sign for the 60% of Americans that are conservative.

  76. swashington says:

    Obama is real, he has been through the struggles. How can Palin or McCain feel the pain of so many americans when they have not lived the struggles many americans are going through. I have found that the majority of White americans who really don’t care about Blacks or other nationalities, would rather go wrong than right.

  77. Ron says:

    Yeah, he was ‘keeping it real’ when he was going to racist church, giving a lifetime achievement award to Lewis Farrakhan, getting a $300,000 ‘reduction’ on a new million dollar home by a slum landlord who’s in prison now, and giving speeches with an unrepentant terrorist.

    If that’s what you mean by ‘White Americans not caring’, count me in that group!

  78. Hardworking White Softball Mom, who weres lipstick and is NOT for Palin says:

    Wow! This is a terrible view of what you republicans think and feel. You stand to watch us all dig deeper and deeper into the ground as we lose our jobs. Struggle to collect our coins for gas. Have trouble feeding our children . Continue to work hours and hours extra a day in overtime just to pay our mortgage and HOPE they don’t knock on our door tomorrow to take all we have built. Mc Cain, Are you going to hand my friend 1 of your MANY homes when she loses hers? Or will her family end up in a shelter? Thanks GW. Thanks for 8 terrible years. This is what you have created and McCain is here to continue your walk…No. I don’t think so. Not now. Its time for Change!

    Disgusting that anyone can still consider there vote going towards a team of Bush clones. The same sh*t, another day is what we get? No way! Time for change.

    Thank you megan and those other great americans that are standing up for change. God knows we need it! We need to take our country back . We need to take our white house back. It is our time now to make CHANGE! Create HOPE again! And to finally have PEACE.

    Nov. 4th VOTE for Barack Hussein Obama for president. His name is not whats important here. His religious beliefs are not whats important. Its his faith in the people that should be seen. His strength in his word. The way he Owns his truth.

  79. Ron says:


    What a positive, intellectual post! Thanks, so much!

    Oh, please tell us what a community organizer does, who pays their salary, and who evaluates the job they performed.

    Thanks for the enlightenment

  80. Hardworking White Softball Mom, who wears lipstick and is NOT for Palin says:

    Effeminate pansies…very nice…
    Thats just what we need more children raised to play with guns and not be in touch with their truth and heart when they are suffering. Lets push those pains down with guns and destruction!

  81. Hardworking White Softball Mom, who wears lipstick and is NOT for Palin says:

    what a joke…. where am I? Is this some vortex of what our children have to look forward to if McCain and Palin win? Please.

  82. Ron says:


    Wrong. They were American leaders and spokespersons, not ‘community organizers’. Your Kool Aid reference to Jesus, straight out of the latest Liberal startegy, is extremely funny, coming from your side of the aisle. I’m quite sure Jesus may disagree with you on abortion, what do you think? LMAO.

    Again, Serge and lipstick mom, please tell us what a community organizer does, who pays their salary, and who evaluates the job they performed.

    And, then lets see if it’s presidential…

  83. Blackwand says:

    Interesting article. Lot of venom and rhetoric.

    Here’s an exercise for anyone who reads this:

    Seriously ask yourself this:

    Is Sarah Palin the best qualified person out of all the Republicans in office to be the VP and possibly the President? Is she even the best qualified WOMAN republican to be the VP and possibly the President?

    She is the best they could come up with? Seriously?

    Even if you don’t like Obama, you would seriously vote with a party that thinks so little of your intelligence that not only would they not address any issues at the RNC but they chose someone less qualified woman over so many of the other qualified woman republicans?

  84. Ron says:


    Please compare Obama’s experience to Governor Palin’s.

    Thank you

  85. Blackwand says:

    Could care less about Obama experience. If you’re thinking I’m saying vote for him, you’re incorrect.

    But the question still remains: Is she the most qualified person in the Republican party to be slated as VP and possibly President? Is she even the most qualified woman?

  86. Blackwand says:

    Repuplican woman that is.

  87. Ron says:


    Why is that your question if you’re not a liberal?

    Is Obama the best predidential candidate the DNC could have put forth?

    BTW, she is very qualified. Executive experience, conservative values, reduced taxes, weeded out some of the entrenched ‘good ‘ol boys including republicans, in charge of the Alskan National Guard, etc, etc

    If you are asking is she a member of the old guard and a professional politician – no.

    Thank God…

  88. Megan says:

    Okay, here’s an interesting tidbit I stumbled across the other day. Karl Rove, who was Bush’s campaign manager, was asked a while ago about Tim Kaine possibly being Obama’s VP. Kaine is the governor of Virginia (third year) and was previously the mayor of Richmond. Rove dismissed him as having too little experience, saying that Richmond isn’t even a big city. Didn’t hear anything about “executive experience” there…

  89. 500BC says:

    WOW. If only this much enthusiasm were in Politics seriously (and not as usual), maybe our great states would have a better education system, more efficient healthcare, a stronger moral compass, and of course this infinite list goes on. Female, male, Caucasian, Pacific Islander, German, Senegalese–who are the absolute BEST people for these positions? They all promise change, they all say they will fight for a better America, they all say the buck stops here. Meanwhile children are dumber, fatter, meaner, another infinite list. Whether I get a ten thousand page dossier on their experience or lack thereof–who can best perform the functions of these positions? Who can end up with this country in better shape then when they started? Since the answer is nobody and anybody but George W. Bush, I suggest we all take a well polished quarter to the polls, in which to flip in the air prior to casting our vote, Heads for Barack/Bidden, Tails for McCain/Palin. (The only choice when one must choose between 2 evils).

  90. vikings says:

    I like McCain, but I can’t stand this B*&ch

  91. Tabitha L. says:

    Love McCain but sickened at this cynical, dangerous choice. Is there actually ANYONE out there who doesn’t laugh when Palin talks about the ability to see Russia from parts of Alaska and tries to suggest that this counts as foreign policy experience? I’ll be staying home in November.

  92. Tina C says:

    Lipstick mom-

    Wow, I too am amazed at the view most of you Democrats have. What makes this country so beautiful is that we can have a difference of option. I think you nailed one of the hottest democratic talking points, “more of the same”. Because that’s all you guys have to hang onto. You have to link him to Bush to try and make the change he speaks about not real but a “CLONE” of the same….

    And why is it McCain’s or Bush’s fault for that matter, that your friend is in a bad situation. This statement is spoken like a TRUE liberal. What the government can do for me…. If I am correct we where doing just fine until the Democrats took over the house. Track it back and you will see. Obama will have you think that we are all one step away from killing ourselves because our lives are so bad..and its all Bush’s fault. Well I am sorry if I can not jump onto your pitty party but the people I know including myself, we’re are not doing as bad as Obama would like everyone to think. I know some people are worse off than others but again, what got them in that situation? Why is it up to government to bail them out?

    I am glad that you will be disgusted with me for voting McCain. Because based on your email your vote is based on little research at all and democratic talking points. Why don’t you do a little research instead of listing to what others say. Now I know that’s hard for you since democrats like be lead by others and told what to do by the government but, why don’t you give it a try.

    And if you don’t want to acknowledge his name that’s fine. If you don’t want to acknowledge the fact that he was part of a racist church for 20 years and than only dismissed the preacher when it was effecting his campaign well, that’s fine too. Although that kind of blows your “Its his faith in the people” theory. But it is scary that so many of you can dismiss his connections with William Ayers which, was brought to light by Hillary Clinton. Dismiss his connections with Rashid Khalidi or how about Ali Abunimah both of these people I may add would like to see Israel flattened.

    So it is not so much in his name but it is in the people he has connections with and the decisions he makes. Why don’t you research amendment (S.Amdt. 2181). That “bridge to no where” that he likes to say Palin is lying about. Why don’t you look at this amendment. This will show you how compassionate he is with people. Because after Palin voted against the bridge, Obama and Biden voted for it and that’s not the best part. The amendment was to send the money to rebuild and help Katrina victims and it looks like your two canadates would rather build a bridge.

    As I watched live coverage of the 911 memorial I noticed another distinct difference between these to men. I saw Obama greet everyone with a hand shake and a pat on the shoulder and he seemed very sympathetic. I saw McCain more personable, spending more time with each person and hugging them. I know us heartless republicans aren’t supposed to do things like that, but if you get a chance see if you can find video of that and take a look yourself. Maybe the vortex you speak of looks unfamiliar because it is reality. I

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Oh, and I am curious, why did you put that you where white in your heading “Hardworking White Softball Mom, who wears lipstick and is NOT for Palin” ? Does that matter?

  93. Ron says:

    Liberals hate it when you take emotion out, and use facts.

    Again, I don’t think this election is going to be as close as most assume now.

  94. Kathryn says:

    Those who have posted on this website remind me of the same screaming fanatics who in December of 1999 thought the world was coming to an end. Just as life continued as normal on Jan. 1st 2000, we will all see the benefits of an intelligent, diplomatic, secular, government when Obama and Biden are voted to lead our country. For too long have your small minded fears and preferences governed our country. I look forward to the future where we can leave aside the pettiness and blind ambition and greed that has used non-issues like homosexuality and abortion to deter our attention from the real issues that will in the end be the downfall of this country. Climate change, corporate greed, rampant war and empire building, these our our real problems, and will only perpetuate under McCain-Palin. I hope those of you that plan not to vote don’t, and the rest have a revelation about the true state of the United States of America.

  95. Robin says:

    It seems as thought most Dems these days cannot say anything positive about their average american neighbors. Honestly if you really hate the US so much, try Iran or maybe Indonesia. It seems to me that the Dems are becoming the screaming angry fanatics. It is also interesting that Dems will go to any length to protect the rights of religious fanatics but berate the average Christian. For those that plan to stay home please remember your apathy could cost your country plenty. Do some real research on your own don.t take the bias media as your only source of education. No matter which canidate you decide on do your civic duty by not only voting but voting for the canidate that holds the values and integrety to do what is right instead of what is popular at the moment. As far as Sarah Palin’s experience, many past Presidents held the office of Govoner as a precurser to their run for President. Remember she is the Vice presidential canditate. She has more leadership experience than the front runner on the other ticket. I think the saddest thing about all of this is the cruel words and actions from the so called (for the people) Dems. The descrimination of age and sex is as destructive as any other type of desrimination.

  96. Obama Fumbles and Makes the Case Why Hilary Clinton Should Have Been President as He Announces Volcker Chairman-Designate of the Newly Formed Economic Recovery Advisory Board « But As for Me! says:

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  97. Stephanie says:

    Obama gets inaugurated in 2 days! Palin, well, no good news for grandma lately…

    It must SUCK to be a biggot these days.


    so long you shit bags